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Thank you… but I’m still leaving

It’s just not in me to keep doing something halfway.  I appreciate all the e-mails and overwhelming support but this is the end.  I have lost my passion for the blog and the baseball in general.  I’m still interested but the passion is not there anymore. I will keep the site open unless I sell [...]

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LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced the hiring of veteran Los Angeles writer and editor Jon Weisman as Director, Digital and Print Content.  In the newly created role, Weisman will be responsible for creating and producing original digital content for the club’s website, as well as overseeing all of the Dodgers’ publications, [...]

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This is the last song…

Hey guys and gals, it’s been fun but all good things have to come to an end and this is it! Baseball is really screwed up.  If you don’t think so, maybe you are too. I hate nearly everything about it.  I have tried to change my mind, but to no avail. Guggs and Company [...]

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Barely breathing…

I have been holding my breath all week that Ned would not make a dope-fiend move, like signing Robinson Cano (Seattle’s GM is  is a loser), giving Brian Wilson or J.P. Howell 3-year deals or trading Pederson, Seager or Stripling for David Price.  I’ve been hoping that Ned wasn’t stupid enough to trade Kemp.  So [...]

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It was a good week…

capped off with a win at Lucas Oil Stadium by the Colts today, after a win on Saturday by my son’s high school team at the same stadium for the 2A State Championship in High School Football.  Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter won 56-6 in a rout, and my freshman son got into the game as 14 [...]

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Put on your seat belts and let’s go outside the box… way outside!

When I first tell you this, you will want to vomit!  I guarantee it, because that’s what happened to me when I first thought of it. So, without further ado, I am just going to spit (vomit) it out: The Dodgers trade  Andre Ethier, Joc Pederson, Dee Gordon, Zach Lee, Ross Stripling (I hate to [...]

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Rants & Raves

Those of you who thought the Cardinals had interest in Stephen Drew haven’t been paying attention.   The Cardinal way is to get draft picks, not give them up.  There was no chance the Cards would have went after Stephen Drew when Jhonny Peralta was available without losing a pick.  The Cards might have to give [...]

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Maybe the answer is to trade Hanley

I have been trying to figure out how the Dodgers can keep Hanley happy when maybe the best thing is just to keep everybody happy.  You saw what a Happy Hanley can do last season, and he really enhanced his value.  So, I am going to purpose the unthinkable – maybe the Dodgers should trade [...]

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Is Clayton Kershaw better right now than Sandy Koufax?

I saw this article from SI today by Cliff Corcoran, and had to post it.  In part it said: “There is now another Dodgers lefty who is at the forefront of any discussion about the greatest pitchers in the game today. That man is Clayton Kershaw, who last week won his second NL Cy Young [...]

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The best place to talk Dodger baseball

It’s the off-season and I am going to take some time off from this blog.   I’ll put up a new topic at least once a week or more if you e-mail me at  If you want to write a post, send it to me and I’ll post it. A few notes: My 60th birthday [...]

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Just answer the questions yes or no…

Did Sandy Koufax win one Cy Young Award before he was age 26? Did Sandy Koufax win two Cy Young Awards before he was age 26? It requires a yes or a no. No rhetoric! I just want to put Clayton’s accomplishments in perspective. Congratulations, Cy! (Photo compliments of MLB and the Dodgers) Rants and [...]

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You’ll see it when you believe it!

One rule for signing free agents – Never, Never, Never sign a free agent for whom you have to give up a draft pick… NEVER!  That means no Cano, Choo and others.  No, No, a thousand time no!  No matter how bad you want any of them. Consider trading Puig, but try and swindle the [...]

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Veterans, Thank You For Our Freedom!

Thank you’s are not enough.  Take a vet to dinner or invite him over for one. We can never repay them. Never take them for granted. Some scars are visible. Some aren’t… and others are buried under the grass.

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It’s time to trade Clayton Kershaw!

Who saw this coming?  But it’s here and the Dodgers have to make a move now.  Clayton is  not an LA guy.  He is a Texan and an honorable man, but the Dodgers are not going to be able to keep him.  Cut bait, make a move. Here’s the deal: The Dodgers trade Clayton Kershaw, [...]

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Tough Day at Work!

Actually, I had computer problems, so while my IT guy was working on my computer, I just kicked back – what will be will be! I’m not going to say anything about our favorite team right now… Rants & Raves The best team in the NBA resides in Indianapolis – watch these guys.  I have [...]

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It’s past time to change the grand old game

Chicks dig the long-ball.  We all know that.  Offense sells tickets, but defense and pitching win Championships.  Baseball ‘s appeal may never be greater than it is right now, but I am going to suggest that a large part of that appeal is from the baby-boomers – guys like me who grew up when baseball [...]

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Fall is in full swing

This is what my back yard looked like this morning… and most of the leaves are still in the trees.  Maybe the wind will blow them toward my neighbors… Dodger Notes: So, Elian Herrera is now a Milwaukee Brewer.  He was getting a little long in the tooth, but I liked him.  So long, Elian [...]

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Bad start to the offseason

The Tigers signed Brad Ausmus to be their manager and the Dodgers evidently have lame duck Don Mattingly as their manager.  Felony stupid is what I think.   I would have jumped at the chance to get Brad Ausmus. This is a part of something that concerns me about the Dodgers.  Stan Kasten, Ned Colletti and [...]

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So, you think baseball is healthy?

It may appear that way to the average person, but I have been saying for a long time that youngsters don’t care much for the game.  A few days ago, in The Wall Street Journal, Matthew Futterman articulates what he thinks the problem is: The 2013 World Series has given baseball nearly everything it could [...]

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I have a plan… and it’s a good one… I think

In the beginning, there was the plan, and then came the assumptions and the assumptions were without form and the plan was completely without substance and the darkness was upon the faces of the employees and they spake amongst themselves, saying “It is a crock of $hit and it stinks!” and the employees went unto [...]

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