We have all read what happened, but in case you don’t know, here’s how it started:

Then after striking out the next game, this is what happened:

I have no problem with him shoving the catcher who was up in his grill, but then don’t run away.  Start it?  Finish it!  Or shut-up!

Anyway, he was sent to RC and will likely be suspended for a few games leading to the instant question:

Is he a bonehead?  The Jury is out.

Erisbel Arruebarrena was sent to RC as a slap on the wrist, but I think he will also be suspended.

Other News

  • Alex Guerrero played LF last night at AAA.  I smell trade….
  • With the Rays back in the race, David Price isn’t going anywhere, unless someone wants to REALLY OVERPAY.  What is overpay?  Seager, Pederson, Urias!
  • Jon Lester is a little different, but it’s going to take two of those players to get him. No way!
  • If Ethier and Crawford were both gone, I would be fine with a platoon of Pederson and Van Slyke in LF.
  • What Colletti says about Pedrson not being ready is crap!  Any other team would have called him up.
  • It is always most excellent to sweep the Giants!
  • Two words:  Kenley Jansen!  He’s the closest thing we have seen to Mariano Rivera for a while.
  • Brian Wilson is not right – no his elbow!

Christmas in july



  1. Badger says:

    Arrue. You don’t do what he did. Period. Keep him below AAA.

    BOB- chill dude.

    I too still believe Price not a deadline deal. Maybe later. The arrays are a good team. To get him now would require all 3 of ours. Lester is a different story. And we can afford to extend him.

    If Ethier and Crawford are gone………… I don’t see how that is even a possibility.

    midgets have issues.

  2. Michael says:

    This might be meaningless but may be a surprise some to see where AJ ranks in these categories
    Puig 398 46 80
    Hanley 376 43 57
    Gordon 345 29 70
    AJ 343 30 30
    Kemp 343 35 94
    Uribe 331 12 53
    Gonzo 324 39 73
    Ethier 314 23 57
    CC 278 9 29
    Butera 279 13 29
    Fedex 169 3 13

    And it doesn’t hurt to be Claytons best friend

    • Pete M says:

      Arrue… 1 year removed from Cuba, 24 years old and a 25Mil checkbook… Dumb move??? Yes… Patience and treat like Puig… But boy-o-boy the dude has soft hands….
      My grandson was up at Willits, Ca. and the family he was staying with was watching the Dodger game and were all Gigante fans… G son excused himself and went to his room and changed into his Dodger T I got for him and the rest was well, SWEET…
      Enjoy the day off because the cheese doesn’t get any less binding staring at the ATL and Halo Honks… win each series and don’t look back.
      Don’t think Ryu gets enough ink or love!??!…

    • Badger says:

      Michael – AJ splits: last 365 days – .199 .308 .290

      That stinks the rancid ruby begonia.

      He and Clayton have developed a relationship. But who caught his no hitter? I’m thinking I could catch Clayton and he would do just fine. (Before you bust out laughing you should know- I was a pretty darn good receiver in American Legion ball back in ’64. Ok, commence laughter now) I have always like AJ. It hurts to point out how bad he has become. Even his defense is not up to snuff. It’s time to replace him.

        • Quasimodo says:

          And even still, Becket gave credit to A.J. for doing the homework that worked out for Beckets no-no. The smart pitchers listen to Ellis. The smart pitching coach listens to Ellis. I’m hoping A.J. will be his own replacement and starts hitting again-it gets a little old sticking up for him.

          • Badger says:

            Sounds like he would make a great coach.

            Hey, he hit .270 a couple years ago. He gets that back, we won’t need to replace him. If the next 2 months is like ’12, you can keep him. Me? I’m working on Plan B.

      • grumpy3b says:


        A bucket of sawdust could catch Kershaw and he would do just fine. 😉 Still I like AJ, he paid his dues with the team and I can live with his numbers. He was not put there to be “the man” he is there to handle the staff and call a good game. He tends to get a fair amount of credit for calling the game and the staff seems write happy with him there. Still I would love to read the numbers when he is in there and when he’s not. Plus a breakdown by pitcher with and w/o him. Then we might know better his worth or his myth.

  3. Badger says:

    Talk of Andrew Miller AND Lester coming to Dodgers.

    Depending on who it takes to get this done, if he can pull it off, I am willing to stop calling him Jed Clampetti.

