Evidently Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre have cleared waivers.  Maybe this is where the Dodger make their big move.

Andrus is due $120 million for 8 years until 2022.

Beltre is due the remainder of this year and $18 million next year plus and an option in 2016.

I am of the opinion, that the Dodgers could send Juan Uribe, Esriubel Arruebarrena and Zach Lee to the Rangers for these two players (Salary Dump).  Uribe might not clear waivers, so he would go in the off-season.

Dodgers, you say you have the money – then do this!  Let Hanley walk after the season (qualifying offer) and here is your lineup:

  1. Gordon  2B
  2. Andrus  SS
  3. Puig  CF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Kemp  RF
  6. Beltre  3B
  7. Crawford  LF
  8. Ellis C

All it costs is a lot of money!  But, you say you have it!


    • Michael says:

      Want to address your post in the last thread Badger. It’s a recipe for disaster. We play to the competition, we play better on the road and no matter what kind of team the poor sisters to the south have, they play us tough and like you have said before, teams get up for us. Nevertheless we will get in the playoffs but it matters how we play in October and not at any other specific time.

      There is no freaking way that Texas does that deal.. Most players go through waivers every year, not necessarily to get rid of them but to see if Ned will do a “dope fiend deal”.

      • Badger says:

        Yeah, the easiest schedule guarantees nothing.

        Agree about Texas not accepting. The thing about the salary dump makes sense though, and if their scouts like Arrue, they would consider it. Might have to throw in a lower arm.

  1. Campy says:

    Not sure who has the right info here but CBS Sports reports the following:

    “Three Rangers have cleared waivers, according to CBSSports.com Baseball Insider Jon Heyman.
    Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre and Shin-Soo Choo are now all eligible to be traded in the coming days.”

    Didn’t see Elvis on there but maybe he was reported earlier.

    • Campy says:

      Confusing???? This is another post from CBS Sports and Jon Heyman.

      “Rangers stars Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre, Shin-Soo Choo and Elvis Andrus all cleared waivers and are eligible to be traded — though there’s no likelihood any of them will be dealt.”

      Guess everyone has a right to change their mind.

  2. ernest reyes says:

    So, why would Texas do this deal?

    Arruebarrena is is not Elvis – not by a long shot. Definitely better with the glove, but not the bat. On top of that, he’s has character issues related to his suspension for starting the fight in AAA. I’ve really soured on his due to that.

    Zach Lee is at best a #4 starter and Uribe is no replacement for Beltre.

    Are the Rangers unhappy with Elvis and Beltre? I haven’t read anything suggesting that.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t understand Mark. You spell “Arruebarrena” correctly, but misspell “Erisbel” (SMILE!!!).

    That deal sounds pretty good to me. Puig and Ryu might miss Uribe, but I wouldn’t. At least not with Beltre replacing him. And I suspect that Beltre would be a great chemistry guy. I’m not diminishing Uribe’s value, but Beltre more than makes up for it. And Beltre’s bat is not only superior to Uribe’s, but so is his glove (and that’s saying a lot considering how good Uribe is with the glove).

    Mark, if the Dodgers were somehow able to obtain Andrus and Beltre, wouldn’t that delay Seager’s arrival? Beltre, in fact, has an option for 2016 that kicks in if he gets a combined 1,200 plate appearances in 2014-15 or 600 PA in 2015. If he stays healthy, that seems attainable.

    Kemp is definitely showing signs of regaining most of what he’s lost over the last couple of years, but he’s certainly not all the way back just yet. Based on that, I’d probably bat Beltre in front of Kemp, and not the other way around as you have it above. But if we can get Beltre and Andrus, I don’t care what order they hit in.

    • Badger says:

      A new catcher would be nice, but, methinks that comes next year. That’s a hole in the lineup we just have to live with.

      I read that Rojas has been working hard in the batting cages. His average split, first half second half, has improved from .208 to .211, with a .233/.303/.570 slash line in the last 14 days, so, you know, he’s got that going for him.

