Charlie Steiner said it during Clayton’s game Sunday, right after Clayton dove and caught that popup bunt right in front of the plate and doubled the runner off of third.

That has to rank right up there with “I can’t believe what I just saw!

Clayton is going for an unprecedented fourth ERA title in a row in the “live ball era”… as IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.  Not Bob Gibson. Not Sandy Koufax.  Not anyone! If Clayton does it this year (and he has a good chance) he will be the first – EVER!

Clayton had a 1.83 ERA last year and is now at 1.78.  The last time anyone had two years in a row with an ERA below 1.85 was in 1994 and 1995 when Greg Maddux put two years together with ERA’s of 1.56 and 1.63.  He was 28 and 29 years old at the time, so I would expect even greater things from Clayton in the future.  Other than his rookie season when he pitched 107 innings, he has never had an ERA over 2.91.

Every time he pitches he sets some kind of new record – and he is s Dodger!

Even Vin compares him with Koufax because pitchers like them only occur 5 or 7 times a century, so I can’t help but do the same.


Dodger Dope

  • In 2013, Corey Seager started the season at Great Lakes and hit .309 in 74 games, so he was promoted to RC for 27 games, where he promptly hit .160!  That led to him starting again at RC this year where he hit .352 in 80 games!  That led to a promotion to AA Chattanooga where he has not struggled like last year.  After 17 games at AA, he is hitting .343.  No struggles this time leads me to believe that he really is on a fast track.  He has made a few errors and with Arrrrr on the radar, we could see move to 3B soon… or not!
  • Hanley Ramirez and Troy Tulowitzki are the same person.  Neither will be on the field with regularity!  Pass on both.  Offer Hanley arbitration and move on.
  • If Rojas keeps hitting like yesterday (Hanley who?), Arrrr will stay at AAA, but if he doesn’t look for Arrrr… sooner than later (I can’t spell Erisbel Arruebarrena, so I just call him Arrrr).


  1. BOB says:

    He doesn’t grow a real beard and he doesn’t shave often enough! Even when he is obviously off his game he sometimes pitches really well.

    4.5 game lead. Second largest lead in MLB. Yet they have so many problems! 5 – 5 record this month with a minus 8 run differential (Ugly 33 to 41), yet slowly pulling away from the LOSERS. Pitching is good except when they get blown out. Hitting is weak with 5 starters batting below .220 during these 10 games. With a 4.5 game lead it really is time to give these players a rest and let everyone play now that the team has played 13 out of the 20 games scheduled in a row.

    Will the possible 6 man rotation actually happen this week? If it works and the bullpen doesn’t get trashed will it happen again? Is it the new norm? Is it the wisest trick to keep the starters rested for the World Series?

    Tony Stewart. Should he be charged with Negligent Homicide? Have I watched too many Law and Order episodes?

  2. Pete M says:

    Like death and taxes, every 5th day on the Dodger calendar we can expect a Kershaw breakdown by Mark…I just hope that doesn’t forget last year’s STL series and there’s still a chip on his shoulder.
    Tony Stewart has proven to be a hothead, but NH, now that’s a stretch… This kid had a death wish…
    Can we still get Stanton?? Manny is in AAA…

  3. Badger says:

    That play is made by everybody everyday. The remarkable thing was him gutting it out when it was clear he didn’t have his best stuff. He’s very good. And that is why the man is paid $30 million a year. And I thought the money thing was such a big issue with you. Guess you’re selective with that gripe.

    I like the 6 man rotation. I just hope it will allow us to rest the important arms and remain in first place.

    On the accident – Stewart is a bully in the car. But the kid was stupid to run out on the track during a race. Don’t unbuckle unless your car is on fire.

    Some guy named Hynes, who was invisible anyway, has been officially disappeared. He will, by nearly all accounts, not be missed.

    • Campy says:

      Not Colt Hynes. He was one of my favorite up and comers. He has nasty stuff and I expected him to take Jansen’s place by next year. He will never make it through wavers. Another dumb move by Ned. :) BTW, who is Colt Hynes?

