Don Mattingly?  You figure it out…  Here’s Mattingly’s thinking:

“So Zach was throwing his fastball 93-95 MPH and Pedro was at 96 to 97 MPH, so I should probably bring in a guy who throws his fastball a lot shower.  Yeah, that’s the ticket and if he has any problems, I’ll just leave him in there.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

Jamey Wright should have never been in that game in the first place.  I know he’s been good of late, but that’s just not the position or time for him – even Ray Charles can see that!  Of course, Brandon League gave up the double that allowed 3 runs that were charged to Wright (Making his own record look good), but League is not the guy I want pitching with the bases loaded.  He should have started the inning!

It’s the little things that often make a big difference, but fear not – Justin Germano may be coming to the rescue?  YIKES!!!

The Dodgers pen is a shambles thanks to the Master Architect – Ned Colletti!  So far, he hasn’t done badly in picking up starters, but his bullpen skills are rather sketchy!

To top it all off, it is obvious that something is wrong with Zach Greinke.  I think it hurts his arm to throw sliders and curves.  That’s all the Dodgers need with Ryu on the DL!

Rants & Raves

Corey Seager – still at .345!Victory

Albuquerque is a pox on the Dodgers organization and if they renew their agreement there, I will lose a ton of respect for Dodger Brass.  For obvious reasons, I think Indianapolis makes perfect sense for the Dodgers:

  1. Indianapolis has one of the finest facilities (Victory Field) in minor league baseball.
  2. Indianapolis leads the minors in attendance.
  3. Indy is half way between Midland, Michigan  (Great Lakes) and Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The Dodgers could still keep RC for rehab assignments, although Indy is only a 4 hour Southwest flight away!
  4. Dodger minor leaguers can hone their skills in an environment that doesn’t diminish their pitching skills nor artificially enhance their hitting skills.
  5. I can cover the team much better (and that’s the best reason).  😉

For the record check out the splits for some Dodger players at Albuquerque:

  • Tim Fedex – (I can’t spell Federowicz)  – .277 @ Home/.376 on the road (I think he should get a call up) which I think means he tries to hard to hit HR’s at home.
  • Joc Pederson – .344@ Home/.265 on the road – That concerns me… a lot!
  • Alex Guerrero – Pretty even home and away.

You get the picture – The fact that Fedex is better on the road means a lot to me.  The opposite is true about Pederson, but I have never been that excited about Pederson.

Get out of Albuquerque!




  1. Badger says:

    I think most of us agree with you in principle. But it’s the PACIFIC Coast League and wouldn’t it be a good idea to move the team closer to its fan base? If the midgets move out of Fresno, we should grab it. If they don’t – Sacramento anyone?

    For relievers, two runners on and your gone. For left handed pinch hitters late in games? Your LOOGY of course. Don’t have a LOOGY. Get one!

    The team is showing some cracks at a very vulnerable time. Come on Jed. Time for some of that GM magic.

  2. Bobby says:

    Bad loss last night. That kinda loss can kill a playoff series.

    Lucky for us Kersh is up soon and will likely go at least 8, thus saving us all from this gasoline bullpen

  3. Badger says:

    We need 7 innings out of our starters.

    We can’t always get that, especially after Kershaw, but our bullpen is very shaky for the 6th and 7th, and not that strong for the 8th. And if you look at Jed’s most recent signings, Germano and Slama, it shows, to me anyway, a dearth of good relievers in our own system. Perez, Maholm, Withrow, Rodriguez not available. Ryu, Beckett Billingsley not available. Our bullpen is Wright, Wilson, League, Howell, Frias and Jansen. I say again, we need guys like Uehara, not guys like Germano.

    Are you now willing to part with 2 of your “top 3″?

    Fortunately we have a substantial lead and the chipmunks ain’t playing like world beaters. We may have time to figure this out. Scoring more would help.

