It was a nice win today, but I have had my fill of Brian Wilson.  He had three pitches that hit 90 and the rest were in the 80’s.

He tries to throw a knuckleball because he knows he’s toast.  Get him and his 5.26 ERA out of town – NOW!

I haven’t counted, but I feel like the Dodgers would have 5 or 6 more wins if they hadn’t ran him out there all those times!

Chose Garcia, Lee, Baez, Dominguez, Martin, Patterson or Frias, shoot bring up Magill!

Anyone but Brian Wilson.


Drew Butera = Beast?



  1. Watford Dodger says:

    Yep he’s been struggling long enough – like all season. He has no velocity or movement on his pitches. He cannot miss a bat. He needs to sit before the post season where all the hitting will be decent. To be honest, it’s cross your fingers time when any of the pen are called upon. Even JP is looking tired.
    What about Purplebum to pitch the 8th if he’s willing to do it?

  2. Badger says:

    “We are all manufacturers – making good, making trouble or making excuses.” H.V. Adolt

    No more excuses. Wilson is done.

    Great road trip. Now take care of business on the home court.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No doubt that Puig still needs some refinement of his CF play, but he’s certainly looking pretty good out there, and is a vast improvement over Kemp, Ethier and SVS. Looks to me that over time he could develop into an excellent CF, and that any talk of moving Gordon’s stellar defense off of 2B to play CF should be tabled. And even if Pederson can hit, it might well be that he’s better suited to LF, with Kemp remaining in RF. As regards Kemp, I still don’t think he’ll approach his 2011 and early 2012 numbers until he has another offseason to work out. As I’ve said before, his last two offseasons were spent rebabbing from surgeries on his shoulder and ankle. Barring another injury this year, this offseason will be his first since the offseason prior to 2012 in which he will totally devote himself to getting into playing shape.

    • Badger says:

      It’s my opinion Kemp has had his career year. Just as Hanley has, Crawford has, Gonzalez has, Uribe has, Ellis has, and Ethier has. Probably several others as well (Haren and Greinke). For all we know we may have seen the best of Clayton Kershaw. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is ALL of them do what they are capable of doing NOW! For Kemp, fangraphs projections for him are quite modest. (Less than 1 WAR) I think he can do better than that, but he needs to get it going.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not interested in Fangraphs or any other projections for Kemp. Like I said, he hasn’t been able to prepare for the last couple of years because he’s been rehabbing surgeries after each of those years. Any projections for Kemp do not take that into account, so I’ll hold my judgment on him until I see him after a normal offseason, in which he can prepare properly. Kemp may not be what he was at the beginning of 2012 when he looked capable of a triple crown, and maybe not even 2011. But at 30 next year, I think he’s still capable of having a very big year. As for the remainder of this year, I’m not completely sure. Looks like he’s beginning to put things back together, but I don’t think he’s all the way back, and there may still be some bumps in the road. But yes, it would certainly help if he would get it going for the remainder of this season.

    I’m not looking for career years out of anybody. What I do want is for our veterans to perform at a high level, and for there also to be an infusion of young talent to complement them, and as time marches on, to replace them.

    As for Brian Wilson, I certainly don’t trust him anymore. But unfortunately, he will probably be back next year, since he has a player option for 2015. That’s another contract that might have to be eaten.

  5. Badger says:

    I think fangraphs does indeed take into consideration a players health. They are very good at what they do. The rest of your post I agree with. I too just want our older guys to do what they are paid to do. 3 WARs out of all of them would do just fine.

    Mark – ain’t seen nothin’? I’ve seen 21 wins, I’ve seen 2 6.6 WAR seasons, I’ve seen 2 Cy Youngs, I’ve seen ERA titles – I’ve seen plenty. Hopefully, with enormous good fortune, we will see him pitch through his entire contract.

