… and I look like a moron. Bobby Carmona and Kevin Koufax have been awesome – at least in their first starts. I criticized Ned for the pickup of Kevin, but so far it looks pretty good.

I’m glad, but I still stand by what I said.



  • (Wikipedia) “From 1903 through 1968, this height limit was set at 15 inches, but was often slightly higher, sometimes as high as 20 inches, especially for teams that emphasized pitching, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were reputed to have the highest mound in the majors.

    Some teams have never had a no-hitter pitched inside their stadiums.  The Dodger have ten, count ’em 10!  Of course, the Dodgers had good pitchers, but they also had a pitchers park and a mound that was 5 inches taller.  Smoke that!

  • Carl Crawford is starting to look pretty good right now.  He can really motor too, but I keep waiting for him to grab that hammy!  Can he stay healthy?  I doubt it.
  • It’s not fair for Zack Lee to be at Albuquerque – he has no chance there.  I am not a big fan of his, but they did him a huge dis-service moving him there.  Name the last good pitcher for the Dodgers that pitched there!
  • I really think Dee Gordon will be the CF next year.  Guerrero goes to 2B and Arruebarrena goes to SS.   Crawford and Ethier have to move along.  Uribe will be pushed at 3B by Seager.  The biggest need is a catcher who can hit.  Russ Martin was one of my favorites – maybe they can re-sign him (3 years – $40 million).
  • Put Pete Rose and Gil Hodges in the Hall of Fame!

Next year:

  1. Gordon CF
  2. Martin  C
  3. Puig  RF
  4. Kemp  LF
  5. Gonzalez  1B
  6. Guerrero  2B
  7. Uribe/ Seager  3B
  8. Arrrr  SS


  1. idahoal says:

    I agreed with you Mark and I still do. The only way the Correia signing makes any sense to me is if they are going to a six man rotation. The Dodger announcers talked about it last night. Some of you on this sight have talked about a six man rotation to keep them fresh through August and Sept.

  2. BOB says:

    Kevin is a great pickup as a replacement for Maholm both this year and next. Regardless of what GMs say a #6 Starter/Swingman is a necessity in today’s game due to the constant occurrence of injuries.

    Looks like Babe Ruth pitched off a mound with the same height as Kershaw!

    The Dodgers should try and use a 6 man rotation for another week. After this 20 day marathon the Dodgers have 3 days off during the next 11 days. After that they can bring up 5-10 minor leaguers to rest the big boys. And yes, a 6 man rotation is a brilliant idea!

    Donnie should platoon Crawford and Ethier. When the Dodgers the LF to bat 1 through third or 8th then Crawford plays. When the Dodgers need the LF to bat 4th through 7th Ethier plays.

    Lets see if Reed’s promotion to AAA lights a fire under Lee to show that Albu is not the problem or if Reed completely crashes too.

    I have been pushing for Martin as next year’s C for a week. Badger has been pushing for 6 man rotation for a month. Most of us have been pushing for a new GM for a year. Which of these will happen first.

    Agree regarding Pete Rose for politically incorrect reasons expressed a few weeks ago. Agree regarding Hodges. Hodges should have made it with his multi-disciplinary record and should also make it because he died trying. Is anti Dodger sentiment keeping him out. According to Wikipedia in 1961 he “ranked tenth in major league history with 370 HRs – second to only Jimmie Foxx among right-handed hitters” Was Ron Santo really better than him? If Santo got in because of his health issues then Hodges should get in because of his health issues and because of him leading the Amazing Mets in 69.

    I can support a team based upon pitching, defense, and speed next year.

  3. BOB says:

    Will the Padres catch the giants this year? haha. 6 games above .500 and 5 games back. How embarrassing.
    A lot of position players resting today, the bullpen rested during the last few day, and of course the TV is resting again today. It’s time for Dodger RADIO. Strike out on a wild pitch? Hope that means that Haren has good movement on his pitches tonight.

  4. Badger says:

    Gordon in center next year makes sense to me. You just can’t have enough good outfielders. Oh wait…..

    Methinks the a Dodgers are pissed at Arrue. It was suggested on another site he may have an attitude problem.

    6 man rotation as long as it works and all buy into it. If this team stays healthy and hits like it should it will work. And it would be beneficial to have a rested starting staff for October.

    The Dodgers pitchers of the 60’s where just too good so of course it was blamed on a higher mound. I read that it was measured often and it was legal. Just whiney ass midgets complaining. Those same whiners watered down home plate and first base during that era.

