I haven’t talked about junkyard dogs and junkyard dogism for about a year, because the Dodger Blue Bloods who make $20 million a year are not junkyard dogs.

To me, being called a “junkyard dog” is an honor of the highest order.  A Junkyard Dog is someone who overcomes obstacles to thrive.  If I call you a junkyard dog, it is an honor I bestow upon you.

That said, in his first start as a Dodger, Darwin Barney EVOLVED into a junkyard dog.  Darwin played an incredible 2B, manufactured a run and just displayed pure junkyard dogism throughout the game.

Dan Haren again looked pretty good (can you say $10 million extension?).  YIKES!  I’m not sure I want that!

AJ Ellis needs to be the backup next year, but the Dodgers should start developing catchers.  The ghosts of Roy Campanella and John Roseboro demand it!  Anyone for Russ Martin for 3 years?

Is Scott Schebler becoming a bona-fide prospect?  He has 24 HR at AA.

You heard it here first – Corey Seager is moving to 3B!




  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Maybe Barney’s been that for a long time. And maybe it’s why he’s still in the big leagues. I got a feeling he did the same stuff for the Cubs, and maybe it’s one of the reasons the Dodgers chose to trade for him.

    Why has Russell Martin played in only 74 games this year? And look at his record over the last several years. His .290 this year in only 252 ABs is well above what he’s done over the last several years. And don’t take those HRs he hit with the Yankees very seriously. Yankee Stadium is a hitter’s haven, and so are a number of the ballparks in the AL East. And last years .226 with the Pirates doesn’t fill me with confidence. He’s obviously better than what we have now, but is he the only alternative? I wouldn’t mind having him, but I’m not sure he’s worth a 3 year investment.

    I believe Haren has now pitched 140 innings this year. The Dodgers have 41 games left. If he started every 5th game he’d get another 8 starts, and would reach 180 innings if he averaged 5 innings per start. Certainly doable, but not a certainty. My guess is that it will be close. As for the $10 million, that’s just pocket change for the Dodgers, and well worth the expense if he proves useful in long relief in the playoffs. And if he doesn’t reach the 180 innings, the Dodgers won’t save the entire $10 million, since someone will be paid to occupy his roster spot next year. If it’s a rookie, then the cost is minimal. If not, it’s anybody’s guess.

    And read my post at the end of the previous thread. I think moving to Gordon to CF would be a bad idea.

  2. BOB says:

    You heard it here first. Robinson Cano is Corey Seager’s best batting instructor. That’s right. Cano is coaching all of the Mariners regarding hitting, especially Left on Left. Seager talks to his older brother all of the time and gets lots of batting tips from him. Seager went from terrible against LHP to good in just a month. He adopted what is being taught by Cano in Seattle. So it is not really the Dodger player development department that has helped Corey. It is the competition!

    You might have to wait 10 years to hear this fact officially!

  3. Pete M says:

    Barney is one of those guys I love, who not possessing those God given abilities, will out work you day in and day out… I compare him to last year’s Mark Ellis, although not the hitter Mark is Barney was… Every team needs a Barney and Turner duo…
    I wrote about Scott S. earlier in the season and said I loved what I saw in ST… + 6… Damn aint that SWEET…
    Thanks for a set OF and a Dre who seems at this time to be accepting…

  4. Badger says:

    It would be ……. magical to learn how to hit left handed pitching second party over the phone. But, I believe in magic.

    Our schedule appears to be one that could conceivably allow us to keep Haren and Hernandez in the rotation for a few weeks. Roster expansion will allow us to carry extra pitchers so maintaining this lead could give our 1-3 extra days. There is of course home field to consider.

    I doubt the Dodgers hold back Haren deliberately. If he’s pitching well he will get his money.

  5. BOB says:

    How much does the best road team in baseball really need to consider home field? Home +3, Road +14. This team might prefer playing on the road. You never know!

    Principles can be taught over the phone. Implementing principles learned over the phone can be accomplished by a superior talent. That being said NEVER NEVER NEVER trade Corey.

    2nd most wins in MLB. 6 game lead in the West. 10 by the end of the month? giants are no longer a Wild Card team. Happy Happy! San Diego is hot. I really hope that they catch the LOSERS by the end of the season.

    Pederson’s average is now .302 with 27 HRs, 63 RBIs, and 130 strike outs in Albu. Unfortunately that sounds eerily similar to a former Dodger player who in a full season at Albu hit .297 with 26 HRs, 100 RBIs and 143 strike outs. Yea I am talking about Billy Ashley. And Billy went on to have an even better year in 1994, yet still was a bust in the bigs.


