When asked whether the Dodgers would consider trading Joc Pederson, Cory Seager and/or Julio Urias, it was reported by Bill Shaikin of The LA Times, that someone who looked like Ned Colletti said this:

“We’re not in the market to trade any of the three, period.  There’s been no player discussed that warrants two of the three.”


I am fearful that Ned has been abducted by aliens and a doppelganger is acting in his stead.  I know it’s not Ned because he always trades young guys for older guys on the downhill side of their careers.  I am afraid that harm could come to Ned.  The Dodgers should immediately put our an APB for Mr. Colletti – this certainly is not him.

But I like it!

Shaikin did float out Chris Anderson’s name in a deal for John Lackey… allegedly.  I could go for that.

Dodger Notes

  • So, Darwin Barney has devolved from the Cubs to a AAA player.  Yikes!  Be careful of what you wish for
  • I could see Justin Turner having a long career with the Dodgers – he is a great pinch hitter and utilityman!
  • 5 in a row!  Is this where we are going to see 37 out of the next 45?
  • On April 27th, I wrote this:

Dee Gordon has to Play Everyday … until he shows me he can’t! I believe Matt Kemp has no physical limitations now – I believe he will get back into “Bison-Mode” and soon! He also has to play everyday.



  1. idahoal says:

    Boy do I agree with you about Ned. He has always liked over the hill ball players. Maybe, just maybe, he is evolving. I hope so. Everyone is contributing except Hanley.

  2. Badger says:

    If Barney isn’t better than Rojas why was this deal done?

    I need some oxygen. I’m going for my 3 mile run up to the top of Sugarloaf.

    (I always go for it, never actually done it. That thing is kinda steep)

    I expect Mark to have something done by the time I get back.

  3. BOB says:

    One run victory in extra innings. Dodgers finding a way to win. “What a … team” when the manager finally puts the players in the right position(s) to win.
    Ned must be faithfully attending his Conte mandated Gamblers Anonymous meetings.
    Who in their right mind ever wanted to trade Matt Kemp? Kemp is playing the position that he loved as a kid and now looks as happy as a kid. Hopefully he now looks at his circumstances as if he went through the fire and has come out the other side forged into a better player and maybe even a better person.
    Exciting day but will we be even more excited or relieved if nothing happens except for maybe O. Garcia to The A’s for Hammel who obviously prefers the NL (2.98) over the AL (9.53).

  4. Pete M says:

    Justin Turner, I felt the same way last year with Mark Ellis and he played himself into a real nice contract and we couldn’t/didn’t want to match it… Come on Ned…
    I think the Bison is arriving one the scene at the right time… Come on HanRam…
    No Trade News is good Trade News for me… Seager to get a hard look during 2015 ST to replace Hanley…
    First NCAA football mag I get has UCLA #7 in nation… Sweet… It was truly sad to see Pauley’s floor under water…

  5. Badger says:

    Back from my run. 3 miles, to the top and back in 40 minutes. I was faster back when I was running marathons, performing heart surgeries and dating Madonna.

    Guess Boston won’t be needing Ethier now. Yoiks. Gotta give the A’s some dap. They are going for it.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Cespedes a competitive balance pick for Lester and Gomes? I know Billy Beane is smarter than me, but Wow! Three years of a right-handed power hitter for two rentals? The A’s officially went all in. That also means there is one less reason to be stupid and trade Seager and Urias.

    • Badger says:

      My thinking exactly Jimbo. And Boston did it again, dumped a negative WAR player making 5 mil. Lester will never stay in Oakland. I don’t know about this deal. Cespedes was very popular in Oakland. 37 of the 100 people who see their games come just to see him. That’s going to create a loss in their revenue creek. (I’d say stream but let’s not overdo it)

      Cespedes is going to punch holes in that stupid wall.

