… and they want to eat the Dodgers.  Ramirez, Puig, Uribe, Greinke, Ryu and others are hurting and the Giants are ready to make their run.  You can just feel it, can’t you?

We are just two days away from roster expansion and since Albuquerque is out of the playoffs, the Dodger can recall all of the players they need from there who are already on the roster.  That means that the following players will almost certainly get a callup:

  • FedEx
  • Yimi Garcia
  • Red Patterson
  • Jose Dominguez  (maybe)
  • Matt Magill
  • Jarret Martin
  • Erisbel Arruebarrena
  • Alex Guerero
  • Paco (if healthy)

All the above players can be on the playoff roster if they takes someone else’s place.  However, in order for Joc Pederson to be added to the roster, someone will have to be deleted –  Truinfel or Perez or Correia would be my guess.

Here’s another reason I worry what Albuquerque has done to Joc Pederson:  Joc has 33 HR and 17 doubles in 440 AB’s.  Corey Seager has many fewer HR’s at AA, but he has 16 doubles in 139 AB’s.

The Dodgers sure pay a lot of money for players who can’t really hit in the clutch.



        • Badger says:

          Don’t know. wrecks had his own site for a while. Saw ra Roger there occasionally. And Venice. Everybody else vanished.

          About that active roster:

          “To be eligible for the postseason active roster, a player must have either been on that team’s active roster or disabled list as of midnight ET on August 31 of that year and not placed on the 60 day disabled list after August 1. The one exception is for replacing players on the disabled list. Any injured player who is eligible for postseason play may be replaced by any player that was on an active or disabled list for either that team or any of its affiliated minor league teams at midnight August 31.Players who do not participate in one game in the Majors before September 1 with the team’s organization of the regular season will be declared ineligible for the team’s 25-man active roster of the postseason and must be placed on either the restricted list or the secondary squad.”

          Doesn’t that say an injured player can be replaced by anyone who was on the active (25 man) before August 31? Please explain.

          Triunfel isn’t on the active roster. Barney is. I’d rather see Guerrero than Barney. I think. I guess it depends on how his call up goes, but unless I’m misreading, and I’ve been accused recently of serious miscomprehension, you must be in the 25 man before 8-31 to be eligible for call up. Does Guerrero’s 1 at bat count?

          I hope a Yimi looks good because I don’t want to see Correia any more.

          • Badger says:

            Never mind. I just reread that and minor league teams included. How did I miss that? Another case of serious miscomprehension?

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Regarding playoff eligibility, there’s this:


    I read it quickly, but sounds to me that a player has to be on the 25-man for playoff eligibility, but that players on the 40-man can replace injured players. But I did read it fast, so maybe like Badger mine is a case of “serious miscomprehension”. Teams apparently can expand playoff roster eligibility by deft use of the DL. But I’m too tired, and insufficiently motivated to fully comprehend what I read.

    I’m not scared of any midgets. If the Dodgers play well they will win. If not, they won’t.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    A friend asked me on Thursday, how today’s players stack up against players when we (he and I) were kids – the early 1950s.

    I thought about that for a few minutes and realized that we just cannot say that the olden days were better. Memory does seem to change things a bit.

    So I looked up a few things:

    1953 Brooklyn Dodgers – team BA was .285 with the key players:

    C – Campanella (31 age) .313, 41 HRs, 142 RBIs
    1B – Hodges (29) .302, 31, 122
    2B – Gilliam (24) .278, 6, 63
    SS – Reese (34) .271, 13, 61
    3B – Cox (33) .291, 10, 44
    LF – Robinson (34) .329, 12, 95
    CF – Snider (26) .336, 42,126
    RF – Furillo (31) .344, 21, 92

    5 starters hitting well over .300, 5 starters driving in over 90 runs.

    Pitching: on a 154 games schedule –

    Erskine (26) 20-6, ERA 3.54 starting in 33 games
    Meyer (29) 15-5, 4.56 in 32 starts
    Loes (23) 14-8, 4.54 in 25 starts
    Roe (37) 11-3, 4.36 in 24 starts
    Podres (20) 9-4, 4.23 in 18 starts

    Note: complete games by pitchers: Erskine 16, Meyer 10, Loes 9, Roe 9, Podres 3 (and Milliken, age 26 who was 8-34 completed 3 games; Moore had 1).

