Back in the 1956 season, the year after the Dodgers first World Series title in 1955, they traded for a 39 year-old pitcher named Sal Maglite. His claim to fame had been as a NY Giant pitcher winning 23 games in 1951 (23-6) and his nickname was Sal “The Barber” Maglie. Why? Because he gave close shaves with inside pitches to hitters. He also had that five o’clock shadow look.

He started with the Giants in 1945 but jumped to the Mexican League and was then banned from MLB until 1950.

But in 1956, Brooklyn took a chance on the 39 year old pitcher, and on May 15, 1956 the Dodgers purchased his contract. For the rest of the season he was 13-5 with a 2.87 ERA. He started 26 games. That helped Brooklyn to win the N.L. pennant by one game over the Braves and two games over the Reds.

On September 25 he pitched a no-hitter. Also, he finished second to Don Newcombe for the Cy Young Award and second to Newcombe for the N.L. MVP Award.

I also remember that in the World Series against the Yankees that year, when Don Larson pitched that perfect game – Sal “The Barber” Maglie pitched the other side of that game and gave the Yankees only five hits and two runs.

That winter, Duke Snider was in my hometown of Tucson for Goodman Food Stores and spoke at one of them a block from my junior bowling league on a Saturday morning. I was there, and Duke, after talking for a while, asked questions to the couple of hundred folks gathered there. I was down front as close as I could get. First question from Duke: “This past World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees, Don Larson pitched a perfect-game no-hitter – who pitched against him for the Dodgers?” My hand went up on the word “against” and he called on me.

“Sal Maglie” I said. “Right,” said Duke. And you win an autographed baseball” (he stopped, asked my name and signed it “To Roger – best wishes Duke Snider.” That spring in High School, in wood shop I made a wooden baseball holder for that ball.

Also, in the first game of that 1956 World Series, Sal Maglie beat Whitey Ford 6-3.

Now, let me get to the point – Ned made a deal with the Phillies and picked up Roberto Hernandez, who will be 34 the end of this month.

Just maybe Roberto will have some of Sal “The Barber” in him and make a real difference for the Dodgers in the season play and the post-season games. This is the one side of the General Manager – to fix leaks on the roster and round out the corners. Maybe this trade will help with that.

by Roger Sobin (aka RogerDodger)  When I “Googled” a picture of Roger, the two pictures above came up.  I’m not sure which one is him…


  1. Badger says:

    Great story.

    Roberto Hernandez a Sal Maglie? Uh, no. But if he can just keep the Dodgers close every 5th game, excellent pickup.

    I cringe when Butera and Rojas hit – especially with runners on. Pitchers will pitch around hitters when they can to get to those two. Add the pitcher and that is 3 holes in the lineup.

  2. idahoal says:

    What a play by Turner. Ethier and Crawford may both be swinging the bat better. Hernandez gave up 2 runs in 6 innings. Good start for him. Looks like Wilson will pitch the 8th. I doubt if Mattingly will give the 8th to the young guys.

    • Badger says:

      Double play on a slow reaction by Gonzalez and the poor defense resurfaces. Poor fundamentals. Yes Roger, 3 unearned. Turner is no shortstop, Rojas is no hitter, and Ramirez is evidently made of cotton candy. If Arrue is healthy he should be up.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Roger, that’s you on the right, right?

    Googled you. Some very impressive stuff. No wonder you’re a Dodgers fan. This team can be a mystery at times.

    My guess is that if Arrue was up, that Rojas would be down. That being the case, Arrue would have replaced Hanley, and maybe would have also been pinch hit for. If so, same result.

    Midgets lost, so at least we got that.

  4. BOB says:

    Not sure Dummy should be using each reliever against 1 batter. Frias probably needed 1 more day of rest. Turner is not a SS. That was as bad game. Needed a laugh so I googled Roger’s name and saw mostly people’s mug shots. Maybe that is just Bing. Really good story though!

  5. BOB says:

    “Ramirez felt the injury swinging in the cage prior to the game and reported it to trainers. Just before game time, he played catch with Stan Conte, vice president of medical services, watching nearby, and it was decided that he would start.”

    Will this idiot’s incompetence never end. Why do they refuse to fire this idiot?

  6. BOB says:

    Hypo and not hindsight

    Turner does not bat for the pitcher. The Manager actually trusts the other players, on a team with the 4th most runs in the NL, to score a run after Hernandez (who is 1-2 tonight) makes an out.
    The starting pitcher, with only 65 pitches, pitches 2 more innings and Jansen finishes the 9th inning.
    Dodgers score 1 run in the 7th anyway and the score is tied 2-2. They have the lineup and the opportunity to score at least one more run.
    The following people never bat in the cleanup spot tonight. Wright, Howell, League and Frias. And Kemp does not follow any of these people in the order.
    Turner does not play SS and does not make 2 errors and 1 failure to make the play.
    The Dodger have a chance to win but maybe they lose the game in the 9th or 10th inning.
    The game ends up being just one of those games and nobody thinks that Donnie is a Moron.

    But the game was a managerial disaster and Donnie is a Moron.

    • Quasimodo says:

      Bob, you are a good guy that gives us well thought out words for us to read. But, Mattingly is not a moron! He’s pretty baseball savvy and even more so the kind of guy that will sling fists with any one. I haven’t always given him much credit and i still don’t do that enough. He never owed me any explanation and when he did after the fact I found he had very valid reasons for his moves. I’ve really said too many unkind words about Juan Uribe that before he showed us all he’s more than a good ball player. Its not much fun to look at myself with so many regrets. Geez! that’s an understatement.

