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It’s just going to take time…

This is Justin Gunsaulus last post here.  Thanks Justin!!!  Good luck in the baseball business. The Dodgers are on the verge of an offensive explosion. I can feel it coming. I know everybody (including myself) can still not believe that they were having this much trouble finding runs.  It is just going to take more [...]

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Another hanging Chad

It seems whenever Chad Beardingsley finally figures out how to pitch something always happens.  Whether it be, him losing his confidence in the playoffs, breaking his leg, or now maybe needing Tommy John surgery, it always brings him back down to earth. I feel sorry for you Chad get better soon we need you. The [...]

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Free Agency = Death

Why promoting from within the Dodgers organization is the answer. And why Free Agency is not. On the current 25 Man Roster, 44% of the players are from within the Dodger organization.  I define that as being drafted in the First Year Player Draft or they were signed internationally and go through our farm system. [...]

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Sheets Had a Ticket to Ride

Tonight I literally thought I was in Los Angeles in 2006 against the Padres. First Hanley to center, then Poney to right, and my boy Luis Cruz to left. I was still waiting for Nomar to come up and then I saw AJ Ellis step to the plate and snapped back into reality. Defense Harang [...]

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Matt Kemp gets tossed by Michael Scot

Hello Dodger faithful.  My name is Justin Gunsaulus and I have been a constant reader on Mark’s site for over two years now and approached Mark to become a writer. On the website I have commented a few times here and there as NedSucks. You’re probably wondering how someone from across the nation becomes a [...]

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