You can forget about the Dodgers ever DFA’ing Andre Crawford or Carl Ethier.  Wait!  Did I get the two of them confused?  Oh well, with Crawford hitting .233 and Ethier at .245 it’s easy to confuse them.  $40 million doesn’t buy what it used to.  I think someone could use Crawford and/or Ethier down the stretch and if the Dodgers paid 80% to 90% of their salary, they might get a mid-level prospect back…. or an overpaid starting pitcher.  It still saves them a few million – that’s why there will be no DFA.

Alex Guerero has played LF, Joc Pederson can play LF and Scott Van Slyke can play LF.  Yasiel Puig may never give up the CF spot for years, but when he’s injured (like last night), it’s nice to have a player who can actually play the position step in, like Joc Pederson, instead of a big lumbering guy (Scott Van Plodder)!  Crawford and Ethier aren’t bad guys, but big contracts frequently make players who were hungry… well, satisfied.

If the Dodgers are resigned to eating payroll, I think one or both can be moved.  It’s an awkward situation and it’s going to cost Guggenheim tens of millions, so I still say “THE TRADE” was stupid.  I know hindsight is 20/20, but I was never down with the contract for Ethier.  I supported Kemp’s contract – but, he’s a different kind of cat (‘er Bison) and I think he’s back to being an impact player.  Andre never really was a star while Carl was only when he had wheels and youth on his side.

Bottom line:  If the Dodgers added Alex Guerrero and Joc Pederson, I believe they would be better than they are with Ethier and Crawford.  Someone will have egg on their face and crow in their mouths, and it could cost jobs, but that’s why Stan Kasten is the President.  Make the tough decision, Stan.

Rants and Raves

  • Matt Kemp continues to look like The Comeback Player of the Year.
  • Jamey Wright has been a Godsend to this team.  Every team needs a guy like him.  I apologize for doubting you, Jamey!
  • Corey Seager was 2-4 again with his 5th double since being sent to AA.  He did commit his second error though.   It appears he has figured out minor league pitching, so far (.349 BA, .867 OPS – I was wrong on the OPS posted yesterday – that was at RC).  How will the Dodgers keep him down on the farm next year?  He is on a fast track.
  • Arrr is still suspended for a few more games.  Then he’s at AAA.
  • Someone asked yesterday why I though Beckett was through.  Two reasons:  (1) Watch him; and (2) he can’t pitch or work out between starts due to all his aches and pains, so he’s very limited.
  • Urias – 4 IP, 2 Hits, 0 Runs, 1 BB, 6 K’s – he now has a 2.84 ERA at RC which is a hitters league. He will also be ready next year.  You can’t hold him back.  He will do even better at AA, which he might see THIS year!
  • Dan Haren will be given one more chance – if he can’t pitch better, he will likely go on the DL.
  • It will be interesting to see if Beckett can go 5 today – I would say the odds are against it.
  • What a shot by Hanley – a Happy Ending aided by Strikeout Wilson!


  1. Badger says:

    Mark, you have already had the economics of this trade explained to you ad nauseam and you refuse to get it. Makes me wonder how the hell you ever built that water business to the level you have.

    The Dodgers went from irrelevant bankruptcy, drawing small crowds under YOUR BOY, Paco McNutsack, to first place on the brink of a championship and it began with that trade. Sad you don’t understand the dollars and sense of that move. Now, moving on from that trade……

    The trading of Ethier is so long overdue it may just be too late. Crawford is ours. We overpaid (for reasons repeatedly explained) and if used properly (platoon with SVS) he could easily put up a + WAR. I am not the only guy who understands this. We are outdrawing EVERYBODY and the value of this organization is off the charts. The meatheads involved in the tv fiasco (like the bankers and ALL of Congress) should be canned immediately and replaced with people who don’t break laws and can get sh*t done. We get it, you all want to do whatever the f&@# you want to do and make more money than is possible, but you all are going to have to learn how to live with limited power and more money per year than the average American worker makes in a lifetime. Get it together people!

    The Dodgers need to send a message. Establish order dammit. Give a Ethier away and clearly define the roles of everybody else. Bring up Lee and if it doesn’t work admit your mistake and trade him to LSU for season tickets.

    We are the best team in the NL. We sat in our hands while the two best teams in the AL geared up to beat us. Now what? Show some balls and do what needs to be done. And for those who want to continue to whine about something that was done 2 years ago, take a seat. The rest of us have a job to do.

    • BOB says:

      “more” money or “less” money?

      Good post. Just like some players are better in the big leagues than they were in the minors maybe one of the Dodger hopefuls will step up. I would take 4 ER in 6 innings by replacements for Haren and Beckett everyday of the week. That would keep the Dodgers in the game and help to save the bullpen.

