This website is for died-in-the-wool Dodger fans who realize that while statistics are important, they are just another tool and know that humans, not numbers, play the game of baseball. To that end, we do not live and die by sabermetrics or statistical analysis.  However, we do view stats as an important evaluation tool – it’s just not the ONLY tool.

Mark Timmons (aka/Mountainmover)

Mark has been a Dodger fan for over 40 years.  Mark lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and is experienced in rooting for the Dodgers in hostile environments.   He became a Dodger fan when he was nine.  He sent letters to all the major league teams at the time (probably only about 20) and basically said:  “I am 9 years old. I am your biggest fan.  Send me stuff!”Believe it or not, all the teams did send him stuff, but the Dodgers sent him  a whole box full of Dodger stuff: pennants, schedule,1962 Dodger team autographed baseball, yearbook and a nice letter.

He was hooked and has never stopped being THE DODGER FAN!   When Mark was 19 years old, he tried out at  a Cincinnati Reds Baseball Camp.  As the possessor of a 97 MPH fastball, he felt like the bigs might be interested, but the combination of his lack of a breaking ball and the fact that his pitches had no movement, they simply said: “sorry kid!”  Mark knows how hard it is to be a major league player, and understands that even the scrubs are so much better than most of us.

Ask him what happened to that baseball with the autographs of Koufax, Drysdale, Fairley, Roseboro, Alston and the rest of the 1962 Dodgers, and he might tell you that it was used in an “emergency” street baseball game.  At any rate, that baseball is long gone.  We wonder what it might be worth today?  So, now you know that Mark is an idiot!