  7. BOB says:

    Can the Dodgers trade Ned and lots of $ for Billy?
    Ned should call Lester’s agent and just make sure that he has the Dodger’s phone number, hint hint. Zero probability that the A’s resign Lester (who was born in Tacoma) and who might consider signing long term with a west coast team.
    Yesterday the Red Soxs had the worst OF in MLB. Why not still offer them Lots of $, Ethier, Haren, Butera, Perez, #6 Lee, and #5 Anderson for Lackey, Ross, and Uehera.
    Then offer Lots of money, Crawford, and Barney to the A’s for Hammel.
    Maybe today will get real exciting!

    • Badger says:

      Keuchel off the market. I have no interest in Cosart.

      I’m pulling for the A’s. Right up to the point they play the Dodgers. The A’s deserve better. They don’t draw and play the worst stadium in all if baseball.

      Good offers BOB. I believe there are just too many parts for Jed to piece all that together. Make it more simple. Ethier for Uehara. Easy sleazy. Jed can handle 1+1 equations.

  8. Bobby says:

    I think it’s a scary thing to mess with chemistry. Cespedes from what I know is pretty popular up there, in the stands and in the clubhouse. This might have a negative effect on the team.

    Reminds me of 2004 when Depodesta messed with our chemistry to get us an “ace” in Brad Penny. Traded our team leader LoDuca and messed with the best bullpen in the league by trading Mota.

    I am going to predict the Angels win this division. I think Beane really overthought and overtraded trying to get that ring now.

  9. Watford Dodger says:

    Agree with you Bobby.
    And Badger, Uehara is the one guy Ned should go out and get today – but not by giving up the big 3. I would do your proposed trade, Ethier for Uehara straight up.

    • Badger says:

      I would do it too. Ethier deserves a full time job.

      Read this W and tell me what Jed said:

      “We’re not in the market to trade any of the three, period. There’s been no player discussed that warrants two of the three.”

      Somethin’s wrong in there. The first part of that says we ain’t trading any of the three “period “. The second part says we aren’t trading any of the three except one of them maybe.

  10. bobbie17 says:

    Gomes was a fan favorite a couple of years ago, here, and a great clubhouse guy. The A’s a getting rid of their surplus. I’m thinking it might have something to do with a new stadium. Win a World Series-get a stadium. I don’t think it works that way. The A’s deals have more to do with the Angels resurgence than anything else. They now feel that the Angels are the team to beat in the AL.

    • Bobby says:

      I agree with you about the stadium thing. That and if there’s a potential new tv deal on the horizon. Up there, the Giants run the bay, and they also have 2 rings the past 4 years. Oakland may feel the pressure to get a ring as well so they don’t completely disappear from the bay area sports page.

  11. Gonzo says:

    If there is a GM that I wouldn’t second guess it would be Billy Bean. Who’s to say Lester stays in Oakland? Maybe he ships him off for another pitcher and OF. Not likely but this is how BB works. This guy knows what he is doing and I love the fact that he has the stones to make an unpopular move in his city. Imagine what he could do with a team that has stability and a decent payroll. I too am rooting for the A’s until they face the Dodgers. How ironic would it be that the LA makes the WS against the A’s? I still take our top 3 pitchers over theirs.

  12. Bobby says:

    John Lackey to the Cards. We’d face him in a game 3 or 4. Interesting.

    I had a dream last night Ned agreed to Joc and Urias for David Price. In reality, I’d be ok with that deal. Let’s see what happens the next 2 hrs.

  13. bobbie17 says:

    Just checked the stats of the RiverCats(A’s) v Dodger Dukes yesterday. The A’s still have surplus in their farm system. They can do this type of thing forever. Sacramento is in first place again in spite of all the call ups, trades, etc. The A’s are what all organizations should be. It probably comes with not winning the championship so that salaries are kept low with no winning bonuses. They probably have another 3-4 outfielders ready to step in and contribute. I think this is what the Dodgers are trying to build.

