Press Release:

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today acquired right-handed pitcher Roberto Hernandez from the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for two players to be named or cash considerations. Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti made the announcement.

“Roberto provides us with another big league starting pitcher, who has pitched well this year, particularly the last seven starts,” said Colletti. “He has postseason experience and helps fortify the rotation down the stretch.”

Hernandez, who will turn 34 on Aug. 30, has been terrific in his last seven trips to the mound, going 3-3 with a 2.85 ERA (15 ER/47.1 IP) while averaging nearly 7.0 innings per start. During this stretch that began on June 23, Hernandez has limited opponents to a .194 average while allowing just one home run. On the season, the native of the Dominican Republic is 6-8 with a 3.87 ERA and a 1.35 WHIP in 23 games (20 starts).

Hernandez made his big league debut in 2006 and spent his first seven seasons in Cleveland, having a career year with the Indians in 2007, going 19-8 with a 3.06 ERA. Hernandez made three starts for Cleveland during their 2007 postseason run, including a 9.0-inning start in which he allowed just one run on three hits vs. the Yankees in the ALDS. Following that season, Hernandez finished fourth in the American League Cy Young Award voting.

The 2010 All-Star has appeared in 237 games (197 starts) with Cleveland (2006-12), Tampa Bay (2013) and Philadelphia (2014). He has eight career complete games, a career opponents’ batting average of .268 and 755 strikeouts in 1,221.0 innings.

The Indians’ Opening Day starter in 2011 was formerly known as Fausto Carmona until 2012. Hernandez was tonight’s scheduled starter for the Phillies and previously faced the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw in Philadelphia on May 23, allowing two runs in 6.1 innings.

Hernandez was originally signed by the Indians as an amateur free agent on Dec. 28, 2000.

Roberto Hernandez had his best years as Fausto Carmona.  Maybe a name change is imminent?

I think the deal is for two players to be named AND cash considerations and I think one of  the players are pitchers Chris Reed or Zach Lee.  Just a hunch…

At any rate, he’s been VERY good lately.  No one saw this coming, but I like it, if we didn’t give up ANY of the BIG THREE.


  1. Watford Dodger says:

    Very good news – let’s hope he’s this years Ricky Nolasco.
    Now Ned can get to work on a bit of help for the pen.
    Imagine he will start instead of the unlucky Beckett tomorrow.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m glad with the pick-up but don’t believe we would be giving up a prospect that high for a 2 month rental. This surely means a SP is headed to the DL, logically Beckett or Haren but until I see it in writing I’m praying we’re not blindsided with a Zach or worse surprise.
    Mark do you know if the names of teams that claim players are held in secrecy only occasionally leaked out or what?

  3. BOB says:

    Good one year, slightly better than average one year. WAR so far this year of 1.4 and ERA+ of 96, with a career ERA+ of 89. Sounds like a #5 starter. Strange that he pitches better at Phillies park than on the road and that he pitches much better against LH batters than RH batters. Sounds like he needs one more pitch. Honey, can you get me another pitch?

    Hopefully Ned negotiated the trade after Haren’s victory and before Beckett’s year ending? demise was leaked. Maybe Reed and Bird? Bird has been improving lately and the Phillies might think that they could do a better job than the Dodger development group.

    Grade? Depends upon who was traded to the Phillies. Sadly we all know Hed’s lack of negotiating skills. Lets hope that the results are so good that Stan must have been in on the deal.

  4. Badger says:

    “Sounds like a #5 starter.”


    I read that about Beckett too W.

    Is it possible we claimed, and can land, Hamels? Mark says no way. Some say the Cubs. I’ve looked and both my crystal balls tell me we are going to need another starter before this year is up.

  5. Badger says:

    Lee isn’t part of our big 3, which seems to change every year. I don’t know what they think of Lee at this point but apparently it isn’t much. And I agree whatever is sent the Phillies way should be relatively minor. I can’t imagine Hernandez was in high demand – a soon to be 34 year old with a losing record and a career 4.59 ERA.