    Yes on Rose and hopefully some day the old timers will put Hodges in.

    If this team does not get it done, I too can support a team of speed and defense. That team will have Puig, Kemp and Gonzalez in the middle of the order.

      • t.o.dave says:

        I see it. I think he has a future but on another team. I see him as part of an off season trade where the other team wants to try him as an everyday player. Given the chance on the right team to play everyday, he may prove to be enough of a hitter, especially against lefties as he has shown. If he continues to go south though, I may have to adjust my view even more. For now, he can come off the bench as a power threat and occasional starter against lefties. I can remember a few games where he actually hit ok against righties but admit he can’t be any more than a platoon player at best for the Dodgers. Still, my crystal ball says he has some big hits and produces some key runs before this season is over. When I read your posts about Ethier and Crawford needing to play consistently for their hitting to come around, I think the future may hold the same thought true for SVS, but on another team that has a much smaller budget.

        Howabout Darwin? Nice game. Too bad I missed much of it. School year started today and got home late. Game just ended so Ill catch the highlights.

        • Badger says:

          Good take. He has value and could start for many teams, but he will never start here. Crawford and a Ethier both need to start. I think that has been made abundantly clear. I like Barney. He can be our Punto. Great energy.

    • Badger says:

      Yes he is. I love that energy. If he can hit .250 he has great value. I can see why the Dodgers picked him up. I mentioned to t.o. dave above he can be our utility guy. I believe he has a better stick than Rojas. I think he fits with these particular guys too.

  5. BOB says:

    Nice victory. Haren goes 6! Cool. Wilson demoted to the 7th inning guy? Finally. Looks like a better use of the bullpen tonight by DM. Crawford getting hot? Puig still tired or hurt or just bad approach? SVS? Yea, better make some changes. Maybe Matty can help him. Jansen’s ERA back under 3.00 finally! Some of the players are really starting to come around, but some are obviously tired. Giants should be in a real battle tonight. If they were not the enemy the game would be a good one to watch.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, nice win. When I first saw that lineup I was concerned, but Haren came through and enough runs were scored. Only 3 earned but that was enough. The Braves sure look like crap.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Gordon in CF is a bad idea. Having him to backup in an emergency is OK, but his defense at 2B is just too valuable. Besides, Puig is OK in CF and will probably get better. And who knows, maybe Pederson will actually turn out to be good player, and end up in CF.

    And if Gordon was to move to CF (a huge mistake in my opinion), who would we have at 2B? Darwin Barney????? He played a nice game tonight, and looks like a valuable addition (as a utility player). But he’s certainly not my choice for our everyday second baseman. And why would we want to trade Puig’s power in CF for Gordon. Whoever replaces Gordon at 2B is not likely to be a power hitter. And despite his current HR slump, Puig will ultimately be a guy that hits 30 or more. And assuming Matt Kemp is not traded over the winter, he’s best suited to RF, which is where Puig would probably go if Gordon went to CF. Let’s just find another outfielder for next year, and forget about weakening our infield defense.

    Bob, if the midgets lose tonight that would still be a good game to watch.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    Another game that I’m unable to use my eyeballs to evaluate but I’m about to take sides with those that want A.J. out of our 1st starter’s spot. I’m not real quick to lose faith in some one that has contributed so unselfishly that it made it hard to jump camp. I always thought A.J. would be his own replacement and work on bettering his offense. Catchers position is supposed to contribute at the plate as well as behind it and it seems if A.J. can kill a rally he will. Its pretty sad when you know he’s more likely to hit into a double play than to advance any runners. A big part of me hopes that I’ll have to eat these words but I don’t see A.J. doing a Juan Uribe or a dee Gordon. It’s be really cool if he sticks with the franchise in a different role.

    • Badger says:

      I heard tonight he has more walks than hits. I wonder if that has ever happened with a starter before. I never heard of it, but maybe it has happened in the past. Sure seems odd to me.

      Gordon in center would make more sense if he didn’t have a position. He’s got one now. But Mark is right, if Guerrero can hit, he plays 2b or 3b. If Uribe has another year left in him Guerrero is at second. I’m assuming Arrue is still penciled in at short. Would love to see he and Gordon up the middle. I’m fine with Puig in center and Kemp in right. I’m also fine with Crawford in left full time, provided he doesn’t break again.

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