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Mattingly never understood when to bunt

Many Dodger fans have criticized Don Mattngly’s game management and certain decisions, such as bunting in situations where he should be swinging away.  Donnie is a great clubhouse guy.  Donnie is a very nice man, but Donnie is “Strategy Challenged.” Right about now, Don Mattingly should be bunting, not swinging for the fences.  Before the [...]

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So you think a manager doesn’t make a difference?

Do you really believe Joe Torre or Don Mattingly could have taken that rag-tag bunch of wanna-be’s, never-were’s and utilitymen to the 2000 Olympics and beat the heavily favored Cubans to win Gold for the USA?  No way, Jose!  Some people admire Donnie’s calmness.  That’s just the way he is.  Very little emotion.  Unflappable, some [...]

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