Yes, I know that he is rated #6 on the mlb/Dodger website, but that will change soon enough.  I caught a lot of flack from all sorts of people in 2012 when I left Zach Lee off of my Top Dodger Prospect List, so how do you like me now?

I have met and interviewed Zach Lee and he is a good kid, who maybe should have played football at LSU, but was persuaded by Logan White and $5 million dollars to pitch for the Dodgers.

He looks like an athlete, but he really doesn’t have one outstanding pitch.  Clayton Kershaw has five.  It’s pretty hard to get by without one, and you really need two or three to be decent at the major league level!  He got lit up again last night and we can’t blame it on the thin air – it was in OKC!

At the end of this season, he is at a critical crossroads and needs to make a choice.  The way I see it, he has three (3) choices:

  1. Quit and go back to football where he might be an outstanding quarterback in college (think Brandon Weeden);
  2. Convert to the bullpen where the 2-3 MPH he might gain on his fastball could make him more effective; or
  3. Learn a new pitch and I don’t mean the knuckleball.

Insanity is doing the same thing you have always done and expecting different results.  With Zach Lee something needs to change.  What decision will he make?

Zach is a great guy, but something has to give.  I wish him only the best in whatever he chooses.

  1. BOB says:

    “He looks like an athlete,” – Oh, not any more. He looks soft compared to when he was drafted by the Dodgers. He is listed at the same weight that he was when he was drafted. His fastball is the same speed as it was when he was drafted. Head case? No desire? Regrets regarding his choice? Or just another failure by the current Dodger player development personnel?

    A fourth choice would be to hire a real athletic trainer to reengineer his body during the off season and come back ready to be the #5 starter for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Part of never giving up is to change what you are doing and stop the insanity of repeating the same mistake over and over again. If what the Dodger player development personnel is doing does not work with Zack’s head or Zack’s body then find someone else to train him or find some other system to train him in. Evaluate his true athleticism, fix any muscle imbalances, strengthen his entire body, increase his endurance, and greatly improve his flexibility during the three months ending January 15, 2015. Then let him see what he can do adding another pitch during the month prior to spring training.

  2. Pete M says:

    I’ll just stay away from pounding Lee and let the PCL do it…
    It’s going to be tough to bench Turner when Uribe returns… Ned, whatever it takes, please sign the red head for the next couple years…
    As much as I like the year Colon has had, I’m still leery of the trade…

  3. Badger says:

    I have no idea what he looks like. I also have no idea what has happened to him, but whatever it was it needs fixing. Maybe he just has a tired arm from carrying around all that money. At any rate, it’s easy to see why Lees name is being mentioned nowhere but in here. He’s 24 soon so if he wants to play football he better get after it. Bullpen? Does he throw hard enough for that? I doubt it.

    I wonder if Grant Holmes is any good?

    As for beating up on the West, that is what we are supposed to do and I hope it continues as I still want home field throughout the playoffs.

    I believe Ramirez is close. Crawford, Kemp, Gonzalez, heck even Ellis looks better. Turner can’t seem to turn it off and Puig hits every other month so he should kick it again soon. The back end of our rotation is a 4+ ERA and the bullpen is just not scary anymore so scoring runs is a must.

    Bummer about Lee. I hope he has an owie, you know, like so many others in our, and every other organization, has. At least that would explain his failure.

  4. Badger says:

    Nobody in Dodgerland will speak to the Lee issue. Something else being avoided, except in here, is the waste of a good outfielder in Andre Ethier. I bring this up because after having a ball clearly out of the strike zone called a strike (that guy Will Little had a horrible night) Ethier grounded weakly to short then proceeded to get ejected by Little. Ethier is no doubt frustrated by what the Dodgers are doing to him. I don’t understand this at all. The 4 All Star outfield experiment is an abject failure.

    Ethier, Rojas and Lee for Colon and Plawecki. Everybody starts over.