    • Badger says:

      “We prefer playing Game 7 on the road” said no team ever.

      I agree – don’t trade Corey. Unless of course it’s for Stanton. Then – by all means, proceed.

      The only number I really care about coming out of Albuquerque is strikeouts. Put the ball in play Joc. If those guys can strike you out, ML pitchers will blow you away.

      “Principles can be taught over the phone”. BOB. True – unless if course the student is a visual learner. Then you will need some film. if they are tactile learners, you will need some hands on. (1) (2)

      (1) – Kolb 1984 “Experiental Learning: Experiences as the source of learning and development. Englewood Cliffs, NJ – Prentice Hall

      (2) “Piaget – Cognitive Theory (assimilation and accommodations)

  6. BOB says:

    Proactive coaching, willing teachable athletes, and periodic rest through the end of the year is what the Dodgers need to the win the World Series. Everyone needs to be able and willing to daily consider how they need to adjust and how the opposition is adjusting to them; and be willing to take a day off without moaning.

    Who is Hot?
    Gonzalez, Crawford, Ethier, Turner, and 9 pitchers

    Who is warm?
    Kemp, Rojas, Uribe, and Hernandez

    Who is cold?
    Puig, SVS, and Greinke

    Who is freezing cold?
    Gordon, Ellis, Howell, and of course FRIAS!!!!!

    • Badger says:

      Good information.

      How to warm up Gordon? Platoon him for a while I suppose. Put him on the phone with Kyle until he can learn to clobber LH pitching.

      This could be a good stretch to rest the regulars. Then again, maybe not. Brewers in first place and Pods, 8-2, love to BEAT LA!!

      • BOB says:

        Padres are 13-6 since they traded Chase to the NYY who are 10-9 during that same period of time. Wonder if that means anything about the guy? SD is 4th in BA this month and 1st in ERA. Wow what a turn around. Maybe the Dodgers should be happy with a split of the 6 games that they will play against the Padres during the rest of August.

  7. bobbie17 says:

    Right now, the competition is fading, and the boys are playing well enough to win. Let’s put the Giants behind the Padres….and then the Rockies. The whining up here can be heard from afar. There is nothing quite like the whining of Giants’ fans. Whining with 2 trophies???? That’s what they do. What Ned has done, and continues to do is to accumulate good baseball players. With the injuries happening all over, these guys can step in and play and contribute. Then, later, they can be traded. I like having the organization full of good, solid players, even if that seems like duplication. Play on.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Duplication is a good thing.

    I’m not too worried about Gordon. I remember following him when he was in the minors, and there were times when his bat went ice cold, only to have it suddenly turn white hot. I suspect there’s a hot streak in him just waiting to come out. I really want to see the Dodgers build up their lead, thus allowing them to rest the regulars, and give the reserves more repetitions. And it gives greater flexibility in handling the pitching staff, and getting it ready for the postseason.

    Even for Stanton I’d be reluctant to part with Seager. After Uribe the Dodgers don’t have anyone in their system to play 3B. Maybe Guerrero, but I wouldn’t bet on it. If Stanton becomes a possibility it still might be possible to build a package around our other two top prospects. Maybe Guerrero could be included such a deal. But thinking about Stanton now is probably getting ahead of ourselves.

  9. Badger says:

    I too think Gordon has something left in the tank. I sure don’t like his swing of late. Just waving at it. Drive it like you did those triples a few months ago.

    I would trade all 3 prospects for Stanton. His 7 WAR would look great in the middle of Puig, Kemp, and Gonzalez. Prospects mean little to me. We’ve seen so many Andy LaRoche’s and Joel Guzman’s and so few Kershaw’s that when you get a chance to get one who is 25 you get him. That said, the Marlins aren’t trading Giancarlo Stanton.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    As one of the house GM’s, I will say this again . . .

    If Hanley is not on the team next season — his bat has to be replaced with another power bat at some position on the field. That might mean moving out another starting position player (trade, walk, or bench).

    I think we have seen that Puig is a power bat, but not a HR bat. Crawford is not any longer a power bat. Neither is Ethier. SVS is just a bench and fill in player. Uribe is not, just big swings and gets hot for a game or two.

    Adrian G has begun his downward power game. Kemp is a maybe and the rest of the team are punch and judy hitters — ARRRR, Barney, Gordon, Rojas, Triunfel, Turner . . . Guerrero should have some power.

