I thought Roberto Hernandez was a good pickup and I said so, but Kevin “Freakin'” Correia?  He’s a right-handed Paul Maholm and no one wanted him.  Daniel Brim of Dodgers Digest wrote the headline “Dodgers Acquire Kevin Correia for Some Reason.”   Actually, I think that headline should have been “Dodgers Acquire Kevin Correia Without Reason.”

That stuff is too stupid to talk about – so I’m done.  Geeeeezzzzzz!

There’s something to be said for experience and the savvy that comes with age, and that’s what ignited the Dodgers last year (Sarcasm) when that grizzled vet, Yasiel Puig resurrected the morbid team.  The old guys are good… to an extent, but the Dodgers now have an inordinate amount of them and  they miss the enthusiasm that youth brings.  Give me Joc Pederson over Carl Crawford and Pedro Baez over Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson throwing a knuckleball?  Well, he’s a screwball and the fact that he’s experimenting with a knuckler tells you that even he doesn’t trust his stuff.  DFA him now.  His ERA has been over 5.00 all year and he’s our 8th inning guy?

The good thing is that the Giants are as bad as the Dodgers right now.  Clayton today!  Write it down!


  1. Badger says:

    Correia. That’s your big move Jed? Not much to say about that.

    I might trade for Tulo Brooklyn. Prolly not. He’s 29. Best years behind him, most costly in front of him. btw, his ops away is .818. Not bad. If he could stay on the field he would be great for about 3-5 more years. He’s a California guy. Long Beach State. Not sure what our plan for shortstop is now. Hanley doesn’t appear to be our answer. Who was it that claimed him? Then there is Rojas. Maybe we can ask the league if we can use a special courtesy hitter for him. Seems cruel to continue sending him up there to hit.

    • Badger says:

      One more thing – Our bullpen was fine yesterday. Wilson and Baez put up zeroes. It was Greinke’s fault. I told him he had to pitch better and he didn’t shut them out so, 4 earned in 7 innings made a loser out of him. We win tonight 2-1.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Kevin Correia, welcome to the Dodgers.

    A guy born and raised in San Diego. Drafted by the Giants. Played for both the Giants and the Padres. (A total of 8 season with both totaled.)
    Then add two years in Pittsburgh and two more years with the Twins.

    Well, he should be full of “love” for the Dodger family.

    His MLB lifetime ERA is just under 5.

    And this season he has won 13 games . . . no, wait . . . lost 13 games with an ERA just under 5.

    So — welcome Kevin to the Dodgers.

  3. idahoal says:

    I agree with everything Mark. Correia is a joke. Send all the kids back down.

    Did you see the discussion between AJ and Wilson. Looking at AJ’s face told me he did not want to see anymore knuckleball’s. Wilson never threw another one after the discussion.

    They are both bad, but Ethier is better than Crawford.

    I said before, Ned says they need to get younger and he continually signs older players. I do think the Dodgers are going to win the West. However, I still do not like the way they play the game, and I sure as hell do not like what Ned does. I like the Hernandez deal, but do not like the Correia deal. If Haren and Hernandez pitch average, what are they going to do with Correia? Put him in the bullpen. Maholm all over again.

  4. Badger says:

    I don’t agree that both Ethier and Crawford are “bad”. I base that on evidence, not opinion. What is bad is the conscious decision to make them both part time players. Crawford is 33, and won’t ever be a 4+ WAR player (did it 5 times) but the evidence says the more games he plays the more likely he is to be a +OPS player. Same can be said about Ethier. This situation, and the negative outcome of it, falls at the feet of one Jed Clampetti. It could have, and SHOULD have been remedied last year, or certainly last off season, with the trade of the 3 WAR Ethier. Now, because of poor management, both players have lost value. Not hindsight, there are those of us who have saying this for some time now.

    I’m bumfuzzled by this Correia pickup. If ever there was a time to bring up your first round pick 5 million dollar bonus baby starting pitcher who has worked is way up to AAA, wouldn’t that time be NOW?

    Gradually my confidence level is eroding. I still believe we will win the West, partially because the midgets ain’t all that, but we need some bold leadership here and I don’t see it. Also, without Hanley, we will need everybody else to step up offensively. Gordon must get on, Piug, Gonalez, Kemp and Uribe gotta hit.