  5. BOB says:

    Rumors are that Ned is looking for 1 or more relief pitchers. Obviously the Dodgers need some additional relief pitchers because Ned signed some old players that were a complete waste of money. Who made the decisions to DFA’d Guerra (2.81), and Tolleson (2.90)? Ned, it’s all on you!

    Badger, I like your trade proposal but I think that the Mets will not because I can see them wanting more in return for their catching prospect. One more Top 10 prospect and lots of money to cover a big portion Ethier’s salary might do the job. Aren’t some the Mets owner’s still involved in the Bernie Madoff fraud recovery litigation or is that over? Because of the waiver wire rules might this trade need to be an off season trade in order to get Rojas to the Mets. Can you have a player on the 25 man roster be a PTBNL?

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I have no idea where Lee stands as a prospect. But I do take issue with the comment that he had no excuses last night because he was pitching OKC, and not ALBQ. or any of those other hitter paradises in the PCL. Fact is, by having to pitch in the adverse conditions of the PCL all year, he is given very little opportunity to work on the development of his pitching. So it’s not so surprising when he has a bad outing, no matter where he’s pitching. So for now, I’ll withhold judgment on just what sought of prospect he is. After all, if I recall correctly, Cliff Lee wasn’t an instant success with Cleveland, and had to be sent down once or twice before it finally all fell into place. Not suggesting that Lee is going to be Cliff Lee, but I am suggesting that prospects don’t always march in a straight line to success. I wouldn’t be too quick to make any judgments, one way or the other.

  7. bobbie17 says:

    It’s still to early to scrap Lee. However, if the Dodgers have others who are performing at a higher level, he will stay where he is and the others will be promoted. That’s the way it is in competitive sports. The cream should, and usually does rise to the top. He is close to being left behind. If the Dodgers recent draft picks were any good, they would be pressing Lee for position in the system. It doesn’t look like they are much good either. All these guys, except for Urias maybe, are probably #5’s at best. This next month will show who is best. It looks like, with the injuries and fragile players we have, the team will have to hit, hit, hit. Right now, Gordon and AGon are key. Maybe Turner can work his way into the starting 3B job next year. How good is he defensively? Can he make Uribe expendable? He has a nice game. The formula for winning, by the way, is to beat up on inferior teams and play .500 against the rest. I don’t know if this is what the Dodgers are doing this year, but it is probably close.

  8. Gonzo says:

    If the AAA team does move to OKC, I’ll give Lee a year to get it together. As for him looking softer compared to when he was drafted is more than likely genes. His pops is a big man, like in obese. Pair that with a nonchalant attitude towards work ethic and you get what he is now. I still think he is salvageable, but it starts with him. I really think his ceiling is a serviceable 4-5 pitcher.

    • Badger says:

      How good is Turner defensively? Somehow this year he is managing a + dWAR, but his career # is -.9. This is his career year. Lucky us. We actually have one of those.

      Lee will be 24 soon. Let me say that again – 24. As in, technically just entering his prime years. (25-29) Yeah, maybe he is a late bloomer. Let the mutts work with him. Maybe they can get him in shape.

      Did anyone do the math. Let me do it for you – I got a thousand push-ups that says if Ethier plays every day he earns his money. I think in the next 3 year each WAR point will be worth 7-8 million. Andre is owed 56 mil. Divided by 8 that is 7 WAR in 3 years, or 2.33 per year. I think he can do that. That is what makes my trade worth it for the mutts. We take Colon and his 13 million, knowing we got him for THIS year and likely swallow an olive next year. We’ve all seen Wilmer Flores play shortstop. He’s a disaster. Rojas, who is working hard on his hitting stroke, solves a problem for them. They have d’Arnaud so they don’t need Plawecki. They get an All Star outfielder, a young AAA first round pitcher and a great SS. All they are really giving up is a prospect. It’s a good deal for everybody involved.

