Last year in NLCS, Hanley Ramirez was drilled in the ribs by the Cardinals.  The broken rib cost him the remainder of the series and likely cost the Dodgers the NL Championship.

Saturday, Yasiel Puig was hit by Cardinal pitching, costing him at least a few games.

Then yesterday, Hanley was hit not once, but twice.  Clayton Kershaw retaliated by drilling Matt Holliday.  Holliday jawed a little bit which was stupid, as Kershaw told him to go to first base.  Holliday has been around and knows how the game is played.

I applaud Clayton Kershaw for drilling Holliday immediately, but this is far from over.

Cardinal pitchers routinely come inside, way inside, to the Dodgers best hitters.  Whether the intent to hit them was there or not is irrelevant – THEY DID HIT THEM – that is what is relevant!  And… they are going to keep doing it until the Dodgers put a stop to it.  In order to stop this, there is going to have be a message sent:  “YOU HIT ONE OF OURS, WE WILL HIT TWO OF YOURS!”  The next time, the Dodgers play the Cardinals, the first batter has to be drilled… and then the second one.  Aim for their hands, just like the Cards do.

Violence is not usually the answer, but it is in this case.  Punch the bully in the mouth a few times – they will stop!  Shoot, bring Miguel Olivo back and let him bite them while we are at it!

The St. Louis Cardinals are treating the Dodgers like punks and it’s time to hit the bully in the mouth.  In case you forget what a good old-fashioned brawl looks like, check this out:

And I want to see Clayton Kershaw go Nolan Ryan on whoever he hits.

Intent is irrelevant – the fact that our batters keep getting hit by the Cards is what is relevant.  It’s time to end the fight, by starting a big fight!  Take the suspensions.  It will pull the team closer together.

By the way, I guess Don Mattingly is trying to make a statement to upper management by playing Ethier and Van Slyke in CF and making Matt Kemp stay in LF, which I like.  However, he is not putting the best defensive team on the field with Kemp in LF.  His statement to management is “Get me a CF – I don’t have one,”  but it is hurting the team.  As much as I want to see Kemp in LF, he’s the best centerfielder on the team right now.  This lunacy in the outfield needs to be fixed… like YESTERDAY!


    • Watford Dodger says:

      Mark – for the second thread in a row, I agree wholeheartedly.
      When Hanley got plunked last Oct, I posted immediately that retribution should be swift. It wasn’t. Fast forward to this series and we get 3 hit batters in 2 nights. To his credit Kershaw did the correct thing but unfortunately it was 9 months too late. We have been a soft touch to the Cards. That has to change. Look how the dynamic with the D’backs changed once we fronted them up. The benches should have cleared big style when Rosenthal hit Hanley again. Funny how it’s been Hanley & Puig they’ve hit & not AJ & Rojas? The shocking umpire should have tossed Rosenthal at that point – having warned both teams after Kershaw’s plunk.

      And Mark you are so right about the message Donnie is sending to management. Give Dre a run – he seems to be warming up.

  1. Badger says:

    Yeah, I agree too. I was actually jumping around the living room going nuts last night. My wife thought I’d lost what little mind I have left. Enough of getting pushed around. Gutless umps won’t deal with it, our pitchers can. Holliday was lucky. If it were me I would have aimed a 92 mph heater at his ribs.

    Just one caveat to the post. You may be right about Mattingly’s message but I think maybe he IS trying to find the best, most balanced defense. His options are limited. Kemp, by every measure, is not a good outfielder. Neither is anyone else ‘cept Puig. Van Slyke is actually improving out there. He knows HOW to do it, he just doesn’t have the athleticism that is required. There is nobody else Donnie can use out there.

    I’ve been going round and round about Kemp. He looks fine. In fact, he LOOKS great. What an incredible body he has. He’s just off a click. Can he get it back? I’m sure the staff is working on it. I just don’t know. I do know there are organizations that would love to work with him. Especially if we pay them to do it. To justify his salary he only needs to put up 3 WAR. How close is he to doing that? Who knows. 1 home run to right center might be all it takes to get him going. Consistent contact first.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    You may be right Badger – if I remember rightly, it took Agon & Hanley a good while after shoulder surgery to get power back. The ankle however may restrict him going forward. As you say he may have to change his game to a contact hitter – singles & doubles. Still think a trade is coming.

  3. Bobby says:

    I still would have started the 9th with League, and let him hit whoever was up first. Then after he and Donnie were tossed, bring in Jansen and close it.

