… and when some athletes get full of money, they lose their hunger.  Of course, there are different size bellies, but humor me.  Look at the meals these guys ate:

  • Adrian Gonzalez is full ($154 Million)
  • Matt Kemp is full ($160 Million)
  • Carl Crawford is full ($142 Million)
  • Andre Ethier is full ($85 Million)
  • Zach Greinke is full ($147 Million) but not always
  • Clayton Kershaw is never full ($215 Million) some guys just never lose the hunger!

Look at all the big contracts signed over the years and you will see that a high percentage of these contacts pay for PAST performance as they decline in their FUTURE performance!  The great ones NEVER get full, but for every LeBron James there are ten Roy Hibberts.  For every Clayton Kershaw there are ten Jason Schmidts.

It may be too simplistic, but I believe that at least a part of the Dodgers’ problems are players being full of money.  Maybe you think I’m full of somthing else, but I know human nature.  Oh, they go through the motions, but they are set for life and they lose that “edge.”  They aren’t “hungry.” Four of the six players mentioned above are playing like journeymen making $2.5 million a year.

The Dodgers have a $229 Million payroll and were out-hustled and outplayed yesterday by the Cardinals who have a $111 Million payroll.  It looked to me that they were hungrier!  All I can consider is what I see and that’s exactly what I saw!

It’s called “Fat-Cat-Ism!”  It’s insidious and it can creep up on you without your awareness.  It’s not like they are slackers – they are just FULL of money!


Kicking a couple or three off the island may awaken the natives, but no matter how bad the Dodgers want to win now, they should not mortgage the future by trading Urias, Seager, Pederson, Sweeney or a number of other youngsters.  Part of the Cardinals formula for winning with half the payroll of the Dodgers is that most of their players have came up through “THE SYSTEM” together and have a sense of family, a sense that is lacking with thew Dodgers.  Ned has to stop gutting the farm and it has to stop NOW!

St. Louis had the same hitting issues earlier in the season that the Dodgers do now, so maybe there is hope, but I’m going to keep preaching this mantra – the Cardinals are better than the Dodgers with half the payroll.  Let that sink in before you think about trading the kids.  Trade the fat cats and if no one wants them, then DFA them.  Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!  Quit trading the farm – do you realize that only one Dodgers minor league team has a winning record – Rancho Cucamonga?   The rest are all below .500.

Plaschke made the argument that the Dodgers should get the farm yesterday in order to get David Price – Whatever Plaschke says is usually 180 from the truth, and he is spot on with being wrong – AGAIN!  If the Dodgers truly believe in the farm, they have to stop the bleeding and trust the prospects.  Joc Pederson should be in CF today!  The Dodgers need defense up the middle and they have none in Center.  The Dodgers owe it to their fans and players to see if Joc is the solution.  Ethier and Crawford or maybe even Kemp need a ticket out of town, not because they are bad guys – it’s just that they are FULL and maybe a change of scenery will be good for their appetite, but it’s not happening in LA.

Dodger News

  • Corey Seager tripled in his second at-bat at Chattanooga, but was 1-6 with 4 strikeouts in his AA debut!  He will struggle for a while…
  • Chone Figgins was 2-3 with 3 runs scored at AAA last night.  I like Miguel Rojas, but Figgins can play the outfield too.  Hey, how about Center?
  • So Josh Beckett has a torn labrum with two cysts in his hip.  He wants to pitch through it – he’s hungry for more money next year, but who knows if he can.  Haren’s hungry for next year too, but he is toast (IMHO).
  • While we are at it – try FedEx agin.  He has been hot of late.
  • Andrew Lambo is at AAA Indy and tearing up the league after a long stint on the DL.  He was 4-4 last night and is OPS’ing 1.088.   Maybe the knucklehead is tarting to figure it out…

Christmas in july


  1. Pete M says:

    I jump on the horn diligently to remind friends and family that the BLUE are on FOX FS1 and they get all comfy on the chair ready for the game and they get that CRAPOLA…
    Dodger starters have got to adhere to those years that throwing a shutout was necessary to win… MAYBE…
    Looking at Joc P.’s 4 K’s yesterday cements my thoughts that he is where he needs to be for now…

    • Steve Strebel says:

      Pete M. I think you have your Dodger prospects mixed up. Joc P went 1 for 2 with 2 BB’s yesterday. His hit was his 19th HR. I think you are thinking of Corey Segar who had 4 K’s. It was his first game in AA so I know you didn’t mean to be critical of his performance. Joc P does strike out some but no more thank Matt Kemp who no longer has any power and average speed and a soft / bruised ego. With Joc, the Dodgers at least get balls that should be caught….caught.

