The Dodgers were in first place for butt a day {sigh}, butt now the view stinks!  (FYI – There’s a joke in there)

The Indians had 18 opportunities to drive in runs and succeeded on 10 occasions.  The Dodgers has 28 opportunities and squandered them on all but 3 occasions.  That is beyond pitiful, it is criminal!    However, failure to drive in runs has been a recurring theme with this bunch for several years.  The Dodgers were lead by Matt Kemp who struck out 3 times and stranded 4 runners.  Puig, Ethier, Butera, Triunfel, Ramirez and Robinson all stranded 3 runners and Gonzo stranded 2.  “It’s the same old story, every where I go, I get slandered, libeled, I hear words I never heard in the bible…”

But I digress.  Sometimes I wonder if guys like Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Adrian Gonzalez are “TRYING” too hard to  hit home runs.  I know that the trend is to light, smaller bats these days so that they can generate tremendous bat speed, which also causes the bats to break easily.  I played a lot of baseball when I was younger and the only thing that prevented me from being a Hall of Fame Player was only a  lack of talent.  That’s all that kept me out of the Hall of Fame.  But, you knew that.  That’s also the only thing that keeps me from being a good writer – lack of talent… and training too, I guess!

Matt Kemp is listed at 6′ 4″, 215, Andre Ethier is 6′ 2″, 200 and Adrian Gonzalez is 6′ 2″, 225.  I was more like Scott Van Slyke – 6′ 4″, 230 (he’s actually 6′ 5″, 220).  I hit right-handed, and always found that with full extension of my arms, my power was to center or right center and whenever I tried to hit home runs, I tended to pop up.  But, if I just tried to make good solid contact, not thinking about the homer, I would hit a lot of them out.  When I was 17 I bought a Reggie Jackson Adirondack bat that was 35 inches long and 38 ounces.  I used it for years and still have it today although it looks really ragged.  It never broke, and while I wasn’t hitting them out of 400+ feet parks, they routinely went our at 360 to 380.  I only mention this, not to tell you how great I was, because I wasn’t, but to emphasize two things:  (1) How many hits are lost because the stinkin’ bat broke because they are so thin? and (2) I think you hit more home runs when you aren’t trying.  Just my two cents.

Todays’ photo is from the Dodgers first year at Camelback Ranch.  A lovefest between Joe and Tommy.


  1. BOB says:

    Oh well, the 95% Dodgers showed up last night. Maybe they will learn the very difficult lessen that they have to concentrate every second of every game and then they will start another winning streak. Really have no desire to see two men’s butts especially when they have their arms around each other. Worst thing is the Angels have a better record than the Dodgers. Still own the 3rd best record in the NL, even with all of the problems. Capuano had a 22.00 ERA during June and got released by the Red Sox. Yet his 2014 season ERA was still lower than both Perez and Maholm. Just Sayin. Every Dodger pitcher’s contract should say that if they have an ERA above 5.00 at 81 games they are automatically DFA’d.

  2. Badger says:

    They are breaking because they are second and third generation maple. The bats in the old days were likely old growth ash. My grandpa told me he would look for bats with tight grain and knots if he could find them, then rub them down for hours with a huge bone. I actually found a bat with some knots (Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 33″) and I rubbed it down for hours with a soup bone. It lasted for years but eventually broke in high school. It was a Dick Baney (anybody remember him?) fastball in on the hands and I didn’t turn on it. I was bummed.

    Yeah, all theses guys should have serious gap power. I did at 5’10 170. We know Kemp can hit them out to right center and didn’t we just see Ramirez hit one about 480’? Puig looks like he could hit it that far but those loopy swings he and Kemp use aren’t the way to do it. Short and quick to the ball. Ron Cey was as good as anyone at that. Garvey too. Just go for the line drive and you will be amazed at how many will go 375′.

  3. bobbie17 says:

    Call last night a natural let down after a tough series. The 3 play was great for the effort showed by Gordon and Puig. I like that. Today is another getaway day. We can’t phone it in. Ryu has to be better. It’s important to get out of town with a win. Second place behind the a….holes stinks.

  4. Badger says:


    “Heeyman also reports that the Rays have set a high asking price for David Price in discussions with the Dodgers, with Tampa seeking multiple elite prospects. Heyman argues that giving up more than one of the club’s five best youngsters — he includes Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Julio Urias, Chris Anderson, and Zach Lee — would be a mistake for Los Angeles.”