  4. bobbie17 says:

    The bullpen has been patchwork since…….Last year Paco came to the rescue–and Howell. This year, who knows? Championship teams should know by this late in the season who is 6,7,8,9. We have the 9 right. What happened to Howell? When he pitches, he pitches to one batter, walks him, and out he goes. Mattingly has lost confidence in him, so where does that leave us? With a bunch of guys the manager has no confidence in. It should be that Jansen is good enough for the entire bullpen to ride on his coattails, but that is not happening. The bullpen is a real weakness and has been the major weakness all year. I don’t think it is fixable from outside. Howell has to take his whole inning; Jansen has the 9th. And someone has to get 3 outs in the other inning. I am wondering how hard it can be? I guess it is ,based on the performance of most bullpens, including ours. Kershaw is not as automatic as you might think against a quality team, which the Brewers is, I suppose. The bullpen answer is probably one or two of the minor leaguers recently tried out. The problem with that is what do you do with the other guys? We are stuck with them.

  5. Adam says:

    This one is on Mattingly, again. The Dodgers are a marquee name; they should have the best. Never settle for a mediocre Mattingly; or Colletti for that matter.

    Why hasn’t Yimi Garcia been promoted? Can he or Scott Elbert really be any worse than Brian Wilson?

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Indianapolis sounds great to me. Question is, when are they free to sign a new affiliation agreement?

    For me the issue is not ALBQ. It’s the PCL in general. ALBQ. is not the only ridiculously hitter friendly (pitcher unfriendly) place in that league. Can’t remember all the teams. But the ones that come to mind that aren’t all that much better than ALBQ. are Colorado Springs, Reno, and Las Vegas. And although the home/road things tells me something, it doesn’t tell me all that much, since a lot of those road venues aren’t much better than ALBQ.

    Nice to have the AAA team closer to the fan base, but that’s not nearly as vital as having a team in a location where you can actually develop players. I can’t understand why they’re there, but the Mets are in Las Vegas. So they’re not only far away from their fan base, but in a stupidly similar environment as the Dodgers.

    Mattingly apparently said something I was thinking last night, which is that he should have started the inning with League. However, as things were, I would never have intentionally walked Reynolds. Yes, Reynolds has big time power, but he also strikes out a ton. And once League got to Overbay, it was time for J.P. Howell. Of course, all of this could have been solved by the Dodgers tacking on a few more runs.

    I don’t necessarily think that there’s a dearth of bullpen talent in the Dodgers’ system, as there’s a dearth of bullpen talent that’s ready for this level. Baez was good last night, but probably needs more time to develop his secondary stuff and control. Frias also has the stuff, but lacks the experience and command. Those are guys that deserve a serious look next spring. It’s a bit much to expect too much of them right now. The more I see of this stuff, the more I realize how much the loss of Withrow hurt.

    It’s probably not going to be easy to pick up a reliable bullpen arm without having to pay a lot, unless there’s a contract out there that someone wants to unload (Papelbon???). And despite the desire to win NOW, I think that the Dodgers are not likely to agree to surrender their very top prospects, since I think the focus of the organization going forward is to begin filtering in prospects.

    Oh, and I suspect that we’re not going to see Lee this year. First off, he’s not doing all that well, and most importantly he doesn’t have to be on the 40-man roster until November. Can’t see the Dodgers using that roster spot now if he’s only going to have a limited role. Maybe Pederson could get a call, but I also suspect that the same thing applies to him.

    • Badger says:

      With your home base closer to sea level your home and away splits SHOULD look totally different! And that gives you a better idea of what they would do everywhere in the league except Denver. The midgets and the A’s did the smart thing, they placed their AAA teams closer to home. Fresno and Sac are taken. Can we wrest one if those cities away from the Bay Area?

      Indianapolis makes no sense to me. How do we make changes to the PCL? Give the Mets Indianapolis. Screw Vegas. Bad place for young men to develop good habits. Rancho is the place. Or San Bernardino. Or Palm Springs. Or Santa Barabara. Long Beach.

      The bullpen needs help. We’ll just have to see how this handled, but I don’t expect anything different out of Mattingly. He’s from the Joe Torre school of destroying bullpen arms.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Any Dodger scouts going to be at the Little League World Series?

