I rarely second-guess, as I have always felt that with second-guessing you are never wrong and there’s no way to know what would have happened anyway.  However, after last night debacle, I am compelled to ask this question of Don Mattingly:

“What on God’s Green Earth Were You Thinking When You Took Fausto Carmona, er’ Roberto Hernandez out of the game?”

Roberto had a rough first inning and then went into “Kershaw Mode” and was mowing down the Brewers like a stack of dominoes in front of a child.  He had only thrown 64 pitches and the Dodgers were ahead.

Oh, I guess it was because he has such a good bullpen, right?  Oh wait, the 7th and 8th inning men are crap.

What were you thinking, Donnie?

And then you bring in a pitcher for each batter.  What were you trying to do – make it so that you have no pitchers left if you go to extra innings?

OK, so you didn’t leave Hernandez in, but why then bring in Wright and let him pitch to just one hitter?  WHY, WHY, WHY???

That move was indefensible FELONY STUPID!

Don’t do it again! You don’t need a PHD in Mistakes!   Geeeeezzzzzz!

I’m done!

Oh, I have one final jab – Are Ellis and Butera trying to hit .400 (combined BA’s)?  They may make it, but I wouldn’t bet on it!


  1. Badger says:

    I’ll take the under on .400.

    BOB and agree with your take on Fausterto Carnandez. He could have gone 8. If he loses 2-1 then so be it.

    Been waiting for a move. Hanley day to day again?

    • BOB says:

      Great minds think alike! But at our ages that probably doesn’t occur very often any more! Thank you for pointing out the Post season probabilities section of the Dodger website a few days ago I had not noticed it before.

      Nice to see DeLeon promoted to Low A after a couple of good starts. Oh, what did you say? He is already 22 years old? Ok, nice that he finally got promoted. Hopefully he at least reaches the level of an MLB reliever by age 27.

      Greinke Hot, Fiers Warm. Hoping for a 2 run victory tonight by the best road team in MLB!.

      Go Royals. Should be a good game as the red hot Royals and giants fight it out to retain their respective Wild Card spots.

  2. BOB says:

    Just looking at some stats before the game today. The following looks really strange and I am trying to figure out what it means, if anything.

    Dodgers batting averages:
    Batting Left .259, Batting Right .257. A well balanced team?


    Batting Against LHP .232, Batting Against RHP .266. An incredibly imbalanced team?

    Does this anomaly say something about the Dodger roster, or about which players Donnie choses to start in the games, or something/anything else?

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Heard a discussion on MLB Radio the other day about Ethier and Crawford and their terrible contracts the Dodgers are stuck with.

    2014 – 15,500,000
    2015 – 18,000,000
    2016 – 18,000,000
    2017 – 17,500,000
    2018 – 17,500,000 (with a $2.5M buyout)

    So if the Dodgers keep him (on or off the bench, on or off the field) they owe him $56,000,000

    2014 – 20,250,000
    2015 – 20,500,000
    2016 – 20,750,000
    2017 – 21,000,000

    On or off the bench, on or off the field — $82,500,000

    So, unless the Dodgers trade one or both and even pay some, part, or all of those amounts — that is a lot of DodgerDogs to sell.

    So what we are finding out is this – because of the large contract players, if they produce or not – if they get the big bucks – play them. Forget who are the best players.

    That is staying somewhat true. Crawford is rolled out there many games. But they have pulled Ethier back in a pinch-hitting role. Four is four and only 3 can play and Puig and Kemp are hot now – and they are not cheap.

    Another possibility is trading one or both (E or C) to other teams who also have players with bad contracts – just different positions.

    Real change would be to call up Pederson, put him in the outfield and release either Ethier or Crawford (or Van Slyke but he is nice as an extra 1st baseman) or keep the two of them on the bench and get rid of SVS.

    This is just one of the dilemma’s a GM has to deal with.

    • Badger says:

      It just stands to reason Roger, as part time players neither of them have a chance to earn their money. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. There are NO part time players who put up a 3 WAR. Not that Crawford would anymore but Ethier did each of the 2 years leading up to his role change. If Crawford could play 150 games he might could do it, but he’s injured so much anymore I doubt he could play that many. Ethier could. Which brings us back to trading him.