    I think I would do the last two.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Trying to hit homeruns is a bad idea. Hitters definitely hit more homeruns when they’re not trying than when they are. Besides, why would a hitter try to hit an HR when the bases are loaded, especially when they’re loaded with no outs. Just make solid contact and maybe drive in a couple of runs, and give the hitters that follow you an opportunity to drive in some more. I also saw hitters last night swinging at pitches out of strike zone while they were ahead in the count with the sacks loaded. Relax, take it easy, and just try to get the job done without trying too hard.

    Badger, my guess is that the Rays are going to ask for the world when it comes to Price. The question is, what will they ultimately accept when push comes to shove. I wouldn’t surrender that package above, and I doubt (hope) that the Dodgers wouldn’t either. Yeah, I would also would do the last two.

    Last night’s game was an exercise in frustration/futility. But I don’t want to read too much into a single game. I’m more interested in how the Dodgers do over the long haul. The Dodgers in the last several weeks have been getting great pitching and defense. The offense has had it’s good days, but overall they haven’t inspired me with confidence. However, I’m still hopeful that with some tweaks it will get better.

    With all the weaknesses the Dodgers have displayed, the midgets aren’t without their own. Still about a month until the trading deadline. Things will happen, either good or bad. Overall I’m confident, but I don’t expect all of the Dodgers’ warts to disappear all at once, and I know that the peaks will be accompanied by some valleys.

    Agree with B17 about the aggressiveness shown by Gordon and Puig. Overall that style of play is to the Dodgers’ advantage. That aggressiveness has got to keep the opposition on edge.

  6. Badger says:

    Hey Scott, it helps if you are actually LOOKING at the ball when you attempt to catch it.

    Our outfield sucks.

    Ground balls. Make them hit ground balls.

  7. Watford Dodger says:

    When it became obvious that Wilson was struggling big time, why didn’t Donnie do something to stem the bleeding. Send Honeycutt out there to have A chat, or go yourself – anything to slow the game down. Get someone up in the pen quickly – be proactive – that’s what good managers do. He is do slow to react to situations, like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Pathetic.

  8. BOB says:

    Well lets see if we easily can find some information that any manager should know.
    Before today’s game started the Dodger starting pitchers had a record of 42-23, six more wins than any other staff, and walked 2.04 batters every 9 innings.
    The Dodger bullpen had a record of 6-15 and walked 4.09 batters every 9 innings.
    One could argue, and I will until actually proven otherwise, that Honeycutt is in charge of the Starters and Mattingly is in charge of the Relievers. Honeycutt gets the Starters ready and Mattingly leaves the Relievers in the game, although most other managers take relievers out of the game.
    Many relievers start their journey as a starter but get moved to the bullpen due to control issues, lack of endurance, and because they can only make adjustments in the bullpen and rarely on the mound.
    Therefore, a good manager should use a different lease length for starters and relievers. Therefore “players manager” probably should not apply when relievers are on the mound.

    When a reliever has a record of giving up 6 walks per 9 innings pitched and gave up 1 walk in 1 inning during March, and 6 walks in 5 innings during April, and 10 walks during 13 innings in May, and only 3 walks in 10 innings during June, and more hits than innings pitched for the entire first half of the season, maybe that reliever should be constantly watched no matter how they pitched during their last game. And probably that reliever should be automatically pulled after 2 walks because that reliever ALWAYS either has it or does NOT have it and can’t make any adjustments on the fly. And especially if two other relievers had already warmed up as candidates to come into the game.

    But no, some people are just to STUPID to understand the above logic.

    From now on my opinion is that I can only call “The Idiot” by his earned name “Dummie Moroningly”

  9. Michael says:

    When I say my prayers tonight, I have faith that Aruba will give Hanley a 2 week vacation

    Can’t vent on Donnie, Stan re-signed him; Dumb and dumber

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Not been posting much the past two days.

    My wife broke her arm and finally had surgery today, just got home myself. Will be going to the hospital for a number of days . .

    See that the guys lost another one — and Wilson was behind it. He is Ned’s guy. Signed him, and Donnie uses him.

  11. idahoal says:

    After two walks, Wilson should of been removed. Where is Mattingly? Why not rest one starter at a time. Essentially we had four starters on the bench, Puig, Gonzalez, Ramirez and Uribe. Why Why Why?

  12. BOB says:

    Ned is busy signing international “stars” to minor league contract, and absent his learning how to multi-task, I doubt that he will make a trade or DFA’d one of the terrible relievers until the break.

    • Badger says:

      We are in agreement here. Wilson is gone after putting first two on. I too am curious about that lineup. I am sure Donnie has his reasons for doing things the way he does them, but when it doesn’t work he sure looks stoopid.

