Look, I am not in favor of trying this at home and there should be governmental regulation on steroids and HGH.  However, professional athletes are high-performance human machines.  You don’t put regular oil into a race car and you can’t expect professional athletes who perform at a high level not to need some type of performance enhancers.  It should be under a doctors care and closely monitored by the league, but I think it is needed.

With all the injuries, Tommy John surgeries and the like, HGH and steroids help a professional athletes body heal quicker, which means they are on the field more and that is exactly what fans want.  I won’t presume to know how all of this needs to be monitored, but let’s bring it out of the closet and make it legal.  Sure, steroids can be bad (especially certain types), but you can die by drinking too much water too.  Too much of anything can be dangerous.

I think it’s worth looking into.  That way, our favorite players will play more and isn’t that what’s this is all about.Pete

Oh and while we are at it, expand the DH to the National League and re-instate Pete Rose.  It is way past time on both.  Give Pete his rightful place in Cooperstown!


  • If Cleveland gets Kevin Love, just hand the NBA Championship Trophy to LBJ and his new crew!   Irving, James, Love, et al.  Yikes!
  • Come on, Ned – Move some outfielders already!  Let’s see Joc!
  • Alex Guerrero played in his 5th game in the Arizona Rookie League.  He his his 2nd HR last night and is at .467.  AAA soon?
  • Chone Figgins and Scott Elbert both played last night.
  • Is Adrian Gonzalez in a steady decline or just a slump?  Let’s hope it’s the later – the Dodgers need him to put up a monster 2nd half.  They also need one from either Kemp or Ramirez!  They don’t need both to be monsters, however, but I would take it.
  • Bill Plaschke of The LA Times, nails it.  If I lived in LA, I would be pissed!


  1. Badger says:

    ” DirecTV and other TV providers say consumers know that a Dodgers TV deal would mean significantly higher monthly bills — requiring subscribers to fork over around $50 a year more even if they are not baseball fans.”
    Am I reading this wrong? $50 a year is the hold-up? I gladly paid $125 for my service.

    Some repair medications should be legal. What Bonds did was ludicrous.

    Did I just hear you suggest government regulations?

    I thought Love wanted to go home to the Lakers? Guess going home isn’t so glorious until after you’ve made fortyhundredleven million dollars. If that deal happens they need to do something.

    Yes. Move an outfielder already.

    • Pete M says:

      I’m glad for the most part folks still have a little hope for Matt Kemp… I don’t think anyone feels worse than Matt… Yep they make a boat load of $$ and are expected to produce… The back injury was part of his game at the time which was flat out… The damn ankle, he will have to look in the mirror on a daily basis and know he stone cold screwed up…I think he s/b playing CF becuz he’s best available…
      Rhoids sort of like Medical Marijuana !!?? Yea, that’s the ticket… Aroldis Chapman on Rhoids??? YIKES

      • Badger says:

        If a legit doctor scripts it for injuries I’m all for it. But I believe carte blanche PEDs is a bad idea. Only the theater of WWF allows that.

        Yes on Rose. We are a nation of unbounded hypocrisy. He’s served his time.

        Kemp has an enormous ego. He likely wouldn’t piss on any of us if we were on fire. I don’t give a rat’s ass about ‘tude. Produce or be gone. And on that topic……….

        It’s impossible for most of us to relate to guaranteed money. Unless you are a trust fund baby, or a corporate CEO, you actually have to work and produce to make a living. Kemp had one stellar MVP worthy year and now he gets paid over $100,000 a night for years even when he sits. Ok, that’s today’s game. However, indulge me a minute here, I was a teacher in California in the 80s, and you know what I was guaranteed? I was guaranteed to be fired before 3 years because after that period of time it was required that I be given job security. It’s called tenure. 5 years of college, a stellar performance for 3 years and per agreed upon negotiated contracts teachers earned job security. School districts couldn’t afford that so good teachers all over the state were getting canned left and right. I was fired. This is the country we live in. Very difficult but I was forced to accept it. So….. when it comes right down to it – Ef Matt Kemp. My take? STFU and start hitting or go hit singles and strike out 25% of the time somewhere else. Like maybe Kansas City. We’ll pay them 1/2 of your salary for 3 of their top prospects, trade them along with Paco and Lee to Miami for Stanton and you can go live in Raytown. It’s a nice little ‘burb. Roger Maris used to live there. Have fun and…. good luck.

        Is this rant and rave Friday?

