You will have to listen to the You Tube attachment in order to understand this.

The Dodgers just keep rolling Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford out to LF and they are horrid… actually they are beyond horrid.  Ned Colletti has to keep them on the team because he signed one and traded for the other and still owes them a combined $120 million.

Now, here’s the kicker:   The Dodgers have Justin Turner on the roster who is hitting .310 and plays the game the right way.  I know he can play left field.  Tell me with a straight face that this isn’t a better lineup without Crawford or Ethier:

  1. Gordon  2B
  2. Turner LF
  3. Puig  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  RF
  6. Ramirez  SS
  7. Uribe 3B
  8. Ellis  C

Does anyone really think Crawford and Ethier are going to get better as they age?  In Ned’s defense, he signed a guy for $1 million who is better than two guys making $40 mil a year!  He still should be fired!  The Dodgers also have control of Turner for two more years.  Play him, you dumbasses!

Below is a real phone call with Ned calling into the Mr. Obvious Show:


Rants & Raves

  • Beckett is toast
  • When Brandon League came in Sunday, I looked at his stats and wondered “How long will he continue to be so lucky?”  Not long, it turned out!
  • Chris Perez blows… really!
  • Joc Pederson with #24 and Corey Seager OPS’ing .879 at AA.
  • Chris Reed went 7 innings allowing 5 hits and 1 run Sunday.  Could his next start be up two levels?

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  1. Badger says:

    Can’t argue with any of that.

    But I can make a couple off points – Ethier could possibly earn this year’s contract (2.1 WAR) on another team. Not gonna happen here. Crawford looks disassociated. Turner will not end the year batting .300.

    BOB ended the last thread with good ideas. Copy and paste here BOB.

    Football season? Yeah, guess so.

    • BOB says:

      Beckett battled today but he has now proven his ability for the near future. Haren has also proven his ability. No way Dummy can not Torreize the bullpen unless Neddy brings up someone. Reed pitches on the same day as Beckett so bring him up in 4 days and let him pitch on the same day as Beckett. Sometimes you need to be creative to solve problems. How about just treating 3 games as season games and 2 games as spring training for starting pitching. Pick one of the better AAA or AA pitchers who pitches on the same day as Haren and bring one of them up. Sen Paco back to AAA and DFA Rojas. Try something outside of the box. Traditional thinking is not working. Start some clocks. The kids may not work out in 3 years anyway.

      Do the same thing with LF. Play Crawford 5 innings and Ethier 4 innings,. See who gets hot instead of just guessing who might be hot. Who is going to select a player off the waiver wire who never plays?

      Tomorrow is game 7 out of 20 days in a row, No way the Dodger staff holds up for another 2 weeks without a change in personnel.

      If the Dodgers can’t or won’t make a trade then for once think creatively.

  2. BOB says:

    Dodger announced their Players of the Month for July and their awards say it all regarding the state of Dodger minor league starting pitching.
    AAA – Magill with an ERA of 4.63
    AA – Martin with an ERA of 3.57
    And they are both relief pitchers, and failed starting pitchers at that. Not a single starter better than these guys?

    Saw a rule on another website that says that if a minor league player is not on the 40 man roster than they can be traded without going through the waiver wire. Makes sense. However will that really stop Neddy from bringing up anyone to save the bullpen and stop the immense pressure on the Big 3 every start.

    Donnie was the problem for a long time but now, no doubt, it has become Neddy.

    • Badger says:

      We have to try a younger starter – don’t we? Haren and Beckett look done. DL them and go with Lee and Reegillterson.

      Why Barney if we are keeping Rojas?

      If our 1-3 win every game the rest of the way we should be fine.

      Outside the box sounds good to me BOB.

  3. Quasimodo says:

    I’ll have to say that the way I’d draw up the lineup tomorrow would be the same as yours, above. But that’s after the luxury of choosing from the current roster. And that also means, pretty much, that a player has to become a Dodger before he gets tied up with my heartstrings. Mark, I remember in one of your past threads, when the ‘Boston trade’ was fairly fresh, you asking “does anybody miss Loney?” I confessed I did but then also conceded that AGon was very much an upgrade. I’m guilty of talking bad things about Uribe before he won me over (he has forgiven me). Actually, everybody on that lineup above has been a good surprise though half had to work out of holes of disappointment. Ethier had the nickname ‘Capt. Clutch’ and I stuck up for him. His contract happened before the Guggs came into the picture. (at least publicly) There are a few on the roster that are ‘once upon a time’ studs. Overpaid?…..WAY-WAY OVERPAID! But I can clearly see that Ned was doing his job before and after the Guggs purchase. That lineup above comes from the ‘Tinker Toy Big Set’! Now lets win some rings!

