It’s really pretty simple, seven of the twelve pitchers Ned Colletti has assembled for Manager Don Mattingly are really not worthy of a roster spot.  “But, they will get better.”  Balderdash!  You are what your record says you are.

  1. Paul Maholm 1-4 with a 4.73 ERA
  2. Dan Haren – Declining since April -0-3 with 9.64 ERA in July
  3. Josh Beckett – A walking MASH unit – his hip is a huge concern, in fact – there is no way he pitches much longer (I’m not a Doctor but I play one on the internet)
  4. Chris Perez – 0-3 with a 5.35 ERA (Maybe his dog needs some weed)
  5. Jamey Wright – While he hasn’t been awful, he has a 12.27 ERA in July
  6. Brian Wilson – 2-4 with a 4.68 ERA and 31 BB in  50 IP with 51 hits
  7. Brandon League – He’s 1-2 with a 2.01 ERA but no one trusts him and he has only 26 K’s in 44 IP (translation – the hits are going to start raining down)

All in all, Ned Colletti has $51 million of Guggenheim’s money tied up in that bunch for just this year.  I don”t know about you, but if someone worked for me and spent that kind of money for those kind of results, I would make sure they never did it again.  They simply would not have a job.  Stan tried Ned’s way and it didn’t work.  Now, Ned needs to go and someone else needs to fix this.

Some of the solutions may be in-house:

  • I would take Red Patterson over Paul Maholm
  • I would take Pedro Baez over Brandon League
  • I would take Jose Dominguez ovewr Chris Perez
  • I would take Scott Elbert over Jamey Wright
  • I would take Yimi Garcia over Brian Wilson
  • Pace Rodriguez takes Josh Becketts place
  • Stephen Fife takes over for Haren

Not only does it save $45 million, but the results would likely be better.  There’s a reason three of those guys are former closers and we all know what it is.  Now, I am not saying that ALL of the solutions are in-house.  I think the Dodgers need another arm or two, but lay off the former closers.  Beyond Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Howell and Jansen, the Dodgers don’t have a single pitcher that Mattingly can trust.

That is an indictment of Ned Colletti.  Ned needs to be declared incompetent and institutionalized!  Bring in someone to run this team with some knowledge of how a pitching staff is constructed.  A monkey throwing darts at a roster could pick pitchers better than Ned (speaking of monkeys, I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes last night – save your money).  I rest my case!

Dodger News

  • Corey Seager is hitting .400 after his 3rd game at AA.
  • Chone Figgins is ready.
  • Steve Dilbeck of The LA Times reports that Yasiel Puig (Gasp) may be the Dodgers new Centerfielder.  I’m all in with that… provided Puig is fitted with a shocking dog collar controlled by someone in the dugout, so that when he is ready to bulldoze Dee Gordon he can be zapped dead in his tracks.  RF is where Kemp belongs.  Puig will be OK in CF and platoon Crawford or Ethier with Van Slyke.  Trade the one you don’t platoon.  Make it happen!

Christmas in july

  1. bobbie17 says:

    Those changes will save money, but they won’t make the team better. It will probably be worse. This team will probably stumble until the end–wherever that is. The best hope is that the Giants don’t get it together and keep getting guys hurt. Not a good way to win, but these players just are not playing anywhere near their potential. This is a common, continuous problem with the Dodgers. Always underachievers. It starts in the draft room, infects the minor leagues, and shows up worst in the big league team. The newcomers aren’t part of that scenario; they just fold under the lights of the big show. Perez will probably be good again in Tampa Bay, or Seattle, or . . . . . Another get away game today. They better bring the bats. AGon might finally be ready to carry the team for a while. I hope so.

  2. BOB says:

    Dodgers are 10th in runs scored and 9th in runs given up. Not bad. However, certain players are terrible and Ned is too egotistical to admit this and release some players. Ned is afraid to DFA anyone because he thinks that next year old over the hill free agents will not sign with the Dodgers. So what. Play the kids next year or admit that player development sucks, drafting sucks, and the GM sucks..

    Nonetheless, yesterday was all about what did the players do on their off days and Dummy Moroningly mismanaging the bullpen again. Maholm pulled after two hits? Dummy. He is the long reliever. Dummy. Let him be the guy who gives up 3 hits or walks in a row before pulling him. Dummy. That is what long relievers are for. Dummy EATING INNINGS. Dummy. Perez kept in because Maholm was pulled early. Dummy. I guess two wrongs make a right. Dummy. Oh wait, maybe I learned that that dumb rule was wrong in the 5th grade. Dummy.

    Maholm – Keep him until August.
    League – Keep him and let him pitch the 6th or 7th inning until a trade is made.
    Perez – Send him to Colorado for peanuts and let him pitch in mile HIGH stadium.
    Wright – DL list with a bad back.
    Wilson – DL or DFA
    Becket – DL and bring up Lee
    Haren – Fife appears to be injured again, assign Maholm to pitch through the 8th inning everything Haren starts a game and save the bullpen even if Maholm gives up 10 runs.