    MIght be some good arms and sticks there. Sign ’em up. One week in the PCL and bring them up.

  8. artieboy says:

    Aside from the short Vegas stint the Dodgers have had a relationship with ALBQ since????

    I recall the 81 strike….once settled the Dodgers played an exhibition game against the “dukes”. When Tommy managed AAA it was ALBQ right?

    So that relation goes a long way back. Pretty successful despite the location. But it’s just a location.

  9. BOB says:

    Yimi Garcia appears to have the best all around stats for promotable relievers. His clock? Forget about it!

    Jamey Wright born 12-24-1974 = 39 2/3rd years old. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that he might need more rest than a younger pitcher and maybe he should be monitored? Ned signed him to be the long reliever. Obviously Ned has no idea what a long reliever is and Donnie has no idea how to use them.

    2014. March. 2 innings? None: April. 2 innings twice; May. 3 innings twice and 2.1 innings once; June 2.2 innings once; July. 2 innings twice. August. 2 innings twice already

    April 1st, 2 innings then 2 days rest = Bombed next game
    April 15th, 2 innings then 3 days rest = Good outing next game
    May 1. 3 innings then 3 days rest = Bad outing next game
    May 17th. 2 innings then 5 days rest = Good next game
    June 25th. 2.2 innings then 4 days rest = Good outing next game
    July 11th. 2 innings then 11 days rest – Bombed in next game (Too much rest?)
    July 22nd. 2 innings then 1 day rest = Good in next game (Surprise)
    August 2nd. 2 innings then 5 days rest = Good in next game
    August 13th. 2.1 innings then 2 days rest = Bombed in next game

    Hey Donnie is it too hard for you to figure our that maybe Wright needs at least one days rest when he pitches one inning and when he pitches 2 or more innings he needs the number of days rest equal to the number of innings that he pitches plus 1 or 2 more days of rest. Obviously Donnie does not know or understand the human body nor the differences between the average 25 year-old’s or the average 40 year-old’s body and recovery time. Sounds like the same stupidity as the joke HOFer Torre.

  10. Michael says:

    With Uribears hammy acting up it would be wise to not mess around with it and DL him now[don’t want him to blow it out and be lost for the season]. A trip now would line up perfectly with the expanded September rosters. With Aruba on the 7 day DL and not wanting anything to do with Truinfel it may be Guerreros time to rise and shine.

    Don’t know if you noticed Badger but the Cards and the Braves are the only teams to own their AAA affiliates. They both seem to have fine development programs and this might be a good reason to explore that possibility ourselves. This also could help us relocate a AAA team to a locale of our choosing. I really doubt Gwinnett{who???] would have a team w/o the Braves.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I can remember when the Dodgers had their AAA affiliate in Spokane. And if I recall correctly, the Dodgers were affiliated with the ALBQ. Dukes when they were a AA affiliate in the Texas League. There are quite a few teams in the PCL that will be signing new agreements this year, and several of them are no doubt preferable to ALBQ. If the Dodgers can’t get out of the PCL (still my preference), then they should seek out a team that’s not in the stratosphere. Maybe they should even consider what the Cardinals do, and buy a team. But I’d also be happy if they came to an agreement with one of those IL teams.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Life is great here . . .

    We, on this Dodger fan board, tell the GM what trades to make and now we give our opinions as to which cities the Dodgers should have their minor league teams – play.

    And —- we do this for nothing. Oh, Mark has some start-up costs, but it all a good gig.

  13. t.o.dave says:

    Haven’t kept up well with all posts this week so perhaps this was already discussed. Earlier in the week, Dustin Nosler noted that Jon Niese cleared waivers and could be a descent grab. Now with Ryu on the DL, why not? I’m watching him throw right now against the Cubs. He looks worth going after. What do you think Brooklyn? You probably have the best read on him as he is in your locale. Obviously Ned and the brain trust (drain?) don’t feel any of our starters in the minors are ready to step in at this point of the season. Ned as much as said so in a recent TV interview I saw.

