• So, when does Yasiel Puig get to hit in the homerun derby?
  • I have seen trade speculation about Giancarlo Stanton, and that’s all it is:  SPECULATION.  However, I would trade Joc Pederson, Zach Lee, Chris Reed and Julio Urias for Giancarlo Stanton, and my long term plan would be to move Stanton to 1B.  I’m sure there is a market for A-Gone!
  • Seattle allegedly has their eye on Matt Kemp – maybe it would be a good thing for everyone if he were traded.  They would have to pony up a bunch of prospects.
  • I want to see if Pederson can play CF – come on…
  • I’m fine with the choice of Wainright as All-Star Game Starter- he deserves it!
  • Want some warm fuzzies about two boys growing up together?  Here’s a great article about Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw by Matt Crossman of Bleacher Report.
  • I got nothing…

Christmas in july

  1. Badger says:

    I do too W. A bonafide Major League All Star would mean fewer prospects are needed.

    But I would do mover’s trade too.

    I think these are not trade deadline deals. These are off season discussions.

    Stanton was drafted in ’07. He’s a free agent in ’17. He’s the teams biggest draw. They don’t draw. Since he does have injury question marks (150 games once in 4 years) maybe Miami would consider moving him a year early. Why not? As was mentioned, they can not draw just as not well without him. They can also not make the playoffs with him or without him. He’s from SoCal. Who knows.

    Seattle wants Kemp? When?

    I still believe any trades will be roster tweaks, not roster overhauls. But, I’m ready to be surprised.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I have always liked Gordon, but I would definitely consider moving him in a deal for Stanton. You have got to give to get. And keep in mind, Stanton is nearly a year and half YOUNGER than Gordon. Yes, speed kills. But so does power. And if Pederson is the real deal, an outfield of Puig, Pederson and Stanton is young, has good speed, plays good to superior defense, and can hit for enormous power. If Guerrero and Seager also provide hitting and power, that team would score runs. And I don’t care how the Dodgers score, as long as they score, and score, and score, …. I would then figure out what to do with Kemp, Etheir, and Crawford. Might even get something back for them, or not.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Part of the Dodgers success in the second half of the season just might be in-house.

    AGon needs help from somewhere. He has seemed to have lost his edge. Sure, he was a target of 100 RBIs, but could have 140 with all of the situations he has failed in the batter’s box. Plus games won with a large league. But then I am writing a script. Gee, there is our hitting instructors, video tape and other players to help him find that hitting eye and power.

    Maybe A.J. can start to make contact more often. He has found a home with taking a lot of pitches and working the count — good — but the other teams know that and pitch to that. His .214 average and a total of 117 RBIs is rock bottom. But he does have 28 walks (one less than Kemp). If A.J. can maybe start swinging at pitches over the middle of the plate, earlier in the count, he might just hit a few of them. At least more than he does now.

    I marvel watching Uribe’s approach to the plate. He just gives every swing is all. No swing just to put the ball in play . . . not working the field — just wailing away and that is the trademark of a luck hitter. He is hitting almost .300, but it is a muscle .300. So I don’t complain — just which his approach to the plate were more mature.

    • Badger says:

      Brooklyn is right. I can think of several trade scenarios with Gordon as the lead. Right now his value is at it’s highest. Teams wanting to dump contracts on players (Tulowitzke) just might be interested in a speedy All Star who isn’t a free agent until 2019. I’m not suggesting we trade him. But I won’t say I wouldn’t do it.

      Uribe is an all or nothing guy Roger. Works for him. Sure hope he doesn’t torque anything over the next 2 years. He’s valuable to this team. And I agree with your take on AJ. Pitchers have the book on him. He can put the ball in play, they know that, but they also know he will take strike 1 down the pipe every time. He needs to attack that cookie, or he will be forced to hit THEIR pitch because he is hitting from behind. I’m surprised he hasn’t figured that out. You only need to do it a few times and word will get around.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Uribe still has his moments when he flails away without any apparent plan at the plate. But the reason his hitting has improved over the last couple of years is his willingness, at least some of the time, to hit the bill up the middle and to right field, with more of an emphasis on contact. Still drives me crazy when he gets out of that, but at least his willingness to try and make contact and use more of the field makes me think he has chance when he walks up to the plate.

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Agon suddenly finds it again this year. When he was in San Diego I remember him hitting a lot of balls to the opposite field, and with power. He needs to go back to hitting the ball where it’s pitched. It’s nice when he provides power, but I’d be happy if he was just making more consistent contact and getting on base. And if he does that, the power will come, very naturally.

  5. Watford Dodger says:

    Really like your take on the Stanton thing Brooklyn.
    Roger you have it right with AJ – everyone knows his approach. Start swinging at the first pitch for a while – put some doubt in the pitcher’s mind. And Uribe looks like he’s swinging himself off his feet every at bat. He doesn’t die wondering.