  5. BOB says:

    The Crawford experiment should be over. START Ethier for 10 days already.

    DL Hanley already and bring up Barney. Stop letting Hanley’s selfishness in his contract year affect the Dodgers.

    It would be an understatement to say that I like #6 starters and that the Dodgers should have one on their roster every season. I have always liked Corriea as a #6 starter. He is better than Maholm, has a career ERA+ of 88 and is a true #6 starter. He hates pitching in Twins land and has a 3.17 road ERA and a 3.71 ERA in his last 11 starts. Since nobody picked him off of waivers, including the Dodgers, that may mean that he was Ned’s 2nd choice and Ned got him for less than what he would have given for someone slightly better. It is not just about what comes in it is also about what goes out. The Twins wanted him gone in order to bring up a Top pitching prospect Milone?. If we find out that Ned gave him more than S500,000 or a #30 prospect then I will complain with CAPITAL letters..

    I still like Ned’s moves without giving away any of the Top 3 prospects. It is up to the underperforming players to rise up to an average year. I am ok with Ned telling the players that the team has paid them enough and it is up to them now. Adrian is surging, Kemp is surging, Ellis is toast, Crawford is toast, Ethier needs one more chance, Wilson is toast, Perez is toast, and Truinfel is burnt toast.

    Keep Frias as a long reliever and send Baez to AAA. DFA Hynes, yes Badger that guy! Yes, Zach Lee might just have allowed himself to regress that much.

    Defense and pitching win. Lets see what Donnie does today to help the team lest the 20 pound bag that he always puts on Kershaw’s shoulder causes the periodic meltdown.

    In another sport, glad to see the greedy NCAA loses and the student slaves win in court.

  6. bobbie17 says:

    What does make some sense is to use Correia and another starter in tandem in the #4 or #5 spot. 4 innings each. It might work, but it shows lack of something to try it. I guess that is what swingmen do. To state the obvious, this team is too inconsistent across the board to make a run at the WS title. Right now, the best team in the league is the Nats, and it is not that good. The champion will be from the AL. It should be A’s year, maybe Orioles. Angels quit in Anaheim this week. I can’t see them a champion. As for our team, just to win the division will be an achievement, so I guess that is what we are talking about. After that, if Kershaw can pull a Koufax and win every other game, they might have a chance at something. He won’t. So ratchet expectations down to the division title, and hope the Giants continue to suck.

  7. Quasimodo says:

    Goddammit! i’m sure all here have become certain that with Hanley its a fact that he’s only gonna play good if he’s happy. Why is he now terminally ill willed? Why is this thing poisoned? I’m not seeing these games because TWC gets no business from me, not directly that is. Its appearing none are too happy in this group. What is the date for 40 expansion? Becoming disgruntled at all points with we view through a blue lens. Simply leading the division doesn’t always mean the Dodgers are giving pleasure to their dedicated fans. When there’s a decrease in blue shirts at away games maybe kicking butts into playing cheerfully. Lackadaisical demeanors (am I spelling that wrong?) is ripping off from us what we seek. I have mega headache and even worse I have to schedule a Colonoscopy. (why is my spell check underlining words that I’m spelling correct?) Damn machines know when to time in on me with mindfuck. ouch! Haven’t had a headache like this in years.

    • Badger says:

      Hanley is battling nagging injuries. He gets thrown at, and hit, and then there are the tweaks that started early last year. He appears to be a 120 game guy now, and in many of those games he appears to be very uncomfortable. Methinks it’s time to engage a new plan at SS and if the plan is Rojas, we have a problem.

      I still think we can do this but moves like Barney and Correia don’t exactly fill me with confidence. Maybe it’s Guerrero time.

  8. bobbie17 says:

    By the way, and I am not complaining, but AGon’s production(second in the league in RBI’s with 17 HRs) has almost been pointless. It seldom comes in crucial parts of the game. In Anaheim, he left guys on base until late in the second game, when the outcome was almost known. He is a great defender, though, but his production stats are overrated. I guess his batting average speaks to that production level.

