Have you ever been to a club and heard an unknown singer belt out a song as good, or even better than the person who originally recorded it?  It’s all about timing.  Some people get the breaks, some don’t!  Sometimes those breaks are because they wanted it more and sometimes it was just luck – luck is where preparation meets opportunity.  My point is that  people are capable of some amazing things when given the opportunity.

Remember Susan Boyle and what she did when she finally got the opportunity:

I’ll say what most people won’t:  “She didn’t get a chance because she wasn’t pretty.”

But, she made the best of that chance and got to sing with her idol, Elaine Paige:

So, right about now you are wondering “What the hell is Timmons smoking?”

My point is that for a while, Ned and the Dodger brass have not given unheralded players a chance to shine.

Well, they should have a chance now.  Let’s see who it might be…

  • Red Patterson?
  • Zach Lee?
  • Chris Reed?
  • Pedro Baez?
  • Matt Magill?
  • Stephen Fife?
  • Yimi Garcia?
  • Pace Rodriguez?
  • Scott Elbert?

Who will it be?




  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    First off, some of those players above have been given a chance to shine. Matt Magill couldn’t throw strikes, Stephen Fife has had arm problems, Paco Garcia had a prominent role until he lost it on his own, and Scott Elbert had injuries. Red Patterson hasn’t shined in the minors, Zach Lee still isn’t even on the 40-man roster, Pedro Baez is new to pitching, and MAYBE Yimi Garcia deserves a shot. But Kenley Jansen was given a chance, and as I’ve pointed out in recent posts, Ned has given opportunities to countless Dodgers prospects. Fact is, in recent years the cupboard has not been full of top big league ready prospects. But that’s changing, and I expect that anyone who shows they’re deserving will get a shot. And now that the Dodgers system seems to be producing more big league ready prospects, we’ll likely be seeing some of them as they advance to the upper levels of the system.

    And tell me, other than the “heralded” few that we know, what “unheralded” prospects have jumped to the fore and impressed enough to earn a job. None that I know. Except of course, the former heralded Dee Gordon, who took the opportunity afforded to him, and ran with it. Let someone else do the same thing, and they’ll get the same opportunity.

    • Mark TImmons says:

      You mean the heralded Dee Gordon who crashed and burned and finally made the best of it. He had THREE opportunities… count ’em THREE! Those guys you mentioned didn’t all have THREE opportunities. How about we give them some more? Paco Rodriguez (not Garcia) was abused by Donnie Moron. We all know that. Give Red a chance!

      • BOB says:

        Is changing from SS to 2B similar same to changing from a starting pitcher to a relief pitcher? Gordon stopped playing basketball, gained weight, and finally concentrated on baseball. Kemp has stopped focusing on position and has started focusing on baseball. Maybe if Wilson stops focusing on his hair he can start focusing on his pitch location and Perez stops focusing on what gives him the munchies and focuses on losing weight.

        I don’t get Dummy Moroningly. Kemp’s splits are those of a left handed batter so he should be batting in front of Crawford, then Uribe, then lower hitting Crawford or Ethier or Van Slyke. Can you win if the manager does not understand something sooooo simple as this?

        Ramirez, Gordon, and Ellis need to play no more than 5 games per week, especially during this 20 games without a day off. They appear to be tired to me.

  2. Badger says:

    Red is getting shelled at AAA. 8.63 ERA in July. Not that great last month either. The other guys? Meh.

    It’s Lee. You want to give somebody his opportunity it’s Zach Lee. The bullpen guys are ok. Rodriguez, Baez and Dominguez. The ez brothers. Throw them in the fire. Garcia? Bring him up. Arrue and Alex? No room. Pederson? Ditto. Move a few of them for a waiver player.

    • Roger Dodger says:

      Haran just does not have it game after game. Then he might do 5 or 6 inning ok — but I agree, try Lee for a start. If he sees a deer in the headlights — send him back.

      • Badger says:

        It just feels like we are going to have to score at least 5 every time Haren and Beckett pitch. Maybe not, but…….. sure makes me uncomfortable when their turn rolls around.

  3. Badger says:

    Gonzalez with a horrible slide. Moroningly with an ill-advised appeal. Does anyone on this team know how to slide properly?

    Mark …… Hamels becomes available. We get the claim. What’s your offer?

  4. Badger says:

    Yep. At least 5. Probably much more than that.

    Everybody watching the game?

    Had another great visit with t.o. dave today. We chugged up Sugarloaf mid-day. Damn hot out there. Met a pretty, young blonde Duck on the trail. Had an Oregon t-shirt on. She flew by us on the way up but we got her to take a good photo of us at the top. Good day. He leaves for 500 Oaks tomorrow. Hope he had a great week here with his family. Good guy.