    • Quasimodo says:

      Indeed Watford. We’ve all read it for a very long time that scouting reports have A.J. as a ‘never swing’ for the 1st pitch and thus he falls behind 0-1 from the get. At the beginning of last season the whole team had that approach, when we 1st faced Bumgarner he threw at over 75% for strikes and all’s we could do was curse out loud for Dodgers to swing. Hell, it’d of paid off to swing with intent to miss the 1st pitch rather than just give an automatic strike.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    I think the Dodger brain trusts — saw the 5 starters as — 1, 2, 3 all have great chances to win most of their games, no problem. And positions 4 and 5 — were up to a brilliant outings once and a while, and Dodger hitting helping out with bunches of runs, and being ok with that approach.

    So how have we done so far:

    1 – 11-2
    2 – 11-5
    3 – 10-5
    4 – 6-5 (Beckett)
    5 – 8-6

    Just about what they figured, I think.

    • Badger says:

      Beckett deserves better. The pen was horrible for a while, I think that hurt him. He’s given up 2 or less 13 times, but a few of those were 5 or less IP. He was blowed up a few times but he could easily have 11 wins.

      Hey Mark, how about Gordon for CarGo? He’s good enough to lead off (career .367 OBP in the 1 hole) and can play centerfield (maybe). Kemp, CarGo and Puig, with Guerrero at 2B. Would you make that trade?

  7. Campy says:

    The key to a lot of the trade ideas that we are throwing out here is, can Joc play CF and hit enough with power to be a good CF for us. I am surprised that we haven’t given him a shot to see if he could do it. The longer the season goes on without him being called up and given an opportunity the greater the chance is that the higher-ups intend to use him as trade bait later this year. If Ned really thinks he has major league potential now, why doesn’t he give it a try (unless he doesn’t think so and doesn’t want to lower his trade value, or thinks he needs a year of two more seasoning).

  8. Badger says:

    Well I found that forgettable. Puig had fun, but at no time really looked much like an All Star. The other Dodgers represented. Hope everybody else is getting plenty of rest.

    Wainwright stepped in it but I thought he handled it ok. I guess it was too much of a hugfest to mention the passing of Tony Gwynn.

  9. BOB says:

    Bad All-Star game result for the NL Champion Dodgers. At least they showed that they are all about pitching and defense. Maybe someday the Dodger hitters will learn how to try not to PULL EVERY PITCH.

    • Badger says:

      Gonzalez used to like spreading it around. Of course he used to punish mistakes on the inside half of the plate too. He did it early in the year, hopefully he gets it back before September. I would also like to see his late and close numbers improve. We need that from the 4 hole, especially against the better teams, and a few of those are on the upcoming schedule.

      Will Puig be a bit humbled by his inept representation at the “Summer Classic”? I doubt it. I’m betting he overcompensates for a while. Coaches and veterans need to keep talking to him – “Yassie, you keep swinging at those sliders down and away and you will hit .125 the rest of the way. Have an idea up there. Know what they are attempting and don’t let them get away with it”. The AL All Star pitchers were content with walking him, but NO, he just has to attempt to put ball four in play. Of course, he did get hosed by the blue on one of those ball fours. Gotta give him that one. But the other two, and that Home Run Derby embarrassment. Yoiks.

      Kemp used to have prodigious power to center and right center. I saw him put on a show in Spring Training a few years ago. 4 in a row way over the center field fence, three off the top of the wall in right center, then a couple more straight away for good measure. People were buzzing all afternoon about it. He was hitting them 450′. Well, we haven’t seen that in a long time. Will we ever see that again? I have my doubts. His confidence is low as he continues to look at strike one down the middle then flail away before he slowly walks back to the bench with that defeated look on his face. He has his good days, but mostly singles anymore

      Anybody seen the real Hanley Ramirez?

      We need the middle of our order to do what they are paid to do. We can live with the worst centerfield defense in the league and the occasional Haren meltdown if our thumpers are doing what they can do.

  10. bobbie17 says:

    We don’t need another superstar, unless it is a pitcher. Stay in house. Hope for better production from the guys who are supposed to give it. If we can get another arm or bench player that makes sense, do it. Otherwise play it straight and keep developing young players. The Dodgers have as good a chance as anyone in the NL to make the playoffs with the team it has. So, why screw up the whole organization at this point? Winning the playoffs is another matter. For that there needs to be a more consistent bat or 2 and another bullpen power arm. I still wouldn’t mortgage the future. Most of the time when the scouts rank the best prospects, the ones on the upper levels turn out to be very good. We have 3 of those. No trades unless for Price. TB still has a shot at the division, so it is really not a seller at this point.

  11. Bobby says:

    We need to clear out the mess currently on our team so we can add quality, long term talent.