  6. Quasimodo says:

    The only lefty in our lineup tonight is AGon, at least starting lineup, that is. Turner’s batting lead-off.

    Today is Trout’s birthday and heard earlier on MLBN that he homer’d on both his past two birthdays. Here’s to a South Korean no-homer gift!

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Can’t believe that the Dodgers are going to give them anything significant, especially since they’re picking up about a third of his $4.5 million salary. He’s a free agent after this year, and the Phillies aren’t going anywhere. Seems like all they could expect was to dump a little salary, and pick up either some additional cash or a couple of useful minor leaguers.

  8. idahoal says:

    This could be a pretty decent deal. We will see Friday night

    I just do not know what to make of Haren’s game last night. I just do not know how you can be so bad for 5-6 games and then pitch a game like he did against the Angels. I guess I should just enjoy it.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    For now I’ll accept Mark’s explanation, and call it a gift from the Great Dodger in the Sky. Then again, maybe the Great Dodger is just teasing us. To be continued.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    When I was growing up, watching TV / radio baseball games with my father (he was from NYC and he saw the great Yankee and Giant teams of the 1920s and 1930s) — said that what makes a really great team are hitters who don’t always hit .350 and 50 HRs, etc. But a team of players who get hits with runners on base. Hitting in the clutch, hitting when it counts.

    We would watch games on TV in the 1950s and early 60s — and the Yankees, Braves, Dodgers were just stronger that most of the other teams then. Clutch hitters. Get a runner to 2nd or 3rd base — singles, doubles, HRs followed.

    Our beloved Dodgers just do not do that very much. If they did, gee the guys would be 10 games ahead now, or even more.

    Face it, the N.L. West is really a weak division. Yes, a few good players, but not teams that can beat you when it counts most of the time.

    If the Dodgers can get there . . . oh boy.

  11. BOB says:

    Amazing starting pitching performance against an offensive powerhouse. All 4 Dodger starters going at least 7 innings during this series. Very proud of them.

    Cool. Here comes Cam Bedrosian. The guy drafted immediately after Zach Lee with a1.1 mil bonus and a TJ rehab. Logan are you watching this? Ned why can’t you call up Lee? What? He’s not close to being ready? Why not? What happened?.

  12. BOB says:

    By far the best series that I have seen all year.
    Oh yea, the only series that I have seen all year.
    Dodger #3 and #5 starters rule!
    Hope Beckett is ok. Probably DL time and maybe even surgery.

  13. Watford Dodger says:

    Well I was totally wrong in predicting 3-1 Angels. Really good victory again & to shut them out is really impressive. This is a rollercoaster ride. Monday night I couldn’t see us winning another game this season & then we go & win 3 straight including 2 at the team with the best home record in baseball. Love this game.

  14. Campy says:

    The defense tonight was great. Not only Puig’s catch in CF, but Rojas’ play at SS (Hanley couldn’t have made a couple of those) and Gonzalez at 1B. There were several really good and potential run saving plays tonight. I think this game was proof that Hanley belongs in the AL as a DH.

  15. idahoal says:

    I agree Campy, the defense was great. Our bench is looking better all the time. Turner and Rojas got hits. Rojas was great on defense. It was just an all around good ball game. The way the Dodgers should have been playing all year. Just jeep it going.

    • Campy says:

      Just looked at the fielding averages and noticed that even after our terrible start we have made our way up the ladder. Our fielding percentage is now .985 (5 teams at .985) with only 4 teams better than us. St. Luis, Atlanta, Philadelphia are all at .986 and Cincinnati at .987. That is quite a turnaround. AGon is always steady at 1st, Dee has turned into a very good 2nd baseman and is making special plays, Uribe is a rock at third, and with Kemp in RF and Puig in C our outfield seems to have solidified no matter who plays LF. AJ is still an above average C, even though he isn’t throwing runners out at 2nd like he use to, and that leaves SS. It just depends on who is playing because we have the worst and one of the best in our league. My guess is that we continue to play Hanley because of his (potential) bat, but we replace him late in games. I wonder how he feels about that??