  9. Pete M says:

    B17 and Brooklyn you speak to deaf ears… It will be a daily skewer job on almost all the Dodgers for the rest of the season… I’m looking forward to seeing Lee in either the Sept call ups or 2015 ST…
    Dre is complaining because he’s hasn’t been playing… He wasn’t that great a player when he signed his ridiculous contract and he’s worse now… A set line up is what we have been playing and it has worked…

    • Badger says:

      Pete……… you aren’t doing the math. I tried to tell you Notre Dame was going to get clobbered and you didn’t listen. Hear me now and believe me later….. the metrics for baseball are here to stay! We old goats can turn our noses up at it, but even Vinnie is quoting metrics!

      Did you read the article I posted? Did ANYONE read it?

      You buy them books, you send them to school……………..

  10. BOB says:

    Just look at Zack Lee’s Splits. Management is correct, he is obviously not ready for MLB.

    Home ERA 4.83 and Road ERA 6.25. New Mexico is NOT the problem. Bases loaded ERA 67.50? Trade him and hope that the Dodgers get a chance to hit against him! 2.86 WHIP when he is behind in the count. And look at how his ERA increases as there are more outs in an inning. His stats make him look like a kid with no confidence and maybe a head case.

    And fire Glenn Dishman, who with a career ERA of 5.25 probably thinks all of his pitchers are progressing just fine.

    Prospects work on their pitching during bullpen sessions, just like MLB pitchers, with the help of player development personnel.

  11. Badger says:

    Been waiting for some responses…….

    Sometimes silence says volumes.

    Sure hope our past their prime millionaires can get this done. I still believe they can. And I also believe Jed ain’t done yet.

    Lee? Meh. Keep him trade him I don’t care. If he makes the club at all he’s a back end .500 pitcher at best. Urias is the new big deal pitching prospect and who knows if he will flame out or be the next Clayton Koufax.

    The title of this thread is “Lee no longer a prospect”. As long as he is in our organization I reckon he’s a prospect. Just not a very good one anymore.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I’m surprised you mentioned Grant Holmes above, implying to some degree that he might not be a good prospect (at least that’s my interpretation of what you said).

    Why even mention him? Here are his stats this year.

    He had a 3.00 ERA in 30 innings in the Arizona rookie league.

    Then his ERA ballooned to 7.56 at Ogden, in the hitter friendly Pioneer League. But that 7.56 consists of only 2 starts. In the first start he got clobbered, surrendering 7 runs in 3.1 innings. He then followed that up with a 5 inning, 2 hit performance in which he held the opposition scoreless. So in essence, the inflated 7.56 ERA was the result of ONE bad performance. Even Kershaw has those. And let’s try not to forget that he’s only 18 years old, and just out of high school.

    Mets might have an interest in Lee, but I doubt that they’re in the least bit interested in Ethier or Rojas. The Mets are trying to re-build, so I seriously doubt if they’re interested in an extremely light hitting shortstop, no matter how good his glove. They’re probably looking to upgrade at shortstop, but I seriously doubt if they would see Rojas as part of that answer. Ethier will be 33 next year. Even if the Dodgers pick up a significant part of his contract, I can’t see where the Mets would have any interest. And whatever Ethier’s WAR was in the past, it ain’t that now. And that’s all that any team is interested in, especially with respect to an aging outfielder. And it’s even possible that the Mets would be more likely to trade d’Arnaud, given his checkered medical past.

    • Badger says:

      You’re vigorously defending an 18 year old. I just asked a simple question – I wonder if he is any good. We won’t know for another few years. We were all told Zach Lee was a top 10 prospect when we signed him. I don’t know about Holmes. Nobody does. How many of the dozens of pitchers we’ve drafted over the years are actually top pitchers in this league? I’m too tired to actually look it up.

      The Mets need players that can play baseball.

      “whatever Ethier’s WAR was in the past, it ain’t that now”

      No sh*t. Funny how getting benched effects your production. Who would have put that together?

      FREE ETHIER!!!

