As usual, Plaschke has it wrong, but he ended up saying it right:

It is a huge gamble that offers a rare glimpse deep into the philosophy of an ownership group that might not share its fans’ championship desperation. On a day the Dodgers did nothing, their inaction said everything.

A new commenter (Doug Abbot) nailed it with this:

I didn’t read all of the posts – so, somebody may have beaten me to this. I think two factors (really just one) are involved in the disappearance of the Old Ned. First, Stan Kasten is really calling the shots and reining in Ned. Second, remember Stan’s pledge. Win now and build the farm system. The big Boston deal and others were for winning now. The reluctance to part with prospects is the “build the farm system”. Can’t build and gut at the same time!

It’s as simple at that.  Fans may be desperate for a championship but the Dodgers proved to me that they are betting everything on the farm… and I am totally fine with that.

The Red Sox got a lot of value for Lester and Lackey – I mean they did very, very,  good!  But the Rays got ripped off on Price.  They should have waited until the off-season.

I floated a lot of trades out there because I thought Ned would make some dope-fiend moves, but I’m glad he didn’t.  If Haren and Beckett can’t cut it, we have Maholm, Reed, Lee and Patterson to try.  Someone may step up when you least expect it!

Matt Kemp is in beast mode, Gonzo is awake and the Dodgers have enough reserves to stay the tide.

JP Howell won’t have a 1.33 ERA this year, but then again, maybe Perez and Wilson won’t be 5+ either.  Things have a way of evening out.

I will tell you this:  Over Clayton Kershaw’s past 62 games, he has the lowest ERA of any Dodger (including Koufax)  over any 62 game stretch of their career.  He didn’t have great stuff last night and still almost pitched a shutout.

The Dodger BIG THREE is still better than the Tigers, because Justin Verlander is no longer Justin Verlander.  His arm is fixing to fall off!

It’s good to see no one took Elbert and he’s back at AAA.

  1. Quasimodo says:

    Well, perhaps its because Ned ain’t hanging around the barbershop and getting a haircut just because. (lol, sounded better when I said it in my head) But Ned has more scouts around that are proving their worth. And when a team shifts into a higher gear and starts running smooth it might be wiser to leave well enough alone. The energy is feeding on itself because it can. Its more odd that it hadn’t happened sooner. Gotta love it. CHEERS!

  2. Quasimodo says:

    Nice commercial, Mark! You might add the fact that astronauts use the same method to recycle their body fluids into drinkable water. Also the same method of ion exchange that filters radioactive particles to make water safer to consume.

          • Quasimodo says:

            Oh yeah. Every method to purify water is copy what nature does condensed and shortened. The water on the American River is so pure electrical current hardly passes through it. I’ll bet you’re able to figure how I know this.

          • Badger says:

            Drinking urine is hardly a secret. It’s been around for centuries. Your body jumps through hoops to sterilize urine. Now why do you suppose nature does that? Remedy.

            ” If Haren and Beckett can’t cut it, we have Maholm, Reed, Lee and Patterson to try. Someone may step up when you least expect it!”

            Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

            I don’t know what the answer will be. Nobody does. I would have liked seeing that 4th ace. Admittedly, I think I would have given Pederson and Urias for Price. We shall see how it plays out.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    I am shocked that Ned (the Dodgers) did not make a move yesterday. Shocked.

    One, for a starter.

    Two, for a reliever.

    Three, for a catcher.

    Starter: we have the Big Three, and then some retreads. And all of them will start to tire a bit come the end of September. And if one of the Big Three has any health problems — then it is all over. Like last season when Clayton got lit up by the Cardinals. One more starter might have been the insurance this team needed.

    Reliever: the team as been searching to work out the kinks of several of the arms. I mean, Perez’s 4 walks in a row the other night cannot continue. One new arm might have really help the relief corps.

    Catcher: I know that Clayton and AJ Ellis are buddies or at least talk a lot. But AJ Ellis is terrible throwing out runners this season. I believe is is 6 out of 28 == bad !!! And his average hitting wise is under .200. The back up catcher Butera cannot hit.