    • t.o.dave says:

      Lost my connection to mlb.tv just after Haren gave up the homerun. Maybe the fact that my old friend and best man at my marriage over 23 years ago called right about that time. He’s a giants fan and the only person I know that might be as knowledgable about baseball as Badger. Anyhow, I see the Cubs have scored more. Ned should have smoked the dope and made the move for an elite starter. BTW, if any of you haven’t been to Sedona and the Grand Canyon, make the trip. Badger, you live in an amazing place and are blessed to live in that home right next to protected land that will never be destroyed by greedy developers! Thanks for patiently hiking with me. I should be 50 pounds lighter next time we meet so a maybe I’ll be able to run it with you then. Look forward to seeing you next year at spring training! Funny about the wife and the email. Perspective is everything. My wife liked the guy on the left, too. I just wonder which perspective she was viewing it from :)

      • Badger says:

        We both got a laugh out of it. And she won’t tell me which “guy on the left” she is talking about! Funny. I enjoyed your company. That was one of the best watermelons I’ve ever had. Might have been the hiking uphill in 90 degree heat. I look forward to your return.

        Yeah. Dope might have help pushed Jed to the table. I think we can pretty much expect this out of Haren the rest of the way. I thought he needed a break. He got one. (7 days) And comes back to give up 7 in 4.1? Perez obviously didn’t help. Gonzalez hurt on his Little League slide. All in all a real snoozer so far. Kinda dead in here too.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Reading is fundamental. I said “former heralded” Dee Gordon. Yeah, it is Paco Rodriguez. More than likely I was also thinking of Yimi Garcia at the same time. Probably need to work on my multitasking. Matt Magill, maybe we should give him 3 opportunities. I know he’s pitching at ALBQ., so I don’t know how to take his 4.98 ERA. But he apparently hasn’t conquered his control problems, evidenced by 43 BB in 68.2 innings.

    Haven’t you read my previous posts on this subject? Colletti was GM when all of these young players were given opportunities. Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, Hong-Chi Kuo, Russell Martin, James Loney, Josh Lindblom, Cory Wade, Ramon Troncoso, Scott Elbert, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Blake DeWitt, Javy Guerra, Chris Withrow, Yasiel Puig, and others I’m probably forgetting. Fact is, Colletti has not been hesitant to use young players, when available. Problem is, they generally weren’t available, because the Dodgers farm system went into a period of decline under McCheap, especially on the international front. Now that Colletti has a farm system beginning to produce what appear to be potential quality big league players, you can expect to see more young players getting opportunities.

    Maybe Zach Lee and Yimi Garcia deserve opportunities, or perhaps they just aren’t ready. Lee’s numbers at ALBQ. indicate that he needs more seasoning. But then again, it is ALBQ.

    The argument that Colletti doesn’t trust young players, and doesn’t give them opportunities, simply doesn’t hold up. And now that the Dodgers farm system is beginning to produce what appear to be quality young players, you can rest assured that opportunities will increase. And don’t think that Kasten and company won’t insist that young players be given opportunities. I’m absolutely certain that Dodgers ownership will want a pay back for the investment they are now making in scouting and player development. That said, you can also rest assured that where necessary, the Dodgers will still spend money.

  6. idahoal says:

    I have seen enough. For whatever reason, Haren just is not making it anymore. I feel sorry for him because he started out doing a good job. Lee should be brought up. We need to know what he can do.

    Maholm and Perez are not performing. They need to be DA’ed., along with Haren. We need to bring up some of our prospects. I really doubt if Ned will do it, but I hope I am wrong.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, don’t know if it’s my browser or your website, but everytime I come in here I have to log in. Site doesn’t recognize me. Could it be that your site doesn’t leave any cookies behind? Should there maybe be a checkbox to remember me?

    It’s not really nice to wish anyone ill, but for some reason I find myself hoping that Maholm’s injury is season ending. Does that make me a bad person? Probably does. So be it.

    And Haren and Perez also need to be outta here. Can’t believe this will last much longer.

  8. idahoal says:

    You can mention all the players who have been brought up if you wish. However it does not mean much. Every baseball player that has ever played the game has been brought up unless they never played in the minors.

    Here is what I believe. I believe Ned has a difficult time admitting he made a mistake in signing some of these over the hill pitchers. Unless Ned gets rid of these older players, the young players are blocked. I think Ned is not telling the truth when he says Pederson is not ready. He gave two reasons. In my opinion, neither one is very accurate. Sure he strikes out, but I will take a few strike outs for some home runs. Hitting left handed pitchers certainly is not true. He says this because Pederson is blocked and cannot come up. Tell me the truth. I do not appreciate someone feeding me some BS.

  9. Quasimodo says:

    Some chubby gals took control of the jukebox and Vin was drowned out by TOO MUCH ‘rap music’, I had already drank TOO MUCH beer, and thought I’d seen TOO MUCH of Harren and thus left after four and a half innings. Got home and saw on MLBN Puig score Dodgers 2nd run! 8 to 1 and he shows that kind of enthusiasm. Could never get TOO MUCH of that!

  10. t.o.dave says:

    Brooklyn, I read that Maholm heard a pop and later was seen on crutches. I suspect a season ending knee injury and end to hid Dodger career. I’ve heard that pop twice, both times were ACL ruptures. I have ACCTs now (anterior cruciate cadaver tendons). Don’t be surprised if the the MRI shows a torn ACL.

  11. BOB says:

    Susan must be a Cub.

    Ruben Amaro and Ned Colletti are probably still on the phone at this late hour trying to con each other into taking multiple bad contracts off their hands in order for them to keep their jobs.

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