You can’t really blame the guy – we’d probably all do the same thing because $10 million dollars does a lot for your family.  Dan Haren has a vesting option for another $10 million dollar contract if he gets to 180 innings this season.  He now has 126.2 innings under his belt and at the rate he is able to stay in the game he won’t make the vesting option.  Worse yet, he doesn’t give the Dodgers a chance to win any game.  He is obviously concealing injuries to both his back and arm.  Look at his mechanics – he doesn’t throw like he used to.  He’s compensating.  I don’t blame him for not telling.  It’s a business, but the Players Association will likely pitch a fit if the Dodgers release him, which is what they should do.

Josh Beckett is just as shot.  This is where the cavalry rides in and saves the day, isn’t it.  The Dodgers have always had a few pitchers at AA or AAA that they could bring up, but truthfully, the system is decimated and you can’t blame it all on McCourt.  Nathan Eovaldi, Allen Webster, Rubby De La Rosa, Ethan Martin and others are all live arms traded by Guggs and Company.   Here’s why I fault Guggenheim – they traded the farm for oldsters like Crawford, Beckett, Ramirez and Gonzalez which made them sign pitchers like Haren, Wilson and Perez because they gutted the farm.  If they hadn’t been hell-bent on making that big splash, they could have simply outbid everyone for the likes of Abreu, Cespedes and Tanaka and would have been MUCH BETTER RIGHT NOW!

Cespedes and Abreu are guys that play everyday – they don’t breakdown like Ramirez and Crawford.  I still say the trade (to Boston) was stupid, and the price the Dodgers pay is Maholm, Haren, Beckett, Perez, Wilson and Crawford – all boat anchors!  The Dodgers made the trades for the right reasons – but they were reactionary, not carefully planned out.

As was pointed out yesterday, if you want to grow the farm, you have to stop gutting it… and it has to start now.  If Cole Hammels becomes available, it is highly unlikely the Dodgers would be able to claim him as someone else would, but if they could, I would only offer money and older players.  Stop the bleeding and grow the team by the draft, free agents and international signings… and release Dan Haren!

Now, all may not be lost.  It’s possible there is a pitcher or three at Albuquerque who can start for the Dodgers, but you can’t look at their stats and determine that.  I’d start with Red Patterson – he’s nothing more than a #5 (maybe not even that), but it’s time to find out.  Garcia, even Lee need a look-see.  It seems likely that Maholm could be out too.  It’s time to call in the cavalry…. wherever and whoever they may be!  Chris Reed, anyone?

Corey Seager is still batting .333 at AA Chatt!  He is OPS’ing 1.044.  Look for him at a Ravine near you before the ALL-STAR BREAK NEXT YEAR!

100-Off-RO (1)

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    We all know that pitching is a problem on the Dodgers. Two starters and several in the pen.

    But — if the Dodgers had to face a guy like Hendricks in the post season — they would probably lose the game.

    Dodger hitters do not step up — but that is what baseball is all about. Many times good pitching stops good hitting.

  2. BOB says:

    Tell Haren that he has a choice between DL and DFA’d and that they will release his medical records to anyone that asks so do not expect to sign anywhere else if he choses DFA’d. DL Haren, get an MRI. prescribe muscle relaxers, acupuncture, chiropractor, stretch, stretch, stretch, and let him come back in 3 weeks. Same for Becket except more cortisone. From No hitter to scrap heap in just a few weeks. So Sad.

    Just call up four starters from AAA and AA and DFA Wilson and Perez. Combined each pair should be able to pitch 7-8 innings with 5 runs. Frias is now actually better than Lee. So Sad. Call up Reed. Try to get Lane from San Diego for Bird or someone who the Dodgers will never figure out how to develop anyway.

    Utilize the Top 15 Kids, Don’t trade any of the Top 15 Kids! Never ever trade a prospect that rates at a 50 or above ever again.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Crawford seems to be struggling up at the plate. Yes, slumps are a part of the game — but when Crawford has trouble hitting — then consider his problems in the field and this throwing ——– bring up Pederson and get his MLB feet wet and let him go wild. Time to shake up this batting order.

    Handley is still AOL in the batter’s box and box score.