      • Quasimodo says:

        But I will admit he’s lacking skill with some of his choices using the bullpen, I think he judges which pitchers that were the sort that gave HIM troubles when he batted.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    I didn’t see the game but did fallow the continual feed of scoring.. So thus I might be out of line with my 2 cents. I’ve decided to fallow Badger’s advise to me and not further damage my liver when I have a choice. Thanks, Badger!

    • Badger says:

      You’re welcome Quas. Good decision. Stay strong with it.

      I get BOB’s logic. I think, with only 65 pitches, I let the guy go 2 more too. As sound as that logic is, it’s 20/20 hindsight. At the time it appeared it was going to be a low scoring game. I’m sure Donnie figured with Rojas in the clean up spot it was going to be low scoring for the Dodgers. 3 unearned quickly put it out of reach and the 3 run bomb was icing on the turd. The end of that game just stunk. Put it in the rear view, give Hernandez a tip of the cap and an apology and move on.

      • Quasimodo says:

        Yeah, plus Giants did a favor and lost. I know the best definition of moron would be a shot of my face. That is for the last 40 years. Not all but most. Tragedy can be deadly. poison and that’s what my story would amount to for the most part. So many have had things much worse but me insisting on being my worse enemy is truly moronic. Mark, I sent you an email in the morning hours but it doesn’t appear that it made it. I hope it did as you came to thoughts when it seems so right of a time for put your hoping that I heal some effort. So simple but so hidden from me. it would shock everybody at this blog (it shocked me) that several I.Q. tests put me on the 95 percentile. and this parts the gasser… last I.Q. rest said I’d be good writing political speeches. That proves how moronic they are at grading their tests.
        I didn’t read much till i moved in a cell.with time to see what I’ve been missing. Prison is where the wisest choice is also the biggest sin-going against your own beliefs.
        You friends have had more honest concern for me than several lifelong acquaintances who I once held dear. This is a new day and maybe seeing so is good medicine. And phuck those who lost me.

  8. BOB says:

    Some people think of the definition of “Notably Stupid”.
    I prefer the alternative definition of “Lacking in good judgment”.
    In my opinion Donnie frequently displays very poor judgment and foresight. Therefore I will frequent state my opinion that he is lacking in good judgment by expressing my opinion that Donnie Mattingly is a Moron. Based upon my observations during Dodger games my opinion is that he is a checkers champion trying to play chess.

    Donnie could change his ways. Wisdom is a learned skill by all people. Not drinking or drinking in moderation is very sound judgment. Congrats to Q for a wise decision.

    Badger. Expressing my opinion that occurred as the game was being played is not hindsight. I choose to frequently (At least once every game) express my opinion to the radio as the Dodger games are occurring. Then sometimes I express my opinion(s) in writing.

    • Badger says:

      I didn’t see the post til thus morning BOB. But, I did wonder wtf when it was happening. Hernandez was pitching well, it was a close game, leave him in there for 100 pitches or until you are forced to take him out. Odd circumstances, taking your best defensive SS (only defensive SS really) out of the game late. If he’s smart, Donnie won’t do that again. If the Dodgers are smart they won’t listen to Hanley any longer – DL his ass and bring up Arrue.

      Frias sure offered up a cookie to Weeks. It was such a fat pitch Rickie’s eyes were the size of saucers and he swung so hard he spun out from under his batting helmet. Don’t know I’ve seen that before.

      Strange game. Learn from it but move on. Oh, and keep looking for pitching.

      • BOB says:

        Rumor is Ned is looking for a swingman and 1-2 real relievers to trade for during August, and maybe he gets one in September although that rarely makes sense since they can’t play in the playoffs. Some of that will probably happen. Maybe one of the relievers will come from the Dodger’s minor league teams. And the Dodger might also bring up 3-7 pitchers in September.

        Good article on another website about League actually doing his job well last night.

        I think that with the Dodgers being 3.5 games up on the giants they should DL Hanley if he does play by Sunday. Yesterday sure showed how important defense is.. Do the Dodgers teach their pitchers how to do a 25 foot back handed toss from the grass to home? Seems a lot more accurate than throwing with the glove, once, of course, it is practiced a few times. I know for me a back handed throw is very accurate especially because it is with my primary throwing arm.

  9. Campy says:

    Weisman made the following observation about what a strange week it has been:

    Saturday: Paul Maholm to the disabled list.
    Monday: Chris Perez to the disabled list.
    Tuesday: Paco Rodriguez to the disabled list.
    Friday: Josh Beckett to the disabled list.

    At this rate we may have to field a lineup that looks like Albq.

  10. Watford Dodger says:

    Quas – I love reading your posts. Stay strong.
    Roger – enjoyed the story – makes me realise just how much history some if you guys have with the Dodgers.
    For the first time in ages didn’t see a single pitch last night, which seems like a good thing. Will watch now though and hoping to get back in track. Hanley must be much older than he’s saying coz he’s tweaked every muscle in his body these past 2 seasons.

    • Quasimodo says:

      Watford, I’m gonna pull your covers and let our friends here in on the sort of guy you are. Wat offered to fund me to be able to watch Dodgers games. Why would he? Because his choice is good will. My choice to quit jumping through hoops every damn year because some company is going to purchase middleman rights will continue till it won’t. And I will have absolute zilch interest when post season is pay per view. I refuse to spend ANY fight that features a belt title in boxing. I used to love fights, I’ll see them live, but won’t pay two cents to see them on TV., And have little interest in boxing as a result. I can’t allow Watford’s kindness cover for my stubbornness. I was having the time of my life certain that whatever moments I have can all be of great quality. Sadly I have to arrange a meeting with a certain group’s (as well as mine’s) attorney just to point out they’ve dishonored their word. But whats to be expected? I should have evaluated the words of one leader are less after his place has changed. I am truly a moron.

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