      Triunfel and Robinson don’t belong. In close games, Perez, Wilson and Maholm must all be on short leashes. In blowouts, who cares. But how many of those will we have?

      Strange couple of days.

  13. Watford Dodger says:

    And Al you are also right. It was like Donnie was sacrificing this game by his line up, in the hope that we may win another game on another day by resting 4 starters at the same time. Very strange.

  14. BOB says:

    And there was no pitcher, or even a catcher, willing to volunteer to run for Hanley? Where is the team chemistry that should cause players to do what is necessary to win? Roll the dice when you are behind. Or did Dummy Moroningly not want to win the game? Does Dummy always think legalistically or follow a scripted game plan regardless of the changes in situations that occur including those that were not on the script, or like a politician who does not know what to say or do when the teleprompter stops working? You can not follow a script in baseball because tens of thousands of combinations of events can happen during a game and an intelligent person must be there to make a quick and accurate decisions. Hire someone who can actually think faster and smarter than a Torre wannabe (Now there is a Dumb and Dumber combination).

    When the starting pitching is great the Dodger usually win. But when the manager needs to make smart decisions in a close game or strategize what to do to come from behind the Dodgers usually will “manage” to lose the game.

    • Badger says:

      Maybe Mattingly was afraid Wilson would go psycho on him if he pulled him after two hitters.

      Or maybe he just trusts his players to do their jobs. A manager is only as good as his players. And a manager has to go with his gut. My gut was saying ruh roh when Wilson missed his spot 8 times with the first two hitters. I put Howell in right there. Or, and we have had this conversation before, once the tying run is in scoring position that is my save situation. For sure when Wilson walks the first guy Howell or League needs to get up. You’re the 8th inning guy. You just put the tying run on with a walk. You can’t do that on my team. You do and somebody else is gonna get up. You then put that tying run in scoring position you sit.

      I doubt Donnie changes.

      We are officially the West Coast Yankees. We have had 2 successive Yankee legends running this team. Can’t say I care much for either of them.

  15. Pete M says:

    Roger… Hope the wife is on the mend and will be waving her arms for the Blue soon…
    Well, were back on the ‘Rally the troops, light your torches and lets head to the bell tower’!!! Bob, in what lg.. do players run up to their manger and say “put me in coach”??? Anymore than once your ass would be on a late night flight to Albaquerque… There was no one to run period and D.M. is surely not going to use a pitcher…
    We all know Donnie Baseball has is shortcomings, but not yesterday…
    I was one of those who heralded the signing of Brian Wilson based on his 2013 stats and used that popular catch phrase “It aint my money”… It’s been one step forward and several steps back. He may now join.the group (i.e. Maholm, Wright, etc.) to be jettisoned to whomever/whenever…
    I’m not really too concerned about the offense and this series is an example of why inter lg. sucks at least for my team…
    All of you please have a great and especially safe 4th…
    P.S. I’m joking I think, but is Big Mac and I think it’ Ted Bundy(???) ready to be sacrificed to the baseball gods… That old adage, ‘You cant fire the players’…

  16. Michael says:

    Have to agree with Bob on this one. If we tied it up Butera would have to come in anyway since Hanley [Handle with care] PH for AJ.

    Much like children end up like their parents, managers end up like their mentors, I rest my case.

  17. Badger says:

    Pitchers are baseball players too. Starters do base running drills and there are no courtesy runners in hardball so they run when they get on during their starts. It would have been appropriate to use a pitcher to run for Hanley, your number 3 hitter – especially considering he may already be facing DL time. You used to see it a lot. But then, you used to see many things you don’t see anymore.

  18. Badger says:

    Mattinly said Puig looks tired. Ethier looks tired too. Maybe that’s Kemp’s problem as well. Ramirez is forced to run the bases in a crucial situation with a sore calf and – where’s Crawford?

    I would just as soon see no Dodgers in the All Star game. Go home and sleep for three days.

    And there was this – I have never seen a professional third baseman not know a ball is being thrown to them. I think I did see it in my son’s Little a League game once, but something like that is inexcusable. He also stuck his glove into a sliding runner WITHOUT THE BALL!! Triunfel must go. Robinson too. If these are the guys we use to rest our regulars it will be a rocky summer.

    • BOB says:

      Yes. We are beginning to see why the Mariners let him go even though he was an all-star in his first minor league season and then was sent to the AFL in 2008. Something appears to be wrong between the ears.

      Too many injuries and too weak of a bench. Guess we will have to wait until after the All-Star game for any trades that bring reinforcements.