      We need a healthy Hanley.

      And we need a productive, clutch Uribe. This backup lineup we are throwing out there just won’t get it done. Unless of course our pitching staff can hold them to under 3. We might win a few of those.

  4. idahoal says:

    For some time now we are going to rely on Haren, Hernandez, and Correia to fill the 3-4-5 pitching positions. Just a little scary considering the runs we score. The pitchers have to assume the most runs they will receive on any given day is two. If the starting pitcher fail, we do not have the bull pen to pick them up. It is going to be a very interesting September.

  5. Watford Dodger says:

    Bobby, someone in here said last week that they thought Greinke might have an elbow issue as he was having trouble throwing his full repertoire of pitches. Not sure who?
    Al – that rotation won’t win diddly. Beckett won’t be back and Ryu is no athlete and needs work. Grienke is struggling and Haren is a 5 at best. All of a sudden we look very vulnerable.

  6. Badger says:

    Creeping concern? Is that a medical term? Rub some dirt on it.

    On the Boston deal:

    “That trade brought life and freshness and instilled credibility in the franchise,” Colletti said. “It was really a statement deal.”

    That’s what Brooklyn and I have been saying since it went down.

    The only guy that they would trust in a pennant race start is Fife? Lee not even mentioned. Tell you what – send Lee and Ethier to Boston for Uehara, then watch as both of them contribute to winning in Beantown over the next 4 years.

      • Badger says:

        Wait….. what? Validate the deal? You completely misunderstood. He wasn’t validating, he was explaining why the deal was done. What we’ve tried to do with you is explain not only that, but that the plan actually worked! The stands are filled and the Dodgers are in first place. We’ve been to the playoffs and are going again. The farm is trending in the right direction, the Dodgers are relevant again and most people out west get it.

        When you see your buddy mcButtcrack, tell him he is not missed.

        Lipstick on pigs? How Sarah of you!

  7. bobbie17 says:

    The deal proposed destroys all the work, time and money spent to acquire and develop the infield we have up and down the system. I’m not for it. Front office has been committed to develop players, and this destroys that. I doubt if it will, or should happen. Heaven forbid if Grienke goes down. Forget the season, including the wild card, if that happens. Someone said the playoffs are a lock. I don’t see it that way. This team can still fall beneath the Padres–and others– if the pitching doesn’t hold up. Keep putting the curse on the Giants. For them, the Cubs should be easy pickings, so our series with the Pads, including game 1, is important. Correia is good for giving up about 4 runs, so can we score 5 against some of the best pitching in the league? I have my doubts.

  8. idahoal says:

    I do not know why they will not gve Lee a shot. He just may be better than Haren. Frias and Baez have both done well since they were brought up. Lee had about the same ERA as Frias.

    Badger, I agree with you, Either and Lee will help some team if they are traded. They should be traded f management does not think they have a future with the Dodgers.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    It happens every season — trouble with those bottom level teams. They bring up some young start — who has a great game or at bat and . . .

    Baez for the Cubs, I have seen several of his recent HRs — monster shots.

    • Badger says:

      How does improving the Major League roster destroy the system bobbie? That lineup Mark posted is better than the one we are fielding. I agree it won’t likely happen, but if it’s about THIS year, and it is, that trade would make THIS team better.

      Give Greinke a few extra days. Give Lee his scholarship back. Give Ethier his freedom.

      Yeah al, f management. Wait, maybe that’s not what you said……

  10. BOB says:

    Looking forward to a good series against the Padres. However, all three games in this series could be very close. Here are the
    Dodger and Padres pitching match ups looking only at their respective ERAs during each pitcher’s last 3 games.

    1. 2.50 v. 2.65

    2. 1.35 v. 1.37

    3. 3.50 v. 3.50

    Very slight, immaterial edge to the Dodgers but too eerily similar. All too often something really strange and unexpected occurs when the stats are this close!