  4. BOB says:

    Dodgers sweep the giants Happy Happy! And as I said last week that series was the most important of the season.
    As I said last week, Puig and Kemp would play better after changing positions. Kemp 6-11, Puig 5-14.
    Just as last year when Donnie finally did the right thing and moved Jansen into the closer position and the Dodgers regained hope and took off, now that Donnie has finally done the right thing, which all of the player know is true, and moved Kemp and Puig to new positions, the Dodgers are primed for another run. Will it happen or will the players revert back to cruise control? I am looking for a good run during August.
    Now it is time for Ned to get a relief pitcher either through a wise trade or bringing up #11 Baez, and #12 Dominguez. Soon it will be time to greatly consider bringing up #6 Lee or #8 Reed for long relief.

  5. bobbie17 says:

    The best sweep–the Giants at PacBell. Poor SF fans. Something else to cry about. For the Dodgers, this is no time to be complacent. They have played poorly at home, and we start the Brave series with #4 and #5. Bring bats, and lots of them. The Giants have a tough series with the Pirates, so we can gain some games if we play the way we can. I agree with Bob about bringing up someone from the farm. I doubt it will happen with the $ invested in all these former closers. I think we are stuck with Beckett, Haren and Maholm. Hope for the best. This will be a tough series because of the pitching matchups.

  6. Bobby says:

    I’m really afraid of what Ned will give up, both in terms of prospects, and money added, to a deal for a 2 month rental.

    But it was a great road trip to sf. Let’s come home and continue. I don’t mind this Crawford/Puig/Kemp OF. Maybe Andre, who has the best contract of the 3, will be the one to go?

  7. Badger says:

    I don’t believe the Dodgers fully trust the untested to perform in the heat of a pennant race in front of packed houses. I’m thinking for this year they would rather trade the arms of which BOB speaks than throw them in the grinder. I’m not sayin I agree with that……. well, yeah I am saying that. Give me Andrew Miller and Uehara for the run and I’ll give them Baez, Reed and Dominguez. Give me Lester I’d even throw in Pederson, Lee or Anderson cuz it appears we don’t intend to use them. That’s #s 3, 6,8,12 and the Powerball of Paco for those looking at their Lotto tickets.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Price is probably not going anywhere, unless the Rays get blown out of the water with an offer. No way I would do that from the Dodgers end.

    For a two month rental there is no way I would give up two of our top 3 prospects. If they want Kemp for him, I’d only consider the deal if they took on a very large chunk of Kemp’s contract.

    But I would definitely be interested in Andrew Miller. In case anyone doesn’t know, he is probably one of the reasons that Kershaw is a Dodger. Miller was taken by the Tigers at #6 in the draft in 2006, just in front of Kershaw. Miller was actually thought to be a potential #1 overall pick that year, but moved down in the draft when Luke Hochevar (who had been drafted, but unsigned, by the Dodgers in 2005) went #1. Had Miller been taken earlier in that draft there is a strong possibility that Kershaw would have been drafted by the Tigers in front of the Dodgers.

    In any case, in the few times I saw Miller with the Marlins (he went from Detroit to the Marlins in the Cabrera deal) he possessed absolute electric stuff, and had absolutely no command of it. But maybe like a lot of lefthanders, he’s learned to command his stuff later in his career. I don’t know what it would take to get him, but maybe he could be included in some sort of package deal, as long as it didn’t include any of our 3 top prospects. He’d be our new Hong Chi Kuo, but hopefully healthier.

    I don’t think what Colletti said about Pederson is a lot of crap. Just his strikeouts alone are a concern. And although he’s hit lefthanders reasonably well this year, he didn’t hit them at all last year. And again, Pederson’s stats this year have to be taken with a grain of salt simply because of where he plays. But unlike earlier in the season, he can now be brought up for part time duty in a platoon. This late in the year it’s no longer critical that he play everyday.

    • Badger says:

      Re Miller. Just look at his numbers.

      The price of Price will be too pricey. They don’t intend to move him. They are just throwing that out there to see who gets a serious case of the stupids. Which, by the way, causes me some concern.

      It’s my opinion, and only an opinion, since Pederson has 0 at bats in the Bigs, it would be seriously stupid to throw him out there to replace an All Star, and do so in a pennant race. Which, by the way, again causes me some concern.