  16. Pete M says:

    Negativity Central!??! Hell. sometimes… It just seemed a week ago this season started and it was myself saying along with Badger sometimes, I’ll take this hand I’ve been dealt and with health, I can go all the way… Now it took a helluva staff and Donnie Baseball to finally put a set lineup in place, but here we are… Without Stanton, without Price, Lester and on and on, ad nauseum… Yep, were back to 3.5 ahead of the hated ones in his weak division and damned if I don’t feel good about my chances…

    • Badger says:

      The defense is surprising me and it’s very clear we are stronger up the middle with a Rojas and Puig in there. I’m still wondering why Rojas is here. We are paying Arrue big league money and we know his defense is great, isn’t his bat potentially better?

      This series shows me we can play with the best when we put our minds to it. We now go a couple thousand miles away and play another good club. Letdown? The best teams dint do that.

      I wonder if any Dodgers are named in the new Biogenesis investigations.

      Colby Lewis and Kyle Kendrick? Really? These guys are both getting hit, carry high ERA’s and have ERA+ numbers in the 70’s. Why don’t see if Lee is that bad before we trade for these guys?

      • grumpy3b says:


        I thought Arrrrghhhh was hurt and just coming back from the DL somewhere. Or am I misremembering things? He was up and doing great then DL then back to minors. Might not be 100% yet.

        I also agree the team is finally playing well, mostly, Kemp it hitting again, Puig looks tons better in CF than last year when he was there but has a very long way to go before he’s a MLB CF’er. His speed and arm not only make up for a lot of mistakes, they also make him a rare threat in CF, well it’s his arm that makes that happen. As long as he hits the cutoff when it’s important and gets used to judging the ball better (that is HARD in CF since the ball is almost always hit right at you so little to no angle to judge so it takes a lot of practice out there, he can be an amazing force for the Dodgers for a couple decades maybe. Unless his arm goes Reggie Smith and detaches from the bone so he can’t even soft toss with accuracy or get oomph on the ball.

        I’ve said it all along the team is nice, it suffers from the same issues the Dodger rosters have for a long time now, no clutch performers or collective team effort clutch deliveries, and they will only go as far as the pitching staff can carry the bats because those bats run so very hot and cold.

        Speaking of clutch, there is no better and telling stat right now about the fact there is indeed clutch when you look at the Dodgers record after 6-innings when behind. They get guys on base then *poof* and nothing….nobody comes though. They all seem to be front runners who try too hard when behind…when behind and eliminating mistakes you need to focus on fundamentals and execution to put yourself in a position to succeed…and to be afraid of failure, I think in athletes fear of failure is the biggest positive motivation possible; that fear is what you overcome by focusing on those fundamentals.

        And the rotation is the same as when the season began, the Dodgers version of “…Span & Sain, then pray for rain…” There is no back end for this team. Beckett was nice for a while but is hurt, Haren is exactly what I think we all knew he would be and likely just needs some added rest between starts. Heck, I even like those two but today’s post season really needs a solid #4 and that is maybe the biggest hole in the roster…same as it was opening day.

      • artieboy says:

        Defensively isn’t Rojas a better player? He is compared to Omar Vizquel. Don’t think I’ve heard that about Arruebarrena…hope I spelled that correctly :)

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    There are a number of people on this site who have continued to keep their glass half full and resist the temptation to get caught up in the winds of negativity that happen to be blowing at any particular time. When the Dodgers went into the recently concluded series with the midgets they were 1.5 games behind, and emerged from that series 1.5 games ahead. And someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the midgets have gotten any closer since then. So since the end of that series with the midgets the Dodgers have GAINED 2 games to reach their current 3.5 game lead.

