Disease Symptoms

  • Failure to hit with runners on base, especially with the bases loaded;
  • Failure to score runs against soft-tossing lefties against whom the league averages 5 runs a game;
  • Displays the ability to hit and drive in runs,except in important situations; and
  • Displays total inability to come from behind after 7 innings.

Disease Causes

  • Lack of necessity due to extreme comfort;
  • Lack of hunger to win due to huge bank accounts;
  • Individuals having more money than 16 third-world countries;
  • Difficulty in moving joints due to counting immense amounts of money; and
  • Pure unadulterated choking!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your Los Angeles Dodgers!


  1. Watford Dodger says:

    Very good. Funny thing is once you have read it, there’s not much you can argue with.
    Don’t take the post season for granted as I see a long, hard road ahead.

    • Badger says:

      A lineup of backups requires production from the starters. They all look tired. When you can’t square up a 90 mph fastball you’ve got serious problems.

      You may be right about the comfort thing. I would never say that about Gonzalez but I don’t know how how motivated Kemp and the others are. Kershaw is the richest of all. You throwing him in too?

      Puig doesn’t have experience with seasons this long, neither does Gordon. Crawford, Ramirez, a Kemp, and Uribe are banged up. I knew this, when Darwin Barney is leading off for you, you better pitch well. Hernandez did as well as he could. He is at best a number 5, or 6, starter.

      Donnie has been trying to give these guys rest all year but some nights they all look like they just walked off an international flight. Last night was one of those nights.

      I can say this with certainty, Correia, Hernandez and Frias will not carry this team to a pennant. And that’s especially true with Ramirez and Uribe down. Add to that Matt Kemp “can’t run anymore” – this team has serious issues. We obviously have no one in the pipeline that can hit, or pitch well enough to help. I’m betting the midgets smell blood. I know I do.

  2. BOB says:

    Sounds a lot like people with mental health problems, anxiety issues, or PTSD. They all make enough money to deal with their problems but probably lack the self esteem to recognize their real problem. Pride and arrogance, often manifesting in the refusal to change behavior, is a metal defense tool that people use to protect themselves from their low self esteem. I have heard that a little hypnosis might help them recognize their deeply held issues. Maybe that should be part of their off season routine. “Dr.” Conte is probably clueless in this area too. Hanley received approval to play from the Dodger Witch doctor after he was obviously injured and was placed on the DL the same day after one at bat. 50 pushup bet that the same thing happens to Greinke who has a real physical issue, yet Dr. Can’tE(valuate) has cleared him too.

  3. Badger says:

    The tests on Greinke were negative, but, with our history I don’t trust anything our medical staff says.

    No bet.

    Greinke could be DL’d retroactively. That’s my recliner call. We need everybody in September. The squirrels might catch us by 9-1, but if we have EVERYBODY back for the run, they won’t be able to stay with us.

  4. BOB says:

    The Dodgers do not have a medical staff. They hired a head trainer who has a “PhD” that pretends that he is a Dr. when there is no consensus yet in the professional community that his lowly degree even allows him to be called Doctor. His degree just does not have that level of stature yet. This sounds similar to what I heard a long time ago about lawyers who have Juris Doctor degrees. They can not be called Dr. when they are practicing Law but they can be called Dr. when they are teaching but only if the school that they graduated from allows it. Conte is no Doctor and should never be called one. Thus the Dodgers do not have a “Medical Staff”. The only have a staff of Trainers who, based upon the results of their activities, appear to be in training. So I will conclude that at best they are a bunch of trannies.

  5. bobbie17 says:

    To state the obvious, this is the circumstance, with all the injuries, for some young guys to get opportunities and step up. Maybe it’s a roster thing, but if if isn’t, there is no reason why the minor league studs can’t pitch out of the bullpen, pinch hit, platoon, etc. I implied a few days ago that these long term contracts really limit what the big league team can do with the young guys, and I assume that is true now. The only way this team will have any success at all is through the pitching staff. The hitting has been off all year with AGon, Kemp, Crawford up and down and Ethier down, and Hanley and Uribe hurt. There is no reason to think this will not continue. The Giants will not go away, even as average as they are. Our average pitchers will not beat their average hitters. Our mediocre hitters will not beat their mediocre pitchers. That is what it will probably come down to. Only 1 .600 team in baseball. Parity is great when you are on top; not so good when it starts to slip away. More and more importance will be placed on the bullpen, however it is constructed day to day. Perfect time to try out Lee and Reed there.

  6. bobbie17 says:

    It looks like Joc Pederson is learning how to hit while being pitched around. His average is under .300, and he gets walked at least twice a game. KFed hits behind him, and is doing well in that situation. Maybe Pederson is wearing out?

