Write This Down!  What happens tonight – how Josh Beckett pitches – will greatly impact the Dodger farm system, because if Beckett pitches poorly, then Ned Colletti will likely feel the pressure to trade a prospect or three for a starting pitcher.  On the other hand, if Beckett can go six and give up less than three runs, Ned may be inclined to fold.  The Dodgers top three starters are as good as it gets, while lately, the bottom two have been about as bad as it gets.

I have a suggestion – put Dan Haren on the DL for about 3 weeks and let him rest his body.    He will be pissed because it will cost him his vesting option, but he could win a World Series if he returns a month later refreshed.  Call up Fife or Lee (I am not a fan, but give him a try) to take the fifth spot.  That is assuming that Josh Beckett can give the team 6 productive innings.  If not, all bets are off.

Matt Kemp looks comfortable in RF and unless overwhelmed, I would not trade him is a deal for Lester.  I would trade Sweeney, Lee, Reed and Baez to the Red Sox for Miller and Lester or just three of the above-mentioned players for Miller and Lackey.  Take it or leave it, Boston.  Cliff Lee is toast – his arm is gone.  Forgetaboutit!

Darwin Barney can EVOLVE (evolve, get it?) into a nice backup piece for the Dodgers.  I like the deal, as insignificant as it is.

The fact of the matter is that the Dodgers need to be rid of Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier but cannot trade either one without paying 80% of their salaries.  Crawford and Van Slyke will evidently platoon in left but Joc Pederson would be a better backup than Andre.  Would the Red Sox take Ethier, Lee and Sweeney (plus $25 million) for Lackey and Miller?  I would do that!  They probably wouldn’t!  Andre used to be a moody, sulking player, but has evolved into a solid citizen – he deserves to play – somewhere.

So I usually go to bed after Midnight, but was tired last night and since there was no game, I went to be at 11:00.  At around 12 Midnight, my cell phone rings and my 15 year-old son says “Dad, Clayton Kershaw is on Jimmy Kimmel.”  I case you missed it, here it is (in part):

Dodger News

  • Scott Elbert is pitching very well…
  • Guerrero again started in LF.  What’s the plan, Stan?

Don’t watch this video.  You won’t get the song out of your head.  Besides, it’s pretty funny!

Christmas in july



  1. Pete M says:

    We add Barney… Good pick up… Now we have all these middle IF’s roaming around the minors… Yes, there’s something cooking in Jed’s kitchen…
    What bothers me the most is that Seager hasn’t played for the last.2 games… Please someone tell me he has tweaked something. If Joc P. goes, after some serious mourning, life would go on… But please just say no to Seager trade…

  2. Badger says:

    Good post. I agree with most all of that. I like the Miller Lester trade, but that isn’t enough to do it. That’s more Miller Lackey like talent.

    It would be beneficial to give both Haren and Ryu 5 days between starts the rest of the way. Not sure how that could be done, but if it can’t, DLing Haren works for me. As for him being pissed, t.s. if he is. This is a business, and as you are currently pitching it makes no business sense to allow that option to vest. Prove us wrong next few times out.

    Darwin evolve. Good one. But he is what he is.

    Do we not give Lee a shot? Is it because if done it will expose him as a bust? I wonder if that football scholarship is still available.

    Big day for Beckett. Huge day for the Dodgers.

    Agree about Kemp. At this point, unless overwhelmed, leave him in RF and hope some power returns. He’s getting on base. That’s helpful to the team.

  3. BOB says:

    Could not agree more.
    I like Barney. He appears to be a much better pick up than Truinfel and if he turns out to be better in the long run than Rojas then he could save Ned some time next off season when Ned is usually looking for infield reserves.

    I agree that tonight is sooooo important especially considering the mess in the minors regarding starters old enough to normally be considered promotable..

    Lee, who turns 23 later this summer, was recently catapulted off of the MLB Top 100 list. He has been exposed. Might as well give him a chance before he considers going back to college. As recently as 9/6/2012 Lee was highly regarded although he was being dropped from MLB prospect #45 to #49 and has continued to slip ever since. In 2012 he was the Dodger #1 prospect, Puig was #2, and has now slipped to #6, behind even Anderson, him with an underperforming ERA of 4.75 as an older 22 year old at High A.
    Patterson has a 9.50 ERA in July
    Frias has a 6.05 ERA in July and will soon experience his suspension for fighting
    Bennett is aged 34 and threw 7 shut out innings last time. Maybe.
    Magill is now a reliever
    Fife is on the DL
    Sosa was released


    Reed has a 3.37 ERA and 5.00 in July. Maybe
    Santiago 4.79
    Brummett has a 2.57 ERA as a starter and is on the DL
    Struck 7.15 ERA
    Gould 7.34 ERA

    What happened to all of the draft picks who were to be the next wave of good starters in the Dodger minor league system?