  6. idahoal says:

    I certainly agree with everyone about Wilson. I doubt if ned will eat his contract. He should, but he won’t. They have to bring up one or two pitchers from the farm to help the bull pen. You cannot trust Wilson or Perez. That puts pressure on the pitch more innings and they are going to be tired come play off time.

    Ned just will not admit he made a mistake. That is why Mattingly is not working with a 25 player team. He has to manage around Wilson and Perez.

    Jansen threw a lot of pitches yesterday and he looks tired to me already. I do not think they can use him tonight.

  7. Pete M says:

    Here we go round in circles… The 300 mill. is absurd and you know what bothers Clayton the most… 2013 NLCS 2 M GM – 6.30 ERA…
    By the way, The Left Arm Of God 8 WS G – 0.95…
    I think for now I know where to put my $$$…
    Joc P – 30/30… Who knew??? And yes, believe me when I say I painfully remember Brock & Marshall… But What If???
    Idahoal you’re so right, Ned holds on too long!!! Loyalty or ???

  8. Badger says:

    Re Kershaw 26-31. Maybe. Hope so. But post steroid era stats tell me a different story. Those pitchers who throw mid 90’s and a lot of innings are wearing out at an alarming rate. Not saying that about Clayton, just sayin…….

    I wonder how Wilson is with younger pitchers. He gives the outward appearance of a loner, but we on the outside don’t know. He definitely has a warrior mentality. Might be good to have him around. As long as he doesn’t pitch much. He is working on different pitches. Maybe he can get some outs with sliders and knuckle balls. For now, I wouldn’t use him.

    Had a conversation with a friend last night, his buddy was part of a group trying to the Royals. He ended up with a minor league team in Boise. My friend had never heard of the concept of having your AAA team in the same time zone and the same climate as your ML club but he thought it made sense. He mentioned the Rockies. The question he had was, would RC draw. I think they could easily draw 5 million, but, I’m sure the politics are complicated. Politics always complicates.

    Kemp with a 2.3 oWAR after 112 games. His dWAR is horrible. In fact it is so bad it negates his oWAR. But I think in right field it will improve. He has a chance to finish higher than his projections, but he needs to kick it in gear.

  9. BOB says:

    Badger – “Those pitchers who throw mid 90′s and a lot of innings are wearing out at an alarming rate.” Is it the actual speed, or the number of max effort pitches, or the average differential between the pitcher’s average fastball and their max fast ball speed? If some one stays more than 3 mph slower than their max speed, like Kershaw?, should they stay healthy or is there too much influence by GMOs, improper weigh lifting routines, etc? Will we ever know?

    I want to DFA Perez and Keep Wilson for next year. My friend, the “auto restorer” and “athlete engineer”, just put 5 mph on a 17 year old’s arm in 2 months and the kid is now in the Top 40 to make the junior national team, after striking out all 3 three batters that he faced on 12 pitches. I think that he can also fix Wilson in the off season but Perez does not appear to have the internal drive to be an athlete, which I believe is the prerequisite to his physical rehabilitation and future success.

    No Dodger pitcher is getting the hang of AAA. Reed’s ERA at AAA is over 10.00. The Dodgers must move away from Albu or leave all real prospects in AA and move all failed prospects to AAA. RC might be in the geographical area controlled by the Angels. And now there is an attorney running MLB. Can things get any worse?

    Is Dodger Digest Dead?

    I am happy to see a Dodger player in almost all of the major stat lists. Highly skilled players usually succeed in the playoffs.

    Three more days until a day of rest for the Dodgers. Hope they focus until than.

        • Quasimodo says:

          #$%^&*&!!!!!!!!!! Dammit!!!

          I just logged on and off @DD and all was up and running with MP’s freshest story of the day. There must have been tech issues that has been resolved.- (really I didn’t just do that because my spastic left hand did it’s dirty trick again and I lost what I writing of the fallowing)………..