      • BOB says:

        I think we all wonder how good all of the players actually are that the Dodgers draft. We hope that they will be better now that a new club president is on board with a reputation for creating a good minor league farm system. But we do not know, we only hope. That list would not take very long to look it up!

  13. Badger says:

    Looks like the half the JV team is out there tonight. Might take a shutout?

    We hope BOB. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Cubans. Not really sure what pitchers might help. If we had any I would think we’d be seeing them. Who’s Bennett? Guess I’ll have to look.

    Nice play by Ramirez. I believe that’s the first time I’ve said that this year.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually I wasn’t “vigorously defending” anyone. It simply seemed as if you MIGHT be questioning Holmes’ ability–as indicated by my parenthetical remark in that post. I don’t know how good Holmes is, but the early indications are positive. And if his ability was being questioned, I was simply pointing out that any such criticism is simply silly given his youth, and also because his numbers are mostly good, except for that one really bad start.

    As for Ethier, my guess is that other teams will not be willing to gamble that his WAR will increase if he’s given regular playing time. As I noted, Ethier will be 33 next season, and also has a negative dWAR every year since 2007. My best guess is that he’s more suited to the AL where he could DH. He might even hit some HRs in the smaller ballparks in the AL east.

    • Badger says:

      That’s better. 9 earned in 13 innings. I’m sure he will be fine. He throws really hard, isn’t that big, 6’1″, so I would imagine they will bring him along slowly. Like Lee, he will be a top prospect for the next 3 years. I’ll be 70 before he gets a sniff. Damn, I’m getting old.

      Where’s the joy in Mudville? The mighty Clayton handled the lowly belly crawlers. 8 for 32, 1 for 5 WRISP. Not great, but good enough to snuff out a truly troubled team.

      I hope Van Slyke is ok. Vintage Dodger athleticism on that play.

      I thought maybe Ramirez was close. And he might be. Sure doesn’t look like it.

      Next up, Haren.

      5 game lead nearing September. I m confident, but wish I felt more so.

      The guy we sent to Philly for Fausto, Valentine, was a first round pick. I’d sort of forgotten that since we haven’t heard a thing about him in a couple of years.

      What do these guys have in common:

      Justin Orenduff, Luke Hochevar, Bryan Morris, Ben Diggins, Greg Miller, James Adkins, Ethan Martin, Chris Reed, Ronnie Walden, Kiki Jones, Scott Elbert and …. Preston Mattingly.

  15. Watford Dodger says:

    I’m gonna guess that they are all Dodgers or Logan White 1st round picks.

    And Badger you are right – what has happened to the D’backs?
    We think we’ve got pitching problems. Without Goldie they are powerless.

  16. Bobby says:

    This has been such a weird year. The team is frustrating, seemingly barely on full throttle, and yet we’re still a game or so from the best record in the NL.

    I don’t know what to expect come Oct 1. Well, I expect a game 1 win with Kersh, but that’s it

    • Badger says:

      First round picks going back a long way. But honestly, looking at all the picks from all the teams over the years, there are many, many misses. 28 teams passed on Wainwright., and he’s a 6’7″ fireballer. How do you pass on him? btw, he didn’t make his first appearance until he was 24. So, still hope for Lee?

      dbacks lost their best pitcher early and there only real offensive threat later. It blew up on them big time.

      Yeah, frustrating year Bobby. For me it’s frustrating because we haven’t seen this team full throttle yet. I keep waiting, but, who knows.

  17. Campy says:

    It does seem like the quality of baseball is down this year. Not just with the Dodgers but with all the teams. There isn’t a team out there that doesn’t have a couple of serious holes in its lineup. Some of that is due to lack of quality ballplayers and some to the fact that there are so many injuries to big time players, not just “out for a week” injuries, but really long term stuff. Maybe it is no worse this year than other years, but it sure seems to be. It is the depth the Dodgers have that enables us to fill in for the injured players and play at a higher level than the other teams. That and a better pitching staff, at least the top end. But look at the #4-5 starters on other teams and they are no better than what we are throwing out there.