    Kemp looks Happier Happier in RF.

  3. Bobby says:

    If we don’t make the postseason this year, I can see Ned being canned.

    Let’s just win today. That means we took the series on the road vs. a good team. That’s all you can ask.

  4. Roger Dodger says:


    If Ned makes those changes (above) — adding:
    Red Patterson
    Pedro Baez
    Jose Dominguez
    Scott Elbert
    Yimi Garcia
    Pace Rodriguez
    Stephen Fife

    That is 7 pitchers off of the Dodgers AAA roster. Do the Dodgers have 7 pitchers in the lower minors who can pitch at the AAA level?????

    And if they bring up say, 4 from AA and 3 from A Class — then others have to take their places.

    Well, maybe a couple could arise from the June draft almost two months ago. Maybe a minor league trade or even a trade of one of the outfielders in a move with a AAA pitcher involved and so on.

    But the original 7 pitches is really house cleaning.

    Just was great watching Perez pitch last night.

  5. Campy says:

    Out of all the position changes, trade suggestions and minor league call-ups that have been suggested here, I do not remember anyone suggesting that Kemp go to right and that Puig be put in center. Now it looks like that may actually be tried. It will be fun to watch it happen, a wild horse in center.

  6. Bill_Russell says:

    Mark, you must have fallen and bumped your head because the last few posts you are making a lot of sense. I agree with most everything you are saying these days.
    It was very sad last night listening to the game and knowing Mattingly just needed Beckett to get him one more inning. Everyone knew what the results were going to be but were hoping for the best. I think the game was lost because Beckett went back out and tried to do what he’s not healthy enough to do. Then the bullpen dumped gas all over the field. We gave that game away with guys that are now capable for pitching in the Major leagues. Why are we keeping them on the roster?
    Interesting thought for me is Mattingly was promoting Pederson last week and now is talking about putting Puig in centerfield. Maybe Joc is part of a trade package and Don is making new plans. Last week I was against trading for Price or Hamels but I have now changed my mind and I’m completely on board with getting another top of the rotation pitcher. My only hope is that Seager is not part of any trade. This is our year if Ned can get the correct parts. If Ned is not capable to making this team better then lets give Logan a chance. Go Blue

  7. Bobby says:

    Haren goes today. If he gets shelled again and looks like absolute trash, then I think he’s done, waived, and we either give Zach Lee a shot or we trade for a legit #3-4 starter

  8. Bob Jackson says:

    I think Puig should be given a shot in centerfield. How can any other outfielder be the take everything you can catch type of centerfielder we need, when they are afraid of Puig. Put him in center and let him take anything he can get to…….the corner outfielders will stay out of his way.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Donnie always says, “I put the lineup out that who I think can let us win . . . ”

    If last night total pitching gang is the proof of that —- the Dodgers are in trouble.

    But, there are times in the past when a manager uses a player in a key position — to get rid of the piayer or send the message to the GM, “I need someone else!”

    • Bobby says:

      I was thinking the same thing, when Perez was out there walking everyone and their mother, and all we had warming up was League.

      Donnie sending a message to Ned (because the rest of us already know), that his pen sucks, and he lacks options

  10. idahoal says:

    Boy, Mark you should be the GM. I agree with you. I have said many times that this is Ned’s team and he signed all these old guys while saying he wanted to get younger. Ned will not eliminated these guys from the bull pen. He has to admit he made a mistake in signing them. He will not do it. He may get rid of one and maybe two.

    However, I think Mattingly contributed to the loss last night. He let Maholm bat for himself with a runner on second and one out. The score was tied 4 to 4. We had Puig and Ramirez on the bench. Them Maholm went out and let the first two batters get on and then Mattingly took Maholm out. The announcers said he was trying to save the bull pen for todays’s game. Play one game at a time. Worry about Haren tomorrow. If you are that worried, maybe Haren should not start.

    I would hate to be a good prospect in the Dodgers organization. They just do not believe in playing young players. If Trout was in the Dodger organization, he would still be in AAA. Pederson cannot be any worse than Either or Crawford. At least he can play center field. Get rid of both of them or at least one of them. I would rather have Puig in center field, and kemp in right if you are not going to bring Pederson up.

    I would rather lose with some young prospects on the team than the over the hill gang we have right now. They are not enjoyable to watch.

  11. BOB says:

    Wow! Have I ever seen an inning where a pitcher faces 9 batters, walks 3 of them, and throws less than 25 pitches? Oh yea, in T-BALL. Another game that will be enjoyed more on the radio than on the nonexistent TV network.

  12. idahoal says:

    Crawford gets picked off and we are down four runs. I do not understand. I am just afraid Colletti will panic and five away some of our good farm kids in a trade.

  13. BOB says:

    A washed up Loggy throwing a 1 hitter through 5 innings. Thank God Dummy started Rojas tonight. On the other hand I could be watching a no hitter on the MLB Channel.
    Good thing Haren has turned the game around after obviously not warming up properly.