          Badger, I called my buddy Ray and asked him to roughly relay to me the era’s and the bulk of which eras. He said he’d drop off his collection but to that I nixxxx’d. I specifically asked your question about Mickey Mantle cards. He said he did but he had trusted some one to sell and split the gross $ (same as he offered to me) but only bad business comes from the guy he trusted and Ray knew this! The guy told Ray the cards got stolen. Ray has the bulk of his orchard but the ripest fruit is gone to some degree. I can’t believe how difficult of a time I’m having trying to construct a simple sentence. At any rate, I’ll be more than happy to put the two of you guys together and me expecting fairness is an easy read. I know for fact what Ray is made of and you’re a simple read of quality too, Badger.

          My head is trying to grasp some of the things I have to get on board with. I’m VERY close to putting on the brakes and not letting all these doctors continue their search. Its really obvious the medical world is jumping at max speed to get the biggest piece of the cake before they can’t. If it surfaces that the reason they want me to give an ‘okay’ to drug me to the state of unconsciousness to go up my asshole with cameras, lights and who knows what else to simply guarantee themselves a sure fat paycheck, they’ll find I’m not likely to ever just let it go.

          Most of that above is meant for humor…..sorta. You all can see I’m not real settled and at peace with my immediate future and I may not seem diligent or concerned. My days to get matters handled are pretty much on Wednesdays. So trips to the post office, grocery store, doctors, blood work, etc. are ‘if it don’t get handled this Wednesday, its on the fallowing Wed.

          I think Mark secretly has several clones who are synchronized successfully. Its just not possible to fit all those chores safely together and be successful. Thanks friends for letting me babble.

  10. Campy says:

    Right now Correia and especially Hernandez are making Ned look like a genius. Not too long ago most of us were calling for his head because he didn’t go out and get Price or any of the other big names. That would certainly have put a dent in our farm system but it appears that he may have put an inexpensive patch on our starting pitching problem. Hernandez was showing signs of improvement before we got him and I sure hope these two starts are a sign of things to come. Correia, well one good start but we certainly haven’t seen enough of him to declare him a success…yet. If both continue to pitch like they have, these trades might be compared to the great train robbery.

  11. Campy says:

    SB Nation has an article about Joc’s persuit of a 30-30 season at Alb. He is at 27 HR and 26 SB with 19 games left to play. They note that a 30-30 has not be achieved in the PCL for 80 years and then they make this comment about why they are so rare.

    The reason a 30-30 season rarely happens at any level in the minors is obvious. Usually, a player good enough to amass such numbers gets promoted to the next rung on the ladder. For Pederson, that next step is the major leagues but the Dodgers have over $59 million worth of outfielders already on the roster, so in Albuquerque he stays.

    I don’t think hitting 30 HR at Alb. is a good measurement of a player’s potential, however you would think that it would still give him a shot at the big club…. wouldn’t you?

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not sure anyone understood what I had written previously. There can be no AAA team in Rancho unless Rancho becomes a team in an established AAA league. As part of the California League Rancho only plays against Single-A competition. So there is no way that the Dodgers can locate their AAA affiliate in Rancho, since that AAA team would have no AAA competition that they could play. With a few exceptions, most minor league teams are independently owned, and sign Player Development Contracts (PDC’s) with major league teams. When the current PDC with ALBQ. expires after this season the Dodgers will have the opportunity to sign a new agreement with another AAA team that doesn’t have a PDF with another MLB team in 2015. To my knowledge there are only two AAA leagues, the PCL and the International League. So unless Rancho becomes a AAA team in either the PCL or the IL, the Dodgers will have to sign a PDC with a team in the PCL or IL, neither of which includes Rancho.