  11. Badger says:

    Zach Lee slash line last 28 days – 5 starts:

    122 PA – .339/.377/.477

    Yoiks. Maybe that’s why he isn’t even being mentioned. Could be 5.25 milyun dollerz down the crapper? Well, it’s not like there was anyone else we could have snagged there – Andrelton Simmons, Kole Calhoun, Jedd Gyorki, Mike Olt, James Paxton, Addison Reed, Noah Syndergaard, Tijuan Walker, Anthony Ranaudo, Nick Castellanos, I’m sure there are others.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    B17, none of those guys proposed in the above trade is among our very top prospects. Like Badger said, this would improve the Dodgers THIS year, and would not throw any kind of monkey wrench into the long term plan to build from within. Remember, player development does two things. It provides a pipeline of talent for the big league team, and also provides talent that can be used in trades for current needs. Besides, that deal includes 35 year old Uribe + a pitcher that hasn’t yet shown himself to be an exceptional prospect, and a shortstop with a great glove and still unknown bat. In return we replace the 35 year old Uribe with the 35 year old Beltre, and give up an unproven pitcher and a 24 year old unproven shortstop for a proven 26 year old shortstop. And maybe that deal helps us win now while we wait for our other prospects to help in the future. Don’t know how any of that destroys anything in the Dodgers system. And then there’s all those very young prospects developing in the Dominican Summer League that we still know nothing about.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh, and the Rangers do that deal in order to dump salary, as Mark noted. Andrus has a contract that runs through 2022 (2023 if he reaches his vesting option). And Beltre is due some serious money next year, and could vest for 2016. Given their current circumstances the Rangers may just want to save some money that they can use to re-tool for 2015 and beyond.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Meanwhile, I know it’s only one at bat, but maybe I don’t trade Arruebarrena in that deal. He’s definitely unproven, but certainly doesn’t look helpless at the plate, either tonight or in his previous appearances for the Dodgers. And his defense is undeniable. Really, it’s always difficult to say whether or not you’d do a deal that includes a player or players you’ve never seen or seen only sparingly. That’s why I often say that I’ll leave judgment to Dodgers management, since they are in fact the only ones who know and see these players on a regular basis. Would be presumptuous on my part to think I know better than they do.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Really liked that last at bat by Arruebarrena. Kennedy kept trying to get him to bite on the breaking ball away, and he had the discipline to take them (including one slider that was called a strike that I thought was low and away).

    • Badger says:

      Kid has experience. Why he and Guerrero aren’t listed as top prospects must be a technicality. Or it’s political.

      “Tempted by the under” Me

      Why I don’t gamble.

  16. Badger says:

    This ump is another that sucks. Arrue took ball 4 only to be called out. This kid has the potential to be very good. His dWAR could be the highest in the NL if given a full time job. He’s gonna be fun to watch.

  17. Campy says:

    It seems that with a man on third and less than two outs Matt K has a difficult time putting the ball in play. It seems he often strikes out when a flyball or even a groundout would score a run. Does it seem that way to any of you??

  18. Badger says:

    I’ve seen a couple of times. Plate discipline. All he needed was a fly ball, he was thinking RBI but he looks at a cookie for strike one and swings at strike three on a ball a foot out of the strike zone. Focus. He lost it.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Nice to see that shot from Crawford. Now all he has to to is stay on the field.

    And yes, Arrue looks like “he’s gonna be fun to watch”. As good as Rojas is at short, Arrue is better. And it appears he’s a better hitter.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I was wondering why they let the runner go to second on defensive indifference. That put the runner in scoring position, and he did. For me, allowing the Padres to score that run brings the game significantly closer. I’d much prefer to go into the 9th leading by 4 rather than 3. And reducing the lead to 3 probably gets Jansen into a game that he didn’t have to be in.

    • Campy says:

      I hate defensive indiffernce, wish they wouldn’t use it at all. I know the potential benefits, but I believe in making an opponent earn their runs. Crazy things happen when you give the other team some momentium. I’ll bet the pitchers hate it too.

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