  14. Bob Jackson says:

    I also don’t want to give away our best prospects, but I believe a trade is coming. Barney to the minors may only be temporary as I feel there will be a deal involving some of our middle infielders….. and that COULD include Hanley or more probably one ear.

  15. Bob Jackson says:

    I also believe that the stance that Mattingley and Ned continue to take,,,,that a deal is not likely or near is just policy, no matter how close they are.

  16. Gonzo says:

    If you recall the A’s wanted and were about to get Hanley from FLA until the Dodgers swooped in with a better deal. Hanley, Ethier + X amount of cash to the A’s for _________________? Totally agree with you Bob Jackson.

  17. Bob Jackson says:

    My User name is supposed to be SpokaneBob. Mark?

    Hanley belongs in the AL as a DH. If we keep him and he continues to not hit and gets hurt more I don’t know how we justify resigning him, If he gets hot and takes us through the post season. it is a different story, Or we trade him now and improve our defense plus get someone back. Personally. I am leaning towards a trade.

  18. Doug Abbott says:

    I didn’t read all of the posts – so, somebody may have beaten me to this. I think two factors (really just one) are involved in the disappearance of the Old Ned. First, Stan Kasten is really calling the shots and reining in Ned. Second, remember Stan’s pledge. Win now and build the farm system. The big Boston deal and others were for winning now. The reluctance to part with prospects is the “build the farm system”. Can’t build and gut at the same time!

    • BOB says:

      My biggest fear regarding trading any of the top three prospects is that in 2 years the Dodgers are just like the Phillies. Big payroll, can’t trade anyone, .500 team.

      Regardless, I would trade for Price, Zobrist, McGee, and Boxberger For Haren, Turner, Wilson, Perez, Pederson, Urias and Anderson

  19. Quasimodo says:

    I think its sorta funny that so many believe they got the track on Ned’s MO. I think Ned has done so good of a job that any move he does or doesn’t do today will be very easy to get used to. What seems most strange is how quiet the Giants are all through all of today’s noise.

    So I’ll join Badger and wait for the wind to fill the sails on this boat.

  20. BOB says:

    I recalculated the winning percentages of the teams that the Dodgers will play during August (going up) and September (going down).
    August .503
    September .466

    Hopefully the Dodgers can get through the month of August with improved and consistent hitting from the position players, great pitching from the top 3, 5.00 ERA from the #4 & #5 starters, average bullpen, and one relief pitcher signed today that actually earns his wage.

    Then bring everyone up from the farm in September, give the players a little rest, see who might be ready for next year, and prove to some of the fallen stars and prospects that they need to get their act together and figure out what to do during the off season to become all that they were supposed to be (or at a minimum as good as their salary implies that they should be).

  21. Michael says:

    I’m sure we have identified and tried to work deals on players that can help us but the truth of the matter is with all our money and Neds’ propensity to overspend, we just might be getting squeezed.
    Was hoping for a SP because in case you missed it, Dan Haren is the scheduled starter Friday [thought we were so done with him ]

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Ned hasn’t evolved. The Dodgers have evolved. The need to trade youngsters for veterans has passed. This team now has a farm system with actual big league prospects. I said it previously and I’ll repeat it again. Ned is not afraid to hand jobs over to younger players. That is, when there are younger players to give those jobs to. All the veterans that have been signed in the past aside, this team has given jobs to plenty of younger players when such players were actually available in our system. I’m sure I’ll forget some, but here’s a list, which I’ve posted before. Billingsley, Kemp, Ethier, Russell Martin, Kershaw, Jansen, Gordon, Javy Guerra, Paco, Withrow.

    However, although I don’t think that the Dodgers are anywhere nearly as compelled to trade for veterans as they were in the past, I still believe that they will surrender youngsters in a deal to acquire difference making veterans. Teams try to develop deep farm systems to create a pipeline of young talent ready to step into big league jobs, and also to provide tradeable talent that can be used to acquire established big league players.