      I agree with Mark that this team has too many guys that appear to be going through the motions. Infuse some energy with some younger, hungry guys (i.e. Joc in CF and Alex G at 3B when he is finished with his rehab. Make the necessary roster moves to make space. Every year Ned should be looking to infuse energy and desire by promoting someone from their system. This would keep the team younger, hungrier and more athletic. To do that they need to keep their farm in tact and over time they will be able to do exactly what the Cards have done in recent years…………..with a much lower payroll!

  2. Badger says:

    So the fattest cat on the roster is “never full”. How convenient for your “greatest Dodgers pitcher ever” prediction. I do agree that paying long term for one or two good years is very risky. Crawford’s contract was stupid, and we took it on for a reason. The really dumb part of that trade was not Crawford, it was giving up ANY prospects. Crawford is still a good 4th outfielder and on a wining team his contract wouldn’t matter. I think you still just don’t get that. Brooklyn has explained it accurately more than once.

    Agree about Pederson. Get him in there.

    Now Figgins in center? No.

    FedEx? No.

    Tickets out of town? Yes. Trust the farm to win this year? Naive. Unless of course you’re throwing in the towel. You’ve done that before, as early as May I believe. Are we quitting again?

    What exactly is the plan you are suggesting? Pederson or Figgins? Tickets out of town to what end? Just to dump contracts? We don’t need to dump contracts, we need to find the missing pieces. No trades for a starting pitcher? No trades for an 8th inning guy?

    This current roster needs 4 things – 1. health 2. another good starter. 3. an 8th inning guy and 4. motivation. I’m not sure how to go about getting everything done. I’ve made my suggestions. With some tweaks we have the talent to beat the midgets. Will Donnie get the most out of these guys? Have only seen it for one 50 game stretch. Health? I have no solution to this issue.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Pete, I think you’re mixing up Joc P. with Corey S. Joc was 1 for 2 last night with 2 walks and his 19th HR. Seager in his AA debut was 1 for 6 with 4 K’s. Could be that like Mark said he will struggle for a while, or maybe it was just a bad game, which I’m sure also happened while he was at Rancho. The fact that he played in the AFL last year could also help.

    Maybe the Dodgers haven’t done any deals yet is because they’re intent on not breaking up the farm system. Could be that other teams are trying to pry those prospects loose from the Dodgers, and won’t reduce their demands until they’re absolutely convinced that the Dodgers will hold their ground.

    The Cardinals are not better than the Dodgers. The first two games of this series were for the most part evenly played. In fact, the Cardinals played a lot like the Dodgers yesterday. They scored in the first inning, and then, very Dodger-like failed to tack on any runs. And clearly the Dodger bats are cold, but that has nothing to do with the Cardinals. Or have you forgotten that they beat the Padres 1-0 in back to back games before the All-Star break.

    And don’t get too heady about the Cardinals farm system. It was mostly built by Jeff Luhnow, who is now the Astros GM. The Cardinals system may not be all that formidable going forward after all the Luhnow leftovers are promoted or gone.

    “Ned has to stop gutting the farm and it has to stop NOW!” Exactly how is he gutting the farm system “NOW”?

    I actually think more of Fedex than a lot of others on this site. But the fact is, getting hot at ALBQ. doesn’t excite me. However, bad as his bat was with the Dodgers, I prefer him to the completely no hit Butera. And he’s a good defensive catcher. I have no problem with Fedex. However, he’s not a solution to the Dodgers’ catching problem, since he’s nothing more than a backup. And that is one area where I don’t see much in the Dodgers’ system. And that includes the soon to be 24 year old Kyle Farmer. I had suspicions about him when he was hitting well at Low-A Great Lakes, where he was likely one of the older players. So far, he seems to be confirming my suspicions.


    Your fat cat analogy is too simplistic. Of course the Cardinals looked hungrier than the Dodgers. That’s generally the case with the winning team. And if the Dodgers win tonight, they’ll suddenly look hungrier. Coming to conclusions based on two games is simply, in a word, silly. And I guess the Dodgers were hungrier when they took 3 of 4 from the Cardinals earlier this year.

