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The Giants win the pennant

When THE TRADE was announced, it was assumed by most of baseball that the Dodgers would become Yankees West and buy their way to a title. The Giants lost the leading hitter in the NL to suspension. Their Cy Young winning pitcher was horrible all season. The Dodgers got Hanley Ramirez, Shane Victorino, Adrian Gonzales, [...]

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The Dodgers Need Another Outfielder

The Dodgers have some issues to address next season.  Here’s a big one: They need a lead-off hitter and in my opinion, it’s not Carl Crawford or Dee Gordon.  It’s Hanley Ramirez!  On October 7, 2012, I posted the Dodger lineup I favor and it has Hanley Ramirez leading off.  I still favor that lineup, [...]

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Free Agency = Death

Why promoting from within the Dodgers organization is the answer. And why Free Agency is not. On the current 25 Man Roster, 44% of the players are from within the Dodger organization.  I define that as being drafted in the First Year Player Draft or they were signed internationally and go through our farm system. [...]

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30-20: Do The Dodgers Have It In Them?

The Dodgers started the season 30-13, so they are 30-39 since if my math is correct.  There are 50 games to go and this team has shown they are fully capable of going 30-13 or 30-39.  Can they go 30-20 the rest of the way?  Absolutely they can.  Will they?  They have did it before [...]

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