Clayton Kershaw wasn’t awful last night but he wasn’t sharp and didn’t have his best stuff,  Still, it’s more of a tribute to the Angels lineup that they got to Kershaw and Greinke the day before.  The Dodgers were opportunistic last night getting 5 runs on just 7 hits.  That’s unusual for this team.   I got the sense that the Angels are currently the better team, even though the Dodgers were victorious.   Even when Kershaw struggles with command… has curveball lacked bite last night, he’s still better than most on their best days.

Jon Weisman had an excellent piece on Kershaw and Koufax comparisons.  He said a lot of things I have been saying, but he said it more eloquently.  Here are a few tidbits:

Clayton Kershaw makes the 200th start of his Major League career tonight.

In Major League history, two pitchers have made 199 starts with an park/era-adjusted ERA (ERA+) of at least 150: Pedro Martinez and Kershaw.

Here are the top six pitchers in strikeouts per nine innings: Randy Johnson, Martinez, Nolan Ryan, Tim Lincecum, Kershaw, Sandy Koufax.

The top five in MLB history in Wins Above Average through age 26: Walter Johnson, Bert Blyleven, Christy Mathewson, Hal Newhouser, Kershaw.

Whether Kershaw will end is career in the same stratosphere as Koufax is impossible to know. But speaking in the present, there’s no doubt that Kershaw has accomplished more by his age-26 season than Koufax has.

It’s a worthy read, but probably would have been better after a better game by Clayton.

Other Stuff

  • Juan “Freakin'” Uribe – .300 hitter gets the job done again.
  • Matt Kemp ain’t goin’ anywhere!
  • Yasiel Puig officially just solved the Dodgers CF problem.  End of story.
  • Who trusts Brian Wilson?
  • Zach Lee last night – 6 IP, 6 Hits, 4 Runs 2 BB, Zero K’s.  I think the Dodgers need to try him in the rotation, but his problem is that he has 3 good pitches, nothing great.  I still say he might, could be a #5, unless Charlie Hough teaches him the knuckler.
  • AJ Ellis needs to be the Dodgers backup catcher and Clayton’s personal catcher next year, as he readies himself to be the next Dodger manager.
  • If whoever claimed Hanley Ramirez on waivers has a catcher, I would do the deal and wait for that PTBNL after the season, but he has to be a stud Catcher, like the Yankees Top Catching Prospect.  That said, nothing will happen here.  Hanley will finish the season a s a Dodger, in all likelihood!
  • Dan Haren tonight – God help us!
  • … and then there is THIS, about a lefty… ‘er a righty, ‘er, whatever!  This is a really good read, even though it’s not about the Dodgers!


  1. Badger says:

    Yes Mark, Kershaw is pretty good.

    Not sure I let Hanley go now. Maybe. Depends on the return. I noticed Arrue is back after over a week off. I wonder where he has been? Sitting in the corner thinking about what he had done? If he is the choice to replace Hanley, he (along with a few others) is a bottom of the order hitter. I’d like fewer of those, but understand why it would happen.

    I don’t trust Wilson. But since we didn’t move to get an 8th inning reliever – he’s still the guy. Hold your breath. And prepare to hold your nose.

    Puig in center works – for now.

    Lee or Haren? I think it’s a throw up. I’ll pick Lee. If he too loses 5 in a row, then we can go back to Haren.

    Agree about Ellis. It’s time.

    “Matt Kemp ain’t going anywhere”. Agree. Never thought he was.

    Angels gave us 2 unearned. I doubt they do that again. We will have to earn the next one. Tonight? Odds against us with Haren on the hill.

  2. BOB says:

    Best in the NL West, Best in the NL, 4th Best in MLB, best road record in MLB, hottest team in MLB (7-3)
    Thankfully Greinke and Kershaw both went 7 innings so the bullpen should be able to pitch 5-6 innings tonight, if needed. I hope that Ryu lasts at least 6 innings tomorrow.

    Kemp’s resurgence may allow Hanley to be expendable next year. Now if Adrian can just reinvent himself against LHP. Completely agree with Mark’s comment about Ellis. Lee must be brought up to pitch in spring training mode with Beckett or Haren until another starting pitcher is obtained via trade through the waiver wire.

    The Rockies record was about on 20-14 on May 7th. It is sad how far the Rockies and Rangers have fallen this year. I hope that their blogger fans are more negative than we are!

    • Badger says:

      Are we negative? I don’t feel that. Just pointing out the obvious. We have more talent than anyone. (thus the payroll). I think most of us just want to see these guys earn their money. Some just won’t (Crawford) some could if they played everyday (Ethier) some could still maybe (Kemp Gonzalez) and some will (Kershaw Uribe). Others? Who knows. Peak in late September through October is still the goal.

  3. Quasimodo says:

    Interesting story of Ryan Perez. Jansen is left handed that throws right and Ryu is right handed that throws left. I do find all three stories pretty amazing but its also more common than I’d ever thought. Darvish is also said to be ambidextrous that can throw several pitches almost equal to both arms.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you jumped far too high on my comment yesterday saying – Kershaw was glad he did not pitch in the first game against the Angels. Not having To pitch against Richards.

    You came back with stats comparing Clayton to Richards. This was way over kill. To the point – Richards KO,ed the Dodgers, bad. And even a good pitcher like Kershaw knows when he could have lost a game.