    Meanwhile, I’ve taken a break from watching the trade deadline show on the MLB channel, but last I heard, is that David Price will be moved today, and that the Dodgers could be one of the teams in on it. That encourages and scares me at the same time. And if Price is in play, so is Hamels. Unless this gets dragged out into August, we’ll know in the next hour. Heard also that the Dodgers are also trying to get Joaquin Benoit. The memory of David Ortiz’ HR off of him in the playoffs last year scares me. But I believe he’s having a good year this year, so I’m guessing he’s a big upgrade in the pen. Guess it would just depend on the price. I’d be interested in Andrew Miller as well, but I’ve heard that Detroit is close to acquiring their former first round draftee (in front of Kershaw in 2006).

    Maybe as I’m writing this the Dodgers have done something big. Almost scared to turn my TV back on.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Haren is scheduled to start on Friday because no one has yet been acquired. That could change, or not. Also, maybe the Dodgers are considering whether or not to bring up Lee, but won’t do so until the trade deadline passes. Things in flux right now. That may change very soon, or maybe it’ll drag on into August.

  24. Badger says:

    Haren has had a week to recoup. Maybe he will give us a quality start (he says not expecting anyone to really believe it)

    Lackey and Miller are gone, two I thought we had a shot at. Price to Tigers. I sure had that one wrong.

    Still waiting patiently.

  25. BOB says:

    Would have liked to get another reliever today.
    Held on the 3 Uber kids. Happy Happy.
    Jason Lane was DFAd by the Padres. Work out a deal for him as a #5B starter?
    Will Uggla be DFAd by the giants this week? Nice experiment?
    Parra gone to the Brewers. D-Backs were sellers again.
    Rockies did nothing either.
    Dodgers still the Best of the West.

    Time to slowly bring up the kids. August and especially September should be interesting.
    Congrats to Ned. Doing No deal is better than doing a bad deal.

  26. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree with Bob. No deal is better than a bad deal. Besides, the August 31 waiver deadline is still ahead. And maybe, as Bob says, it’s “time to slowly bring up the kids.” I was thinking pretty much the same thing when I mentioned above that perhaps the Dodgers will bring up Lee after the trade deadline passed. And that can apply to any number of other players in our minor league system. And as I noted, the August 31 waiver deadline looms ahead. Maybe between now and then the Dodgers acquire Cole Hamels, maybe they do nothing, or perhaps they do something in-between. In the meantime, no one in the NL West did anything that will challenge the Dodgers, and the Dodgers have until August 31 to strengthen our postseason roster. And perhaps in the next month we find out that the Bison is truly back. That in itself would be the equivalent of a deadline deal.

    • Badger says:

      The first comment listed below that article:

      “Forget Barney, Figgins, Rojas; the future of the LA infield is Guerrero and Arrebuerrena”

      Agree 100% with that take. Arrue got into an ugly fight. Shows spirit to me. The kid cares. Guerrero can hack. Bring THEM up.

  27. Badger says:

    I thought for sure we would add a back of the rotation starter and an 8th inning reliever.

    Yeah, waiver deals will still be out there.

    The kids we have will make some appearances but if we are in a heated pennant race they will be limited.

    Some pretty good teams made some pretty bold moves.

  28. Campy says:

    I like the old saying, “Sometimes the best trades are the ones you didn’t make”. Everyone wanted our future but we were patient enough to stand pat. I think Ned knows we can go deep into the post season with our roster and he didn’t want to loose the young guys. Probably says something about what they think of the top guys in our minor league system.

