The Dodgers have one of the best records this Spring and it means nothing.  There’s no trophy.  The Dodgers hit more home runs than any other team this Spring and it means nothing.  Last year, Tampa Bay and Miami had the best Spring Training records.  See how well that worked out for them?  In case you didn’t get the memo, it didn’t!

The next three games with the Angels mean very little.  Sure, as fans we want to beat the Hated Angels (as Tommy says “The only Angels in heaven are ex-Dodgers“), but the Dodgers will still be looking at some youngsters who won’t  even make the team while trying not to wear anyone out and create injuries.  None of these games mean anything until Monday!  Then it’s on!

There has been a lot to like with this new Dodger team, but how it translates to the regular season is all that counts.  Forget how well Joc Pederson hit this Spring – how will he hit starting Monday?  Are you afraid of the Dodger pen based upon what you saw this Spring?  Forgetaboutit!  All that counts is what happens starting Monday!  I am very optimistic  about the Dodger pitching based upon the depth of the talent. If you screw up in this bullpen, the leash will be short and you will find yourself pitching somewhere else.

Yimi Garcia will be a key piece in the Dodgers pen and Kiki Hernandez will save as many games as Kenley Jansen!  This is going to be a fun team to watch.  In three days it all counts!


  1. Pete M says:

    Were into the final turn now and I for one am jazzed… With the addition of Ryu in a couple weeks, that could be the end of Kiki Experience… Except for theTrade!!! No, not Mark’s favorite rant, another trade of sorts… If anyone helped themselves out to be included in the ‘Trade’, it was Zack Lee… Nice outing at Camelback with an ugly curve working… Oh well, just saying… Couldn’t agree more on Yimi… One day he’ll wake and figure “I’m darn good” and as Mr. T would say “I pity the poor fools”…
    Go Duke… I guess…

  2. BOB says:

    If you believe FAZ and Donnie then the next three games mean everything to the relief pitchers and their performance during these three games will decide who is on the Opening Day roster. Today will be a game with the Dodgers using at least 7 relief pitchers. Who will step up and claim the prize of being on the Opening Day roster? Of course, if the Dodger brass is lying again and have already made their decisions then disregard this post. :)

  3. mjrod says:

    Nicaiso is starting to scare me. I was hoping he would find himself during ST, and he has yet to do it. He has a major league contract with no options so they can’t send him down, but he does have a live arm that I’d hate to lose because he’s having a tuff time adjusting to his new surroundings. I hope he shows something these last 3 games, because at this point I like Garcia a whole lot better.

    • toucheturtle says:

      Nicasio’s background as a starter will let him go multiple innings which is a definite bonus with Ryu out. Of course if he can’t get outs he’s useless. I would not be surprised if he’s stashed on the 15 day DL to start the season, to give him some extra spring training time . It’s happened before…

  4. bobbie17 says:

    I continue to disagree that spring training means nothing. That is true only in the standings. It means everything in terms of team chemistry, and in the case of the laid back Dodgers, this spring finally brought some energy that it hasn’t had in forever. I want to see this energy/passion from March 1 through Nov 1 (or so). Having seen the team in person 4 times of late, it is an exciting and excited bunch of guys. Better to have IT from the beginning than to try to find IT along the way. The teams Mark mentions didn’t have the talent this team has. You cannot win with energy alone. But along with talent, that is a hard combination to beat. My guess is that the giants(small g) and the Royals had good preseason records last year, and we all know how far they went. Spring Training does count in my book.

  5. Just Little Ole Me Underdog says:


    Totally agree that ST means nothing, maybe the last week starts to resemble something that has meaning, but early on it amounts to bubkis. Let’s get this thing going and not have any injuries in the Freakway Series.


    You are correct when you state that ST has everything to do with chemistry and enthusiasm.

    I’m still not a Donnie T-ball fan, we should of and could have done better there. FAZ and company spent a lot of effort rebuilding the roster but I feel have dropped the ball in the dugout. Time will tell. Is this team talented enough to win in spite of Donnie, that is the real question? Be afraid be very afraid.

  6. idahoal says:

    I think the next three games means a lot to the relievers. The score does not mean much. Last year the contracts of the relievers was everything. If you had a contract you made the team. If you could be sent down, you were sent down. It will be interesting to see how FAZ handles it this year. My guess is that some relievers will make the team because they cannot be sent down. However, if they do not perform, they will be gone early.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    No, it doesn’t mean anything, but I can’t say the loss of a meaningless game leaves me without concern. Many will say that last night’s loss was the result of Dodgers not having their premium battery aboard and there is truth in that, but, Dodgers did have their premium lineup and I didn’t see such a spectacular performance from Angles pitching that this lineup should do as bad as last night. Sure Angles defense was better than we can expect from most anytime, but I can’t claim I see no reason to be unconcerned. I’ll feel better when this team can show they don’t need every piece in order to win. I’m pretty sure we all expect more than two runs per game facing any pitcher. Well, at least most any pitcher. Okay, it means nothing, but it also does.

  8. Bumsrap says:

    While I never thought Kiki would make the opening day team I am now more than ever thinking Kiki will not make opening day.

    I had Heisley on my opening day roster due to his proclivity to be a good pinch hitter. But I think the Dodgers will create the best defensive team and Barney has been solid offensively to complement his great defense If I could swap Heisley for Barney in my opening day guess lineup, I might do it but probably wouldn’t.

    Nacasio is my other worry on my opening lineup guess.

    My prediction is that Naciaio and Peralta will not be on the team in the second half.

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