  4. idahoal says:

    I agree with your comments Mark. Both Either and Crawford have to go. Eithier can still play but not for LA. I said this spring that the four starters in the outfield would not work and it has not worked. I agree Turner has been very good. I would bring up Pederson and let him play left field. Turner is too valuable as a sub.

    The last comment I really agree with, Ned has to go. I never have liked the way Ned put this team together. He kept four starting outfielders, he signed too many over the hill pitchers for the bull pen, and he kept Maholm. Ned has to admit he made mistakes and he does not do it. Besides, I do not like the way he lies to us.

    Paco looked good yesterday.

  5. Badger says:

    “Does anyone think Crawford and a Ethier are going to get better as they age?” Mark

    Does anyone get better as they age? The peak years of professional baseball players are 24-27.

    When we win, nobody is overpaid. The Gagonhymens are making money, lots of money – (and even if they weren’t who cares) so if we win why in the world would anyone (cept maybe Mark) be unhappy?

    We’ve been talking about the small cracks in our armor all year. They got bigger since Haren and Beckett suddenly stopped pitching well. The teams in the AL who would likely face us in the WS made bold moves to be able match our starting pitching. We could still beat them in a 7 game series but their moves moved the needle. The odds are now in their favor. The midgets just got healthy. They are not going away. We just lost a series at home against the last place Cubs. The schedule is about get very demanding. Are we ready for a real pennant race?

  6. idahoal says:

    Our first three starters are very good. The last two, not so good. The pressure that is being put on those first three starters is tremendous. I will take three wins out of five, but that means they have to win every time. That will not happened. It puts pressure on the whole team knowing they really need to win those three games.

  7. Badger says:

    Yeah. I was being farcetious. We will need to fix this rotation issue. I would like to fix the outfield jam too, but it would appear Jed is in no rush to address it.

  8. Badger says:

    “I’m old,” he said. “It’s just where I’m at. – Josh Beckett

    No sh*t?

    “If Beckett fails to become at least serviceable again, the Dodgers could be in trouble, particularly with the passing of the nonwaiver trade deadline.” LA Times


    It’s about to get very interesting.

  9. artieboy says:

    Your last post on Beckett said he was “shot”, which I disagreed with. Boy was I wrong. Only three legitimate starters right now. What a mess!

    At least Matty is hitting the ball :)

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Edwin Jackson (former Dodger) had not won a game for the Cubs in weeks and weeks and weeks . . . now the Dodgers made him feel better.

    Point: In Perez and League, were they minor leaguers and brought up this season to pitch out of the pen — AND THEY PITCHED JUST LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN — they both would have been sent back down to the minors. Yet, they are still both here . . .

    But the Dodgers seem to be treating them and their development like it was still Spring Training, and have them figure out their pitching in these practice games. But we fans know that these are not practice games.

    With an organization that has many resources — they really seem to not be able to fix this and a few other problems.

    1. Starting pitching. No trades before the deadline — so either work the August wire, or, bring up a starter/s from AAA or AA.

    2. Pen. Same as #1. Do something.

    3. Outfield. Same as #1.

    I agree with Badger. In post season, all other teams will have first class starting pitching. Those teams will be hungry and ready. Right now, the Dodgers are not ready and luck only goes so far.

    What is surprising to me is that this brilliant, sharp ownership group is letting this mis-fire keep going when they could have or should soon — make some moves. We fans are waiting. And been waiting for a QUARTER OF A CENTURY.

    • Badger says:

      They did not use the prospects to better the current roster. That tells me they believe we are better off with what we have in-house. “No dope fiend moves” for the Dodgers! (Just for the A’s and Tigers) Who knows. Maybe it won’t work for either of them.

      So…… waiver wire moves – or we bring up those guys that were too valuable to trade. Can’t wait to see this unfold.

      League has been fine. None of those guys down there should be asked to pitch on consecutive days. But when you have 2 starters who can’t give you 5? ……….. Stand by.