  4. Pete M says:

    Loving it Badger… Actually there is no player worth $30M a year… And then there was Zack staring down the barrel at us…
    I guess my August auditions of kids(e, Reed, etc.) was not accepted by Ned??!!?

  5. BOB says:

    Angel’s Tyler Skaggs = TJ surgery. With him being a former D-Back should we begin to wonder if there is something terribly wrong with the D-Backs minor league system that is killing their young pitchers. Maybe we can trade Stan Conte to them.

    Even though many fans wanted a big move by Ned this year, I am beginning to really like what he has been doing simultaneously both for this year and next. Once again I say today’s roster is already the minimum roster for next year.

    Starters – Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Haren, Hernandez (if he pitches well in 2014); Haren could be released and Lee and Reed would then fight for the # 5 spot while Ned tries to trade excess position players for a #4 starter or signs a free agent #4 starter.

    Swingman – Correia (if he pitches well in 2014) otherwise Frias;

    Relievers – Jansen, Howell, League, and 3 of the next 4 (Baez, Dominquez, Garcia, Rodriquez). Wright, Wilson and Perez are gone and Frias goes back to AAA or replaces Correia

    Catchers – Sign Martin and move Ellis to backup, release Butera

    Infield – Gonzalez, Gordon, ARRRRR, Uribe. Offer Ramirez $14 mil and tell him that he should go to the AL and play DH and 1B. Keep Turner and Barney as backups. If Adrian can’t hit against LHP then platoon him with Turner. Rest Gordon more often than in 2014 and let Barney start 30 games. Release Rojas. If Uribe tires then bring up Seager in June! I am ok with starting his clock even if he has a WAR of at least 0.00 in 2015.

    OF – Crawford, Puig Kemp, Van Slyke, and Ethier. If Crawford stinks up the place in early 2015 then bring up Pederson in May. Trade Ethier, Guerrero, Lee and $ for a #4 starter.

    And you might say so what about 2015. I say that if you can see that the Dodger management team is adjusting the current roster for both the short term and the long term then you should have a lot more trust in how they are managing the team’s future.

    The Dodgers may not win the 2014 World Series but at least we should be able to see what they are doing and respect them for how they are building the team to be very good for an extended period of time. My self esteem does not need the Dodgers to win the World Series! But my willingness to give them respect does require them to run the team in a wise manner that results in the Dodgers reaching the playoffs at least 75% of the time.

  6. Pete M says:

    Good take Bob… I too have faith in management’s path… Of course after saying that, I’m powerless over the whole darn thing… Faith…
    2015 ST I have Joc P. and Seager given CF and SS to lose… This year the callups are going to be quite interesting and hope they don’t go with ‘Veteran Presence’…
    I have become great Uribe fan and hope he has a great contract year…

  7. Badger says:

    If we still have the same outfield next year somebody needs to be fired.

    “My self-esteem does not need the Dodgers to win the World Championship” – BOB

    So, the 26 years of therapy has worked.

    Here’s the only interesting thing I can find about Colt Hynes. His name isn’t Colt, it’s Joshua. He’s left handed so he will find work somewhere.

    • BOB says:

      Today’s futuristic roster for spring training 2015 has the same guys in the OF but a good GM will trade at least 1 of them before March 2015.
      I have never needed “entertainers” to boost my self esteem and I will never try to boost theirs! Never have, never will!
      Since I must be half the man that your are I will conclude that you have had 52 years of therapy. And with all of your free time you probably continue to go just for the fun of it!

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Yes yes Kershaw. How many games have I heard, or read later, that Clayton did not have his best stuff for that outing !!! But he still won. That is a pitcher that we can count on with good or so-so stuff. But he really does need to get on that command and have his good stuff for almost every game. The Cardinals are waiting.

    Now to the ERA stuff.

    I looked up both Kershaw and Koufax;

    Kershaw – so far, 3 titles in a row.
    2011 – 2.28
    2012 – 2.53
    2013 – 1.83

    Koufax – won the title 5 years in a row.
    1962 – 2.54
    1963 – 1.88
    1964 – 1.74
    1965 – 2.04
    1966 – 1.73
    1967 – retired, medical.