  4. Badger says:

    “If they hadn’t been hell-bent on making that big splash” –

    Well Mark, that is 20/20 hindsight. Do you remember the empty stadium? Have you forgotten the bitterness toward the inept ownership of your boy, Frankie McPlumberscrack? The trade you refer to put butts back in seats and brought the Dodgers back from the brink. That trade accomplished exactly what it was meant to.

    To the now. I think you are right about Haren. I think most of us more or less knew this and that is why we were encouraging the trade and is also why I thought Plaschke’s column was spot on. If Beckett is also toast, we have a problem. What to do? I guess that remains to be seen. But for now, Haren needs to be replaced. Next tryout – Josh Beckett.

    Crawford will come around. He always does. I have this feeling neither he nor Ethier is happy about the the awkward situation in which they find themselves.

  5. Mark TImmons says:

    How about this lineup?

    1. Gordon 2B
    2. Puig CF
    3. Kemp RF
    4. Abreu 1B
    5. Cespedes LF
    6. Uribe 3B
    7. Ellis C
    8. Arrrrrrr SS

    and we had Tanaka, Evoaldi, Webster, De La Rosa, Martin ,et al. Yeah, it’s a RH lineup, but…

    • Badger says:

      How you plan to pull that off?

      How about the lineup we have now? Why is Ethier still here? Why can’t anybody on this Major League roster slide properly? Who is taking Haren’s place? Is Beckett also done?

      We are in first place. How do we finish this?

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Funny, many other teams call up a minor league pitcher/s and many of them are ready and throw great.

    The Dodgers right now (this era) just do not seem to have that working for them. How can that be?

    Is it lousy picks? Is it poor instruction in the minors? Is it just bad luck?

    • BOB says:

      Underperforming depressed minor league players due to small meal allowances, broken down church bus rentals, and Motel 6 accommodations? Nah, some lousy picks but mainly poor instruction. Lee used to be a Top 40 MLB Prospect and just crashed this year after a good spring.

  7. BOB says:

    Call the Phillies and swap bad contracts
    Hamels 2018, Papelbon 2015, Burnett 2015
    Crawford 2017, Ethier 2017, Haren 2014, Perez 2014, $30 mil, and 3 PTBNL

    I think that you can get top prospects through the waiver wire, maybe not, if you do not name them until after the World Series. They would probably have to be at least Lee, Anderson, and Windle.

    Maybe it is desperation time. At a minimum it is Duck Tape Time.

    • Badger says:

      Trading contracts sounds good in theory, but I don’t see it. What does it accomplish? Garbage out garbage in. Phillies might part with Hamels, but we’re back to our best prospects again. And it would not surprise me if other clubs in the hunt step in and make a claim before us.

      Take all those guys and lose them. Who’s Hynes?

  8. bobbie17 says:

    I agree with R Dodger last above. For every Kershaw there are 20 failures. That percentage is too high. Take a look at the Angels starting staff right now, and you will find mostly home grown, young guys, whom they have kept around in the system and waited to figure it out. The Angels sometimes throw young guys out of desperation, and they find good ones a lot. It’s time for the Dodgers to do the same with Lee and Reed. Forget the minor league records, stats, etc, and have them start or do long relief and see what happens. It is time. Last night was as much about bats as pitching. Playing the Cubs? Oh well! Can beat them with one hand, right? Wrong. This team is not that good. Hopefully last night’s loss will fire the boys up again. Mattingly didn’t play a couple of guys yesterday, and this was more reason to give less that a full effort. Is there ever a reason not to give a full effort? Ever? The manager too. No more days off for anyone. Period. The time to rest is December.

    • Badger says:

      Our geezers will snap. August is the month where depth comes into play. Is Gonzalez ok after that weak ass amateur bound into home? Is Haren gone yet? Lee scheduled to start? Ethier waived?

      “there are 20 failures”

      Isn’t that why you use prospects to trade for Cy Young winners?

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Speaking of 20-20 hindsight.

    “If they hadn’t been hell-bent on making that big splash, they could have simply outbid everyone for the likes of Abreu, Cespedes and Tanaka and would have been MUCH BETTER RIGHT NOW!”