      Best NL team (.568), hottest MLB team (7-3), best MLB road team (34-23), largest NL Lead (3.5 games), best NL (below 5,000 ft.) BA, Best NL run differential.

      Ok, back to the criticism of the Dodgers.

    • Mark TImmons says:


      I built my company by not over spending!

      Scientifically speaking, the world is made up of Protons, Neutrons, Electrons and Morons. I decided not to be #4.

      Dodger attendance per game:

      2014 – 46,800
      2013 – 46,200
      2012 – 41,000
      2011 – 36,200
      2010 – 43,900
      2009 – 46,400

      So, the Dodgers took on nearly $400 million in salaries to increase attendance in 2012 by 5,000 and by 10,000 in 2013? That math falls under the really fuzzy type! Actually, it falls under immense moronism!

      In the 2012 offseason, they could have signed:

      Adam LaRoche for 1B (2 years/$24 million)
      Torii Hunter for OF (2 years/$26 million)
      Russell Martin for C (2 years/$17 million)
      Melky Cabrera for CF (2 years/$16 million)

      Then they could have signed Ichiro Suzuki, Anibel Sanchez and BJ Upton and still have less money than they have tied up in Ethier, Ramiorez, Beckett, Crawford and Gonzalez. The fans would have loved that and there were no long-term obligations.

      I’m the one who is stupid?

      • Badger says:

        Calm down. No one said you were stupid. We said you are not paying attention to the obvious. You loved the “underdog” Frankie McSuckdog so much you could not see what I repeatedly told you was coming. We’ve had that problem since 2003. My crystal ball has been more accurate than yours on many issues (though I do look to be in danger on our recent 500 push-up bet).

        Have you forgotten the empty stadium at the end of the McScrew-the-fans era? Have you forgotten the bankruptcy? The Dodgers lead all of baseball in attendance now. They did not in ’10, ’11 or ’12. You must consider that in your evaluation metrics.

        “They could have signed………” – a lot of people really. We all have 20/20 hindsight. They could have traded for Price too, but you said that would have been “dope fiend “. Let’s deal now with “what is” and leave the “shoulda’s” to the less mature. We are in first place. We have some roster logistics that must be addressed. We are by a considerable margin the most popular team in all of baseball. It’s not “all” good, buts it’s mostly good and it is certainly better than it was when that greasy Boston fart sack trust fund creep owned the team.

        What to do NOW. Lose Haren bring up Lee. Claim Hamels (or another salary dump ace) and out pitch everybody (including Oakland and Detroit) and fix the moral destroying outfield jam.

        Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  2. BOB says:

    If the Dodgers try to trade Ethier and/or Crawford for low level, low priced pitchers during August doesn’t that mean that the pitcher has to go through waivers without being claimed and SF will probably try to block the trade just to get even with the Dodgers for claiming Barney, during the 3 days that the Dodgers slipped into 2nd place?

    Badger posted a link to a great article about Dodger pitching and especially about Lee. It confirms what many of us have been saying. It is always a bummer when a person says something brilliant and ends up being the last post!

    Reed and Patterson are scheduled to pitch today. Will they?

    Hopefully Beckett goes at least 5 innings and the game ends after 9 innings. Save the bullpen and bring up a swingman and YES send Paco back to the minor leagues. DFAs to start 8/15.

  3. bobbie17 says:

    The time for the Trinity will be next year, not this season. When rosters expand, they will have some ML time, and it will be interesting to see how they perform. If they do well in Sept, look out for old heads to roll this off season. Last night was a confidence builder for the bullpen, and that is exactly what it needs as a collective unit. The pen has pitched a lot the last 2 games, so we will see who is available today. I think Paco will be seen. I hope he has figured out what the problem is, and if he has not, he might be shipped out in the next trade. That would be a shame because he was so good last year. And he might be again. I can’t understand how he could have lost it so fast–as fast as he found it to begin with. Interesting, and puzzling story. Why is this Cubs team playing us so tough? Everyone likes to beat the Dodgers, and the “all for one” theory is causing problems these first 2 games. Another get away day, with the Angels the next 4 games. It would be easy to phone this one in. I hope not.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Great post above Badger.

    Bob, maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought the Barney deal was just a trade. The whole waiver thing didn’t begin until August 1. Maybe the midgets are upset that the Dodgers made that deal, but they certainly have no beef that the Dodgers claimed him in front of them after slipping into 2nd place.

    Badger, if memory serves, in that post at the end of the last thread, the article explained that Lee’s control and strikeout rate have regressed this year at ALBQ. compared to Chattanooga last year. And if anything, that’s could be an argument for bringing him up. Lee is not a power pitcher who relies on an electric fastball. He’s got a good fastball in the low 90’s, which is more than enough if you have command of solid secondary stuff. Problem is, at over 5,000 feet in ALBQ. (and also in places like Colorado Springs), that secondary stuff doesn’t play well. Breaking balls don’t do what they’re intended to do, the pitcher loses confidence, and is afraid to throw strikes. My guess is, that in more normal conditions, Lee’s breaking stuff would break, and he’d be more likely to throw it for strikes. He’s one of those guys that could very easily pitch better at the big league level than he is in the PCL.