    The year prior to the first one in 1961 – 3.52

    What is equal between them — is that their last names begin with a “K” and they both were signed and play/ed for the Dodgers.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah but don’t forget, he was pitching from a 36″ mound and the lighting back in the 60’s wasn’t nearly what is today and the umps favored him cuz he was a Jewish kid from New York.

      BOB, if you don’t need some kind of therapy that must mean this world makes sense to you and that being the case you are more f’d up than anybody in here. Analyze that 😉

    • Badger says:

      Pitching from the 36″ mound under gas lamp lighting was a distinct advantage that aided Koufax’s greatness. Without that help Kershaw will never get there. He will however, starting early next year, make more money taking a leak between innings than Koufax made for winning 27 games.

      No catcher in the Dodger organization can hit worth a shat. I accept it. Won’t matter who we use, they won’t hit so, whoever Cy K wants behind the dish gets the nod. When that guy needs a break ButeX gets the innings. Until we address it this winter, we have 6 hitters in the lineup.

      On tv again in 30 minutes. Gotta get ready. Pizza and Becks NA.

    • grumpy3b says:

      beside the DL stint we mentioned the other day, I read yesterday the team was a tad miffed over his role in that brawl a while back as well. So maybe they want him to toe the line with a bit more discipline than he has shown them so far? This makes more sense to me over the injury being the sole reason even if it is a factor.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    I am not sure I understand this — not getting Dodger games on TV, every game.

    I know that Time-Warner has the new Dodger network . . .

    Here in Texas, I have DirecTV and the Extra Innings package. Thus, I receive (almost) Dodger games on that subscription. So if you live in Southern California, and have DirecTV — do not not receive the games??? Do they block them out??

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Bob, above, has an interesting take on next season. Also, the Dodger are in 1st place and we are talking more and more about next years roster.

    “OF – Crawford, Puig Kemp, Van Slyke, and Ethier. If Crawford stinks up the place in early 2015 then bring up Pederson in May. Trade Ethier, Guerrero, Lee and $ for a #4 starter.”

    My personal GM take is this. Assuming that Hanely goes (traded, walk, etc.) the Dodgers really need to replace that bat in the lineup at some position. Assuming ARRRR plays SS and Uribe stays at 3b and AGon can roll it out for another season — that only leaves a power hitting catcher or get rid of 2 outfields and bring in a power outfielder. That means eating a lot of salary. So be it.

    As the acting GM, I would not expect Pederson to come up and start hitting .300 with solid power and RBI production in his first season.

    But this Dodger teams is the NY Yankees of the West and must act like it.

    I really would like to see Alex G. on the team. Also, there is Mark’s idea of putting Gordon in centerfield.

  11. Badger says:

    Balk move gets Crawford. At least it used to be a balk. Bend the back knee then jump off the rubber. It’s done deliberately to deceive the runner, but umps don’t call it anymore.

    Correia’s stuff looks good so far. Just keep that mediocre fastball on the corners and who knows……

    • Michael says:

      Good call Badger. Thinking you’re watching the ESPN feed and not getting the Dodgers commentary but Nomar almost had a meltdown about the knee=bend after Puig got picked.
      It sure looked to me like Upton was out but my nickname is Mr. Magoo

      Na-nu Na=nu

    • Michael says:

      Kevin Correia is Batting 1.000 and has an ERA of 1.50, couldn’t have hoped for any better. Just think how going from a lost season to putting on a Dodger uni must feel.

      Yeah that shocked me and what my Na-nu, Na-nu was about earlier, but you’re correct again, back to the dog days of baseball

  12. Badger says:

    Didn’t put that together Michael. My bad. He had a place in the hills just outside of Napa when I lived there. I saw him in town on occasion, always laughing and engaged with someone. I talked with a guy from PG&E who brought the power underground to his house. He said Williams was always friendly and said hello to the whole crew every day. It cost $63 a foot and it was 2 miles to his house. I’ll never forget that.

