Bluebloods and Junkyard Dogs

You gotta’ have ‘em both!  Adrian Gonzalez, Yasiel Puig, Hanley Ramirez and the Bluest of the Bluebloods, Clayton Kershaw all stepped up and did what Bluebloods do.  Kershaw, who will ultimately go down as the greatest Dodger pitcher ever, showed why he is so great and helps you understand why he will be even better [...]

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ATLANTA – The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced their 25-man roster for the 2013 National League Division Series, which begins tonight with Game 1 at Turner Field in Atlanta. First pitch is scheduled for 8:37 p.m. ET/5:37 p.m. PT. The Dodgers will carry 11 pitchers and 14 position players. The roster is as follows: Pitchers [...]

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The Dodgers can win without Kemp and Ethier

We already know that Matt is gone for the playoffs and I am going to assume that we are being kept in the dark by the Dodgers and that Andre Ethier’s injury is worse than we know.  I am going to assume that the Dodgers won’t carry a pinch hitter who can’t play the field [...]

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This feels like 1988 deja vu all over again!

The Dodgers star outfielder went down during the playoffs and had one meaningful at-bat in the World Series – and I mean “meaningful.”  The Dodgers were given no chance, but everyone forget about the Stuntmen, led by Mickey Hatcher.  The 2013 version of the Stuntmen, I call them “junkyard dogs,” will lead the Dodgers to [...]

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Ned should have gotten five outfielders

Matt Kemp is done!  Sounds like ankle and shoulder surgery.  Andre Ethier is hobbled and may not be able to run.  Actually, it sounds like Ethier should miss the NLDS, but the Dodgers may be forced to put him in there.  He has four days to heal his ankle, but to me it seems that [...]

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Clayton Kershaw is the Best Pitcher in Baseball

… and if any baseball writer doesn’t have him listed #1 on his Cy Young ballot, a complete investigation should be done on that writer and Credentials should be revoked! We have never see a pitcher like this and don’t even breathe “Sandy Koufax.”  We have never seen Clayton at 26, 27, 28, 29 and [...]

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Tough decisions to make

Here’s what I think today: It appears that Andre Ethier will miss the NLDS but likely make the NLCS if the Dodgers prevail… and I believe they will! I do not think there is any scenario in which Dee Gordon makes the playoff roster – you are thinking with your heart if you believe that.  [...]

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Are you ready for some playoffs?

I want to throw out the possibility that Andre Ethier might not be 100% for the first round of the playoffs and could possibly sit, making space for Hairston, but I prefer Scott Van Slyke.  I have no inside info on that, but it could happen.  Probably not, but you have to consider it.  I [...]

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The cost of living

In 1988 a Honda Accord cost approximately $13,000, while in 2013 the average cost has doubled to over $26,000.  A water softener from a professional dealer cost over $1,200 in 1988.  Today the cost is about the same, maybe less.  The average cost of a new home was $138,000 in 1988, while it is $257,000 [...]

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English 101

To those of you who say I am crying and that I hate the Dodgers, I would suggest that you pull out an English book and see where I wrote any of that.  I said that I was happy the Dodgers won – how can you come to the conclusion that I hate the Dodgers [...]

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How the West was bought…’er won!

Los Angeles Dodgers – $216,753,000 Arizona Diamondbacks – $86, 300,000 Colorado Rockies – $73,949,000 San Diego Padres – $68,333,000 San Francisco Giants -  $136,908,000 That tells the tale.  The Dodgers bought the NL West.  I’m happy because I am a Dodger fan, but I’m not proud.  Anyone can overspend and maybe win because of it.  [...]

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Just wait until next year…

There’s still a lot of season left and the Dodgers could play deep into the playoffs, even win it all!  But, they are hard to watch right now, so I am going to look forward to next season.  I can’t stand this team right now, but hopefully it will change soon.  So, here’s next year: [...]

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Keep calm and forget about it

The Dodgers are going through a rough stretch and it was to be expected after such a hot streak.  Forgetaboutit!  Nothing to see here folks, move along.  Forgetaboutit! If you wonder what is wrong with Clayton Kershaw, you aren’t paying attention.  There’s nothing wrong with him.  The Dude has a 1.94 ERA which is the [...]

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Why so many injuries?

Hamstring injuries have hit the dodgers repeatedly this year – Hamley Ramirez (again last night), Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford are at the forefront.  The Dodgers allegedly have a world-class training staff and take this stuff seriously, so I am not going to assume that they are just morons.  I am sure that they know [...]

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Playoff roster

It’s premature, of course, but I’m going to take a stab at the playoff roster.  Of course, the following position players HAVE to be on it (barring injury) because they are starters: AJ Ellis Adrian Gonzalez Mark Ellis Hanley Ramirez Juan Uribe Carl Crawford Matt Kemp Andre Ethier Yasiel Puig Then, there are also a [...]

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Interesting Infographic

LA-based personalization company Gravity has created an infographic that compares the interest graphs (an online representation of the specific things in which an individual is interested) of Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox and Yankees fans. Gravity looked at data from its network of millions of web users and compared the interest graphs of fans of the [...]

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Never Forget!

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You should pay me to talk crazy…

… because when I do, these guys play out of their a$$! The Dodgers all read LA Dodger Talk and are bent on proving me wrong.  That’s a fact (and I’m a Rocket Scientists too).  Juan “Freakin” Uribe!  Holy Cow! Bring it! OK – here’s the inside scoop on Guerrero:  It’s the same as Puig [...]

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The magic carpet ride is over

What a run it was, but in the last 5 games against playoff teams, the Dodgers are now 0-5 and that dreaded lack of clutch hitting monster is rearing it’s ugly head.  The stats aren’t horrible, in fact here’s the breakdown since the All-Star break. Adrian Gonzalez – .281/5 HR/28 RBI/.315 OB%/.720 OPS Yasiel Puig [...]

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Look into the future…

A lot of you didn’t like my take on “The Trade” yesterday.  Tough!  It is what it is.  When you get angry, I know I’m close to the truth.  The fact of the matter is that the Red Sox sent the Dodgers $270 million in contracts and the Sox replaced the production with just $80 [...]

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Mandatory Daily Dodger Reading