But sadly, the Dodgers have just a .500 record at Chavez Ravine, their house.  They let teams like Milwaukee come in and bitch slap them like 98 pound weaklings.  I know a little league pitcher who could shutout the Dodgers… and she’s a girl.

Don’t tell me about injuries.  The Brewers payroll is about 40% of what the Dodgers payroll is and they came to town and swept the team with the big payroll.  It’s not how much you pay – it’s how much you get for what you pay!

The Dodgers have some serious problems and they can’t buy their way out of this.

Greinke, Kershaw and Haren all lost, but when you get no hitting you have no chance!

Swept @Home #whatabunchofcrap!

Corey Seager is up to .363 at AA.  Anyone still think his arrival is 2016?  I don’t.

I am going to post everyday how bad Albuquerque is until the Dodgers leave town.



  1. Quasimodo says:

    Another game I can only read about but I find it a bit strange that Barney, who didn’t get to Dodgers for his batting skills, is doing so good. Its looking like he hasn’t completely turned blue yet and that when he does his batting will deteriorate. There’s poison in the clubhouse and it isn’t easy from my viewpoint to peg. We like to blame Mattingly when any moves he makes isn’t successful, and we blame Colletti for trusting his proven scouts. This team is getting paid enough to spoil their children’s children’s children’s children and they’re supposed to play their best. It seems to me that Colletti and Mattingly might not be on the same page. That’s trying to give excuses for some of Mattingly’s head scratching moves. And none of that should matter to whoever it is at the plate. I expected great things from McGwire too, but it appears that Dodgers don’t have such thing as a pitching coach. All of us have had to work next to someone we couldn’t stand, but still had a job to get done. This team should be the best Dodger team of all times. I guess there should be a passion clause in the contracts that’ll scare them into a complete desire to win. There is a couple Dodgers that show that kind of energy and the others need to drink the same kool-aid because someone’s on our path and closing.

  2. Badger says:

    Yeah, it was an ass kicking.

    But, we move on.

    Milwaukee is about 60% less interesting than Los Angeles so, does that even the numbers out? I’ll take my team over theirs. You can have the Cerveseros. Tell me, does Bernie Brewer still dive into a mug of beer? Nice image. Perfect role model for the kids of Wisconsin. The NL title doesn’t run through Milwaukee. The only thing running through Milwaukee is I94 and it’s filled with beer trucks and people trying to get of town.

    I LOVE LA.

  3. artieboy says:

    Lucroy, Segura, Braun, Gomez, Gallardo….that is an impressive team. The NL pennant just might go through Milwaukee.

    Great question….who is today’s day to day victim?

    • Badger says:

      Milwaukee on a streak. Streaks happen. I look forward to a few streaks of our own.

      Clampetti saying he’s still looking for arms. Guess we stick with these bats. Most of them are experienced so they know what to do.

      I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is the team that management is “all in” on. They get it done this year or many of them will be jettisoned. We were extremely close last year. We will be in it til the end this year. I am grateful for that.

      We have only seen glimpses of what this team is capable if doing when they are all working at 100%. It’s possible we won’t see that at any time for the remainder of the year. But if we do, I REALLY like our chances.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Health or healthy players are important. The phrase, the Dog Days of August, usually thought of as the HOT months, is true —- but also because bodies can wear down after Feb-March of Spring Training, then April, May, June, July of games and more games — and the body does wear down.

    Noticed that Puig is limping a bit.

    Ability of players is also called into question. With the Dodgers B lineup, you can get to the 6th, 7th, 8th and pitcher’s slot in the lineup and not much hitting nor power there.

    Schedule. Interesting to note that the Dodgers have 3 days off in the next 11 days. One day this week and two days off next week. The, the whole month of September they have only three total days off.

  5. Watford Dodger says:

    Agree about 6,7,&8 Roger. Zero expectation from them.
    Much will depend on how Hanley returns. Hanley, Kemp, Agon & Puig has potential. If Gordon can get on & Uribe comes back in, then that’s looking good. However the pitching is another matter. Zack is struggling ( somebody in here suggested a possible injury ). Ryu, Beckett could both be done for the season. Ryu doesn’t look like the type of guy to be match fit after a spell on the DL. Haren? Who knows? I could have hit that crap he was serving up last night. The pen is a mess. Might need Kenley to pitch 2 innings every night. Ned needs to get on the phone for another arm or two as obviously we don’t rate anyone In the system.
    Good time for a day off.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah W, looks like the system done coughed up all it’s going to. Maybe with the call ups somebody will surprise, but I doubt it

      Half our starting position players (and one bench player) are making 8 figure contracts. Those are the guys being paid to produce the big numbers. Gonzalez, Kemp, Ramirez and Crawford need to do what it is they are paid to do. Then you add Gordon, Uribe and Puig, (catcher is a zero) with Ethier, SVS and Turner off the bench and you should have enough offense to carry the load to the finish line. Our pitching, damn near ALL of them, are extremely well paid, and for good reason. If these guys are too tired or too broken to play a 180 game season then get rid of them next year and start over.

      We knew going in that there wasn’t a 160 game player in the entire bunch. We addressed that with Turner, SVS, Guerrero, Arruebarrena for the infield, a plethora of good outfielders and some outstanding arms in the bullpen. Once again injuries raised their ugly heads. I’m still confident. With 36 games to go to clinch I still like our chances. I don’t believe this team will fade, I believe their best baseball is in front of them. But if, like some here apparently believe, they DO fade, then this off season we reload.