    • Badger says:

      It also says something about his confidence in the current group. Hope he’s right. The thing is, we won’t win many 2-1 games with 40% of our rotation. But the same can be said for most teams.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Forget Barney, Figgins, Rojas; the future of the LA infield is Guerrero and Arrebuerrena”

    I agree with that comment, in the long run. But just like the rest of our kids, both of these guys are still unproven at the big league level. And in part-time roles they’re not likely to grow into totally dependable big leaguers overnight. Guerrero’s been through a lot this year, and Arrrrrr may have spirit, but he certainly lacks big league etiquette. I have no problem with September call-ups for both of them, but it may well be that they’re best served by competing for jobs next spring. Barney and Figgins may not have very long futures with the Dodgers, but they’re both probably better suited for utility roles at this stage of their careers. I haven’t thought this through, but the Dodgers might be able to fit Barney into a utility role next year. He’s probably a better version of Rojas, with a bat not quite as hopeless.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    And who would have guessed how significant this little item from August 17, 2012 would be. “Los Angeles Dodgers signed free agent LHP Julio Urias to a minor league contract.”

  31. BOB says:

    Could it be that Zach Lee’s (2013 Dodger minor league pitcher of the year) regression cost the Dodgers Price?

    Probably not but consider this:
    Smyly ERA+ of 108. Could Lee, or any 2010 $5.2 mil bonus baby (Same bonus as #3 Manny Machado), also have an ERA+ of 108 if he/they had continued to develop.
    Franklin. Same as Barney?
    Adames (new Rays #2) is rated as a 50 and ETA in 2017. Even #9 Schebler is rated as a 50.
    The Dodgers could have thrown in one or more Top 11-20 prospects.

    Compare Lee to Cam Bedrosian whom the Angels picked (bonus of $1.1 mil) with the next pick after Lee. 19 days younger than Lee. Had also signed letter of intent to play at LSU. Even had TJ surgery in 2011. Promoted to the Angels on 6/3/2014. Has an ERA of 11.57 as a reliever. Oh ok.

  32. idahoal says:

    I think Seattle made a good trade to get Austin Jackson from the Tigers for INF Nick Franklin who goes to Tampa Bay. They got a starting outfielder for a AAA player who has not perform well when he was up with the big team.

  33. Badger says:

    The way the Dodgers are currently constructed Arrue is the starting SS sometime in the future. I don’t want to think about another year with Hanley out there. Guerrero will hit. We signed and paid these guys for a reason. They must be part of the plan.

    Don’t know how to respond to BOB’s musings. I’d first like to see if Lee can get 21 outs without giving up more than 3-4 earned. I don’t know how good he is, but I know pitching in PCL is no indicator. Let him pitch against the Cubs and see what he can do. You can’t throw him away at this point.

    • BOB says:

      Just thinking that the Rays did a bad job. They could have gotten more from the Dodgers but Ned portably has a terrible reputation of giving up too much so once Ned tries to negotiate the correct way everyone walks away. I do want Lee to be called up in August, if needed, but absolutely this September. Urias could make a really good reliever this year too!! I would offer Hanley the obligatory $14-15 mil and see if he wants to stay for one more year, maybe at SS, maybe at 3B, or maybe at another position..

      Arrr could start at SS and Hanley could move to 1B, where he does not have to throw much. Adrian did play 18 games in the Right Field for Boston in 2012. Maybe he could get in shape and platoon with Van Slyke in left field!!!

  34. idahoal says:

    What I do not understand is that Tampa Bay did not get very much for Price. It seems to me like the Dodgers could of offered more and still kept our three good prospects. They got a 18 year old Class A player, An AAA player from Seattle, who did not make it at the major league level last year. He batted 214 with Seattle. Smyly, a 25 year old left hander with a 3.77 ERA. I would give Tampa Bay an “F” on this trade.

    Boston did much better than Tampa Bay.

    The Dodgers held tight. The 4 and 5 starter problems need to be solved. Maybe Beckett and Haren will work out. We still have some problems in the bull pen. The Dodgers are scoring more runs and we have a very good 1-2-3 starters. I think the Dodgers will win the West. The West is weak and SF is having problems scoring any runs.

    • Badger says:

      I thought the same thing al, but since I didn’t really know those prospects it was just a wtf moment for me. Talking heads on ESPN were saying the same thing though.

      Well so far tonight’s ump has a very liberal, and inconsistent, strike zone. No high strikes being called but anything close everywhere else sure is.