    Yeah, the Dodgers had a bad series against the Cubs. Like I said at the time, those things happen. I continue to remain confident that the Dodgers will win the division, while at the same time recognizing that there are areas that require improvement. But I challenge anyone to tell me if there are any perfect teams out there. And like Pete said, which is something I and others have reiterated over and over, a lot will depend upon health.

    Last nights game proved how important pitching and defense are, and why the Dodgers should probably not extend a contract offer to Hanley (other than offering him a qualifying offer), and consider strongly an infield next year that has Arruebarrena at short. With him at short and Gordon at 2B, there will be a lot fewer groundballs making it through for hits. I can understand Mark making a case for Seager in the Dodgers infield next year, and having someone his age make a big splash in the big leagues is not unprecedented. After all, Albert Pujols jumped from A-Ball to the big leagues at the age of 21 in 2001. But with Uribe signed for next year, and with Arruebarrena seemingly ready to offer superior defense at short, I don’t see a role yet for Seager, not that he couldn’t surprise. But that’s not the kind of thing you predict. Stuff like that just happens. Besides, if Seager’s future with the Dodgers is at 3B, it wouldn’t hurt for him to have a full year of experience at that position in the minors. Nor would it hurt him to see some AAA pitching. But it’s also possible that Seager will begin next year playing 3B in AAA, and that Uribe will begin to suffer a decline at age 36. Who knows, since their affiliation agreement with ALBQ. is now in its final year, maybe the Dodgers will manage to come to a new agreement with a team outside the PCL. I’m probably grasping at straws on that one, but you never know.

    As for Pederson, I’m beginning to doubt if the Dodgers really think he’s quite ready for the Show. His current average at ALBQ. is “down” to .300. That’s actually quite a drop from where it was not too long ago. Maybe it’s nothing, but the Dodgers may still think there’s need for him to work on some stuff, and will limit him this year to a September call-up. And that is all the more likely given that he doesn’t have to be added to the 40-man until November.

    I don’t know what the farm system will contribute to the Dodgers for the remainder of this season. But even there I see some possible immediate hope, and definitely long term hope. In his earlier appearances I don’t remember Baez hitting above 95, unlike last night when he consistently hit between 95-99. Given how new he is to pitching, what I saw last night is very encouraging, and maybe he can contribute signficantly in the more immediate future. And I was also encouraged by what I saw from Carlos Frias the other night, when he was hitting between 94-97 with nice downward sink, and what appeared to be a good slider. Again, only time will tell if these guys can contribute in a meaningful way down the stretch and into the playoffs this year.

    As for the Dodgers farm system, I’m very encouraged, and completely reject the argument that the Dodgers’ system offers inferior coaching. In fact, if anything, I think the Dodgers farm system is on the rise, and is beginning to produce some pretty good players. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but in the two years our new ownership has had the team, I see a huge improvement in a system that not long ago seemed like a vast wasteland.

  18. Badger says:

    I would rather Baez didn’t throw 99. Back off a bit and hit corners with a 2 seam 94 and throw the 4 seamer letter high once per at bat. Just a suggestion as I worry about our young guys throwing their arms out trying to throw so damn hard.

    Having Kemp back makes that whole lineup better.

    I wonder if Pederson is working on something and that is why his average is dropping.

    Other than the unforeseen improvement in the defense, my opinion of this team has not changed. I still believe we are the best team in the NL.
    I’ve believed that since last year. At this point I believe the AL rep in the WS would be favored, but that can change. Having home field will help whoever wins the AL pennant. I’m on record saying best record should determine home field in the Series. This All Star win thing is BS.

    • grumpy3b says:

      annual coin toss should determine the HF for the WS…or just alternate like they used to. I agree the ASG thing is pointless and just an attempted marketing gimmick as interest in the actual ASG seems even lower than I can recall. The HRD has more interest but I haven’t watched any of that for over a decade now. no interest on my end.

    • BOB says:

      I think that somebody, Adrian?, came over and talked to Baez during the game last night and told him to do what you are suggesting and he did resulting is success. Aint TV great? Looking forward to the Braves series which should allow for more viewing of games.