    Cespedes’ first season was 2012 with the A’s, which means that he was signed prior to that season, when, in fact, the Dodgers were still owned by “Frankie McPlumberscrack” (Badger–couldn’t resist using that one). Tanaka (currently injured) wasn’t available in 2012, and it appears that that was the case with Abreu, who wasn’t signed by anyone until this past winter. So why would you think that the Dodgers should have been eyeing these guys way back in 2012?

    But I will tell you the name of a Cuban the Dodgers might have had if Frankie had allowed the Dodgers to spend any money. Aroldis Chapman was signed by the Reds in 2010.

    Badger put it perfectly when he said, “That trade accomplished exactly what it was meant to.”

    Just Agon and Hanley made those deals worth it. Without them, the Dodgers don’t advance to the NLCS last year. In fact, without them the Dodgers don’t get into the postseason last year. And Crawford certainly helped last year, and so did Punto. The Boston deal got the Dodgers back on the map, and that has been followed up by a serious effort to re-build the farm system that McSlime DESTROYED. Maybe some of those pitchers you mention will turn out to be good (and the jury is still out on every one of them), but I’d do those deals over again today.

    • Badger says:

      Well said Brooklyn. And feel free to use any of my stuff.

      We’ve got sixty-leven million clams invested in Cubans. We can’t have them all. Let’s use the ones we’ve got. They are all young and have played in extreme heat their whole lives. Saddle ’em up and get ’em in the race.

      Surely do miss Bills, Withrow and Elbert. Some high picks on that sick bay roster.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Thank you Badger. And by the way, I just looked it up. Abreu didn’t defect from Cuba until August 2013. But I guess the Dodgers should have known that was going to happen when they made the deal with Boston in August 2012.

  11. idahoal says:

    Really all we got out of the trade with Boston was Gonzales. Crawford and Beckett were hurt when we got them and they still are hurt. Pinto was a good sub. The Dodgers wanted to be relevant the first year and that is why the trade was made. My only complaint about the trade is what we gave them.

    When you add Perez, Maholm, and Wright to the team, which is what Ned did this years, you now become old and no place for the prospects. Ned said last year that the Dodgers needed to get younger and then he signs these older players. Ned sounds too much like a politician for me. I do not fault him for signing Wilson. He had a good year last year. I do not like at all what Ned said about Pederson.

    Some of these players need to be DFA’d, ASAP.

  12. Campy says:

    Jon Weisman put together the following stats about our pitcher’s performance at Alb. and then in LA. Just shows how we need to get out of Alb.

    Eric Stults in 2008: 3.82 ERA in AAA, 3.49 with Dodgers
    Charlie Haeger in 2009: 3.55 in AAA, 3.32 with Dodgers
    John Ely in 2010: 6.22 ERA in AAA, 5.49 with Dodgers (2.54 in first seven starts)
    Stephen Fife in 2012: 4.66 ERA in AAA, 2.70 with Dodgers

    BTW I thought Puig’s slide into home was a thing of beauty. He looked like a freight train coming down the line, putting on the air brakes, slamming it into reverse and diving into the station house. He is fun to watch. His throws from center have baserunners from second stoping at third instead of going home and he should have had an assist on just such a play last night, but short hops are hard for a catcher to handle.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    You got it right in the previous thread. Torn ACL for Maholm.

    Haven’t heard anything about who’s coming up to replace him. Could be Paco, or maybe even Chris Reed (although he’s another guy not on the 40-man). In any case, although it doesn’t have to be, my guess is that it will be a lefthander. Who knows, maybe somebody completely different from the above two. And since Paco wasn’t on the 40-man when he got called up in 2012, maybe Reed has a chance.

  14. BOB says:

    Colt Hynes!
    Ned traded Duke for him earlier this year.
    4.47 ERA at AAA as a reliever. Good against left handed batters on the road.
    DFA him today and bring up Reed to replace Maholm. Ned will probably bring up one of the pitchers on the roster who averages less than 1 inning per game. Why? Because Ned is Ned.

    Adrian? Do you really get a contusion from they way he slide last night? We know that the Dodgers are rarely truthful about injuries. I think that a more likely result is a bad strain or slight pull due to the sudden stretching of the muscles of a tight old man.