  4. Pete M says:

    Figgins is not an option in CF… If mgmt. wants Pederson now, then they have to get rid of Kemp or Dre… Joc P would be walking into the eye of the storm and his assignment would be tough enough without that drama… Donnie has got to be feeling the heat and we all know you don’t fire the players… Maybe DFA…

  5. bobbie17 says:

    Why not try FedEx? It’s not like we are that great at that position anyway. He was quite the guy a few years ago. Maybe it’s his time. I said this before, but the Giants can get on another run very easily. The Dodgers can’t falter. And they are. The fat cat problem has been with us for longer than last year. Motivation has always been an issue. It’s the LA curse. It’s why you love them or hate them. The trick is to win without motivation. Can this be done? Not with this team. More and more, I think the most important player right now is Dee Gordon. He can infect the rest. But it is asking a lot of him, to carry the fat cats along with him. It would be nice if this team was self motivated, but it seems that for years, the motivation has to be imposed by the manager, the hot hitter, the hot pitcher, etc. Why can’t they play every game as though the season depends on it? Fat-cat-itis? I don’t know. The A’s play this way, and over the long haul, it leads to a lot of wins. The big problem with these contracts now is that they prevent the minor leaguers from advancing. I think the Pederson and the rest will be best served as roster expanded call ups. Hopefully there will still be a pennant race. Kemp, thanks the our manager and his big mouth, is now a big problem. This will only get worse. Fat-cat-itis+crybaby=bad news for everyone.

    • Badger says:

      Why not try FedEx?

      Because he is hitting .131 and has a lower dWAR than Butera.

      Why not discuss players that can actually make a difference? Our catchers are all decent defensively. None of them can hit a lick. At least AJ still carries a decent OBP, though it is trending down and not likely to finish near the current .359 figure.

      The outfield situation has proven to be untenable. None of them are playing to their potential. It is now time to address it. And by “now time” I mean NOW.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, agree with just about everything you wrote in your long post above, and your “I prefer AJ as my backup” comment brought a smile to my face. I still think that Fedex can be a decent backup, but that’s a minor difference of opinion. Probably the best decision would be to acquire a catcher (e.g., Suzuki), i.e., if the price is right.

    We all want to see Pederson, but it could be that the current trade deadline has to pass before that can happen. He might be part of a deal, or he could end up replacing a player that’s shipped out, or the Dodgers could acquire another CF, although I have no idea who that may be. Now that I’ve said all of that, Pederson will probably be brought up tomorrow. Another reason for holding back Pederson might be that the Dodgers don’t want to expose him to the big time pressure of the upcoming midget/Dodger series.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Until the Dodgers acquire a better catcher . . . via trade or FA signing . . .

    Move to the plan I suggest about 2 months ago:

    Have 3 catchers on the 25 playing roster. Use them. Use them.

    When the starting catcher comes up and there are runners on base and the game is in doubt (2nd; 2nd and 3rd; 3rd; bases loaded, etc.) bring in a pinch hitter (not another catcher at this point) — and then the next inning (if needed) have the 2nd catcher go out to receive the pitcher.

    Then, if another situation arrises in the game and the game is in doubt — use another pinch hitter. Then the 3rd catcher can come in to catch the next inning if needed.

    I am tired of seeing our catchers come to the plate with key situations — and 99 percent of the time — not doing much of all in creating something positive.

    • Badger says:

      If 1 through 6 was taking care of business those key situations we see our bottom of the order catchers in (and ALL of them are bottom of the order catchers) wouldn’t be so key.

      3 Dodger catchers? Add all their averages up and they are hitting about .500. And .500 is good, right? Our catcher position has to be bottom of the league offensively. Tell me somebody else has 3 ML receivers with a collective avg lower than ours.

      Maybe we wait until waiver wire action. Personally I think that is dangerous. This has been stewing a long time and if you gauge it by performance, ain’t nobody happy right now.

    • Michael says:

      The Dodgers website banner has Matt in center but Dodger Digest says he’s in left, although Matt was in center for a half an inning in yesterdays game we’ll see.

  8. BOB says:

    I certainly hope that Guerrero gets healthy before Figgins.

    Mark, you are simply ranting about “Life with a BAD Union Contract”. You can rarely fire an MLB player, a Big City School teacher who is a pedophile, or a VA employee that intentionally causes veterans to die for a small bonus that they most likely use to buy beer or drugs.

    Just put Puig on the 15 Day DL and bring up Pederson for two weeks and see what happens. Maybe he will be better than Willie Mays was during his first 2 weeks in the majors.

    • Badger says:

      Ha – made me look! Mays, barely 20, was 1 for 21 in his first month, May. He figured it out in June hitting .348. Fire a MLB player? Of course not. Probably the most powerful union on the planet. You CAN get rid of them though. I’ll leave dealing with pedophiles to those who are experienced.

      I had Gordon as my super-sub and Guerrero as my starter. I’m fine if they switch those roles. Matt has about 10 days to show his value.

      Not sure why but Dee did not project to finish well on that fantasy metric website I posted. Composite was about .260 the rest of the way, which is about where I had him at the start of the year. Just get on base Dee.

  9. Adam says:

    More contracts should be performance based. If structured properly, if certain criteria are met players would earn even more money than through a guaranteed contract. Not sure why Kasten and Flanders haven’t already done this…

    Mark, who’s the girl in the photo?