  11. BOB says:

    Freeway series! Time to see what the Dodgers are made of, especially the Big 3 pitchers. Angels just brought back up from AAA Cam Bedrosian (with the $1.1 mil signing bonus) and his MLB 11.00 ERA. You know the guy who was drafted immediately after Zach Lee in 2010 and even missed a year due to Tommy John surgery. WHERE IS LEE? He appears to be hiding in Appomattox waiting for the inevitable. Reconstruction just might begin in Louisiana next year. I know people who can fix him this off season.

    Lets see Ned. If you bring up prospects and add them to the 40 man roster and they fail then no other team will want them in a trade and management will see the truth about drafting skills and player development ability. If you bring them up and they succeed then you will not want to trade them, the bullpen will not be burned out for the playoffs, the starting pitching will be in less high stress situations, and the team just might earn home field advantage for one more round. SO WHAT IS THE DOWNSIDE TO BRINGING THEM UP! Maybe someone has some splanin to do. Maybe some one will be exposed. Maybe someone will be fired. Stan should be the man and make the decision to bring up one player a week until this is fixed.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    How do you know that Turner can play LF? Look at the following. Maybe I missed something. Looks to me as if his entire MLB experience in LF consists of one game last year with the Mets. Also played in LF for four games in 2006 at the rookie level Pioneer league.

    For now I would continue to platoon Crawford and SVS. Crawford’s just coming back after a long layoff. We’ve seen this before with him. He’s shown before that once he gets his timing he’s capable of getting hot. If anything, that line-out to the first baseman was encouraging. Or if you’re not happy with Crawford, then consider calling Pederson up to platoon with SVS. I like Turner just where he is. Maybe Turner has turned a corner with the bat, or maybe he’s just the .268 career hitter he’s been up to now.

    As for League. I have my doubts about him, but at the same time he’s done a good job this year, and I’m not ready to let one bad appearance turn me against him. Did I turn against Kershaw after his bad appearance against the Cardinals in the playoffs last year? League is by no means Kershaw, but he does deserve benefit of the doubt after one bad appearance. If he makes a habit of what he did yesterday, that ‘s another story. And by the way, what’s wrong with his stats?

    Also, in the 5th post from the bottom of the previous thread, I responded to your remarks regarding the Dodgers average game attendance only increasing 5,000 and 10,000 per game compared to previous years. That doesn’t sound like much, until you realize that the Dodgers play 81 games at home, and that 5,000 more per game works out to 405,000 in additional annual attendance, and that 10,000 per game works out to 810,000 in additional annual attendance. That sounds like some additional serious revenue for tickets, and food and merchandise sales. And I also pointed out that the Dodgers also increased their revenue by raising ticket prices, something they probably couldn’t have done without getting to the NLCS.

  13. bobbie17 says:

    The Dodgers have won the season series with the Angels once in 14 years, I read. This year the team has stacked its 3 best starters to pitch in the four games. These games will have playoff atmosphere. LA v OC. Should be fun. If we split, we will be doing well. I can’t believe that there will not be some adjustment in 4 & 5 spots. How long will they wait? I still am waiting for the Giants to start a 10 game winning streak. Then the front office will be forced to take a hard look at what it has. Right now, I think it is playing to the Giants’ season. Stupid and dangerous.

  14. Badger says:

    Just checked. As of last month Forbes still has the Dodgers as the 6th most valuable sports franchise ON THE PLANET!!

    Guess they haven’t consulted Mark.

    I’m going golfing with my posse. I’ll expect some spirited rebuttals upon my return.

  15. idahoal says:

    The only way the Dodgers are going to get out of this mess is to start eating some of these expensive contracts. Some of these young pitchers have to be brought up and tried. You cannot continue to sit and do nothing. Come on Ned, do something.

  16. Watford Dodger says:

    Well read all the comments as usual & it seems we are all underwhelmed by a team riding high in the NL. We can see past the bare results. This is a team that cannot win the World Series as it is currently playing. 3 starting pitchers from here on in just won’t cut it. Let’s be honest – outside of JP & Kenley, who would you trust in a Play off situation? If we can’t score runs against the Cubs, how we gonna go against the Cards or any top AL team in the WS?
    I agree with the consensus – get some young blood up now. Lee, Reed & Pederson. Maybe a live pen arm or two. Kershaw, Grienke & Ryu cannot carry us for the next two months or they will be burned by the playoffs. No more 110 pitch outings for the big two.
    As I wait for the Freeway Series to begin, I can see us winning maybe 1 game, probably one of the first two at home. Hope I am wrong.