    • Bill_Russell says:

      I don’t have the option to just fork over extra money because I would in a heart beat. I can’t get Time Warner cable because they are not in my area. The cable provider in my area is Charter and they don’t cross over into each others territories from what I hear. MLB and MLB Network blocks out all local and away games which makes no sense. I subscribed to MLB and tried using the hide my ass software which didn’t work either. Oh it would work for two innings and then I would be fighting to get the signal back for the rest of the game. I am stuck listening to the radio which is worse then I remembered as a kid. You don’t get the real feel of the game and can’t see the real picture of what’s going on. Rick Monday and Charlie Steiner couldn’t paint a picture if they tried. Most of the time you can hear the crack of the bat and it takes several seconds before they say anything. Now I can watch the Lakers (which I couldn’t give a shit about because they suck) and can’t see the Dodgers. This whole TV contract thing just blows.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    Agree with you totally about Kemp Pete. Think he is struggling to come to terms with his new reality – he’s not quite the same as he was before. No problem with his attitude that I’ve seen.
    Badger – you must have played some Links Golf? That’s what those classic courses look like in the summer. Tiger like the Giants – going backwards fast. Who’s gonna win?

    • Badger says:

      Yeah W, I get it. But links golf courses ARE butt ugly. I played in Northern California and now in the Red Rocks. If you’re gonna play over-bogey golf, you might as well be able to enjoy the view. Right?

      With Rory and Tiger playing they might actually have an audience for this one.

  3. idahoal says:

    I agree, move two outfielders, and move Pederson up. We do not have a center fielder. With Kemp’s dissatisfaction it is starting to look more like he may be moved. We need another starter badly. Any trade should include a starting pitcher. The bull pen can be fixed from with in. I would now included Guerrero in a trade package. We need Gordon at second. Seager, Arias, and Arruebarrena would be untouchable. I believe we can get Price with a group prospects without giving up the untouchables. Not many team can afford Price. Come on Ned, do something. Just do not give up the untouchables.

  4. Watford Dodger says:

    Al – Rays won’t give Price up that easily. Will want two of our best. I think Ned will go for a rental like Peavy which is fine by me. That’s what he normally does.
    I’ve said before that I would go all in for Stanton. Like Badger’s idea – maybe pick up some prospects elsewhere and then bundle them up with Kemp or Ethier plus lots of $$$$ – that’s if Miami want to cash in on him now.
    I would also bring up Joc immediately.
    Sergio going well.

    • Badger says:

      Tampa has a pretty good team and is currently 8 games out of a playoff spot. I think they believe they are in it. I think Price stays.

      I also think the Dodgers are listening very intently to offers for Kemp. The more I think about it the more I believe it is good possibility. Somebody has to go. I’d give it a 33% chance it’s him.

  5. Pete M says:

    Wow Badger, are you amped on coffee??? Kemp would piss on me if I were on fire!?!? If I have someone who’s on my 25 and doesn’t care if he plays or not, I don’t want him… I haven’t heard a word from Kemp… I’ve heard from Stewart and I’ve had the pleasure to speak with him several times and he’s really not the sharpest tool in the box… Hell, he cant pick up a hooker with the right genitalia!!!

  6. bobbie17 says:

    I agree with Mark on steroids, but it will never happen. Once these guys are like the figures in a video game, you might as well watch a video game. Players are not supposed to be machines. However, these injuries to pitching elbows, shoulders and to hitters’ hips is really raising havoc with the game. Stars are going out, and there aren’t that many of those. My take is that over a very long term, players will have to take a different approach to pitching and hitting so that there is less stress on these parts. The time of maximizing what the human body can do is close to being over. The power game is waning, and fans will have to get used to watching a top pitcher throw 90, not 95. Hopefully with better control. We need more Greg Maddux’s and fewer flame throwers. Pitching coaches will have to teach PITCHING again, and not take the easy way of evaluation by the speed gun. OR we need 6 or 7 man rotations, with a watering down further of quality. I miss seeing Matt Harvey and Jose Fernandez. Who knows how they will be when they come back? They cannot be as good as before. Few are.

    • Badger says:

      Start pitching with the windmill delivery That should have been initiated decades ago. Fast pitch throwers can throw all weekend and do it into their 50’s. The good ones throw 80-85 with movement and change of speeds. And so many more pitches can be delivered this way. Holding runners on might present some challenges but arm issues would be virtually eliminated.

