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Writing a legend?

Last nights game was all about a portly Korean, a Cuban refugee, a Dominican Superstar playing in great pain, an American-bearded psycho, a former prima donna playing on one leg, a Curaçaoan closer and junkyard dogism! Love him or hate him, Bill Plaschke of The LA Times can write and boy did he write a [...]

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Never, Never, Never Give Up!

It’s going to take a miracle.   Like the one that happened when the Dodgers where dead in the water at 30-42.  A miracle wrought by one Yasiel Puig and the Junkyard Dogs.  It has to be a miracle led by the portly Korean and the Cuban refugee. It’s going to be tough, but 42-8 was [...]

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Alan Porter is a Moron

On second thought, I’m not going to waste any bandwidth on such a moron.  Mark Ellis said nothing wrong and Porter should be suspended.  That’s all! Medical Update:  OK, I can walk, but I look like Festus (“Mr. Dillion, Mr. Dillon”).  You youngsters will have to Google that.  It also hurts a lot when I [...]

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Kershaw vs. Koufax and Ryu too

Wow, I was evidently branded as a heretic by some of the old-timers on this board who questioned my sanity for saying that Clayton Kershaw would become the greatest Dodgers pitcher of all time and questioning whether Ryu was a #3. Let’s address the Kershaw-Koufax comparison.  Let me start by asking you if you all [...]

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Where Does Ryu Fit In?

Hyun-Jin Ryu has exceptional talent… for a Korean pitcher, but can he step into the Dodgers rotation and do a credible job?  While am pretty certain that be can be effective out of the bullpen, I am not convinced he can be a starter this season.  I see him as a pitcher who can go [...]

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The Biggest Dodger News in 25 Years!

HALL OF FAMER SANDY KOUFAX TO RETURN TO DODGERS IN 2013 LOS ANGELES – Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax will return to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013, it was announced. Koufax will serve as Special Advisor to Dodgers’ Chairman Mark Walter. Koufax will attend a portion of Spring Training to work with Dodgers’ pitchers [...]

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Mandatory Daily Dodger Reading