    • t.o.dave says:

      Good points Watford. Gotta watch the innings pitched for our top 3 starters and time to look at what our kids have. Interestingly, looks like Frias will be the first we see as he was just brought up with Chris Perez to the DL. Howabout starting Frias in place of Haren against the Halos.

  17. Bruce Elliott says:

    First time poster but I’ve been following the banter on the “Trade” for quite some time. Both parties are correct; the trade ignited the team and the fan base. At the same time CC is an anchor around Uncle Ned’s neck, and the teams neck. Ned because of ego, he won’t dfa him, and the team because it is one too many holes (C,SS,BP, #4,&5 SP)in the lineup. CC (and Either) are also a logjam, preventing the AAA phenom from playing in LF.
    All the Dodger talk about Pederson not being ready is a crock – bring the kid up and see if what we have already seen and smelled from him holds true in LA (September by the way is to late). If the Dodgers allow the Giants to pass them up, they might not recover – this team is horrible at comebacks.

    This team is yes in first place, but at times they look more like a cellar team. The poor components are masked by two great pitchers. They will be exposed at playoff time unless the creative genius who put it together rights the listing ship.


  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “There will be no spirited rebuttals, because if you think it’s smart to spend $400 million to make $20 million, you could never grasp the concept!” — Mark in reply to Badger


    Did you pass math in school? And I’m not talking higher math. Basic, simple arithmetic. Now let’s see, according to my numbers, 10,000 more per game works out to 810,000 more tickets sold in one year. I’m not sure what the average person spends when he/she goes to a game between the ticket, food, merchandise purchased, and parking. I won’t even put a number on it, but my guess is that whatever it is, it’s a bit higher than $20 million. If it’s $50 the extra revenue amounts to over $40 million. If it’s $100 then that means additional revenue in excess of $80 million. Now you’re going to tell me that spending $400 million to take in an extra $80 million is bad business. But keep in mind that the Dodgers with those players made it to the NLCS last year. Are you telling me that’s not worth a whole bunch of more millions? And then of course, a good year raises interest, and results in higher revenues the following year. And on, and on, and on. And of course you’re going to tell me that what the Dodgers accomplished last year hasn’t resulted in higher advertising and promotional revenues.

    Mark you’re a businessman. Don’t you understand the significance of growing a brand? These guys put the Dodgers back on the map, and set in motion what they perceive to be a money making machine. And so far, it would appear that they’re right. Also, they have the money to make a long term investment, even if it loses them money in the short run (which really doesn’t appear to be the case). And they also have an $8.35 billion TV deal, which was signed in January 2013, AFTER the trade. In fact, the Dodgers also make money with whatever radio deals they have. So yes, on attendance alone, the Dodgers will not make up the entire $400,000,000 (I’m accepting your math on this), at least not in one year. But you can rest assured that over time they will more than make it up. And assuming the $400,000,000 is correct, what percentage of that number would they have spent anyway on other players to fill those spots. Because in case you don’t know it, the team is required to carry 25 players each year, and they all get paid. Or maybe you think that their places would have been taken by players all making the MLB minimum.

    • Badger says:

      You have explained this to him multiple times Brooklyn. It doesn’t work.

      btw, the way he presented it to me, spending $400 million to make $20 million is actually a 5% return. Not great, but, I’ll take it. The Dodgers, with their attendance and their tv contract are doing just fine thank you.

      Shot a 96 but a blast out there. Beautiful sunny day in Sedona. I’m a lucky duck.

      I just got in. What’s this about Frias?

  19. idahoal says:

    I agree Watford. Friars is a starter, so you would assume he would start a game in place of Haren. Let Haren come out of the bull pen. But who knows what Ned has in mind. I am hopeful with Paco, we may have three in the bull pen we can trust.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Frias is the first of several moves that will be made in the coming weeks. It seems to me that panic has set in because we lost a couple of games to the Cubs. And I’m not interested in whether we can win the World Series the way we are currently playing. I just want us to be playing better come playoff time. I’m pretty confident that our top 3 pitchers will be competitive with anyone, and that we are likely to see additional help between now and the postseason (Frias isn’t the only addition we’ll see). And then it will be as it always is, a crap-shoot. Does anyone remember the 2006 Dodgers? They went into the NLDS that year after having won their final 7 games of the seaon, only to get swept by the Mets. Guess someone could have said that they were playing good baseball at the time.