  35. idahoal says:

    I agree with you Badger that Arruebarrena will be given the ss job next year. That will give us a very good defensive infield. Gordon is becoming a very good defensive 2nd baseman. He is fun to watch.

    Kershaw is winning, but he doesn’t look sharp. However Clayton can win without his best stuff.

    • Badger says:

      We can win low scoring games with our 1-3. We don’t win these with Haren and Beckett on the mound. That is why I was sure we would get somebody. I figured Lackey.

      Ellis is REALLY slow.

      Anybody seen Maholm?

      Hanley’s bat looks slowed down.

  36. Badger says:

    That Kershaw feller is pretty good. Might be one of the best Dodger pitchers ever by the time he’s through.

    Tomorrow’s game could be interesting. Better put on our hittin’ shoes.

    Me and Dave going for a hike tomorrow morning. We’ll be talking about the Dodgers and you guys. Mostly good stuff of course. Dave is a little disappointed that we didn’t outbid Detroit for Price. So am I, but, I am confident in Haren (he says unconvincingly).

    • t.o.dave says:

      As we talked Badger, it looks like teams were willing to deal with us only if they could pick our pockets. Just seems strange that other GMs didn’t work a better package for Price than did Detroit. Doesn’t seem the price was right. I agree with the earlier post where someone stated that other GMs might have “squeezed” Ned. No one is going to help the big spending Dodgers out, so time to help ourselves. If Haren doesn’t regain his stuff tomorrow night after plenty of rest, maybe it’s time to start Maholm again (fingers crossed). He pitched great last time he started. Maybe he has enough to start occasionally to help Ryu get extra rest and until (if) Haren regroups. Not sure what else to do now, so long as the brain trust (drain?) plans for best match ups for Maholm, use him until the 4 and 5 spots in our rotation gets straightened out (if that happens this season). I wish I were more optimistic, but… Time to give Lee a start in August, too, as you suggested Badger? This is all the plan B type of thinking I was hoping to avoid by landing a guy like Price.

  37. BOB says:

    Another close game victory building character. I was kidding about Hanley playing 1B but if Adrian can’t jump higher than 4 inches off of the ground, me being twice his age and can jump at least 5 times that high, then maybe Hanley should be considered as the successor to Adrian at 1B. One thing that is certain, Adrian needs a different off season workout regime.

    5 weeks ago I had hope that the Dodgers would reach 11 games above .500 and they are now 15 games above .500. Happy Happy

    We don’t need no stinkin’ trades!

  38. Quasimodo says:

    Geez, I had no idea it being as late as it is. I had company that just now left-one of my ex’s that is still a friend. When she called I told her I’d be at the bar when she’d be arriving in town and thus didn’t see most of the game. I did see Puig blast that HR!

    It occurred to me earlier that last years hamstring issues are a problem no more! Does any one know how Dodgers addressed the issue? I don’t. But I’m sure its nothing we have to knock on wood about. There’s so many things that are right with this team that go mostly unnoticed. CHEERS to that!

  39. Badger says:

    From what I’ve read, Gonzalez is one of the hardest workers on the team. Maybe he’s just got a lot of slow twitch in his legs. He and Ellis both.

    Remember Matt – swing only at strikes

    Good point about GMs and how they might feel about dealing with the 1% Dodgers. It’s a fleece or no deal.

    Haven’t read the morning papers yet but as I mentioned yesterday some of the guys on ESPN thought the Rays undersold. They are only 6 games back, but there are 6 teams ahead of them so – they fold. They don’t draw anyway so it won’t matter to the fans. But I bet it matters to Longoria.

  40. idahoal says:

    I have been reading what Ned said the clubs were asking to get Price or Lester. I agree with Ned that the price was too high. They wanted two of our top three prospects. That is all we had to offer. Something will come up in August. We have a good team. We just have a few problems we need to solve. I am glad we did not give up the prospects. Thanks Ned.