  9. idahoal says:

    Badger, I do agree with you on Ethier and Crawford, the four outfielders certainly has not worked for either one. If Ethier had been starting all year, he would be better than what we have now. Getting Barney and Correia certainly does not give you any confidence that Ned knows what he is doing. Correia is going to start the first game against Atlanta. Six man rotation?

    Barney has been brought up and not Arruebarrena.

    • Badger says:

      The numbers just aren’t there al, so I can see why people don’t believe in either player anymore. Crawford is a career .290 hitter, Ethier .285. What is different now? Obviously their roles.

      Barney. From a .200 hitter to a .240 hitter, so, I guess that’s an improvement. But why are we paying Arruebarrena big league money if we don’t believe he can play in the big leagues?

  10. Michael says:

    Perhaps they feel that Barney is most likely to hit ML pitching at this time, you know that warm and fluffy affinity towards vets. Darwin also known as a defensive specialist had 5 errors in 9 games with the Isotopes.

    • Badger says:

      If they feel Barney is most likely to hit anything we are in trouble. He hit .208 last year and was hitting .230 with a 63 OPS+ when he was disappeared by the lowly cubs. He can pick ’em, but he can’t hit a lick.

  11. Michael says:

    You can focus on the negative but with the giants getting it handed to em on a platter today, 7-1 by KC(who have 6 SBs), chances are we’re going to be up by 4 1/2 when the sunsets.

  12. BOB says:

    Hanley was certainly not missed today. Ellis must have jumped in the fountain of youth. Gordon needs a rest in order to stay fresh in late October. Maybe he should platoon with Barney for 10-15 days.

  13. BOB says:

    Free TV on the Dodger website today for the 9th inning. Instead of Torre trying to get rid of the Bubble Machine he should be working on showing more Dodger games for free on MLB. That might force SNLA into a contract to show their games on all home TVs before the season is over.

  14. Watford Dodger says:

    Good win. Kershaw is so good to watch. All the different pitches.
    Badger I have to agree with you about Arrue and for that matter Guerrero. Why did we sign them if they cannot contribute. Barney & Figgins ahead of those two. Really? Get them up quick. 7,8,9 in the order, I could get out. B17 is right about the WS. The AL looks much stronger & unless we do something about a third of our order not contributing then we are in trouble. At least AJ has woken up a bit.
    We are all fans of course, but also realists. We have too many reserves playing & have some acquired some very average starting pitching. Sounds like I’m moaning, but really it’s just a touch of reality heading towards the post season which I believe we are heading for. Think B17 has it about right.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Barney over Arrue is probably a typical experience over inexperience move. And I’m guessing that Arrue’s recent troubles killed any chance of his being called up. He might get a September call, but nothing earlier. And maybe Barney, the former gold glove winner at 2B, does offer the Dodgers the opportunity to give Gordon some time off to re-charge his batteries. The Dodgers still probably aren’t convinced that Lee is ready (if they think he ever will be), and therefore are unwilling to place him on the 40-man before they have to in November. As for Correia, the move doesn’t make much sense to me either. I would just as soon have considered giving Carlos Frias a shot at being the swingman for now. Hopefully, the player(s) to be named later in the Correia deal doesn’t amount to much, and maybe there’s something else that will happen between now and August 31st.

    No doubt that neither Ethier and Crawford can justify their current contracts. But that’s not new. For me, if Crawford can remain healthy he offers far more than Ethier going forward. Except for the 20 HR he hit in 2012, there has been a steady decline in Ethier’s power since 2010. I’m not in love with either of them, just less so with Ethier. Not interested in Ethier’s recent WAR numbers. He’s not that player anymore, nor will he ever be. And other teams know it.

    • Badger says:

      He’s not the player he was…….. last year and the year before? Well, ok. I’m betting if he was starting somewhere – he would be. But, you’re right. This year he is a bench player, and he is playing down to that level.

      The Cubans have experience. I think that’s a big part of the reason we paid so much for them. I would rather see them than Rojas and Barney. But, that’s me. Jed sees it differently. .

      • BOB says:

        G & A have had rough seasons with too much time off. As of today I want Rojas and Barney. After a little more playing time for both of them I will want G & A on August 31st so that they can be added to the playoff roster ahead of Rojas and Barney. More planned and unplanned evolving of the roster will occur before the playoffs start.