    BTW there is an interesting article comparing K & K on SBNation, that goes along with are discussion that crops up here from time to time… (copy and paste it)

  18. Watford Dodger says:

    Agree with you Bobby. We obviously are one of the best teams and yet I have no expectations for the post season. Anything could happen. It’s normally about momentum and a bit of luck. Who knows, could be our year because as Campy says – no team looks great.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    With the SVS injury last night . . . if I were the GM, I would put him on the DL — and move Pederson to the 40 man roster, and call him up today or tomorrow.

    If he hits and fields like we think he can — then the roster for the post season could be adjusted for him to be on it.

    Also, Arruebarrena needs to be on the roster for the post season — period.

  20. BOB says:

    Does Toronto need another OF with a Top 5 prospect probably ready to play CF next year. That saying, today is a good day for a trade.

    Or maybe just bring up a lot of kids on Tuesday. DFA Truinfel = 39. Put Fife on the 60 Day DL = 38. Dominquez has been shut down for the year (7/25) so put him on the 60 Day DL = 38. Put one or two or three of the following pitchers who last pitched on August 3rd on the 60 Day DL, Rodriquez, Perez, and Beckett = 35 to 37.

    Ned can do some magic and just start some clocks in addition to the bringing up some of the “quality” prospect who are already on the 40 man roster.

    • Badger says:

      Well, in my opinion, a 121career OPS+ player is worth a couple of those prospects and then some. We are proof that you can’t play 4 starters, so, does Toronto need Ethier? Beats me. I think I’ve made it clear that I don’t have a freakin clue what comes next.

  21. idahoal says:

    Is it just me or do others think Puig is still making a lot of dumb decisions. The base running mistake the other evening cost us a run. Vinnie had a hard time keeping his mouth shut. also on defense when he dove for the pop fly. He really did not have a chance at it. If he would of stopped early to field it on one hop, the runner could not of gone to third. That was the one run Kershaw gave up. It was also the play that SVS got hurt on. SVS was charged with an error. He has so much natural ability, but I wonder what he has upstairs. I am concerned about the decisions he makes.

    • Badger says:

      He only has one speed al. I can already see some improvement from last year, and that is in plate discipline. He belongs in right field. He was put in center out of desperation and I think he feels he must be Superman out there. That was an aggressive play but I’m thinking in his head he thought he could get it. Van Slyke deserved the error. The runner was held up, then Scott threw the ball to nobody. Puig is just 23 – you know, the same age as Zach Lee., and one year younger than Giancarlo Stanton. If he can keep learning from his mistakes, and if believe he will, he is a 10 time All Star. We must live with these growing pains.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If SVS’s injury won’t keep him out long, there is no need to place him on the DL, as rosters will expand on September 1st. Only reason to bring up Pederson before 9/1 might be to make him eligible for the playoffs, and that’s probably not in the Dodgers’ plans.

    Since Puig comes from a family in which both of his parents are engineers, I suspect that his head is far from empty. Look at item #1 in the following:

    Most of what he does is probably youthful exuberance. It’s likely to get better over time, but I suspect it will continue for a while. The positives far outweigh the negatives, so I guess we’ll just have to learn to live with it for a while. Fact is, smart people are not immune from doing stupid things. All I need to verify that is to use myself as an example. And I suspect there are others on this site who know just what I’m talking about. Difference is, none of us does stupid things in front of TV cameras and a ballpark packed with 50,000 fans.

  23. BOB says:

    Having a high IQ does not make a person intelligent. It just gives them potential. Some of the people that make the stupidest decision in the world allegedly have high IQs. Just look our current President. And then there are those whose writings are eloquently moronic.