    Dave mentioned that Ned may have been squeezed by the other GM’s, and that may be true. We have the highest payroll and they will not give the Dodgers a break.

    I still think Barney was obtained to stop the Giants from getting him. The Giants have a mess at second base. Uggla is not working out.

  41. Badger says:

    Tigers running away with “best deadline move” on Rumors. Smyly and Franklin or Pederson and Urias? I’m not sure if I would have done it. I am sure I wanted Price instead of Beckett/Haren.

  42. BOB says:

    Tigers got an A+, Phillies earned an F-. The Dodgers? In my opinion sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say (1) We no longer do dumb deals and if the other teams want more from us than they want from other teams then we will not deal with them, (2) We gave Donnie everything that he needs, except for a few relief pitchers, and now the responsibility is on the shoulders of the players to lose their ego, play smart, and hit the ball where it is pitched, do not party until after the World Series, concentrate during every second of every game, and the coaches must become smarter and work harder. As I said before Use the kids, do not trade the kids. Duck tape until Labor Day and then All hands on Deck. I would rather come in second 3 years in a row then become the Phillies in 3 years.

    • Badger says:

      So….. Pederson and a 17 year old Urias for a Cy Young ace is a “dumb” move?


      Now the focus might fall on Hamels. I’m thinking there will be more than one NL team that will claim him. (Mets/midgets). We go with ?s at 4 and 5. I’m betting we see some more of Maholm/Patterson/Lee/Magill/Magoo and who knows who for the rest of the summer.

      Dave and I were talking about getting Ryu and Haren the 5 day rests they so obviously could benefit from – ideas on how to do that?

  43. Quasimodo says:

    More teams will be counting themselves out before this months end and no telling who be be on the block. I think the Athletics paid too high by dealing Cespedes. Max Scherzer might be available, though unlikely, but in 30 days it’ll be a more buyers market too.

    • Badger says:

      Good point Quas. The midgets stayed in the shadows for this. I’m thinking they will do what they can to block Jed’s waiver moves. I know I sure would. May not work, but they have to know they are in trouble.

  44. bobbie17 says:

    The team must have made it known from the beginning that the trinity of minor leaguers was off the table. Or else, the trading teams were dealing with our team differently than with the other teams. Jealousy, 1%ism, weren’t factors, I don’t think. Maybe something will leak out on this. I go back to the point that during the offseason, the Dodgers signed these durable, burly relief pitchers, whom they still have, but have not shown to be very good. The team has to stick with them. Confidence is the game changer. All it takes is for Perez to have some good games, or any of the others, and the problem will fix itself. Will that happen? When will it happen? This series against an inferior team may tend to prove if any of these guys can get their sh…t together, and get 3 clean outs. I think Mattingly is still trying to get these guys, or one or some of them, to perform up to the team’s modest expectations for them when the season began. There is still a chance it will work out that way. Now, we will all have to wait and see.

  45. Watford Dodger says:

    Yep B17, think you have it right there. We had written League off, but he has turned it around to a degree. Perez pitched ok for a couple of months – so it is probably a confidence thing. We miss Withrow. He could get outs & had some heat. Wilson strikes me as being a Big Game sort of guy – enjoying the limelight & of course he has bags of experience.
    The series with the Cubs is important as we could pad our lead before some more difficult looking series.
    I think the Club really rates these three prospects very highly as must have been very tempted to be in on Price or Lester considering our current position. Time will tell. This time last year Zack Lee was considered untouchable.

  46. bobbie17 says:

    After all the dust settled yesterday, Sacramento (A’s) pounded the Dukes again. Some young guy pitched for Sac and shut out the Dodgers AAA team. Farm system depth? The A’s have it and Beane knows it.

    • Badger says:

      We have Arrue and Guerrero who show up on zero prospect lists.

      Again, don’t care about minor league scores. Care about minor league talent. Well, that and the ability to sign free agents.

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