    I miss Billingsley.

    Maybe the best thing to do is to bring up another long reliever and pair Beckett with one and Haren with the second one, telling the long relievers that they are there to save the bullpen and their pay next year will not be based upon their 2014 ERA, and then wait for an over paid starter to make it through waivers during August thus possibly giving away less prospects.

    What is Ned to do? He has some difficult decisions to make. He just might have to pay a lot for his, and the people below him, mistakes.

    • Badger says:

      Well said BOB.

      I think it’s time to give Lee a start. What is there to lose really. Maybe his curve actually works at sea level. I think it was Brooklyn who made that point. If he continues to drop, he will have little value in the trade market. We need to know, and with Haren on physically unable to do squadush list, methinks the time is nigh. Mayhaps we wait til we are playing a weaker team, but this summer for sure if he isn’t moved.

      Gotta get. Got coffee with my posse and t.o. dave might show up.

  4. bobbie17 says:

    I don’t know anything about Barney except what I read today. Good glove, no hit. We have a few of those, as does everyone else. Could this be posturing for next season, moving Gordon to short with HanRam getting the axe? How many minor league second basemen do we need? I suppose it never hurts to have a good player in the system, but unless there is something else going on, it doesn’t make much sense. Or, is Gordon tradable? Anybody’s guess. Big series again against a playoff team. Big game for Beckett, just because. I don’t think a poor outing will have the effect that Mark says, but it could. These minor league starters should be tried out now, not later when the pressure is really on. Great that the Giants were beat with their best pitcher at home. Now, for a sweep from the Pirates.

  5. bobbie17 says:

    Koufax signed for big money with NBC after he retired to do the game of the week. He never liked it. He did not need Kimmel. He was bigger than Kimmel. Was he ever on Carson’s show?

  6. Adam says:

    I can’t blame Flanders for getting a #4 starter; just don’t give away the farm. Maybe somebody will trade the bad contract of a starter for a bad outfield contract (Ethier).

    It seems to me the Dodgers should be able to wring some decent starts out of a combination of Zach Lee, Chris Reed, Red Patterson, Fife, Carlos Frias, and Tyson Brummett.

  7. idahoal says:

    I believe the a dodgers picked up Barney so the Giants would not get him. The Giants have a mess at second base. The Dodgers have enough with Gordon and Guerrero.

    I do not believe one word what Ned said about Pederson. Maybe Pederson could improve on his strike outs. Ned has too many outfielders and cannot get rid of them, and that is why Pederson is not up.

    Fife did not pitch badly when he was up. We need to find out if Lee can make it. He cannot be any worse than Haren.

    Wilson still scares me. He got through the 8th against the Giants ok, but I am not comfortable.

    I watched the Giants last night. They just do not have much offense. Baumgartner did not look good.

    You are right Mark about tonight’s game. I just hope Beckett does well. We need to protect our three best young guys.

  8. Badger says:

    Just got back from coffee with t.o. dave. Interesting guy. Smart guy. From a long line of really smart people. It was fun talking baseball. He’s got some great thoughts on the game so I’m hoping he will become more active in here. He looks like an offensive guard but says he didn’t play football. He also practices martial arts so I was on my best behavior.

    Hard to tell what Ned may be up to. Barney is interesting. I think he’s just a better version of Rojas, but he would make the midgets better so that point sounds valid to me. I won’t miss Rojas btw.

    I’m believing Pederson won’t strike as much at ML level. I’m still thinking he goes fishing at AAA. If he can just lock in his strike zone he should do fine. But if he’s not traded I don’t believe he will be brought up until roster expansion.

    Dallas Keuchel anyone?

    • Michael says:

      The Houston kids intrigue me too Badger but it’s totally against Neds’ MO of going for geezers or has beens.
      Isn’t To Dave that highway Patrolman from Cali?

      Thanks for soothing it over

      Having an anxiety attack over Ned buying square blocks trying to fill round holes

  9. BOB says:

    All quite on the western front. Seattle GM rumored to be screwing with all of the other GMs. If true, then just conspire and boycott the Mariners.

    Kuechel? Looks real good at ERA + of 128. Perez, Wilson, Lee, Garcia, Schebler, Sweeney, and $15 mil? Astros bullpen ERA is 4.91, but I think that they also need some position players who will be ready in 2016/2017. Too bad for the Dodgers that the Astros could probably get one high rated prospect (60?) for this guy. Pederson is currently rated at 60. Pederson straight up for Kuechel? Rumors are that Donnie wants Pederson in CF today.

    Too bad the Dodgers no longer have a starting pitcher with a rating of 55. I think that currently Urias (65) is too valuable to trade for anyone except Price.