    “Fangraphs does indeed take into consideration a players health.” — Badger

    Badger, I absolutely agree with that. And for that reason alone I don’t have any confidence in their projections for Kemp. Based on what Kemp has done over the past couple of years during a period of diminished health it would be normal to project much of the same going forward. Sure, Fangraphs may well consider that he’s been getting better in recent months. But you can rest assured that they’re not taking into consideration that his workout regimen will likely change drastically this winter compared to what it was after 2012 and 2013, both winters in which he was REHABBING from surgeries. After 2012 he dramatically cut his upper body work due to his shoulder surgery, and didn’t start picking that up until sometime during the season last year. And after 2013 he spent the winter rehabbing his ankle injury, during which time he was unable to put his full weight on his surgically repaired leg for fear of permanent damage to his weight bearing talus bone. Think back to spring training in 2014, when it was only towards the very end that Kemp was given full clearance after an MRI.

    Mark, in spite of my contention that Kershaw will never be as good as Sandy Koufax, I have always said that due to longevity, he will likely have a superior career if he remains healthy. So I definitely believe that he will continue to be a superior pitcher going forward. Is the best yet to come? Maybe, maybe not. Thinking so sounds more like wishful thinking than anything else. Kershaw is in the midst of a very good run. Those things don’t always last, especially deep into the future. After all, Hershiser was unhittable at the end of 1988, not so in 1989 (although he had a very good year). And also consider that Kershaw, due to his early season injury this year, has logged only 136 innings, compared to the 236 he accumulated during the 2013 regular season. I don’t think that even you think he’s going to pitch another 100 innings this year. Probably won’t even get to 200 innings. I can’t say for sure it was the reason Kershaw got bombed in his final game against the Cardinals in the NLCS, but then again, maybe the accumulated total of 259 innings he compiled last year (includes playoff games) had something to do with it. Even the game he pitched against Atlanta on 3-days rest may have adversely affected him as he got to the end.

    Pete, I will say this in Mike Marshall’s defense. If memory serves, I believe that Marshall was leading the league in HR and RBI’s in July 1985 when he hurt his back. And again, if memory serves, I believe that when he came back at the end of that season he went 3 for 50. After hurting his back Mike Marshall was a shell of the player he had been, and totally lost all of this power. Remember, it was a back injury that also laid low Don Mattingly’s career. In my estimation, as much as ALBQ. inflated his numbers, Mike Marshall was on the way the to a very productive career until the back injury. Greg Brock was a whole other story.

  13. Badger says:

    Albuquerque picked up another AAA team when the Dukes left. And why can’t Rancho go from A to different league? Just have the AAA teams come there instead of Gnu Mexco. I still don’t follow your logic. Tell me why new agreements can’t possibly be negotiated. Seems to me, with the right amount of money offered ANYTHING can be done in this country. Well, almost anything. Attitudes and tolerance, and common sense, can’t be purchased, but moving a baseball team sure should be able to get done.

    Sounds to me like you are making projection on Kemp for ’15. fangraphs projections, and my interest, is for this year only. We need him now.

  14. Michael says:

    Hopefully Zach will get a September call up to satisfy inquiring minds but like many before him it will be most likely coming out of the pen.
    Was listening to the local AAA radio broadcast[Salt Lake Bees{Angels}] last night and the announcer alluded to a shake up in affiliations this year with Sacramento going after the Giants with a ripple effect ensuing. He did mention that there is a 10 day negotiating period in Sept. when these deals may be consummated.
    Through a little more research I’ve found that the PCL is an entity that awards franchises to certain cities much like MLB. So it’s not like we can just move our team to wherever we want. So dreams of Rancho will remain just that unless of course some city wanted to get out of it and Rancho was awarded a franchise.

  15. Badger says:

    Watching the LLWS and just noticed a problem – they got 6 umps on the field and NONE of them carry a clicker! As a former ump I find that incredulous! And it cost the team from Texas. Runners on second and third, two out and the third pitch, strike 2, was called strike three! Not one out of the six umps got it right. Texas coach was dumbfounded, as were the tv guys. No excuse. It’s a simple tool EVERY umpire owns.

    So Michael, we are locked into a contract with Albuquerque that we cannot get out of?