    I see that the Hernandez trade is completed and Ned got fleeced again. I had high hopes for Arano, assuming that Pat Corrales is done evaluating De Jon Watson and his staff and a new player development department is to be hired for next year. Hopefully Hernandez will sign for $5-6 mil next year to be the Dodger’s #5 starter and the Dodgers let Haren sit on the pine before his 2015 contract vests at 180 innings. After Haren gets to 175 innings that would be a great time to let Zach Lee start a game.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Having a high IQ does not make someone sensible, but it does mean they’re intelligent, if intelligence implies a high mental capacity. If you consider intelligence to be something else, that’s another matter.

    “Moronic” is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re on the right, everyone on the left is moronic. And if you’re on the left, everyone on the right is moronic.

    And then there are those who tailor their views to what they perceive is good for them. And anything which they perceive not to be in their self interest they classify as moronic.

  25. Mark TImmons says:

    I am in Raleigh, North Carolina tonight – I fly back tomorrow night. Just crazy busy… and having a blast! If it’s fun, it’s not work! Down here to see this company who is one of our partners:

    Made a pilgrimage to Duke University today, but the rest was business.

    BOB ain’t crazy! Nuff said! This is not mamby pamby land, Jackwagons!

    • Badger says:

      Gross. You peddling that with your flushing systems?

      I dont think all on the right are morons. Tea Party has their share though. Did you see the film of the 9 year old with the oozie? Right wing behavior and moronic. For me it’s just a question of values. Right wing don’t value what I do.

  26. t.o.dave says:

    Michael, I can attest to Badger’s good character as I had a great time getting to know him this summer. Badger, is the AFL worth seeing? I noticed the championship game is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 15th in Flagstaff. Maybe I’ll come out for it.

    • Badger says:

      Flagstaff? Really? That might be worth looking into. Remember Matt? You met him at coffee here. He’s the former QB for Oregon State….. way down the depth chart but got a letter …. he would love to go see that game. Send me the details. Maybe we can put something together. Trial will be over by then and I might get my life back.

  27. t.o.dave says:

    Oh, and anyone on a high fiber diet knows that poo-pourri doesn’t work as floaters break the surface tension of the porcelain prison. Just say’n…of course, odor isn’t as big an issue anyway for those of us fiber-minded types :)

    • Badger says:

      Everyone knows my sh*t don’t stink.

      November in Flag didn’t sound right. Could have a foot of snow on the ground. Game is in Scottsdale. That’s 2 hours away but still could be interesting. Let me know.

      Did you guys hear about Petit’s record today? 46 in a row. Damn. That was quite an accomplishment. I would have thought that record would be unbreakable.

  28. Bobby says:

    Ive hoped for some time (ever since the Yanks/Red Sox ALCS matchup in 2004), that one day we’d have a Dodgers Giants NLCS matchup.

    Yes, it’s not easy to do, but I’m rooting for sf to win enough to get in as a wild card. It would electrify our rivalry and our cities to have a LA/SF NLCS. naturally it would suck monkey balls to lose that, but it’d be bragging rights forever to win that.

    • Badger says:

      I get that concept Bobby. But, I’m shallow. I want the midgets to get close…. then fail to make the playoffs. I want that this year, I want that every year.

      Any clues on call ups? Roster move rumors?

  29. BOB says:


    Great Youtube video. Do they have a product that you can spray on your TV so that the scripted words read from a teleprompter are never broadcast through your TV screen, or the words written by a thin skinned left wing idealog disappears from you computer screen? By the way my opinion is that any US President who does not have a strategy to deal with a group that has been expanding their terror network for 4 years like ISIS, that is planning another 9/11, and who other radical Moslems think are insane, is either a moron or Muslim who has not yet come out of the closet! That is my opinion and I have a right to express my opinion and anyone drinking in every Obama left wing Kool-aid sentence should come to their senses and become an objective liberal like Senator Diane Feinstein. And if you do not understand the difference between Obama and Feinstein than in my opinion your opinions are completely meaningless and not worthy of the fiber strands that they are sent on.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, you do have a right to that opinion BOB. Opinions are like a**holes, we all got them. What is your opinion on the dumb moves made by W and his cabal that, predictably, created this mess? I remember telling Mark in 2003 that going into Iraq was a terrible idea and all it would accomplish was chaos. I said then we are taking a bat to a massive hornets nest, and what do you know, I was right. As foreseen by many, now the hornets are swarming. Admit all that that and maybe your opinion about where we stand now will be more respected. Admit that and who knows, maybe we can sit down and figure this thing out. It’s a bad situation, but we broke it, now we have to fix it. How do we do that without more boots on the ground? Hopefully we get some help from the EU with this. Screaming liberal or conservative hate at this time accomplishes nothing. We need cool heads at this time. And let’s try to stay respectful in here. Most don’t appreciate sharing your angry political views in a sports chat room. Let’s stay calm.