      With 30 major league team and them being split 16 and 14 between the PCL and International league it is difficult to just move a AAA team between them, although not impossible. Moving the Dodgers to the International league next year would require one team moving to from Int’l to PCL and probably going to ALBA and putting up with the same problems that the Dodgers experience. MLB should just tell the Angels to live with it and allow the Dodgers to move their AAA team to Rancho C and then deal with moving the Dodger’s current team in Rancho C to a new city in a smaller market like Bakersfield, Ventura or Simi Valley. Building a new stadium for the A league team will take a year or two. We all want the team out of New Mexico but their are politics, contracts and logistics currently in the way.

      • Badger says:

        AAA in RC. AMEN to that suggestion. The rest of the relocations you suggest sound fine to me. It’s always been my feeling that to cultivate interest in younger players, if at all possible the minor league teams should be placed where Dodger fans live. We have the facility in Glendale so one goes there. AA and AAA should have similar climates, and exact field dimensions, as Chavez Ravine. And while on the subject, let me put this as delicately and succinctly as I can…….. funk logistics and to hell with politics – get AAA OUT of Albuquerque.

        Grumpy, remember in Spanish the pronunciation of the vowels never change. E is a. I is e. And A is ah. I have not heard any Spanish speaking individuals pronounce it but I’m assuming it’s Arr-u-ay-bar-ay-na. Vinnie probably won’t get it right, bless his heart. He pronounces some names differently every at bat I heard him call Uribe Uribee the other night. It’s Vinnie. I forgive him his many small errors.

  19. idahoal says:

    I want to comment on Puig growing up. Yes, he still does some dumb things every now and then, but he is getting better. Last night on the sacrifice fly, when the Angles scored their one run, he threw the ball to second base to make sure the runner on first did not go to second. Last year he would of thrown the ball home to show off his arm. Also, Ethier nor SVS would of gotten that fly ball in centerfield.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    There’s the PCL and the IL, and that’s where AAA teams are. Rancho is in the single-A California League. Can’t just make it a AAA team. What other AAA teams would they play against if they’re not part of an organized AAA league? If the Dodgers want out of the PCL then all they have to do, since their current affiliation agreement expires after this year, is sign an affiliation agreement with a AAA team in the IL, assuming not every team in that league is locked up with such an agreement. And to the best of my knowledge, the MLB teams do not own their minor league affiliates. Those affiliates are owned and operated independently, and become associated with major league teams by means of their affiliation agreements. So the Dodgers can’t move any of their minor league affiliates anywhere, because they don’t own those teams.

    • Badger says:

      Wouldn’t that make it easier to negotiate an agreement? Hey, free market. Make Rancho an offer they can’t refuse. I’m betting they would fill that park up every night. They may have to add 2,000 seats.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Rancho is a single-A team in the California League. How do the Dodgers sign an affiliation agreement with them as a AAA team, if they play against single-A competition? The Dodgers are free to sign a new AAA affiliation agreement after this season, but it has to be with a AAA team, which has to be in a AAA league.

    • Badger says:

      “Rancho is a single-A team in the California League. How do the Dodgers sign an affiliation agreement with them as a AAA team, if they play against single-A competition?”

      By signing an agreement with the independent owners to become a AAA team. Free market. USA USA USA

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hope this isn’t serious with Hanley. Meanwhile, Rojas is our cleanup hitter tonight. Maybe they should have considered replacing Hanley in this game with Justin Turner. Say what you want about Hernandez. He can hit (SMILE!!!).

    • Michael says:

      They’ll wake up in a minute, they did fly all night.
      Puig is hyped up and swung and made an out on the first pitch twice tonight maybe all 3 times, can’t remember his first AB.
      Have no prob with Hernandez, he’s getting into it and is elated to be wearing Dodger Blue.
      Alanna Rizzo is nice and a Birthday Girl, HB

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