    On Puig in CF. In the first game, early, he caught a ball deep in the outfield, and heaved a throw way past the cutoff man to the almost center of the infield. Terrible throw. Like a Little League throw. No, not L.L. They know better — more like T-Ball.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    What’s the point? You know, I know, and everyone knows that Koufax didn’t start getting it together until 1961, at age 25, and then began his dominance at age 26 in 1962. So yes, even I concede that Kershaw has accomplished more than Koufax at age 26. And so did all those other pitchers you mentioned. Based on that they were ALL better than Koufax. Let’s just ignore the fact that Koufax was never given the opportunity to learn his trade in the minor leagues because of the inane bonus rule that kept him with the Dodgers when he clearly wasn’t ready.

    1961 was the year he finally began to master his craft, and from 1962-1966 there was no better pitcher on the planet than Sandy Koufax. And had it not been for the ailments and injuries that beset him during that period, he would have won 5 consecutive Cy Young’s, not just the 3 he won in 1963, 1965 and 1966, at a time when there was only ONE Cy Young for both leagues. And had it not been for an arthritic elbow, who knows how many more years he may have continued his dominance after 1966, when he would have been just 31. No doubt modern medical advances likely would have extended his career. Sandy Koufax was the most dominant pitcher I have ever seen (and I saw Gibson, Marichal, Seaver, Pedro Martinez, etc., etc. etc.). Kershaw will be a great pitcher, and likely because of longevity will have a superior career (something I’ve repeated over and over), but he will never ever match the dominance of Sandy Koufax.

    And finally, let me know when Kershaw pitches in a four man rotation, and goes over 300 innings in any one year. And let know when he wins a 7th game of the World Series 2-0 on TWO DAYS REST.

    And finally, this is the last time I will address this issue which you refuse to put to rest. And I will continue to root for Kershaw to accomplish great things, even though I know it will encourage you to belabor this subject ad nauseum.

      • Badger says:

        Give anyone a mound that is 22″ high and they will dominate…… But not for 1200 innings in 4 years. And certainly not 1200 innings with a WHIP under 1 and an ERA+ Around 180.

        Mind. Made up. Facts? Who needs them.

        • Mark TImmons says:

          Rick Honeycutt is convinced that a higher mound is dramatically easier on the arm as well!

          My mind is made up by the facts: At 26 years of age, Kershaw is dramatically better than Koufax. Beyond that, there are no facts!

          • Badger says:

            There were no 22″ mounds. The limit in ’66 was 15″ and the mound at Chavez was measured many times. Koufax never pitched on a mound a foot taller than the one from which Kershaw pitches.

            The rest of your opinion is nothing more than that – opinion. I’m fine with your opinion. You have a man crush on Clayton that’s a little disturbing but – different strokes.

  6. idahoal says:

    I agree Brooklyn, this discussion would never end. Just be thankful they both pitched for the Dodgers. Kershaw will join Koufax in the. Hall of Fame, if nothing happens to him. You really cannot compare the two. They pitched in different eras. We know Koufax was great and we know Kershaw is on his way to greatness. I have enjoyed Mark, Badger and you make your points.

  7. Badger says:

    I fold. There are minds that, no matter the evidence, are just made up.

    I sure would like to know who it was that claimed Hanley and what is being talked about for the 3 days. I’m sure he’s going nowhere. He hasn’t had a great year but is still OPS’ing over .800. If he starts lighting it up again this team will take off.

  8. Michael says:

    Had a feeling all week that Haren would pitch the best game of them all. Wack right, part of the beauty of the game is the unpredictability, hope I had a Nostradamus moment and not a misguided hopeless thought. Matt impresses again.
    Hanley flat out sucking, can’t hit now on top of can’t throw or field . ThankG we held off on resigning him already.

      • Badger says:

        Yeah dave, having lived in Anaheim and worked in LA I know they are so close that on a workday you can get from Angel Stadium to downtown LA in about an hour and a half. Different counties. Makes me wonder why the A’s don’t call themselves the San Francisco Athletics. Oakland sucks and SF is only a couple of minutes across the bridge.

        Dodgers still blowing chunks with the bases loaded.

        They even call the neighborhood play on replay. Guy’s foot was in front of the bag, not on it. Called safe but overruled. Neighborhood replay? Something not right about that. Tonight’s 24″ plate brought to you by Jim Reynolds.

  9. Watford Dodger says:

    That’s why I Iove this game. You cannot predict it. That was a post season atmosphere & we came through. Haren immense. As Quas says – very very giid game.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Who woulda thought that the Dodgers would win 2-1 with Haren on the mound? And here I was hoping last night that the Dodgers would pull this one out in a 12-11 slugfest. That’s what makes baseball so great. You just never know.

    So Jansen gives up a hit to Kole Calhoun and then proceeds to retire Trout, Pujols and Hamilton. You just never know. Oh, I already said that.

  11. bobbie17 says:

    I was at the game tonight. Haren hit 88, most in the low 80s. He really PITCHED tonight. Had the Angels off balance and guessing. It seemed to me that this is a different style than the one we have seen so far. Jarrod Weaver is doing more with less. So is Lincecum. Maybe he found something tonight that he can use going forward. A great game, tense to the end. Great, fun crowd. It’s hard to beat watching a game at the Big A. It is no easy feat to beat the Angels, and this game was some measure of the team’s tenacity. The relief pitching was great. Solid win.

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