    • BOB says:

      I read it. That’s where I got the quote “I am still throwing darts” If he has a good reputation then that says something really bad about the rest of them and confirms what I have heard. I can’t talk here about what I know about how little some of the most respected trainers in professional sports actually know about sport injuries and rehabilitation and why the current athletic training and weight training is so bad for the body, especially the ligaments, etc., but I have shared with Mark some of what I am talking about and he has met some of the people that I know. That’s all for now.

      • Badger says:

        I know a few things. My degree is in Physical Education and my son is a trainer. There have been some mistakes that have been made over the years, we all know that. Its been a few years since I was in the field, but when I went to school trainers were there to treat injuries, not necessarily prevent them. That is what we in physical education and coaching were there for. Trainers took care of the injured. Today’s athletes are trained much differently than yesterday’s athletes were. Look at the pictures of baseball players from years ago. None of them were built like some of the muscle bound players we see out there today. I know they speak to more prevention, but whatever they are doing isn’t working.

        I contend that there will always be the freak accident (Garrett Richards) but somebody needs to look into this TJ problem (check out Dr Mike Marshall’s video on the subject) and EVERYBODY should know how to slide properly by now – and they don’t. What happened to Matt Kemp at home plate should never happen to anybody. Even the 12 year olds know how better than to do what he did. And now he “can’t run anymore”. $160 million for a guy who can’t run anymore. Ridiculous.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    The Dodgers as a team, have not been as much fun to watch the past month or so.

    This team is not ready for the post season — this season.

    As a team — they have not won many games with a walk-off win; coming from behind or tied in the 9th inning or later at home. Very few. And not many on the road.

    They are terrible with runners in scoring position. And terrible at scorning with bases loaded an 1 or zero outs.

    Timely hitting just does not happen that much with these guys.

    Sometimes, watching some of the relief pitchers is like seeing guys (drunks) at the boardwalk throwing balls at milk bottles and not hitting any.

    So many injuries and more injuries. Forcing bench/role players to become regulars for awhile and really not playing worth much.

    Hanley hardly showing up this year; Uribe in and out of the lineup; serious questions about the 4th and 5th starters and now the 3rd starter.

    The 2014 Dodgers are just not ready for prime time. But neither are any of the other teams in the N.L. West. This is a weak division.

    Some of us think — why not try Pederson for a few games. We need is glove in the outfield and he might not do that worse then Kemp or Crawford or Ethier.

        • Badger says:

          So…. the Dodgers don’t need their bonus baby move right through the system once top rated prospect take the ball every 5th day AAA starter?

          I would beg to differ.

          If this was any other organization both Lee and Pederson would have seen time by now.

          • BOB says:

            I agree. See my list yesterday of pitchers paid $10 to $20 million per year that can’t be that much better than Lee. If Lee had an MLB ERA of 6.00 he would be the same as Nolasco who is way overpaid. All we have to do is look at the Pirates and Cardinals who have brought up their top prospects and aren’t these kids still on the MLB roster hitting below .250 while these two teams are trying to make it through the playoffs into the World Series. Hey Ned, Clocks are for tomorrow, the fans expect you to win today with a $250 mil salary.

  8. Michael says:

    Think Logan has some splainin to do.
    Love the LLWS, the team with the girl playing the team that CC helped out. Good stuff but @5’4″ 140, some of these kids dwarf me. What the hell they putting in the food nowadays??
    Not really concerned with how we’re playing now, we need and will peak in October………………………………or not

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not going to check, but I believe that the players brought up by the Cardinal and Pirates were all on the 40-man roster. Pederson and Lee were both drafted out of high school in 2010. Had they been drafted out of college, they would now be on the 40-man. Younger draftees are given more years before they’re required to be on the 40-man. Same goes for international free agents, many of which sign as 16 year olds.

    I don’t think any team promotes players to the 40-man before they have to unless that player is very very special. They don’t want to get that players clock going to fast unless they’re absolutely sure that they can make a major contribution without any hiccups. Just look at Oscar Taveras of the Cardinals, who was on their 40-man. He came into this season as one of the top 1 or 2 hitting prospects in all of baseball. Much higher rated that Pederson. And although he’s begun to make progress, he’s struggled. What makes anyone think that Pederson would do any better. Pederson still strikes out a lot, and probably has a bunch more rough edges. As good a prospect as the Dodgers consider him, I doubt if they want to prematurely move him to the 40-man and then have him struggle. Same with Lee. He’s probably a good prospect, but again, what he can contribute right now is questionable, and probably, in the Dodgers’ eyes, not enough to make them promote him to the 40-man until absolutely necessary. Besides, from what I’ve seen, Carlos Frias probably has as much of a chance of contributing as does Lee.