      Yeah Pete, I get wound up when I think about these pampered athletes bellyaching. Kemp just voiced his malcontentment through his mouthpiece. If he was performing to the level at which he is paid, he would be playing everyday in center field. His game, on offense AND on defense, is being played far below his pay grade. Just shut up and be grateful you didn’t go into education. Our society does not value education as highly as we do sports entertainment. You get paid the rest of your life for what you did in one year. You want our approval? Do again what you did then.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Until Kemp is (might be) traded — I consider moving him back to centerfield. Maybe he is ready to play there now — getting better reads and jumps on the ball. He is no worse that Ethier or SVS.

    Ban the roids. Or it becomes like a freak show again.

    One newer thing (problem) is see is eye surgery. I believe it is possible to take one’s vision today and move it to Ted Williams or Babe Ruth eyes, which was what = 20-12 or 20-14. Thus being able to see the ball better. If that happens — could be better hitting . . . but it would be at medically altered ways. Is that a problem????

    • Badger says:

      Ruth was 20/10 in both eyes I believe.

      Anabolic steroids have no healing properties and should remain banned. Cortico-steroids have healing properties and I’m not sure if some of those are banned. I used to be for the removal of all bans – I mean who cares if these ingrates grow breasts and their nuts shrivel up and fall off. But, for baseball, I think out of respect for the game, and for those who came before, PEDs should be banned. Football? They’re gladiators and they know it. Rules? They don’t need no stinkin rules. I do think some of the money being made should be applied to lifetime care.

  8. Michael says:

    Well one thing I think we could all agree on is, thank heavens the AS break is over. Hate it

    Forever is a long long time and I agree Petey should be pardoned by Bud. Wonder if the Hall voters would be as sympathetic as some of us?

    • Roger Dodger says:

      On Pete Rose. I met him at a youth teaching camp back in 1966 in Dayton, OH — got to talk with him for about an hour while my youth kids were listing to the other Big Red Machine players talk and instruct all of the youth. He was very approachable, nice, and it was great talking with him.

      Also, Mark and I have talked several times to Fay Vincent, former Commissioner of Baseball, at Vero Beach during Spring Training when the Dodgers were still there. We asked him about Pete Rose — and he was very clear . . . that Rose signed a document stating that he knew of the infraction of the rules he broke and that he would not participate in professional baseball in any way — for life (I believe). What Fay said was, that just having Pete Rose and breaking that rule — that it was the best tool MLB has to really teach and impress the minds of all younger players when they come up the baseball system. NO Gambling — or you are through, forever in baseball. He said, let Rose back in — and you lose the law. That punishment was meant to be serious and not like breaking a city/state law, serve your time and then you are free. Commissioner Vincent has a point.

      • Badger says:

        So, MLB banned Rose for life because he broke part of the “morality clause”? Yeah, MLB has to maintain certain standards so they can be good examples for all young people.

        (“The Player agrees to perform his services hereunder diligently and faithfully, to keep himself in first-class physical condition and to obey the Club’s training rules, and pledges himself to the American public and to the Club to conform to high standards of personal conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.” )

        Let him in.

        • Roger Dodger says:

          I believe, Badger, it is more than that —

          Posted in every clubhouse is: No Gambling allowed . . . no personal gambling or dealing with gamblers and the payoff systems that could result. 1918 Black Sox . . .

          Break that rule and you are out.

          Vincent said, if they let Rose back in the baseball system — then the rule does not hold water and players might take the chance and gamble or deal with gamblers, etc. Keep Rose out — and players will better understand it is serious about keeping gambling and gamblers out of baseball.

          Sounds harsh, but I do not believe MLB wants to have to deal with it again.

          • Quasimodo says:

            With Rose, he’d be deserving of the harshness if he had ever bet against the Reds. But that wasn’t the case and therefor the hanging of Pete Rose occurred where his breaking of the rule was harmless to the integrity of the sport. Even the rat that unfriendly exposed Pete said Rose never bet against his team. So here’s where its ‘rules above reason’ and MLB convieniently killed Pete Rose with friendly fire as he was clearly on the opposite side of what those ‘Black Sox’ did. At any rate though, I’m pretty certain most of us has Pete Rose in our own personal minds eye HOF. And he is deservingly so.

  9. Badger says:

    Roger makes a good point. But I agree with Quas. Rose, by his own admission, did bet on his own team. To win. The intent of that rule, the spirit of it if you will, was never violated. And there is some lingering question about that admission an an alleged deal on which the Commissioner reneged.

    I say let the fans decide. Have a world wide vote. Set up a website for 30 days and let the people decide. 1 vote per IP address. I’d vote. And I’m betting he’s in at the end of that 30 days.

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