    So if no big moves are made — this Dodger team next season will be power light. BUT like the other night in Atlanta — get 4 or 5 singles in a row, throw in a double or two — you Clayton might win 24 games.

  11. Badger says:

    You’re right. He looks like he is sleepwalking. He is 23 and has played in 110 games. How can he be tired? This is baseball. There’s no tired in baseball.

    I sure hope Ryu doesn’t miss much time.

    Lethargic game so far. I’m falling asleep watching it. And an early game tomorrow.

  12. Quasimodo says:

    Hi all! Today’s game almost ended the way it should, but it was the other universe that Kemp hit his walk-off HR. Here very shortly tonight a very good friend who i have known almost 50 years will be visiting. He played catcher and was very good, even scouted. But chose the other path-at least he did in this universe. His mother wasn’t so happy he didn’t keep playing baseball and it turned out that Mitsubishi bought out the company he worked at and….well, . I haven’t seen him for over 10 years so tonight has good promise of being special in my small world. Actually I’ve had more friends visiting in the past couple weeks than I’ve had in years. Two nights ago my visitors brought my many baseball cards that I’ll be happy to share with some of my friends here, though I’m gonna be a bit greedy with those. Alas!, along with the baseball cards came many football and hockey cards and I intend on keeping just a couple of the choice hockey ones. (like Wayne Gretski’s). So if there are any collectors

    • Quasimodo says:

      Oops! didn’t mean to post without adding…..So if there are collectors at this community express so and I’ll share. The dear friends gave to me knowing that I would want to do this. I have a 20 cent postage stamp of Roberto Clemente that is 631 of 8000 that is nicely encased by HH that is screaming it should go to Roger.

      I’ll ask Mark to get permission from those`who show any interest. Hope he won’t get mad at me.

  13. Quasimodo says:

    My Buddy and his wife just left but upon his arrival i showed him what I wrote and he brought it to my attention that he has many-many baseball cards, (he spoke boxes) and said if I would sell them for him he’d split the $ with me. I’m not interested in profiting from him or anybody here but would happily put whoever may be interested the ‘hookup’. This friend is the sort I have absolute certainty will treat anybody that comes through me better than would be expected.

    As for the cards I have all’s I want from my friends here is to ask. I’m not real good in assembling time capsules, with me time capsules have too short of shelf lives and I’m not talking about I have a fortune to distribute. Its just that I hope there’s a better-safer home than I’d provide. This is why I asked Watford for his address.

    Mark, my friend Ray says he has many auto racing cards (I remember you liking auto racing) and if you have any interest I’ll ask Ray to send you whatever you may like to have. It’ll be risk free at your end as I will guarantee him as well as I do you..

    ugh! Tomorrow I have to get scheduled for a Colonoscopy. (spell check shows I’ve misspelled colonoscopy but sadly I’ve recently learned my spelling is correct) I knew I had no business getting old. geez!!!!`

    I know this is not ebay, and thus, just let me know if I’m out of line for bringing such things here. I promise I’m not out for a cent, I’ll pay for postage so it is sure i’ll be in the red.

  14. Badger says:

    Hey Quas, are you giving them away or selling them? How far back do they go? I had a collection that went into the 50’s, a shoe box full, that disappeared out of my folks garage when I was in Vietnam. If you have any Mickey Mantle’s I might be interested. He was my favorite player. I had about a dozen of his in that box. Good luck with the colonoscopy. I’m due for another.

    Early game today. I’ve got nothing planned so I suppose I’ll watch it. Yesterday’s game was an odd one. Team don’t look so great when Gordon isn’t lighting it up and Puig strikes out 4 times.

    • Quasimodo says:

      Some of the ones that were given to me I’m going to share with my friends here.`But I have no problem admitting that any of even 1/4 would stick with me. I’m gonna guess that my friend Ray is likely to have cards of Mantle. He described his collection as having boxes of larger than of the shoe size. Ray wants $ for the cards he has and he should be rewarded for still having (at least a portion of) his treasure. I’ll tell Ray to do you right and he will. I’ll ask the same of you. He offered me half of what I could sell them for and thus eliminating the middleman (me) both parties should be able to close a fair deal. And if there’d be a microscopic chance Ray has a ‘Mickey Mantle Rookie’ card, I have strong certainties it won’t be going anywhere. Ray knows what he has, after all, the reasons he didn’t take baseball further were his choice. When I asked him if he had regrets, last night, he first said yeah, then switched to no, saying his daughters wouldn’t have been born. Cheers, friends!

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