    And certainly the Dodgers should consider Carlos Frias, Red Patterson, Chris Reed, and anyone else they think can contribute. Haren I don’t think is going to last, and the same goes for Chris Perez. And when it’s all over, given that the Dodgers are in the final year of their affiliate agreement with ALBQ., it’s time to get out of there, and for that matter, out of the PCL. If they can have affiliates in Tennessee and Michigan, there is no excuse for staying in the PCL. No need for the AAA-team to be close to the big league team, not with air travel being what it is.

    • Badger says:

      I agree with your point about Lee. Let him pitch at sea level and see if he can hit his spots. If he can’t (and give him multiple starts to get it figured out) then admit your mistake and send him home to Texas where can figure out his next career move.

  5. idahoal says:

    Beckett will not make it through five innings at this rate. Sixty four pitches and still in the third. He has to be hurting. He cannot do his regular work out between starts.

    Ethier looks lost at the plate. He has lost all of his confidence. He needs a change of scenery.

    Turner certainly has looked good. I do not know why the Mets let him go.

    I hope Paco does well. If he does than maybe Perez is the only one we need to send down the road.

  6. t.o.dave says:

    I thought the CUBS were Completely Useless By Spring but I double checked to find out I was wrong. They’re Completely Useless By September and unfortunately, we’re having to play them in August.

  7. Watford Dodger says:

    Every time I see Kemp trying to steal my heart is in my mouth.
    We are making very heavy weather if putting a very poor team away.
    I fear for our up coming games against a very buoyant Angels team.

  8. Badger says:

    We have a way of bringing out the best in the worst dave.

    Haren/Beckett. How long we go with it? I’m on record saying I would have started Lee in this one against Jackson and his 5.6 ERA.

    Late rally?

  9. BOB says:

    TV! Glued to WGN today!
    Rally Time!
    The Cubs gave up on Barney and DFA’d him. That means that he was placed on irrevocable waivers and trading him was an option after the Dodgers claimed him. After July 31st a player must be placed on waivers in order to be traded. Usually the players are placed on revocable waivers just to find out the interest of other teams..

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Nobody, says you’re stupid, but neither are we.

    I’m sure you know that the Dodgers typically play 81 home games. At 5,000 per game that’s 405,000 in additional annual attendance. And at 10,000 per game, just add 4 zeros after 81 and it works out to an 810,000 annual increase. And that’s not only additional ticket revenue, but is also additional food concession revenue and additional merchandise revenue. And maybe they can charge a little more for all the advertising around Dodger Stadium, including that flashed up on the electronic boards. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the Dodgers were also able to raise ticket prices, and probably the price of Dodger Dogs, etc., etc., etc. And I don’t know if everyone who buys a season ticket uses it (the attendance announced for each team are for those who actually show up), but I do believe that the Dodgers set an all-time high for the team in the number of season tickets they sold this year. I think it might have been 31,000, but I could have that number wrong.

    Here is the Dodgers year-by-year attendance.

    And if the 46,800 you use for this year is accurate, that works out to 3,790,800. However, given the Dodgers slow start, and given the pennant race they’re currently involved in, we can probably expect that for the remainder of this season that average attendance per game will probably rise, bringing attendance to somewhere between 3.8 and 3.9 million.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Relax everyone. Just a bad series against a weak team. It happens. Keep those glasses half full. And no doubt, there will be personnel moves in the coming weeks. Think of it this way. After we swept the midgets we were 1.5 games in front. Now it’s 2.5 games. That’s progress.

  12. BOB says:

    Beckett battled today but he has now proven his ability for the near future. Haren has also proven his ability. No way Dummy can not Torreize the bullpen unless Neddy brings up someone. Reed pitches on the same day as Beckett so bring him up in 4 days and let him pitch on the same day as Beckett. Sometimes you need to be creative to solve problems. How about just treating 3 games as season games and 2 games as spring training for starting pitching. Pick one of the better AAA or AA pitchers who pitches on the same day as Haren and bring one of them up. Sen Paco back to AAA and DFA Rojas. Try something outside of the box. Traditional thinking is not working. Start some clocks. The kids may not work out in 3 years anyway.

    Do the same thing with LF. Play Crawford 5 innings and Ethier 4 innings,. See who gets hot instead of just guessing who might be hot. Who is going to select a player off the waiver wire who never plays?

    Tomorrow is game 7 out of 20 days in a row, No way the Dodger staff holds up for another 2 weeks without a change in personnel.

    If the Dodgers can’t or won’t make a trade then for once think creatively.

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