    Yes, Kemp said he can’t run as well as he has in the past. And that goes to what I’ve been talking about. Although I think he has made progress this year, I still don’t think we can expect to see him fully back until he has an offseason where he can spend his time in a serious workout program instead of rehabbing another surgery. Again, it was only this past spring when there were questions about whether or not he was going to be ready to open the season with the Dodgers, and there were questions regarding whether or not he could put his full weight on his damaged leg. Well, he’s taken the first step back from last years ankle injury. The next step will follow a full offseason of regular workouts. No guarantees, but I think we may well see a very different Matt Kemp next year. Sorry that doesn’t help this year, but nature doesn’t always cooperate.

    If it was me, I’d probably want to give Greinke some more time off than a couple of more days. Especially because I don’t think that the midgets are a huge threat, I’d prefer to take my chances that the Dodgers can muddle through without him for a while. And I would have even considered keeping Kershaw scheduled for tomorrow night instead of tonight. I don’t think it would hurt if he had an extra day.

  10. Badger says:

    Lee has pitched in 103 games in the minors. He has over 500 innings pitched. Here’s something I find interesting – he has pitched in more games professionally at age 22 than Koufax did by that age. I see no reason why shouldn’t be asked to show the fans why we overpaid him to keep him from going to LSU. He’s 23 next month. Before he blows out his arm bring him up. We need starting pitching.

    Unless of course you are willing to admit you made another horrible mistake with this selection.

    • BOB says:

      Amen! And as I said before screw the clock. This is the year to win it all.

      Also Magill is now the 20th Top prospect and has been converted back to a starter. This must be Ned’s big move of the week!

      It appears no team makes first round selections as bad as the Padres, yet they seem to have good starting pitching.

  11. Campy says:

    Is there some unwritten rule that says Puig only gets to see one pitch per at bat? I have never seen anyone who puts the first pitch into play (and usually a groundout) as often as he does. What happened to the patience we talked about early in the year. Can someone tell me how many walks he has had this month???

    • Roger Dodger says:

      Puig must have learned something from the Home Run Derby — when he bounced out on that first pitch, more like a check swing. He just has lost it now, hitting so many bouncing ground balls, and yet he manages to beat a throw to first every so many times.

      Where is the power, consistent power!!!

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, why are you surprised that Lee has pitched more professionally than Koufax at age 22? It’s common knowledge that Koufax was kept with the Dodgers because of the silly bonus rule they had back in 1955. Koufax hardly pitched at all in his early professional years with the Dodgers, when they couldn’t send him down to pitch in the minors. It’s the same reason that Kershaw has accomplished more at age 26 than Koufax did.

    Stop everything. Mark’s favorite Junkyard Dog just hammered one out.

    As for Lee, just forget about the $5 million. I seriously doubt if that’s a major consideration of the Dodgers in any decision on whether or not to bring him up. He’s still a good prospect, but not exceptional. So I doubt if the Dodgers are going to start his clock early. Barring a trade that sends him elsewhere this winter, my guess is that he will come into spring training next year with a shot a starting job. Also, although he didn’t get the same money, it may well be that the Dodgers consider Carlos Frias just as good of a prospect. Kid has some definite command issues, but certainly has good stuff. Probably better stuff than Lee. And he’s been in the organization since 2007, and is about two years older.

    • Badger says:

      So….. you knew that Brooklyn? I sure didn’t. I found it interesting.

      The idea that Lee isn’t on the 40 man because….. whatever the f it was, doesn’t make sense to me. He has been a top prospect for 4 years. The team needs starting pitching. He should be ready to pitch at this level – at least once! We gave him that huge bonus because he was allegedly a top 10 prospect. There are a number of top prospects from that draft that are regulars now. If we weren’t hurting for pitching I wouldn’t give a shat where Lee was pitching, but this team needs him. I don’t even see his name mentioned anywhere. It’s like he no longer exists. He pitched tonight. He’s pitched 25 times this year. He’s one of the few arms we have that hasn’t missed a start. And he isn’t available to help this team? Something is very wrong there.

      Unlikely power source tonight. What an ugly offensive game right up to Turner’s clutch hit.

  13. Pete M says:

    Please keep Justin Turner in the fold for awhile… Lets not pull a Mark Ellis…
    I thinks I would have a sit down with Puig about participating in this Japanese AS game or whatever the hell it is…
    We be Clawing and Scratching and I’m liking it…
    Personally liked the choice of Lee way back when… I like his physical and mental makeup for his age… The Draft: I can’t count cards and have never figured out a ‘system’ for the Draft… A prayer and a crapshoot…

  14. Badger says:

    By the way, the Dodgers were only obligated to keep Koufax on the ML squad 2 years. They could have sent him down for seasoning at age 20 but didn’t. Who knows, if they had he might have blown up by age 28 and those last two unbelievable seasons wouldn’t have happened.

    Kershaw in his 26 year, is having arguably his best year yet. Are the Dodgers going to come through for him? When he does what he did last night, it sure would be nice to see the team make it less stressful. How about a couple laughers in September?

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