      PS DL Hanley TODAY so that he can be activated before the first game after the break and bring up Arrrrrrrr.

      • Badger says:

        Yep. I think we could have won one out of three in that series with Hanley on the DL. Rest him and go with a defensive SS hitting out of the 8 hole. Maybe 7 as AJ should hit 8th. Anyway, lose Triunfel ASAP. I wonder when we will see Crawford and Guerrero?

        Off to the movies. Retirement is a good thing.

  19. bobbie17 says:

    We have 2 high stress relief pitchers: Howell and Jansen. The others are fillers, and we should go with the hot hand. Wilson hasn’t pitched a clean inning, it seems, all year. Even though he had a nice streak of 0 runs, he just can’t get out of an inning without 20 pitches. And that is a good inning. He has always pitched that way, but has gotten away with it because of the fear factor. That doesn’t exit any more. He should only pitch when it doesn’t count, and yesterday, it counted. Another getaway day blown. And now we go to a tough place to pitch and play. It would have been nice to start this series with a 1 game winning streak and first place.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Our first round pick got off to a nice start. Two hitless, scoreless innings with 5 K’s, 1 BB.

    Bob, I don’t know if Ned can multi-task or not, but I’m almost certain that he’s not at the forefront of signing international free agents. Surely he plays a role, but I’m pretty certain that Logan White and the rest of the Dodgers player development executives have the lead role in those signings. And those signings are important. The Dodgers lack of involvement in the international market under McCourt is a good part of the reason that the Dodgers farm system lacks depth. In 2011, McCourt’s last year of ownership the Dodgers ranked 30 out of 30 teams in the amount of money they spent on international talent. We may not know anything about the players being signed, and no doubt these teenagers are several years away, but with the large number of signings last couple of years, and continuing this year and beyond, the Dodgers are in the midst of building a talent pipeline that will feed the major league roster in the years to come, and over time make the signing of major league free agents less of a necessity.

    In case anyone is not aware, the international signing period opened yesterday, and it’s the reason that we’re hearing about these signings, and the signings being made by other teams.

    Actually, since the international signing period runs for a full year, I would also like to see the Dodgers obtain some international slot money, like they did last year, in any trades that they make in the coming weeks.

  21. BOB says:

    Ned doing his job with a much needed roster change! Hanley should play the number of innings that he normally would in spring training. That would mean that a smart manager would bat him 2nd in the order anticipating that Arrrr will replace him in the 5th or 6th inning.

    Speaking of roster changes, Lee should be demoted to AA.. The $5 mil bonus baby is just not cutting it. The Dodger AA team only has 2 starters with a ERA under 5.00 so he would fit in there nicely.

    In hindsight, sure glad the Dodgers never traded away prospects to SD for Headley, or to Texas for Olt. Maybe they could be traded for with scrubs to be candidates for utility roles on the 2014 Dodgers!

  22. Michael says:

    Once again, miscommunication between OF’s rears it’s ugly head. This mixing and matching ain’t getting it done. You would think by July 4th you would have figured this shit out. A team of misfits. Van Slick or Andre are NOT CFs. A center fielder takes charge of what he can get to, these” Bozo’s” are looking at Puig instead of tracking the ball. Do the coaches, Donnie Boy or Ned see this? Totally unacceptable. Off with their heads!

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Ned and the folks are so busy signing 16 and 17 year olds — they have their eye off of centerfield.

    This would be a great game to win. To show us fans that they have what it takes . . . and in the Rockies.

  24. Campy says:

    We’re back!!!! Great win for Dodgers and Greinke. Wasn’t it nice to get a 1-2-3 ninth? We also gave up only 2 walks, one intentional, so that streak is still alive.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Ned and the folks are so busy signing 16 and 17 year olds — they have their eye off of centerfield.” — Roger

    Roger, read my post above. The international signing period began yesterday. The Dodgers aren’t the only team signing 16 and 17 year olds. What would you prefer, that they ignored amateur talent, and just let the farm system languish? And as I pointed out above, Ned is probably not spending a major part of his time with these signings. That’s the job of Logan White, Gerry Hunsicker, and other executives who run the Dodgers player development system. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I don’t remember you specifically complaining about the Dodgers farm system, but the Dodgers minor league system has been criticized here.

    The Dodgers are most assuredly looking to improve the major league team, while at the same time spending a good part of their time also building this team for the future. It’s what every team does. And because the Dodgers haven’t made any moves as of yet, that doesn’t mean they aren’t talking to other teams. And if they do have things in mind, don’t think that other teams are just going to give away players to the Dodgers. I don’t see a whole bunch of deals being made around MLB, so why would anybody conclude that the Dodgers specifically, aren’t looking around for help. Things will likely happen (good or bad), but not on any of our timetables. Trades don’t just happen. It takes two to tango, and deals don’t always involve just two teams.