  10. Quasimodo says:

    I’d really like to watch tonight’s game but having routine blood work tomorrow sorta makes it doubly unwise to head to head over to my neighborhood sports bar.

    Darwin Barney, hmmmm–well there’s an endless amount of applicable reasons for us to 2nd guess on top of whats obvious, but I like to think that maybe there’s a secret formula to turning a hitting switch like Dee Gordon did. Okay, pretty far fetched!??

    Has any one heard Kemp wants to be traded with those words coming from his lips? I haven’t and until I do I’ll go on thinking Matts agent probably has some sort of table fees to squeeze more cash for himself. But if it all turns out true that Kemp said these things I can’t see how it did him any favors. The Dodgers franchise brought him to the dance and he wasn’t a cheap date. I hope he feels more of an obligation to team and fans.

  11. Badger says:

    Speaking of Seattle, I was looking for some 30 day splits on SVS and found this:


    That’s a new one on me.

    Dave is a school teacher in LA, lives on Thousand Oaks. Education runs in his genes. I think they hand out Masters degrees at birth in his family.

    I would encourage dealing with Houston but you’re right Michael, Ned prefers veterans. I prefer talent. There are enough veterans in this team that having 1 young arm in the rotation should not be a problem. We’ve got what Houston needs. I think any if the 3 would help – Keuuchel and McHugh are the real deal and would fit well in our rotation. I wonder how serious they are about trading any if them.

  12. idahoal says:

    Quasimodo, Kemp never did say he wanted to leave as far as I know. His agent, Stewart said it. Kemp said he wanted to play center field. Donnie said “He can say what he wants, I will put him where I think he should play”. Not exactly the same quote, but close.

    It really looks like we have some good relievers at AAA. The only three presently in our bull pen that I think should be terminated, traded etc., are Perez, Wright and Maholm. I would keep League and Wilson. I do not think we should trade for a reliever. Our bull pen can be solved from within. Tonight will tell us if we need a starting pitcher. Price will not be available by Thursday. Price may be available later.

  13. Bobby says:

    Someone tell Philly to go Phuck themselves:

    The Dodgers recently inquired about Phillies starter Cole Hamels, and were asked for a return that included all of Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, and Julio Urias. Los Angeles indicated it had no interest in a deal with that framework, but Philadelphia has not move yet from that asking price. The Phils are telling clubs that it wants three top-tier youngsters and another mid-level prospect in return for Hamels.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    As Matt Kemp is maturing age wise — he also needs to grow up.

    Matt has a lot of gifts as a baseball player, but some of those gifts are changing.

    Now — he needs to say — if I want to be a Dodger and fulfill this contract — I need to play where I can help the team.
    I am healed now and really ready to do my part. If that is in left field or center field or right field or off the bench some games . . . I will.
    Donnie, just make out the lineup card and I a ready.

    I am now thinking of of a guy like Pete Rose. Started at 2nd, then some 3rd base, and come left field, then some centerfield, then some right field, then some 1st base.

    In the end Rose played: 1,327 games in the outfield. 939 at 1st base. 628 at 2nd base. 634 at 3rd base. // 673 in left field. 587 in right field. 73 in center field.

    But if Matt still wants to play CF — he can play elsewhere if the Dodgers have other plans for that position now.

    • Badger says:

      Sounds like Mike is 99% sure something is going to happen.

      I wonder what the midgets are going to do. They look broken. We are clearly the favorites so if they want to keep pace they need to do something.

      I doubt Jed gives in to the high demands. Many of those pitchers will be available at the waiver wire. In fact, the midgets could block us then. It would be costly for them, but a Lester or a Hamels could replace Cain. They aren’t linked yet, but I don’t trust any team whose colors are black and orange.

  15. BOB says:

    I thought that I heard somewhere that all intelligent managers and pitching coaches understood that 95 pitches in 4 innings, especially high stress innings with 11 runners on base, was essentially equivalent to 120 pitches in 7 innings, and only a healthy pitcher should pitch that many innings in this era. I thought that Beckett had at least 2 injuries. Back to being Dummy Moroningly again?

    Vin Scully = Happy Happy!

    Elbert apparently has AAAA stuff and has not gained all of his velocity back. Someone will probably claim him and then release him before the year is over.

    Out of the box. I am ok with the Dodgers making no trades this week if the price for everyone continues to be above the clouds. However, if they want to win a few roster changes will be needed. One radical experiment might be to call up Urias and let him be the designated long man for Beckett. Beckett could go 4 innings and if Urias goes 3 innings, for approximately 11 games, he will reach 102 innings which is pretty close to his target of 100 innings for the year. The obvious additional plan would be to claim at least one player off of waivers during August, especially relief pitchers. However, most people will argue that you do not want to start his clock. So what, this is the year to both not sell the farm and to actually use the farm wherever possible. How else do you win the World Series.

    Go Pirates!

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