    Pay what it takes to ship out Crawford. It opens a spot for someone who isn’t makin 20mil a year, and can actually benefit the team.

  12. Watford Dodger says:

    Yep Badger that just about nails it. Can they all continue to underperform at the same time? If they do then we struggle.
    Kemp is trying too hard. Hanley has injury niggles. Agon looks to be improving. We are leading the NL without playing our best. Our longest run is a poor 3 games. If the bats come alive then there is less pressure on our dodgy pen.
    We are in a great position although I would love to see some BP help. We have a number of arms in the system that can be traded for help as they havnt trained on. Lee/Reed/Fife/Magill are just treading water – let them go & move on.
    Crawford should be ready to go by Friday – he is streaky – maybe he will get hot, he has before.

  13. Badger says:


    Sign him. Plus speed, all muscle, toolsy outfielder, already experienced, hit .350 in Cuba……

    ok, maybe I made that last part up. This guy plays a position of need. If he’s any good we can use Pederson for a bullpen arm. Boston likes dealing with us – Pederson for Uehara. BP addressed. Sign Castillo and get him in the top of the lineup at AA, and hit him 100 fly balls over his head every morning. Trade Ethier for a months worth of coffee and scones for Colletti and everybody is happy.

    • BOB says:

      Sign Castillo and put Pederson in Left field. Then trade Kemp, Crawford, Either, Ramirez, Haren, Fife, Magill, Lee, Reed, Wilson, Perez, Wright, Butera, and $200 million for another #2 or #3 starter, a catcher, and 3 bullpen arms under age 27 with ERAs under 2.50.

      • Campy says:

        It is so hard to compare players from different eras. The game has changed, the ballparks have changed, the equipment has changed, the training has changed. I would prefer to say that Koufax and Kershaw are the best pitchers in their era and leave it at that. I would be happy to have either one on my team, and am thankful that I got to see both of them on my team. How about that!!!

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, even I said that Kershaw would have a better career based on longevity. That said, Koufax is still the greatest pitcher I ever saw, and Kershaw will never supplant him from that position. Here’s the question. In a big game, in their prime, who would you choose to start, Koufax or Kershaw?

    • Bobby says:

      this argument/debate is a little ridic now. Everybody is basically saying the same thing, but yet everyone wants everyone else to say their exact same way!!

      Brooklyn, as usual, put it best above: Kersh likely will have the better overall career and blow Sandy’s career stats away, but Sandy had that 5-6 year run which will likely never be topped.

      In a big game? I”ll take the guy who won a world series or 3, vs. the guy who got his ass handed to him in a crucial game 6 at StL last season when we needed him the most.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah, I read that earlier and agree with it. We seem to have a relationship with them and I still maintain Ethier could resurrect his career in AL East. This could work for both teams.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve heard rumors of the Dodgers being interested in Jonathan Papelbon. Seems to me that getting him requires only taking his contract off the Phillies hands. He’s due the remainder of his $13 million contract this year, $13 million next year, and has a vesting option for 2016 that pays him $13 million. All he needs to reach the vesting option is to finish 55 games in 2015 or 100 games in 2014-15. It would all depend, I would think, on whether or not he would accept the 8th inning role in LA. And if he was willing to do that, I see no reason why the Dodgers (because it’s only money) wouldn’t agree to guarantee that vesting option in return for him agreeing to take on the 8th inning.


    • Badger says:

      If he “finished” that many games he would be worth it. I worry that his irascible personality might upset continuity. But yeah, if he accepts an 8th inning role it might work. I suppose he could also closes few following nights he doesn’t pitch and Kenley does.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I too worry about Papelbon’s “irascible personality”, and it also occurred to me that he could help keep Kenley fresh by closing out some games, and keeping Hanley away from having to make three consecutive appearances. Might not be a fit, but it’s probably worth the Dodgers exploring.

  17. Watford Dodger says:

    Why not let Paplebon close & let Kenley deal the 8th?
    I for one havnt been as convinced by Kenley this year – too many hits. Pitching harder but less cut on the cutter. If he doesn’t like it then tough. Pitch better & get the job back.
    Howell/Wilson 7th, Kenley 8th, Paplebon 9th.
    If we only take on the salary & don’t give anyone away then we should do it. Paplebon is one of those guys that you like to hate when he’s on the other team but would be more than happy to have him on your side. People worried about Grienke before he arrived, about how he would fit in, but he has been great. Paplebon would be thrilled to be here – he would be fine.
    Bobby – it’s got to be Joc’s time. Look what Puig did for us last year – he energized everyone. No one has made CF their own. Just put the extra OFs on the bench for the stretch or trade em away. He didn’t look out of place in ST.

    Campy – just out of interest, are you new to the site or are you an old contributor posting under a new name? You make some good points.

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