    But whatever, time to go into Pitt and win that series. Worry about StL in Oct now.

  4. bobbie17 says:

    The Cardinals do that because they know it is effective. Look at the postseason. Yesterday, at least the team won the game. I guess the Cardinal book is hardline, to pitch the Dodgers inside. If someone is hit, who cares? That is what good pitching staffs do: find a perceived weakness and pound on it. Dodger hitters probably have the reputation of crowding the plate and diving into the ball. The inside pitch stops that. It seems that HanRam is an accident waiting to happen. Probably no one else on the team gets hit with that pitch. Retaliation is ok, but you take your chances with it, and it probably does more harm than good, as far as winning the game is concerned. Yesterday was a good get-away game win on the road. It would be nice to win every get-away game. Look around the MLB, these last series’ games are mostly sloppy. They should be easier to win, if the team cares to win. Another tough series coming up with our B team pitchers and with the Giants playing a lousy Phillies team. This is not time to be looking toward this weekend. But, anyway, how does our rotation set up for the Giants?

    • Michael says:

      Mattingly set up the rotation after the AS break so Zach, Kersh and Ryu would line up for the series this weekend.
      Nothing like a base brawl to unite the troops, worked wonders last year.
      Think we have Guerrero on the fast track to LA, could sure use his bat. Did any of you catch the talking heads yesterday mentioning that before the game Dee was shagging fly-balls in center. Maybe Marks clairvoyant.
      Maybe Agon should get his eyes checked, it wouldn’t hurt the team as a whole for the entire roster to follow suit.

      PS Thanks for the smack down video, always get a kick out of it

  5. Quasimodo says:

    Respect should be automatic and disrespect is what should be earned. Shockingly, its Cards franchise along with their fans (as they booed Kershaw when he came to the plate) who have damaged my respect for them. If they feel they didn’t earn disrespect then I have no respect for them because all the other points of the universe are of mind that Dodgers only did what should of been done. If Cards want to bitch about it, then they still have another thing coming. They sure didn’t have intent to NOT hit HanRam and from here on they had better.

    • Badger says:

      b17 is right. Our power guys drive the ball deep the other way. Backing them off is required. But it’s no accident that the guys who are actually hit are our best hitters. dbags did the same thing.

      We already know that Dee would be our best center fielder. He’s a shortstop by trade. Anybody that grew up playing shortstop is usually the best athlete on the team. Same could be said about Hanley. If he wanted to he could play the outfield. With Dee’s speed he could run down anything. It would be a desperate move to put an All Star infielder out there, especially considering we already have 5, 6 if you count Pederson. But, who knows what is planned. Donnie just might be desperate enough to try something like that. Talk about a statement to management. Bench Ethier, Crawford, and Van Slyke and go with Turner at second and Gordon in center. If Guerrero is brought up, lose Rojas and that is one ridiculously high priced bench!

  6. BOB says:

    It is real easy with the wild Dodger relievers who give up way too many walks. Just start every game in the playoffs against the Cardinals with a reliever.
    Badger, I like your proposed bench!
    I would do it and then make 2 big trades.

    1. Ramirez, Wilson, Reed, Anderson, and Baez, to the Yankees straight up for their #1 prospect Sanchez (C) rated (60), who might be ready to start next year. Call up Barbaro (Arrrrr).
    2. Kemp, Lee, Sweeney, and $10 mil per year to Seattle for their #1 prospect Walker who could start this year.

    The Yankees and Mariners are both in contention, need a boost, and have terrible DHs. Kemp and Ramirez have turned themselves in DHs.

    Tell Crawford, Ethier and Gonzalez that they are up for trades to the AL as DHs in 2015 if they do not regain some athleticism over the winter.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I Don’t think it’s necessary to drill the first two Cardinal hitters we see then next time they play. But definitely send a message by brushing back a selective few of their hitters. But if a Dodger is drilled, then drill them back. And some hard slides on the basepaths might also help. Just let the Cards know we mean business, and I don’t think any irrational actions will be necessary. But if provoked, then answer back unequivocally. And I like the MIguel Olivo suggestion (SMILE!).

