These are the Dog Days and I find myself thinking about next year… what do the Dodgers need?  A catcher is at the top of the list as the Dodgers catchers have been M.I.A. this year and then I look at the list that is available and the only one I see who makes a lick of sense of Russ Martin and then I slap myself and say “Wake Up, you Moron… this season isn’t over yet.

Yeah, that’s right!  The Dodgers have 30 games to go and I guess that is where is gets sticky, because you never know what you are going to get with this team due to aging players and injuries.  Here are some things that make what happens something we cannot predict:

  1. Can Hanley Ramirez stay healthy, regain his MVP Stroke and field his position at least on a semi-average basis?
  2. Will Carl Crawford stay healthy… because if he is, then he will hit?
  3. Could Juan Uribe be out the rest of the season or could he the player he was before his latest hamstring problem?
  4. Will Matt Kemp stay healthy… Period?
  5. What’s with Puig?  Why the loss of power?  Will he kill himself in the field or the base paths or will he get it going again?
  6. Can the Dodgers even get a little bit of production out of the catching position?
  7. Is Greinke OK or will he have arm issues the rest of season?
  8. Will Ryu come back strong or will this be a nagging injury?
  9. Which Brian Wilson will we see in September?
  10. Will some rookies make an impact in September?

There are just too many questions to even know what might happen, which is why I wonder about Russ Martin and if Crawford and Ethier might be traded in the off season?  Will they sign Hanley and trade Juan?  Who knows?

Hey, how about Andre Ethier (if he clears waivers, and he will) and $15 million to the Mets for Bartolo Colon?  Think about it….

Oh, I wrote this in the AM and forgot to post it…. YAWN!!!


  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I thought about Ethier to the Mets. But I think that the Mets probably wouldn’t be interested in taking on his contract, even if they get $15 million from the Dodgers (or whatever the amount is), and the Dodgers are not likely to trade Ethier just before the post-season. Ethier and/or Crawford are offseason trades. Could Ethier be the player to be named later in a deal now? Maybe, but probably not. Too risky that it would leak out. Besides, I think Colon can probably be acquired for mid-level prospects, as long as the Dodgers are willing to take on his entire contract. I heard on the baseball radio network today that Artie Moreno wants to stay below the luxury tax, and that therefore the Angels might not be willing to take on Colon’s contract, even if they’re interested.

    Good chance the Colon thing will go down to the wire, if it happens at all.

    And yes, we really can’t predict anything. Just hope that things happen the way we want them to.

  2. Badger says:

    I keep typing the same thing regarding Ethier, but it would appear nobody agrees with my science. On the right team he earns his money. This isn’t the team. The Mets? Maybe. If he plays every day. He has 12 WAR left in him. To take on about $13 million, and pay $15 million, get no prospects, for a 42 year old pitcher seems nuts to me.

    Hernandez makes me nervous. He looks imminently hittable. He is also sweating like they are playing outdoors in Phoenix. Corriea and Hernandez? Do we hit well enough to go the distance with these guys?

    • Roger Dodger says:

      1. I thought I heard today that at the AARP convention — our General Manager Ned received the annual good guy award for helping senior citizens — because he trades and signs so many baseball players wanting to continue their playing careers as long a possible. Way to go Ned.

      2. I agree (all along) to trade Ethier and let him finish his career with another team (or two). Maybe the Twins or even the D-Backs. No one in the pennant race, unless some GM out there thinks that Andre could help them to the post season. This second way is if a team has a major injury to an outfielder right now or soon, or one gets caught with a positive drug test.

  3. BOB says:

    Maybe New Mexico it is not the entire problem. Maybe the more significant problem is player development. Yes broken record. 3 errors leads to 7 unearned runs? Wow!

    So the Dodger beat up on the terrible D-Backs again. Not a great feat. The Dodger beat up on the West most of the time but are only a .500 team against the rest of MLB. 23 of the remaining 29 games will be against the West. The Dodgers could end up with 95 wins (going 20-9) and get swept in the first round of the playoffs. It is time to realize that the Dodgers do not perform well against good teams and beat up on bad teams like those in the NL West. The fans will once again be up set and say that the Dodgers chocked in the playoffs but the reality is the Dodgers are not that good and they do not choke, they just beat up on the bad teams and are an average team against good teams. Maybe if they sweep the Nationals next week I might change my opinion.

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