    Today, complete games, Kershaw has 6 and Beckett has 1 for a total of 7; that 1953 team had 51 complete games (yes, different way of dealing with pitchers – but still a big difference).

    We know that the 2014 season is not complete, but . . .

    Highest BA on the team is Puig at .300. Team average is .260 or 25 points below the 1953 team.

    Highest HR total is Gonzalez with 18, then Kemp at 16.

    Highest RBI total is Gonzalez with 90, then Kemp with 63.

    So, are the players as good today, better, not as good ?? – watching last night’s game against the Padres – I just have to shake my head and wonder.

    Differences: some fields were larger then, some smaller. The grass is better today than then. The pitching mound was higher then, supposed to be better for the pitcher. The fielding gloves were smaller then. No instant replay. So it is hard to compare – but those 1950s Dodgers were fun to watch and put on a show, the place was hopping.

    Oh, one more thing. 1954 (the next season) was the year that Karl Spooner came up late in the season and was lightening in a bottle. He was 2-0 with an ERA of 0.00. 2 complete games, 18 innings pitched with 27 Ks and 6 walks, giving up a total of 7 hits and no runs. I remember listening to those games on the radio . . . and Vin Scully was, of course, one of the announcers.

  3. Badger says:

    My take too Brooklyn. Deft use of DL is a good way to put it.

    When you are talking baseball BOB, you sound like less an idiot.

    I think all athletes are better today. In all sports. It’s interesting, steroid years notwithstanding, that the baseball numbers remain somewhat similar over the decades. Could be time to lower the mound again. 8″?

    • BOB says:

      “There is no food crisis, there is no energy crisis, and frankly there are only manufactured political crisis. The real crisis we have globally, and clearly in here, is a crisis of ignorance. You can just play with yourself now BOB.”

      Ignorance is believing everything that Obama says, the Federal Reserve says, and Soros says. Soros has invested 2 Billion shorting the stock market anticipating the next crash which he and many others believe will happen before 2015 is over. Ignorance is not seeing that the US economy is a House of Cards nearing the next Great Depression collapse. 50 million people on Food Stamps. 23% real unemployment rate. The Federal Reserve is leveraged 77 (Debt) to 1 (Equity). The Velocity of Money is crashing just like in 1928. The Misery Index is higher than in 1929 and 2008. Total Derivatives are 10 times the Total world GDP. Foreign ownership of US treasuries is plummeting with China and Russia dumping most of their Treasuries because they want to start a new international currency for selling oil. The US is buying US treasuries through a straw man in Belgium and that is the only reason the collapse has not happened yet. Wealth inequality is growing quickly in the US, China and Russia which will lead to widespread social unrest. China’s Shadow Banking System is hiding trillions of worthless investments.

      I can only imagine that you liberals have this giant man crush on Obama because you secretly want to join his “Down Low” group that began at Rev. Wrong’s church. Those pictures of Obama wearing a weeding ring in College while living with a gay roommate are very interesting. I wonder what he learned from his transvestite nanny in Indonesia.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Looking at the stats, the Dodgers have won 13 more games than the Padres, BUT

    the Padres have a better team pitching ERA.

    the Padres have given up 96 HRs and the Dodgers 115

    the Padres have given up the fewest hits in the N.L.

    the Padres have given up the fewest runs in the M.L.

    the Padres and Dodgers have the same WHIP — 1.2l

    And pitching is the key to winning baseball games.

  5. Bruce says:

    The banged up Giants are playing like they want to go to the playoffs and over-achieve. The Dodgers are playing like they don’t care about the playoffs, and look, and smell like they are headed for a tsunami like under-achievement. They presently are boring to watch, and you would think they should be embarrassed with their hitting at least,……..but some how, I don’t think so, they are doing what they have done for most of this season.
    More than awful, pathetic.

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