    I prefer to see what Joc has to offer in CF before weakening the middle of our infield defense to strengthen the middle of our outfield defense. Maybe Guerrero can handle 2B, but maybe he can’t. And it’s a lot to expect of him given all that he’s been through this year. And there are other possible solutions. After the trade deadline passes we’ll have a better idea of how things stand. In the end, it’s the Dodgers brass who knows these players best. So if they think Dee is the best solution in CF with someone else manning 2B, then so be it. And after I see the results I’ll decide if it was a good idea or not. If Guerrero can handle 2B better than Ethier/Van Slyke can handle CF, maybe moving Dee would work. The other solution is to acquire someone like Ben Zobrist to play 2B, although I’m not sure I like what that might cost. But he is a guy that gets on base, and might even be well suited to bat in the lineup behind Dee. Don’t know enough about Zobrist to know if I like that move, but also don’t know enough to know that I don’t like it.

    And bringing in League to hit someone to open the 9th would not have been a very smart move. The Dodgers were on the road with a one run lead. You don’t jeopardize the game to make a point. The point can wait. If you lose the game, you won’t ever get it back. In fact, if hitting a player there resulted in a Dodger loss, then the Cards would have won the battle by forcing the Dodgers into an irrational act.

    • Badger says:

      Holliday got plunked and we beat them. Move on.

      I agree with your point on up the middle defense. I don’t even consider moving Gordon midseason. I do recognize he could increase his dWAR (think SS, C, and CF) if he is really good out there. His current dWAR is 0.0. I’m pretty sure Guerrero is not as good at 2b but that may not be so important. The only thing I would add is a mistake in the infield is usually one base. A mistake in the outfield can be as many as three. All that said, would I be surprised if Donnie did that? Yes. But, I will admit it would be interesting.

  8. Badger says:

    Dee got robbed. Note to home plate ump: if the catcher pulls the glove back to the corner you are being framed. I used to tell catchers “when you do that you are telling me the pitch is not good enough to be a strike. Thank you for helping me make the right call but be advised – I don’t need the help”.


    • Michael says:

      Thought Matt made a nice play in the RF corner also.
      Really think that skirmish yesterday did ” Light my [our] fire”
      Dee is flashing the leather, WOW
      Arruebarrena is on the DL I think
      And from a few days ago, think Darin Sutton would be awesome

      PS Can’t remember a single waiver wire deal that I’ve seen coming, so forget everything you have read

  9. BOB says:

    If most of the Dodger infielders were injured during a game and Butera was the only position player left to play SS would you move Gordon to SS and have Butera play 2B? How much would that mess with Gordon’s brain? Or would he demonstrate that he has grownup enough mentally to actually play an average SS? Just Sayin!

  10. Bobby says:

    I think Dee has become an OUTSTANDING 2b, and will only get better. Leave him there for the next 8 years.

    If it comes down to Joc vs. Guerrero, well then Joc plays cf and Guerrero is a sub or trade bait. Dee is an all star. He’s earned the right to stay on 2b

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    See what happens when we rag on Dodger players, and suggested trades with their names . . .

    How about Dee as a catcher. He has a powerful throwing arm . . . yes, the Dodger catching prospect for Spring Training 2015. Make it happen.

    • Eric Mason says:

      If you have DirecTV, this is a free week for the MLB Extra Innings package.

      If you have MLB.TV (yes, confusing, but that is the internet package), then you have had access to all of those games all along.

    • Badger says:

      Research says umps miss 14% of calls on balls and strikes. Frankly I think it’s more than that. And this same research says they get worse in tight situations – late innings when the game is on the line. I believe that. When I was umping I often did hardball double headers 9 then 7 inning games. I also did softball tournaments that went the entire weekend, and 3 league games a night during the week, always in 2 man teams. Summers were very busy for me umpiring or playing somewhere every day. We got fatigued after long days in the Redding Ca 100 degree temps. We made mistakes, but we worked hard on mechanics, were players ourselves, were good and the players understood and seldom argued. These guys in MLB do ump every night, but there are 4 of them and it’s only one game. They are supposed to be the best. I see them make mistakes every night. Out of position and missing balls and strikes are the most frequent. And many of them have attitudes. Brenly and Mike Schmidt are adamant that we will eventually see an electronic strike zone. Umps will still be out there but like checkers at Walmart they will just call what the computer tells them to call. 14% inaccuracy is just not acceptable. And you can see through replay how often they are corrected. The time has come.

  12. BOB says:

    Amazing how the Dodgers fair when the starter goes 7. Still the most wins in the NL.
    Amazing idea Gordon to play Catcher! Love it! Strength up the middle!
    Dodgers have the most road wins, road runs, road hits, road triples, road SBs, road RBIs, road BBs, highest BA, highest OBP, and highest road OPS in the NL. They are doing something right. What is up with their effort at Home?

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