    Braves appear sloppy tonight. Correia looked fine to me.

  13. BOB says:

    Told you that Corriea was good. In reality he will be good in some games and not so good in other games.

    The world makes sense to me because I understand it by looking at the underlying causes and reasons rather than the symptoms. That does not mean that I agree with much that is going on. Understanding is the beginning of wisdom not mental illness. I am concerned for those who might think otherwise. The craziest people are those who think that they have no mental illness. If you think that you are a little mentally ill than you are probably not crazy. I have my issues. Badger I hope you recognize yours.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I called and talked to the clubhouse guy, and Pederson has those K’s, yes, but he just missed hitting the ball by about 1/100 of an inch. He was just ” this close.

    Fedex has a bunch of HRs, and not all of them hit in Albq.

    • Badger says:

      Roger, one could say that is good news, but I would submit that every fly ball is a home run missed by 1/2 an inch. Strikeouts happen to everybody. 3 in a game has a message attached to it. I wasn’t there so I would only be guessing, but at least 3 times he was hitting with 2 strikes and 3 times he did not protect. He has struck out over 130 times in AAA, twice or more 5 times in the last 10 games. He is currently mired in an August slump (.171). Maybe he is disgusted with his situation. Can’t blame him for that, but he is giving the Dodgers every excuse they need to leave him there.

  15. BOB says:

    Kershaw does everything?

    Here are the stats of a pitcher that does everything.
    Best year as a pitcher 23-12; 1.75 ERA; 9 shutouts; 23 Complete games; 323.2 Innings; ZERO home runs allowed! Batting average of .272 and 3 home runs.

    Oh yea, Lifetime batting average of .342 with a paltry number of home runs of 714!

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wouldn’t conclude that Lee isn’t good enough. I think for now we just don’t know. Pitching in that pitching hell really doesn’t allow us to come to any definitive conclusions. And if the Mets can have a AAA in the PCL, why can’t the Dodgers have one in the International League? And why I ask do the Mets even have a AAA team in the PCL? Were they banned from the International League?

    Should the Dodgers consider a deal for Jon Niese?

    I think it’s worth considering.

  17. Badger says:

    Niese is interesting.

    But, what happened on July 4th?

    His ERA has gone steadily up since that outing. There might be good reason he got through waivers. Caution.

    I like the idea of a 6 man rotation as long as it works. And I would still give Lee a start sometime. If our lead is still large enough, it may not be til call ups.

    Yeah, it’s Babe Ruth. I think the 714 was the tell. He could do a few things very well. He was only a little better than 50% stealing bases though. (again, humor)

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I haven’t checked anywhere else, so I’m guessing that’s tonight’s lineup. If so, my guess is that the Braves are throwing a lefty, and that Mattingly is also giving some players time off with the current schedule bringing us 20 games in 20 days. Crawford I imagine is starting against a lefty because SVS is giving Agon a day, and we don’t have another righthanded hitting outfielder. Didn’t Crawford get a hit against a lefthander last night?

  19. Quasimodo says:

    The saga of the never ending props given to two of the greatest Dodgers pitchers ever continues. And I am not bored with reading it. So my two cents leans towards Clayton Kershaw not only will be, but already is, the greatest Dodger pitcher of all time. I do not think Kershaw would fair so well if he had to condense his craft to the time line where Koufax did. As boxing, not so long ago, were 15 rounds for championships titles, boxing’s history would of taken a different coarse had it not changed to 12 rounders. As tough as Holyfield was, he would of not won the verses Foreman match. George Foreman didn’t allow himself to be punched out after Ali dethroned him. 12 rounders changed the game of boxing. All’s I’m saying is any differences factor in.
    Everything has its weakness as does everyone. Last season I noticed a weakness in Kershaw, and it may make some laugh, but he doesn’t like humidity. Yep, sounds silly, especially so as he’s always lived where its humid. Its so damn humid here at this moment and humidity beats the shit out of me too, that I need to close because I have to.
    Its cool that everyone here is happy with the team play. But then, didn’t it have to? CHEERS!!!

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