    Really enjoying the rain today! It is 50 miles east of Dodger Stadium and heading northeast toward Sedona.

  15. Campy says:

    Paco coming up. I just don’t trust him either. He had a great season last year, but late in the season fell apart and hasn’t done anything since. Frankly, hope I’m wrong, but he doesn’t seem to have major league stuff. Why did he do so good early last season, I don’t know, maybe the batters have caught on to him and made adjustments.

    • Brooklyn Dodger says:

      Since August deals are possible, whatever the Dodgers do now might only be temporary. And I agree Campy. I always wondered why Paco was so successful, and he always made me nervous when he came into a game. But who was I to argue with success? Everything always isn’t apparent on a TV screen, so I figured I must be missing something. Maybe I wasn’t. Here’s hoping I’m wrong, and Paco finds the magic again. I’m not holding my breath.

  16. BOB says:

    I looked at the results of the last 13 Dodger AAA games and in only 2 of those games did the starting pitcher give up less than 4 earned runs. Both times it was Bennett. However he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings in his last start.

    Aug 1 – Bennett, 4 in 5
    July 31 – Lee 4 in 6
    July 30 – Carpenter 4 in 4
    July 29 – Patterson 4 in 6
    July 28 – Enright 6 in 4.2
    July 27 – Bennett 2 in 7
    July 26 – Lee 5 in 4.2
    July 25 – Frias 6 in 5.2 (all runs in the 6th inning) (Is he suspended?)
    July 24 – Patterson 6 in 5
    July 23 – Carpenter 6 in 4.2
    July 22 – Bennett 0 in 5
    July 21 – Lee 4 in 6
    July 20 – Frias 4 in 6.2

    Not too good. Maybe bring up Bennett? Or maybe better to look in AA for a long reliever or substitute for Haren?

    Looks like Jason Lane made it back to San Diego’s AAA team El Paso.

  17. Quasimodo says:

    I have to confess that I’m also guilty of more than the hamstring issues. I actually put a game I expected to end in a loss above my liver only because I thought I owed it because I walked out on Kershaws win before it was won. All other times I’ve headed to the sports bar it was because I knew Dodgers were going to win. And I was batting 1000 and even got to see Kershaw artfully pitch his no-no. Now that I’ve phucked with the forces that be I don’t know what I should do! Maybe I should flip a coin to decide on watching tonight’s game with Ryu on the mound. So, sadly, if Dodgers lose tonight, its yours truly, who’s to blame. It’s so not easy to be me.

    • Badger says:

      Save your money and save your life – purchase the rest of the year from mlbtv and stay home to watch the Dodgers.

      All pitchers numbers at AAA should be read thoroughly, analyzed deeply, then tossed out. If, like Lee, they rely on breaking stuff to put hitters away, then pick the strongest ones and give them jobs in LA. If there is anyone there who throws 97 out of the pen, bring them up. At the deadline we bid on, but could not get, multiple pitchers. We lost the bids on all these pitchers because we value our prospects so freakin much. Fine, let’s see them.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    In case anyone is interested, the Dodgers Player Development Contract with ALBQ. runs through the end of this year. Maybe the Dodgers will just extend it again, but at least we have a little bit of hope that they’ll seek a deal with a team in a city in which actual normal baseball can be played.

    Cubs pitcher tonight, Wada, is a lefthander. Hence SVS instead of Ethier.

    • Badger says:

      I’ve been a little concerned about Van Slyke. 4 for his last 26, and I’m assuming since he’s a platoon hitter that’s mostly against LHP. Could it be the league has caught up with him? Maybe. Maybe just a slump. We’ll see. We need him.

  19. Michael says:

    Are you in idahoal? Just wondering, Northern Utah here Ogden to be somewhat precise.
    Feel bad for Dre but not that bad; he’s owed somewhere between 60-70 $mil over the course of the next 3-4 years, which is why we don’t just release him.
    Heard Ted Lilly thinks he can still pitch.
    Whatever happens, we only need to suffer Haren for 53 more innings at the max, I hope!

