It’s past time to change the grand old game

Chicks dig the long-ball.  We all know that.  Offense sells tickets, but defense and pitching win Championships.  Baseball ‘s appeal may never be greater than it is right now, but I am going to suggest that a large part of that appeal is from the baby-boomers – guys like me who grew up when baseball [...]

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Fall is in full swing

This is what my back yard looked like this morning… and most of the leaves are still in the trees.  Maybe the wind will blow them toward my neighbors… Dodger Notes: So, Elian Herrera is now a Milwaukee Brewer.  He was getting a little long in the tooth, but I liked him.  So long, Elian [...]

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Bad start to the offseason

The Tigers signed Brad Ausmus to be their manager and the Dodgers evidently have lame duck Don Mattingly as their manager.  Felony stupid is what I think.   I would have jumped at the chance to get Brad Ausmus. This is a part of something that concerns me about the Dodgers.  Stan Kasten, Ned Colletti and [...]

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So, you think baseball is healthy?

It may appear that way to the average person, but I have been saying for a long time that youngsters don’t care much for the game.  A few days ago, in The Wall Street Journal, Matthew Futterman articulates what he thinks the problem is: The 2013 World Series has given baseball nearly everything it could [...]

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I have a plan… and it’s a good one… I think

In the beginning, there was the plan, and then came the assumptions and the assumptions were without form and the plan was completely without substance and the darkness was upon the faces of the employees and they spake amongst themselves, saying “It is a crock of $hit and it stinks!” and the employees went unto [...]

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Is there a plan?

Mercifully, for Dodger fans, the World Series is over.  At this juncture, I would be hard-pressed to say that the two teams in the series were not the best two organizations in baseball.    They both took different paths to get there, but both teams have one thing in common: Not many long-term contracts. The Cardinals [...]

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OK people, think up!

How anyone can argue that Saturday Night’s obstruction call was wrong is lost on me.  I guess I haven’t considered “delusional” as a reason.  OK, I’ll let you argue it was a bad call if you want to admit you are delusional.  If not, shut up!  You got beat fair and square… although I have [...]

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Forget about Robinson Cano and David Price

If Stan Kasten is smart (and I am not certain how smart he is) he won’t even consider free agents like Robinson Cano or David Price and here’s why: The Dodgers currently have nearly $170,000,000 in Guaranteed Contracts to their players for 2014 and that does not include the $25 million they will have to [...]

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Mattingly never understood when to bunt

Many Dodger fans have criticized Don Mattngly’s game management and certain decisions, such as bunting in situations where he should be swinging away.  Donnie is a great clubhouse guy.  Donnie is a very nice man, but Donnie is “Strategy Challenged.” Right about now, Don Mattingly should be bunting, not swinging for the fences.  Before the [...]

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Change is in the air

So, yesterday Don Mattingly says that he won’t return as a lame duck manager – that he wants a longer-term deal.  The Dodgers fired back by firing Trey Hillman, Mattingly’s bench coach and close friend.  No matter if Mattingly returns or not, the IQ of the dugout is bound to increase. The Dodgers also dismissed [...]

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Parting Shots

No longer junkyard dogs.  That title was taken by the Cards and Red Sox. I told you months ago that Clayton Kershaw would get a contract around $300 million and most of you said I was crazy.  How do you like me now after this report from ESPN? The Los Angeles Dodgers offered left-hander Clayton [...]

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Just wait until next year…

The Cardinals own Clayton Kershaw.  They beat him like a rented mule. Mercifully, it is over.   Now I can concentrate on my Indianapolis Colts.  This was a tough season and I am weary.  This site will be open for comments, but I will be gone for a while.  You know what to do. Back to [...]

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Can Clayton save the Dodger’s season?

Sandy Koufax pitched in his first playoff series when he was 23 years old in 1959.  It seems like he pitched a lot in the playoffs, but the fact is he did not pitch again in the playoffs until 1963 at age 27.  The Dodgers didn’t make the playoffs in 1964 but he again pitched [...]

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It’s Simple – Win or Go Home!

When I looked at the Dodgers’ roster before the season started, I thought that it was likely Carl Crawford, Mark Ellis and Juan Uribe would be injured or waived before the season was over.  Crawford was injury-prone and aging, Mark Ellis was really old and injured last year and Juan Uribe was just plain crap. [...]

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Writing a legend?

Last nights game was all about a portly Korean, a Cuban refugee, a Dominican Superstar playing in great pain, an American-bearded psycho, a former prima donna playing on one leg, a Curaçaoan closer and junkyard dogism! Love him or hate him, Bill Plaschke of The LA Times can write and boy did he write a [...]

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Never, Never, Never Give Up!

It’s going to take a miracle.   Like the one that happened when the Dodgers where dead in the water at 30-42.  A miracle wrought by one Yasiel Puig and the Junkyard Dogs.  It has to be a miracle led by the portly Korean and the Cuban refugee. It’s going to be tough, but 42-8 was [...]

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Counter Culture

It’s painful to have to write this stuff but it is absolutely true.  The Cardinals have a culture of winning that started long ago and is from the top-down.  It used to be true with the Dodgers.  Not so much anymore. Dave Duncan set the standard that the Cardinal pitchers have followed for almost two [...]

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I’ve got a lot to say

… but no time to say it right now. We launched our new website (at a cost of $400,000) last weekend and are so busy dealing with issues we knew we would have to deal with that I am just slammed.  Add to it that I had to go to Ohio this week for a [...]

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Twists and turns

There’s bound to be some twists and turns starting Friday as the Dodgers open the NLCS in St. Louis.  Some of this will happen, but not all: Andre Ethier will start in CF Friday Paco Rodriguez will be replaced with Carlos Marmol on the NLCS roster Ryu will be replaced by Edinson Volquez Ricky Nolasco [...]

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The Kershawshank Redemption

The Dodgers are going for broke tonight as they have scrapped the Ricky Nalosco idea and  will have Clayton Kershaw start the game.  It’s in LA, the Dodgers have momentum and I’m sure Zach Greinke is at the ready too. The Dodgers are rolling the dice and going for the victory tonight.  It will be [...]

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Mandatory Daily Dodger Reading