  16. Badger says:

    I can’t find anything on the agreement between Isotopes Owner: Albuquerque Baseball Club, L.L.C. and the Dodgers. I’ve got an email into them. It’s clear they have moved teams in and out of town. Guess the Marlins were there for a few years after the Dukes left.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    No doubt a AAA team could be established in Rancho. But until that happens, the Dodgers cannot sign an affiliation agreement for a AAA team in that location. But there is nothing stopping the Dodgers from signing an affiliation agreement with a team in the IL. After all, if they have their AA team in Chattanooga, why not a AAA team further east? And I’m sure the Dodgers could purchase a AAA team and move them wherever they like. In fact, I believe the Albuquerque Dukes moved to Portland and became the Portland Beavers. So anything is possible. Here’s the IL website. If any of the teams in that league are due to sign a new affiliation agreement, then why not with the Dodgers? I’m sure Mark would love it if the Indianapolis Indians were the team.

    I understand that we need Kemp now. And if Fangraphs projections are for this year, that makes more sense to me. However, going forward I am not sure that any projections they would make for Kemp would take into account a total change in his workout regimen based on no further need for him to rehab an injury. And yes, I am projecting better numbers for Kemp next year based on his having a full offseason to prepare as he hasn’t been able to do in the last two years. Just think back to the beginning of 2012 when he was leading the league (probably all of baseball) in everything. That was following an offseason in which we began to hear about “Beast Mode” in connection with Kemp’s workouts.

  18. Michael says:

    There are 30 AAA teams which translates perfectly to 30 MLB teams. I can’t locate what I happened upon earlier but only 4 teams own their affiliates[don’t know who they are didn’t dig that deep]. MLB teams sign 2 year agreements with these franchises and provide players, coaches, bats and balls but I found it surprising that the franchises pay travel expenses. I’m not sure of the politics of moving but like I said earlier if Sac gets the Giants it would open up Fresno but they may opt for the A’s.
    I was only looking at the time to see if Rancho or Glendale was a possibility at the time but if you google it you may be able to come up with a better understanding of these secrets of baseball or perhaps you’ll get an reply to your Email.

    • Badger says:

      Got a reply already:

      Our current contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers expires at the end of the 2014 season.

      Thank you,

      Mark Otero
      Albuquerque Isotopes

      I’d take Fresno. There’s nothing going in in Fresno, about a half million live there, I’m betting they would LOVE to have the Dodgers there.

      • Quasimodo says:

        Its very certain there’d be trouble for any apparent blue wearing fans that would express their favorite team were the Dodgers. In California prisons the southern Mexican Americans had more populace (mostly LA) than those living north of Bakersfield and now the line is more of who you’ve represented always and who are you related to. The ‘SUR-‘south wears blue and the ‘Norte’-wears red. And too much blood has been spilled for peace to carry any amount of time to believe their war is over. I know the Fresno Bulldogs in college came before the street Bulldogs from Fresno are two different things, but not all together different. I’m sure this issue has been brought into focus if there were ever any talks between Dodgers front office. Things like this would have to been brought to the table. That Race really likes border-wars and they’re pretty stab-happy. It may work if no Dodgers gear were allowed. there’s trouble to go somewhere all the time, This war that the Chicans have with themselves often have one cousin stab his other. If there is anyone here thinking I sound like a Racist, well, only part, if its fought and the allies enter then I’m a racist at blacks and northern chicans. Prison politics. and do what the Romans do.

  19. BOB says:

    Even Churchill would have said Never Never Never Never Never allow a relief pitcher to put 5 runners on base in a third of an inning. Back to Moron Moron Moron Moron Moron status for Dummie Moroningly.

  20. Watford Dodger says:

    I here you Bobby & feel your pain. I’m screaming at the TV to get Wright outta there quick.
    First Ryu now Uribe. Hanley already out plus Beckett,Maholm & Perez. We need to regroup.

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