  20. Michael says:

    I don’t remember Peavy being so demonstrative, any little thing is setting him off, but maybe it’s because he has lost what he had. Whatever, he appears to be doing us a big favor, Thanks Jake! Go, METS!

  21. Mark TImmons says:


    Cespedes deal with the A’s was official March 3, 2012.

    Guggenheim’s purchase of the Dodgers became official May 1, 2012, but the purchase was announced March 27th. Back then, the Dodgers were not in the mode of acquiring international players, but if they had been, I think Cespedes would have waited a few weeks for a better deal. So it wasn’t “way baack then.” It was close to the same time!

    Why would I think the Dodgers the “Dodgers would be eying” players like that? Because that’s what they do… and they could have connected the dots, unless you really believe tampering never happens!

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    This Dodger lineup today just makes me want to watch the game . . . after one out I switched to the Jon Stewart show (Tue, Wed, Thur) instead on my DVR. Back to the Dodger game — I missed nothin’.

    But maybe in the 8th inning the guys will come back.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Tonight in AAA, Pederson is 0 for 3 with 2 K’s.

    And — Fedex’s batting average is higher than Pederson. Pederson – .309, Fedex – .317.

    Guerrero is playing 3b and hitting .333

  24. idahoal says:

    Michael, I do live in Boise Idaho. I have been a Dodger fan for 60 years. Fell in love with Robinson, Duke, Erkine and especially Campanella. I was a catcher in HS and college.

    We spent a week at Park City, UT in July. It is beautiful. Played three rounds of golf, and watched some of the ski jumpers jump.

    • Campy says:

      I live on the central coast, not Idaho, but like you I caught from little league through college and Roy was my favorite player. It was announced that the Dodgers were moving West and I was excited to be able to see RC catch, but alas, an accident and I never got to see him in person. Thus my login name……

  25. BOB says:

    Huge win!

    The Largest Metro areas without an MLB team.
    1. Inland Empire (#12) 4.35 million people. Rancho Cucamonga is located here. Orange County only has 3.0 million people.
    2. Portland 2.9 million. Red Sox AA team
    3. San Antonio 2.2 million. Padres AA team.

    Maybe all of the Metro areas with more than 2.0 million people should have at least a AAA team. Rancho’s stadium would be small for a AAA stadium but that should not matter due to the location and altitude. Angels would be pissed and might have a say but so what. Where would the Dodgers A+ team move to?

    • Quasimodo says:

      The big I.E. is all of San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Can’t imagine Blythe or Mountain Pass making a show-up of very many.

      Tonight’s ump was really putting the squeeze to all pitchers, huh?

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Connect the dots?????????????????????????????????????????????

    Cespedes signed with the A’s in February 2012. Based on what you said above, that was well BEFORE March 27th. The article linked below was dated February 13, 2012.

    And I don’t see an explanation for Abreu who didn’t defect from Cuba until August 2013, nor for the currently injured Tanaka who no one knew for sure would be posted AFTER the 2013 season.

    • Badger says:

      Why are we debating Cespedes and Abreu? What did I miss? Are we supposed to sign every Cuban? As for Tanaka – wasn’t it a closed bid?

      Speaking if Cubans, where is Arrue? He hasn’t played for 3 days.

      Bullpen looked good against the lowly Cubs. Wilson with 3 k ‘s. Is he gonna be ok the rest if the way? Man would that help. Now we only have to deal with Perez.

      Anybody seen Carl Crawford? He’s a streaky hitter and we could use some streaking out of him. Both he and Ethier are suffering from lack of identity. Or maybe they are suffering from post 30 “I’m already rich” syndrome. It amazes me how quickly ML players lose it after getting paid. Unless the human body has changed since I studied physiology of exercise there is no biological reason for players to go completely flat at age 30. It’s true you aren’t the same as age 25, but with dedication you can play well. Hard work works. Ask Pete Rose. Willie Mays hit 52 HR at age 34. Cal Ripkin was pretty good through his 30’s. It can be done. You just have to want it. But, it’s also true your team has to want you. These rolls do not fit Crawford and Ethier. Initially I thought it could work. I was wrong. The fix it is long overdue.

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