  6. bobbie17 says:

    We are getting to the point that the cream will rise to the top. When the season began, we would probably take a 3.5 game lead in first place at this point. Especially from 9.5 games down. This is the same team that was 9.5 down, so can we realistically expect more? What I see especially now is the career inconsistency of AGon and Kemp. Production by them is spotty at best. It will all be forgotten if September is a good one, but how can any of us be confident? After the Angel series, I thought the Dodgers would start a run to seal the deal, but that sure didn’t happen. Instead, the Angels, who looked bad, have stuck to the plan and are in first place, thanks in part to the A’s losing streak. Good health would help, but the way the game is played today, with all the injuries up and down the lineup, the extended roster and the minor league players brought up are as important as the starting 9. Long term, something has to be done about the injuries all the teams incur. Different training, different teaching techniques, etc. Or else, you might has well expand the rosters to about 50, with 25 pitchers, and starters pitching 6 innings once a week. I really think because of injuries in general, baseball is soon to have a fundamental change in the use of players during the regular season.

  7. bobbie17 says:

    Just read that we have a bunch of games against the Padres, with some of the best pitching in the league. Another, repeated thought: Why are the minor league teams so bad? Why can’t they win their divisions, beat the teams in their own division? It all starts there, doesn’t it? A mentality of winning coming up would help the transition. It doesn’t exist.

  8. idahoal says:

    What everyone is saying is that this team has too much talent to play the way they play. They just cannot come from behind to win a game. I also believe there are problems in the clubhouse. I believe it started with the four outfield situation. I also believe that Mattingly and Colletti are not on the same page. Mattingly has to manage around all the injuries. There is nothing that can be done about injuries. However, he has to manage around a terrible bull pen and that we can put on Colletti. Colletti has to admit he made a mistake. He needs to get rid of Perez, Wright, Wilson and League. It is to late for it to happen.

  9. Badger says:

    This from March


    Without Guerrero and Arruebarrena mentioned we are upper middle of the pack and trending in the right direction.

    Valid points al. I have to admit I thought the pen would be better, though honestly I had doubts about Perez. But we had Withrow, Paco, Wilson, Howell and Jansen, with the possibility of Bills being added. I thought it would be a strength. I also believed our starters would lead the league in ERA. I can’t honestly say I blame Jed when I believed in the team he put together. I misjudged the fragility of this entire group.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know exactly when Seager will arrive. Maybe he’s so good that he forces his way into the lineup in 2015. That remains to be seen. I suspect, however, that he opens the 2015 season in either AA or AAA, and that if he puts up exceptional numbers, might get moved up to LA sometime later in the season, depending upon need. However, it could also be that the Dodgers will be reluctant to add him to the 40 man roster unless they’re certain that he will succeed when he hits the big leagues. Then, there’s the question of where he will play. Uribe is signed through 2015, so he probably opens 2015 at 3B. If the Dodgers are convinced that Seager is ready, then maybe they figure out a way to move Uribe. With his contract at $6.5 million next year he’s probably movable, especially if another team becomes desperate for a third baseman. Of course, Seager hasn’t played 3B yet, so there is the question of whether or not he’d be ready to take over at that position next year. And finally, the Dodgers could consider Seager for shortstop in 2015. Of course the Dodgers already have several candidates (not including Hanley) for short in Arrue, Rojas, and maybe even Guerrero (doubt it). It would appear that Seager would likely outhit the first two my a wide margin, so the only question is his defense, and what the Dodgers plan is for him long term.

    So yes, it is reasonable to think that Seager will play in LA in 2015, and lots of reasons why he won’t. Mark, if Dodgers management thought like you, there is no doubt he would arrive in LA next year. But Dodgers management doesn’t think like you (I won’t say whether that’s good or bad), so it’s perfectly reasonable to conclude that Seager may not find his way into Dodger Stadium until September 2015, and maybe not even then, for the same 40-man roster reasons as Pederson and Lee.

    A telling move might be whether or not the Dodgers send Seager somewhere this winter where he can learn to play 3B. If the 3B is where they plan on him playing, then it seems reasonable to me that they would not want him playing that position in LA without first having gained experience at the position. So perhaps the Dodgers send him to the AFL or a winter league to play 3B. If that can’t be arranged, perhaps they just send him to the instructional league to get reps at the position. Or maybe a combination of the above. Like I said, if 3B is where Seager ends up, then the Dodger would likely not bring him LA without him gaining some experience at the position.

    Finally, I don’t judge the Dodgers solely on what they’ve done lately. So it wouldn’t surprise me if things turn around very quickly. And for those of you who think the Brewers are invincible, think about this. From 6/29 – 7/13 the Brewers lost 11 of 12, with their only victory being against the Reds 1-0. From July 27-29 they lost 3 in a row, and between 8/1 – 8/3 they lost 2 of 3 to the Cards. In fact, just prior to this series with the Dodgers, they split a 4-game series with the lowly Cubs.

  11. Pete M says:

    ” Noticed that Puig is limping a bit “…Don’t get wrong, I like the kid, but he has some of ache or limp out of ST… Mattingly. has already said that no one knows except Puig and he doesn’t worry about it… Learn your English and you’re a walking/limping Salonpas add…
    Heck I thought the blood would be in the water and piranha nad0 would be in full swing… He might be playing 3b… He aint playing 3B… Kasten say extension talk is tabled… Personally I don’t care… Get healthy Hanley and let us hitch onto you for the drive into Oct… And you too” Mas Tortillas Por Favor ” Juan Uribe…

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Problem: injured “A” players when out — their replacements are really not that good for a period of time. Then the called up minor leaguers taking a spot on the roster, are not the promising kids, but sometimes just minor league hacks hanging around.

    We have this problems with some of the injuries this season: catcher, 3b, SS . . . and the pen and starters.

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