    At least the Dodger bench should be really good tonight!

  14. Michael says:

    I would surely hope that Ned doesn’t have “carte blanche” and there would be some oversight from all these alleged baseball minds in the front office.

    Roger, I seen Roberto Clemente play against the Dodgers when I was 14. He uncorked a bullet from the RF corner that nailed a Dodger at third. I could not believe my eyes and he joined my list of favorite players along with Sandy, Mickey Mantle and Ernie Banks. I’ll tell you, I cried the day he passed, what a man.

    • Roger Dodger says:


      If I may, let me suggest the Clemente book: Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero, by David Maraniss.

      I have a leather bound, autographed copy by the author, and treasure it. has used Hardback copies for $0.01 plus postage ($3.99). So for 4 dollars they will send it to you and if you are Prime, it comes in about 2 days (I see one copy that way).

      I loved the book. Has a lot about the Dodgers signing him, hiding him in the minors, the Pirates nabbing him — his career and lots of stories of his maturing in both the United States and playing in the majors. His relationships and the plane crash and remembrance. This is must reading for all Dodger fans (as well as Pirate fans.

      Or, check at your local library. It is also on Kindle for $10.35.

  15. Michael says:

    This replay shit is ridiculous. The umpire was looking right at it and had perfect position. I don’t like it at all. This is a game played by humans and nobody is perfect. If you want games, strikes and calls made by a computer, it’s already here, it’s called video games. I prefer the REAL thing.

  16. BOB says:

    The middle of the lineup sucks again tonight.

    Same 3 relief pitchers so far tonight. Maybe Donnie is telling Neddy something in a passive aggressive manner.

    Previously I thought about whether or not the Dodgers should or should not trade any of their top 3 prospects. I was surprised to see how far up the MLB Top 100 and MLB List by position prospect lists they have risen and therefore Ned should not be allowed to trade them.

    #4 OF is Pederson (#28)
    #5 SS is Seager (#27)
    #5 LHP is Urias (#49)

    Pretty good. If Pederson is really the #5 OF and he is playing at AAA then he should be able to play at lest as good as the MLB #2 OF Tavarez who is hitting .200 in 80 ABs.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    I believe Badger is away . . . so I will post for him:

    Dodgers and Donnie make a lineup with 3 subs tonight, minus Puig, so that is really 4 subs and the pitchers spot: CF, LF, SS, C, and P —

    So far the Cardinals and Pirates like own us.

    Tonight: Kemp, Gonzalez, Van Sluke, Crawford and Butera were Zero (0) for 15 between them.

    Pitching for the Pirates was Liriano who has now won 2 games all season, and both are against the Dodgers.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Pederson hit his 20th HR tonight. But keep in mind that he’s been striking out in about 33% of his ABs, but also maintains a very high OBP due to nearly 70 BB.

    And let’s also remember that he’s playing in ALBQ. in the PCL, where Fedex is putting up these numbers.

    I don’t know what the most current rankings are, but at the beginning of 2014 Baseball America listed Oscar Taveras as #3 in their top 100, and Pederson was #34. And as we know, those rankings are forever changing. And just as Taveras has gotten off to a very slow start, so too could Pederson. It’s not unusual for top prospects, even those that ultimately succeed, to struggle early on. Gregory Polanco of the Pirates was listed #10 in the BA top 100, and I believe, got off fast with when the Pirates called him up, then struggled, and has picked it back up the last couple of days against the Dodgers.

    I have no problem with the Dodgers calling up Pederson. But I also understand not to expect too much, too quick. I consider him to be a very good prospect, but certainly not a slam dunk to succeed. Of the three top Dodger prospects, he’s the one I’d most likely consider trading in the right deal. And, as I’ve mentioned before, it could be that if he is called up, it might not be until after the trade deadline, since he, in fact, may be a factor in any number of potential trades.

  19. BOB says:

    2 games behind the surging giants. During their travel day tomorrow the Dodgers should do a little more than just contemplating their navels. Friday starts the three most important games of the 2014 season. Time to man up and earn your guaranteed contracts!

  20. Watford Dodger says:

    After the last 2 nights I think it must confirm to the ‘powers that be’, that this team needs freshening up. As soon as we have starting playing teams above .500 we are struggling. If we are serious about the World Series this year then this current lineup ain’t gonna do it.
    I read that Ned is joining the team in SF – my guess is that some moves are afoot. Let’s hope so. The trouble is I don’t see any way we can really improve is without giving up some of our top 3 prospects. After them, we don’t have much to offer. None of us want to lose them – but what is the alternative?
    I think Ned is gonna have a very busy week.

  21. Badger says:

    Again, saving money is not the issue. Winning games THIS YEAR is.

    1-5 I agree with. Wilson and League can still pitch some. We need 2 better starters. And we need to hit with them to play with them.

    Maybe Plaschke was right? Price. Or someone like him.

    Home tonight.

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