  10. Badger says:

    They are performance based Adam – have one year where you performed well and you will be paid above average for many years to come. But to your point, yeah, it would be great if everyone got paid what they are worth. Not the American way. As for baseball, performance based contracts are still there but it usually reads like this: $10,000,000 guaranteed and another 100,000 if you win the MVP award.

    Still some lineup sites listing Kemp in center.

    That black and white cat looks exactly like our cat. The head, not the body. I’ve had a lot of fun with that one today. Thanks.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    I bet the Dodger front office is pulling their hair out — trying to figure out what to do with: Hanley, Kemp, Ethier, and AGon.

    All of them are not hitting. Not performing like they are being paid for. And this has gone on for many many games now.

    They could trade some of them, they could not re-sign some of them, they could let some of them walk. Up till now — they have just waited until they find themselves.

    Batting averages down, power down, just being around the team . . . down.

    Yet, if the Dodgers win tonight — back in first place.

    Ned needs to make a move to bring in a SHOT IN THE ARM — soon.

  12. Michael says:

    These guys need to be paid back, hopefully Kershaw doesn’t do it, maybe in the playoffs [oops] but earlier I was thinking this is just what we needed. Get the blood flowing and the TEAM concept going

  13. Michael says:

    Just what the Doctor ordered. It woke us all up and I believe this will be a season defining moment

    You have to admit that listening to Kruk beats the shit out of his predecessor Joe Morgan

  14. Badger says:

    Sure wish we had our power hitters back. Seems like a month since we saw home runs.

    Cardinals are a first place club. And they are playing without a few of their stars. So are we actually. Ramirez, AGon, Kemp.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    ESPN announcer – Kurk — said that pitch that hit Hanley was not intentional — it just got away from him — 0-2 was the count.

    Kemp is useless. Bench him. Trade him. But he just does not have the skills to hit any more. And those 40 stolen bases are just a dream. I really have been pulling for him, but unless he can turn it on sooooon, he is just taking up space and adding more K’s.

  16. Bobby says:

    I would have sent League to start the inning and bean the hell out of the first hitter. Then after he and Donnie Tennis Ball are tossed, bring in Jansen and save this bad boy!!

  17. Badger says:

    If I’m the ump he’s gone. Screw you Kruk. I don’t care it’s 0-2, he threw up and in to back him off the plate and he missed badly. HE’S GONE! This HMO is not only bad with the strike zone he’s gutless.

    I don’t think Kemp has barreled one up this summer. His hits tonight were both doinks.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    The double play when Matt Holiday went sliding into second — in the direct direction of the player — right now if I were on that pivot — I would have just come down on his legs, feet first, and as they carried him off the field on a stretcher say, “Sorry.”

    Aiming at Hanley. Just remember where they are playing . . .

  19. Badger says:

    This is one of those situations where the official scorer should have the right to award the win to the starting pitcher. Kershaw goes 7, leaves with a tie score. Howell throws 7 pitches, gets 1 out and gets the win. That’s just wrong.

    It wasn’t pretty, but it got us back into a tie for first. AGon, with a late and close clutch hit. Maybe it gets him going.

    This just may not be Kemp’s year. What to do with him? Just keep throwing him out there. I’d insist he give a lighter, or maybe shorter, bat a try. He’s just not connecting properly.

    I sure hope Hanley is ok. What an unfortunate year he is having.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I would suggest that Kemp stop trying to pull the ball, and go back to the hitting style that made him successful. Hit the ball up the middle and to right center. Maybe it will come back to him all of a sudden, or maybe it won’t. But if you’re trying to trade him, remember that the other teams are seeing the same things we are. The only hope is that the acquiring team is thinking past this year, and believes that there’s a good chance he does make it back, if not all the way, at least most of the way. Besides, the Dodgers would likely pick up a nice piece of his contract, especially if we get something back that’s useful.

    “Phuk Kruk”. — Badger

    My sentiments exactly. Kershaw should get a medal. And yes, after hitting Hanley in the 9th, Rosenthal needs to be tossed, whether it was intentional or not. Let’s see. It was Hanley in the playoffs, Puig yesterday, and Hanley twice today. Enough is enough.

  21. BOB says:

    TV = Cool!. Not hearing Scully = Sucks.
    Good for Kershaw.
    Pederson. Bring him up and DL someone. He should be able to play at least as well as the Card’s #1 prospect Tavares (.190).

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If the Dodgers don’t trade him, I think there’s a good chance Pederson gets the call after the trade deadline. Until then there’s probably too much uncertainty. Just another 10 days until the end of the non-waiver trade deadline. Patience is a virtue, and so is throwing at Cardinal hitters.

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