  4. Campy says:

    The last three hitters in our lineup today are hitting .204 or below. That’s like giving us three less innings to score each game. All teams give up 1 inning and some 2, but we are at a distinct disadvantage every time we throw out a lineup that has Ellis, Rojas and a pitcher at the bottom.

      • Roger Dodger says:

        Best have Dodger pitchers pitch a no or one or two hitter with zero runs scored. Then the Dodgers have a chance.

        The team needs Crawford to find himself. He has not hit a HR since May 23. Really, he is just taking up space on the roster for the past month and we need him for more production with the bat.

        AJ Ellis has yet to hit a HR THIS ENTIRE SEASON. The last time he drive in a run was July 22. He really is not helpful at the plate (in the batters box).

        But these are our guys that Ned has on the roster and Donnie keeps send in to play.

        • Roger Dodger says:

          Puig has lost power !!!

          Since May 28 Puig has hit only 2 HRs. Two!!! OK, so be a singles, doubles, triples guy.

          Hanley has lost power !!!

          Since June 17 Hanley has only hit hit only 1 HR. Now he might be out for awhile, or if he play, not much.

          Ned — where you getting the power bats from??? Can you say – Pederson???

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    So, would you trade two, maybe even three of our top prospects for Giancarlo Stanton? Dustin Nosler considers it at Dodgers Digest.


    I would definitely include two of our top prospects, and would consider all three. As far as I’m concerned, Stanton at age 24 is not much older than our prospects, so it’s really not a move away from youth. Just the thought of an outfield of Stanton, Puig and Kemp makes me drool.

    • Badger says:

      I wouldn’t do the top 3. Not Seager. If they insist on a Seager then not Urias. As time passes, Seager becomes more valuable, as does Urias. We may be better down the road with all 3 of them than with one Stanton. But, one would have to consider it right now. But we’ve talked about this so often why is it any different now? Stanton is arb eligible for a couple more years and the Marlins can afford one year of 8 figures. They just want to be blown away by an offer. With Hanley down that offer could come from us. But we have to move an outfielder to do it. So…. unless somebody comes up with a new idea, Ethier is traded for something and that something along with Pederson and Urias for Stanton.

      How about Seager, Guerrero and Urias for Tulowitzke.

  6. Badger says:

    Another weak game. We seem to have let downs after winning big series’. Not gonna worry about it. Still in first, still 6-4.

    But what are we gonna do about the holes in our lineup? And it must be pointed out that Gordon has cooled some. He hasn’t drawn a walk since July 22nd and only 2 since July 5th. The last two weeks his OBP is around .270. Puig may not have hit home runs but his OPS is over 1.000 for the last 28 days. We are not the same offense without Hanley. Somebody has to pick it up. Gordon needs to get on and 2-6 need to hit. 7-9 is a lot of outs.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I think (believe) that Ned has a deal with the Giants.

    This is the deal: to keep the race close. If the Giants lose, the Dodger must lose. If the Giants win . . .

    Why? This means for bigger crowds at games, TV viewership, and more stuff to sell.

    If the Dodgers move out with a 10 or 12 game lead — then both teams and MLB loses millions of dollars on income.

    Plain and simple. Keep the race close. And with the weak team the Giants have — the Dodgers have to . . . work at losing some games.

  8. BOB says:

    Boring game. Greinke – get a new warm up procedure and stop throwing so many hittable slow fastballs. 4 hits. Same old thing. Can’t hit rookie pitchers. Time to bench Crawford and let Ethier have a shot. I understand playing Crawford if he was hitting 2nd but he is hitting 5th or 6th so let Ethier hit in that spot of the lineup.

    I love the post game show. Kennedy always says things that I am already thinking. He is not a homer or yes man and has no problem telling the truth about the Dodger performance, whether good or bad. Up to Kershaw to not get sweep.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I deliberately said “maybe even three of our top prospects”, because I was hesitant about Seager, and wanted to think about it. Upon further reflection I would see no need to include him if the Marlins got Pederson and Urias. So I could see Pederson, Urias, and Guerrero. No way I would trade for Tulowitzki. His numbers are inflated in Colorado, and he’s been too injury prone in recent years to give me any comfort.

  10. Watford Dodger says:

    You gotta be kidding?
    Nope I’ve checked. WTF. What is the point in that? We have enough relievers who can’t get the ball past the bat and surely he’s not gonna start. The other play off bound teams will be quaking in their boots.
    Shows what Ned thinks about what we have in the system!

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