    As far as the bullpen, not sure what can be done externally to fix it now. I agree with you Badger in that regard. We should have gone after Uehara or some other top relief arm before the deadline. Hopefully our brain trust (drain?) will figure it out.

  14. idahoal says:

    I agree with everyone about our bullpen. I feel sorry dor DM. He does not have many options. We have less than 100 games and we have only three who DM can trust, Baez was just brought up. What is wrong witnGarcia, Dominguez, Magill, and Withrow. They cannot be any worse than Wright, League, Perez and Wilson. The only problem we have is that Ned has to admit he made a mistake in signing thwe people.

    • Michael says:

      Idahoal, Withrow who would be the top dog in the BP next to Kenley joined the Tommy John club and will be lost for most if not all of next year. A huge, huge loss

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Idaho, Withrow out until next year, at least. Had TJ surgery.

    Dave, I don’t really spend a lot of time watching the Mets. Hard enough for me to find the time to watch the Dodgers. But from what I’ve seen of Niese, seems to me that he’s worth thinking about. I believe he might have had a shoulder issue in the past (not familiar with the details), and he’s owed $16 million in 2015-16 with team options in 2017-18 ($500,000 buy-out each year). This is probably a salary dump by the Mets, so I imagine that he could be obtained very cheaply. Guess that’s something the Dodgers would have to do their due diligence on, and decide if he’s worth the risk in dollars.

  16. Badger says:

    I think Niese is a good idea. If I didn’t say that the first time you brought it up dave I meant to.

    Got an answer to a Facebook message from Albuquerque ‘topes management. “In contract negotiations now”. I love the idea of owning our AAA team. Not there of course. Work it out with a California city. The league will likely allow it if enough money is involved.

    Bullpen? Yimi Ki-yay mother fu$&%#s.

  17. Badger says:

    Dumb play by Turner getting nailed at second. You must wait until the throw clears the cut off before advancing. That mistake happens a lot in the Major Leagues. You’re giving up an out. They are way too important to give them away.

  18. BOB says:

    The Phils take Valentin from the Dodgers. He was someone that I had high hopes for in 3-4 years. I hope that Hernandez is good enough to stick around as a #4-5 starter for a few years.

    Today is a must win game. Kershaw must buckle down after giving up a home run. Kershaw can’t give up HRs if the Dodgers are going to beat a good pitcher like G-lardo. Time to deal with your approach, get on base, and timely hit.

  19. Badger says:

    Kershaw got out pitched. That can happen. Especially with this offense. Not sure what would help – besides having Ramirez and Uribe back at full strength. This appears to be a team firing on about 5 cylinders.

  20. Badger says:

    One more thing and I’m done for the night – this is an undisciplined bunch at the plate. They still offer at way too many pitches not even close. In that last inning for example, at a time when you just cannot give away outs, both Crawford and Turner struck out on pitches nowhere near the strike zone. I don’t know if that’s on McGwire or not, but it has gone on all year so I’m gonna say he’s at least partially responsible. But these guys are pros. Get a good pitch to hit – first rule of hitting. You break that rule, and you will be an easy out.

  21. Pete M says:

    Let’s see, If I got my stuff right, today will be 20 in a row…I remember those 7 day work weeks in the old bomber factory…Hope the Blue have a good day off gives the old body a rest…
    Haren time…Third time’s a charm… Wonder if we’ll see Hanley at 3B???

  22. Badger says:

    The Times tea leaves read like those of LADodgertalk. We’re either really intuitive or figuring this out ain’t all that difficult:

    So much depends on how he finishes. A great September October could change everything.

    Say he has a good finish:

    I would give 2 years at 15 per with a personal trainer of my choosing clause. He needs to learn how to care for his 30+ year old body – thus the PhD personal trainer of my choosing. If you’re not on the field for at least a 2 WAR season then you are overpaid and we won’t do that again. And by the way – I will include an incentive for ever .1 WAR you achieve over 2.1. That’s only fair. Achieve the 2+ WAR and a third year kicks in. That’s my qualifier. Take or leave it. I have a feeling the Dodgers will offer 1 at 15.

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