    If I had one question for Ned — it would be — what is the Dodger plan for catcher next season???

    Right now — the Dodgers are on top of the mountain — and the experts think they are about the best team in baseball . . . but some other teams just got better for the stretch and the post season. The Dodgers did not and we fans are looking and wondering.

    • Badger says:

      I’m curious – we know Jed didn’t offer 2 of 3. What DID he offer? Clearly the Rays took less. Would Pederson and Lee have done it? Lee and Anderson? Sweeney, Reed and Stripling? Pederson, Reed and Lee? Stripderlee Reeds Weeney? What was offered that Tampa rejected in favor of the underbid they ultimately accepted.

  4. Michael says:

    I’m curious on what the plan is with Joc? With 2 or 3 overly compensated OFs on the roster that nobody wants blocking a spot for him, what is the plan? Just wondering???

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “It is a huge gamble that offers a rare glimpse deep into the philosophy of an ownership group that might not share its fans’ championship desperation.”

    It may well be that Dodgers’ management doesn’t share the short term desperation of their fans. A $2 billion investment is for the long term. And though the Dodgers have spent big to get back on the map, they’re not going to take a step back on their larger plan just to increase their odds of winning this year. Especially not since that long term plan is beginning to bear fruit. And although we concentrate on the top 3 prospects in the system, don’t think that the Dodgers don’t expect one or more of their lesser prospects (Anderson, Lee, Reed to name a few) to also step up to important roles in LA. And let’s not forget our Cubans, Guerrero and Arruebarrena. And although I don’t think the Dodgers want to continue growing the payroll, and probably would prefer to scale it back a bit, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if they make a significant run at a high priced free agent this winter (e.g., Lester, Scherzer). And I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t. And maybe there’s something coming out of Japan and/or Korea.

    And then, of course, there’s still a good chance that a move or more will be made in August. And maybe we’ll even see the Dodgers seek at least part of the solution through their own farm system. And actually I’m not shocked by Colletti’s stance, since I’ve made the point before that he’s not scared to give younger players a chance, as long as he has younger players he thinks can be counted on to fill vacancies. And mostly assuredly, Stan Kasten is also a big part of this.

    For now, the Dodgers are certainly well positioned to get through the NL. With the possibility of moves being made in August, I’ll take my chances with the likes of Detroit and Oakland. I think Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu match up well against anything they can throw at us. Sure, it would have been nice to have Price or Lester, and no doubt either one of them could have made a huge difference. But as has been pointed out, nothing is for sure. Besides we did pick up an important player recently. His name is Matt Kemp. If he continues to hit, he adds an extra dimension to the Dodgers lineup that hasn’t been there in a while. And who knows, maybe neither Detroit nor Oakland get to the World Series. And by the way, why is Jeff Samardzija suddenly being treated as if he’s some sort of ace? He’s good, but an ace he’s not.

  6. Badger says:

    “As usual, Plaschke has it wrong” Mark Timmons

    Because he isn’t lock step with you? I think he voiced his opinion with remarkable clarity. It’s just an opinion.

    Just checked the odds after deadline deals. Duh – Oakland and Detroit’s odds improved. Yeah I know, that guarantees nothing. But ….. it does improve their odds.

    No Dodgers moves consummated yesterday means nothing. To say it suggests anything, let alone saying it offers a glimpse at an ownership not sharing desperation, is, IMO, just silly. Does anyone believe Jed sat on his hands and didn’t try to do something? My guess is everybody wanted all 3 of our top prospects because none of them are viewed as “can’t miss”. He didn’t want Lester because Lester is going back to Boston. F that. He got outbid on Lackey. Cards gave up too much for him. The Price deal still needs some explanation, but I’m quite certain Jed was burning up his phone trying to make something happen.

    This management team, and their mission statement, has not changed a bit. Make no mistake, they want to win it this year. The A’s are current favorites to win it all. They should be. They are a solid group that would have home field. I would imagine Detroit would be favorites as well, should they make it. If Kasten can improve this club between now and season’s end I believe he will do it, even if it means adding payroll.

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