  21. BOB says:

    Ned made a move, Ned made a move. Can you believe it, Ned made a move. It is a miracle. Hallelujah. Jumping jehosaphat. Praise the Lord. Ned’s brain is healed. Give him a Mensa application. Mele Kalikimaka in August.

    Ned and Donnie are still pro old guys so Haren will start and Frias will come out of the bullpen until further notice. Good move by Ned bringing up the better pitcher Frias and not Lee.

    Will the Dodgers be fortunate enough to have another underperforming reliever go on the DL so that Ned can save face and bring up another swingman? Chris Reed pitched well yesterday for AA and Paterson was bombed pitching for AAA.

    Watching Angels TV! Red versus Blue. Republicans versus Democrats. Will the greedy capitalists block the Angel station too?. Kinda sounds like Dodger baseball with Patrick O’Neal doing the pregame show.

  22. Kris Freyermuth says:

    Arrgh. A good left fielder makes both of those catches and we are out of the inning clean. So Crawford can’t hit, can’t field and makes $20M doing it. Nice work if you can get it.

  23. Mark TImmons says:


    Attendance only increased 5,000 a game in year one and the average person spends about $30 a game in LA, which is one of the lowest cost tickets in MLB (or was 2 years ago). I get that they wanted to make a splash, but it was unnecessary. It was a a dope-fiend move by people who have a lot of money. It only increased their revenue by probably $20 million that year, because the Dodgers only get a percentage of the concessions.

    It was a display of power in the beginning and is part of the reason everyone wants to rape the Dodgers in trades, because they figure the Dodgers are that stupid!

    I’ll bet if they had it to do over again, they wouldn’t do it again. If they would, they are as stupid as I think they are.

  24. idahoal says:

    The Giants have Pagon back. He is the glue to the Giants team. This is going to be a horse race.

    You have to get rid of Either or Crawford or both and eat their contract. What is the difference between doing it now or over the winter. Pederson cannot hit any worse than Ethier and Crawford. At least he will get some major league experience.

    Maybe Haren and Beckett can go on the DL.

  25. Badger says:

    This game is putting me to sleep.

    But before I go, one quick point – read this:;;.aspx

    Trying to throw a rope around this group and figure out what they are doing is impossible. They are like a game of monopoly, buying up everything in sight. They are approaching $200 billion in assets. WTF? The Dodgers are just fun for them. They want to win. It’s what they do. They do it in ways I’m not capable of understanding. If this asset loses money, so f ‘n what? You think they really care? This could very well be one of those situations we see where massive corporations lose millions and everybody who caused it to happen gets millions in bonuses. Frankie F’n McBallsack made a billion dollars. If you read Forbes they tell you the asset is gaining in value. Does it gain value while losing money? Mark believes so. I don’t know what to believe – so I believe I’ll call it a night.

  26. Watford Dodger says:

    That was painful but not unexpected. Need Kershaw tomorrow or I can see a sweep. Frias did well which begs the question as to why it took do long to get him up & why don’t we give a few more a chance?
    Where is the offense?

  27. BOB says:

    Good job by Frias! Probably needs to tone it down 1-2 mph if he tries to go 4 innings after/if Haren or Beckett crash next time on the mound. Another complete game by Kershaw would be cool. A little rest for the bullpen please. Figgins might be DFA’d on Tuesday. Hopefully he passes through waivers unclaimed and stays at AAA.

  28. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, I don’t know what the average person spends per game, but $30 sounds low. And as I mentioned earlier, I believe that the Dodgers raised ticket prices this year. And again, this is a long term investment, and based on the Fortune article Badger linked, it’s obviously part of a larger plan. OK, that’s enough for me. If Badger called it a night out West, I need to call it a night here in the East.

  29. Badger says:

    Marks stats are way off Brookkyn. The FCI for the Dodgers is well over $200. Not sure where he gets his stats. Probably Fox Snooze.

    Speaking of snooze…… how about that Dodger offense.

    If Greinke cant win them all, that makes our rotation worth about .500. The midgets will play better than that. If we are expecting Frias to step in and save the day we are dreaming.

  30. Badger says:

    Tony Bosch about to get blowed up for selling. Users? Nothing. They went to him. He didn’t go after anyone. Why aren’t juicers arrested? I think we know the answer to that.

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