  9. Michael says:

    If his lips are moving, he must be lying.
    “We might just stand pat” Ned Colletti

    I just thought it interesting that AJs’ OBP is virtually tied with Dees’ and Kemps’ and he has more walks in a fraction of the ABs AJ caught Kershaws’ no hitter

  10. Michael says:

    With a plethora of middle infielders I don’t understand why Darwin Barney is about to be traded to LA., A possibility is we’re moving a lot of pieces or perhaps it’s just to keep him away from SF, who could really use his glove.
    Yeah, Uggla is ugly

  11. Bobby says:

    Barney will be a better version of Rojas.

    He just takes Shoemaker/Punto’s job from last year

    Of course, I don’t trust Ned, so I’m sure Julio Urias is on his way to Chicago

  12. Watford Dodger says:

    Think One Ear could be on his way somewhere in another, as yet, identified trade. We’ve already got 3 Barney’s, so he must be ear for a reason.

  13. Campy says:

    Here is an interesting quote from Dodger Insider

    March/April: 27 homers, 15 wins
    May: 30 homers, 15 wins
    June: 13 homers, 18 wins
    July: 8 homers, 11 wins

    Winning more, but hitting fewer homers. It does bother me a little to see the power disappear the way it has, but winning is everything. Good to see that AGon was just hybernating for a while and is back at work now.

    • grumpy3b says:

      Maybe they are finally going against the “money ball” mantra that a K is not any different than a fly out and bunts are just another out…productive outs and driving the ball to the gaps put pressure on the defense and is how the game is meant to be played, well, if you play to win not balance spreadsheets.

  14. Badger says:

    MLB linking Dodgers to more than one ace. It is said every team who has a pitcher for sale is asking for the 3 top prospects in any bidding teams system. I submit Guerrero and Arrue are better than any of our prospects that have #s attached to them. I don’t want to lose either of them because unlike ANY of the others, I believe those two are Major League ready right now. But……. to get Hamels or Lester?

    • Bobby says:

      I agree with you, but I’d guess that Arrr being 24-25 years old, and Guerrero being 27ish, it diminishes their value a lot; especially when Pederson is 22, Saegar 19=20, and Urias 17

      • Badger says:

        Good point Bobby. My counter would be – to get ML ready players, in their prime and under team control, has some serious value. It’s true we don’t know how good these guys actually are, but we don’t know good any of them are. The Cubans are experienced and they are paid ML money already, but team scouts would have an idea who might have more value. We got Guerrero to play second base NOW, and Gordon changed that. If we didn’t have Ramirez, Arrue would be up now. I wonder if GMs out there feel the same way I do.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    The S.F. Giants and their fans must be shell shocked after the 3 game sweep. They probably will hire a counselor to help them cope with their performance over the past month or so.

    And S.F. is such a nice city.

    Ever been to John’s Steak House in downtown S.F. — on their 2nd floor is the Maltese Falcon room . . . the Falcon is there (copy) and posters and images from the classic movie. Plus a first edition of the book . . .

    I have seen it there, but I forgot if it was signed by Dashiell Hammett. If it was, the book has a value of, from $88,000 to $136,000 alone. I saw a signed first edition about 11 years ago at a mystery conference that was listed at $32,000 and sold for $29,000 back then.

    In my new book I am researching now (for the past year) I will list that the most popular and listed mystery of the 19th and 20th centuries is == The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett. My book is due to the publisher in Dec . . . working on it every day. The first one, Vol. I, was published in 2007.

    Badger has seen it = The Essential Mystery Lists: For Readers, Collectors, and Librarians

  16. BOB says:

    In my opinion if Kemp has any class he will decide to stay with the Dodgers and realize that he needs to make some changes especially since he is no longer worthy of his contract. Can he accept the truth that he is no longer a CF, at least not until next year if he finds the right person to rehabilitate his leg? Not sure. I would discuss a trade with the Mets of Ethier and $7 mil per year for Colona and then go find 1-2 relievers. I await the criticism of the one who has never had a creative thought in his life and must criticize others I guess because he was born that way.

  17. Badger says:

    Now we’re linked to Lackey. He’s cheaper, that’s for sure.

    Whatever it is, let’s get it done so we can move on.

    midgets shutout. That’s a good thing.

    I don’t know I see a real match for Matt Kemp. He’s better off right here. A most expensive singles hitter who isn’t that good defensively, but who knows- maybe how will improve and put up 3WAR by the end of the contract.

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