      • BOB says:

        I read this blog for along time before posting. I remember your rants and far left angry political views. Maybe you have calmed down a little but maybe you are not one to talk just yet. I will always laugh when liberals blame everything on Bush. Cause and effect occurs more often than every 5 years. Will you still be blaming McCourt 5 years after he was gone and after the surge of new players brought in from Boston and Cuba? Maybe you and the other liberals who post on Mark’s website are just thinned skinned and should stop pretending that you own this website and scare away scores or possibly hundreds of people who dare not post lest they hear the rath of the gang who think so highly of themselves..

        I am a moderate independent and I know which moderate Democrat that I will support for President if he decides to run in 2016. Anyone who thinks that he is a conservative is a Waco liberal. Anyone who thinks that he is a liberal is a Waco conservative. He is Joe Manchin. I wait more thin skinned hate filled responses to my views.

  30. bobbie17 says:

    The Giants should have a tough series with the Brewers this weekend. But right now we have to win every day and forget about them until we play them again. Padres should be a low scoring series. I’m hoping AGon can carry the weekend.

  31. Roger Dodger says:

    Ned, Ned, Ned, Ned . . . I watched Edinson Volquez for a bit tonight pitching for the Pirates. You elected not to sign him after the end of last season.

    So he signed with the Pirates. The Pirates gave him $5 million. (Records show that you game him a bit more than that last season . . .)

    This season with the Pirates he has started 26 games and has a record of 11-7 with an 3.56 ERA. Volquez is 30 years old.

    He might have been the ONE who got away. Would have been nice to have him right now.

    Tonight he went 7.2 innings with 3 hits, 1 run and dropped his ERA to 3.45.

    But — I guess we could all give similar examples of other pitchers you could have signed

    • Badger says:

      We don’t sign 5 million dollar pitchers. They just aren’t on the radar.

      Cashner looks good. Gooder than Haren. But Haren is pitching to the Pods so that evens it out.

    • Pete M says:

      Jamming to Motown in the AM… Share a little of my experience, strength and hope with the folks…
      Damn, Danny H. did his job… ran out of bullpen…
      I’ll be wearing my colors as usual… I will still love to get Detroit in Oct…

  32. BOB says:

    I would like to commend the Padres for their excellent choice of relief pitchers whom they signed and/or developed in their minor league system and for the way that their Manager utilized them during the extra inning game yesterday. Utilizing 5 relief pitchers in 6 innings is so much wiser than utilizing 7 relievers in 5 and having to use a failed starter, well known by the opposition, in the 6th and last inning. And why not bring in Jansen in the 12th inning, he whom had only pitched one day out of the last 5 days?

    In the 8th inning, after just tying the score, thus increasing the probability of having an extra inning game, Dummie Moroningly uses 2 pitchers each for a third of an inning. One throws 9 pitches and the other throws 6 pitches. The Dodger’s first “Long Reliever” throws 1 1/3rd inning, the second “Longer reliever”, on 4 days rest, throws 1 inning, and the failed starter Corrreia fails to finish the last and final 12th inning. All of this malarkey (nonsense or rubbish) is exacerbated by the multiple errors of players including throwing errors, mental mistakes, and the stupidity of not looking at a base while stepping upon it. Can’t a player step on first base, then look up, and then decide to continue running or put on the breaks. It appears that the stupidity of management flows down to the players just like the sins of our most recent Democratic presidents flows down and are readily adopted by young people.