    For the time being I’m going to withhold any judgment, and wait for things to play out between now and the trade deadline at the end of this month, and the waiver deadline at the end of August. And I will continue to hope that the Dodgers remain focused both on the present and the future. Surely they have enough executives on the payroll to do that.

  26. Badger says:

    I think the Dodgers figured they didn’t need to focus on developing centerfield talent because that position would be occupied by Kemp for several years. I know I figured that. 2 GG’s aside, the metrics showed he wasn’t all that good out there but that didn’t matter, that position was HIS.

    A clutch hit late. Excellent pitching. Great win.

    Nobody that is signing these young teenagers knows how good they will be but we have to do it just in case. Maybe 1 out of 10 will make a real contribution. In the mean time I like what I see out of Puig and Arruebarena. Hopefully Guerrero will add some pop. Those players are already developed. More of those would be great.

  27. Watford Dodger says:

    Bob – I was only thinking yesterday about Headley and how much I wanted us to sign him. Resigning Uribe has proven to be a much better path. It is easy to be armchair GMs.
    Brooklyn is right about the International Signing Period – we have to be involved now for hopefully one or two players if the future.
    Badger, enjoyed the “wrecking ball” comment & actually think you have a good point there.
    Good win. SF faltering badly.

  28. Pete M says:

    I stand corrected on my usage of pitchers to pinch run… Grab Maholm, Wright etc and tell em to get NIKES ready… Run their arses every chance we get!!! Hamstrings = DL = Yimi, Paco auditions… Brilliant….

  29. bobbie17 says:

    I was thinking about Claude Osteen and making a mental comparison to Ryu. It would be nice if Ryu turned out to be as good as Osteen, who was a solid #3 for a long time. I haven’t checked it out, but I think he got 1 or 2 rings along the way. We need rings. Greinke is a man’s pitcher. When we signed him, I thought he may be another Dodger pansy, but after the collarbone incident last year and watching him pitch since, that guy is a throwback to the good old days. Great 8th inning. Credit Mattingly for leaving him in. A ballsy move, which could have backfired, but didn’t. A win we may not have deserved, but will take. From what I saw, the infielder didn’t play Uribe’s grounder very well. Oh well.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve seen Jamey Wright in a couple of instances mentioned in a negative light. Seems to me that he’s played a valuable role this year, especially during those times when the pen has been overworked, and a substitute arm has been required. His stats are actually pretty good. I don’t see him as a lock-down guy at the end of a game, but he has eaten some valuable innings out of the pen, and as I noted, quite effectively.

    My candidates for DFA and replacement by Paco, Yimi, Baez, or someone acquired in a deal, are Maholm and Perez, and maybe even Brian Wilson. He’s not mentioned anymore, but we’re feeling the loss of Withrow.

    We haven’t seen Arruebarrena very much, but he appears to give a whole new meaning to “smooth” on defense. Even has a .308 average with the Dodgers, albeit in only 13 ABs. And I recall reading in the past that he has some pop in that bat. If Hanley is healthy he has to play, but I would like to see Arrrrrr in the lineup at least a couple of times a week, and definitely in the upcoming series against the Tigers, when Hanley can DH. Also in the two games at Anaheim in August. And he has to be a regular late inning replacement for Hanley on defense. Also, if Hanley can be traded for a valuable piece or two for the stretch drive, so be it. I’d be comfortable with Arrrr at shortstop everyday. That glove is worth its weight in gold. Find a CF, and the Dodgers would be pretty strong up the middle on defense.

  31. bobbie17 says:

    I agree that a great fielding/average hitting shortstop is the recipe for this team to win. We can do without Hanley, if the others step up. I love defensive shortstops. Like catchers, it they hit, it is an added bonus. So get Arrrr in there and let him play. Who knows, he may hit. Another aside: It’s nice to see Rancho Cucamanga in first place for the second half. There may be some players there, in addition to Seager. Finally, Paco took the loss last night. He can’t seem to throw a clean inning in 3A. Maybe Elbert is the better callup right now.

  32. BOB says:

    Close games resulting in wins build character. Second best record in the NL and yet still so many problems to discuss? Waiting anxiously for the All-Star game and the subsequent trade rumors.
    Ramirez had some weak plays and some good plays last night. Let him go hard for 5-6 innings each game until the All-Star break and see if he breaks.

    Is Mark on vacation?

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