        Still the best team in the NL, even if they lost this series. Off to play the slumping Braves. Braves are on ESPN tomorrow. Hopefully that mean the Dodgers will be on TV too!

        Last 11 games of the month are against bad teams. Hope the Dodgers surge through the last part of August and officially bury the giants as they play 2 good teams and 2 weak teams during that same time.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Interesting. From time to time — I will rag on a Dodger player or two. Then it seems, soon after, that player does something important.

    Example: Yesterday (or the day before) I raged on A.J. Ellis — gave a few stats and the fact that he had not hit a HR all season. So today — he hits his first HR.

    Maybe these Dodger players read this Dodger fan site — and we do effect the team from time to time. If so, A.J., you are welcome.

  17. Michael says:

    Bob, yes you will get the game tomorrow according to Eric Stephens.
    Watford, don’t know if you missed it but Chone was DFAd.
    How about AJ just missing his 2nd HR of the day by inches and Rojas going 3 for 5
    I am confident that Arubas glove and Guerreros bat will be added
    And Quas, the only shitty part of a colonoscopy is the day before, really.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Putting Hanley on the DL . . . it has been said that others in the lineup have to step up and bring more power. Most times does not happen for every long.

    So Barney takes his place with Rojas already here. But I would like to see one power bat sitting on the bench.

    But not going to happen with this roster — unless Crawford or Ethier goes in a trade or cut. SVS has to stay or the power threat even gets worse.

    But really, BARNEY, ROJAS, AND TURNER — are the same basic fielder with different kinds of hitting. Your turn Ned.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Michael no truer words were ever spoken. There is no shittier (literally) day than the day before a colonoscopy. And since my father died from colon cancer in 1986, I have one every few years (although I could probably get away with every five years).

    I’ve thought of the possibility that Guerrero and Arrue could come up later. However, since at this stage Arrue offers mostly his glove, he very much approximates Rojas and Barney (although I consider Arrue’s glove to be superior). Given his recent problems, I suspect that the Dodgers will limit him to a September call-up. Guerrero is a different case, and I could see him getting a call before September 1st. However, I do have this question, which I’m sure someone can answer. Since Guerrero and Arrue were with the team prior to September 1st, could they replace anyone and be eligible for the playoffs even if they were brought up after August 31st?

    Roger, when Ellis hit the HR I immediately thought of you. And Roger, I agree, Barney, Rojas and Turner offer different kinds of hitting, but they are not the same basic fielder. Barney won a gold glove at 2B, and probably plays a solid short, and Rojas is a gold glove caliber shortstop, and has played some 2B, where he is also probably gold glove caliber. Turner, on the other hand, has done an admiral job at 3B this year, and has generally played well at short (except the other day) and 2B, but he is by no means in the same class with Barney and Rojas in the middle infield.

    To the best of my knowledge, there has been no news regarding Hanley’s MRI. If it’s an oblique, that could become problematical. Those things sometimes linger for months, especially if the player comes back a bit too early. Hopefully Hanley can get back within a month or so, and have enough time to get his timing down in the last 2-3 weeks of the regular season. The minor league season ends at the end of this month, so I don’t think he’ll get any opportunities to go out on a rehab assignment. He’ll probably be able to get in some work at Camelback, but not much else.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    One other thing that occurred to me. When Guerrero was with the Dodgers in Australia, was he considered part of the 25-man roster, or was he one of the extra players that both teams were able to carry in the event of injury? I believe he played in both games in Australia, so I would think that he had to be a part of the 25-man.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Thanks Brooklyn. But what I would say is this — Barney, Rojas and Turner are infielders and could start or backup. All are hit and run guys to a degree — no power bats there. The key here is 2 infielders, 2 outfielders and a catcher make up the extra 5 players on a 25 man roster. I would rather have one of them with a bigger bat now that Hanley and is supposed power is out for awhile.

    I think either Barney or Rojas needs to go and Alex G. come up.

  22. Watford Dodger says:

    Thanks Michael – didn’t know Figgins had been DFA’d. And Roger I agree – need more power and surely Guerrero has to be an improvement.
    Go Rory – what a finish!

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