  33. Badger says:

    You just can’t help yourself can you BOB.

    Mattingly didn’t lose that game. That game falls squarely in the shoulders of the players. Most games do. Get the freakin job done people.

    What is it that Ramirez does in rehab? He’s back a few minutes and he hurts his leg again? I don’t think these guys run enough.

    • BOB says:

      You just can’t help yourself can you badger. It appears to me that you either can’t or refuse to read or comprehend much. I said that Donnie did a lousy job. I did not say that he cost the team the win. The players played poorly and Donnie managed poorly and the Dodgers lost by 1 run. Learn how to read and stop reading into every post your bias and self centered analysis and presumptions. You are retired aren’t you? You have the time to read slowly and try to read the actual words that a person uses as opposed to your insisting that you are smarter and know more about what was in the writer’s brain and therefore you can interpret what they wrote better than what the writer can. I can only assume that you are a short insecure napoleonic control freak that still thinks that they own this website and is the self appointed sensor that for years has needed to be sensored himself.

      • Badger says:

        There is no food crisis, there is no energy crisis, and frankly there are only manufactured political crisis. The real crisis we have globally, and clearly in here, is a crisis of ignorance. You can just play with yourself now BOB.

  34. bobbie17 says:

    The Padres usually play their best against the Dodgers. In that stadium, you can expect low scoring games. Clutch hitting will win the games. I can’t say we have many “clutch” players on this team. I can think of 2 or 3. The rest are 9 inning guys who do their jobs. How many wins when behind after the 7th? Hardly any. This is how it will be until the bloody end. The Giants are showing some spark, which scares the s….t out of me. Maybe this this team needs a dose of the youth to come on 9-1. It shouldn’t come to that, but….. Man, do we need a fresh Grienke and Ryu. Good luck with that. Hang on.

  35. Bobby says:

    Anyone paying attention to last year’s 24th round draft pick, Jose de Leon?

    There was an article on him in Dodger Digest, or one of those links on the right of this homepage yesterday. Then he promptly goes out and strikes out 12 more in 5.2 ip last night. Thats 42k in 22.2ip in 4 games since being promoted to Great Lakes

  36. Badger says:

    I wasn’t until reading that piece Bobby. It’s good to have depth, and we should be encouraged by those things, but I admit I am focused on how to get it done NOW. This could be it for this particular group and they need to put it together. What they have accomplished without playing particularly well is amazing. Imagine what they could do if they actually played well as a team? These guys are capable of putting together that 9-1 run, but until they do, in my estimation, they are a first place team underperforming.

    • Badger says:

      So….. he goes to the Twins?

      Where is the next rotation guy? Every team should have AT LEAST one ready to step in. The Dodgers, with their propensity to draft big strong arms every year, should have more than one. They don’t have any.

  37. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Based on this, Guerrero should probably be brought up by tomorrow.

    And if the Dodgers should manage to advance to the World Series, he could be an option at DH.

    My best guess is that he would replace Barney.

    I had no problems with how Mattingly managed the game last night. And I wonder if we’re going to start seeing Baez and Frias more often in late game situations, both of whom were used before Correia, and both of whom are possible options out of the pen next year (with Frias also being an option for the rotation). And although I don’t have much confidence in Correia, he would have gotten out of that last inning without a run being scored if Gordon hadn’t bounced his throw to Ellis.

    As for Hanley, that was just a freak accident, and is not any indication of fragility. In fact, if he hadn’t stepped on first that way, the Dodgers might have won the game, given that Rojas came up to bat twice in that game in Hanley’s stead.

  38. Bruce says:

    Have to agree with you Mark on this “team” being hexed, although I don’t buy into a hex per say. Where I also believe this team has the talent to go 9-1, that ain’t happening with this present pitching staff, and underperforming “hitters” who break out in allergic rashes when men get on base.

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