My internet is out at home (Damn Comcast – they are a horrible company and I am done with them, but I digress), and I haven’t had time to post at the office for a couple of days, but have a happy and safe 4th Everyone.

Rants and Raves

  • So, Bob Engle comes to the Dodgers and proceeds to do a Ned Colletti… you know, sign a player from your former organization to validate your body of work.  Ned brought in the debacle that was Jason Schmidt and Bob Engle brought in the enigmatic Carlos Triunfel.  The only difference between the two players is the $40 or $50 million  Frankie had to eat.  I think that was where Frank McCourt went wrong – he saw Jason Schmidt stealing money and thought he could do the same!  Triunfel had only two issues – hitting and fielding.  Otherwise, he was awesome.
  • Thank goodness Erisbel Arruebarrena has been recalled.  Now the Dodgers have two real shortstops on the roster – Arrrrr and Rojas.
  • Matt Kemp could be the best defensive LF in baseball…. unfortunately, he is the best CF on the Dodgers… maybe he needs to go back there?
  • Juan Uribe has been a key part of this team – let’s hope he can stay healthy.  Ned was a genius on this signing.
  • Darnell Sweeney played 2B after 3 games in CF.  Are they getting him ready to take Figgins spot?
  • Just say no to Ben Zobrist, Ned!  Call up Sweeney instead.
  • If this team is going to really shine, A-Gone, Puig, Kemp and Gordon all need to flirt with .300 BA’s!  Two already are.  Two need to step up!
  • Dee Gordon deserves to be an All-Star.
  • Back in first place – much better view!


  1. Michael says:

    That sure would be a plus if Matt could reclaim CF but after his last game there someone swore he never wanted to see Kemp in CF again [Stan,Ned or Don].

    Mark, I have had Comcast as my ISP for 9 years and suffered through many outages. I was paying bills online and just hit the submit button when the last one occurred. I was Po’d and called them up telling them I had had it, that I was never credited with all these down times and lo and behold they came back and gave me a year of service at half price. That works for me.

  2. BOB says:

    The Dodgers are a pretty good team except for the bullpen and injuries due to aging players and perhaps Conte. Here is a trade idea that makes the team a little younger and improves the bullpen while also replacing Haren for at least one more year.

    Cubs and Dodgers

    player, position, age, stats, salary, Status
    Smarardzuja, RHP Starter, 29, 2.83, $5.345 mil, FA 2016
    Ramirez, RHP Reliever, 25, 1.25, $502,000, FA 2020
    Russell, LHP Reliever, 28, 2.22, $1.775 mil, FA 2016
    Sweeney. CF Left Handed, 29, .207 (Good Glove), $1.5 mil, FA 2016
    Haren, RHP Starter, 34, 3.57, $10 mil, FA 2015
    Perez, RHP Reliever, 29, 4.85, $2.3 mil, FA 2015
    Maholm, LHP Reliever, 32, 5.17, $1.5 mil, FA 2015
    Ethier, OF-L, 32, .253, $15.5 mil, FA 2018
    $10,000,000 per year during 2014 through 2017 (Yes all 4 years)
    Lee (#4), RHP Starter, 22, $502,000, ETA 2014
    Reed (#6) LHP Starter, 24, $502,000, ETA 2015
    Baez (#10), RHP Reliever, 26, $502,000, ETA 2014
    Rodriquez (#?), LHP Reliever, 23, $502,000, ETA 2014

    Swap 1 starter, 2 relievers, and I CF, currently on each 25 man roster with all 3 Dodger pitcher contracts expiring at the end of this year. Cubs will fill their roster with these players and consider 2014 another rebuilding year. Ethier and all 4 Dodger prospects should be ready to start with the Cubs coming out of spring training in 2015.

    Why the Cubs should do this:
    The Cubs are 38-46 and 12 games back. By 7/31 their season will assuredly be over.
    Chicago will want Pederson so the Dodgers must give up more prospects and Ethier plus lots of $$.
    Cubs have no Top 10 prospect who is an OF that will be ready before 2016 and Scherholtz is a free agent in 2015, and Sweeney has been a flop.
    Cubs will lose 2 starters due to Hamal being a free agent next year and Smaradzija wanting out so that he can obtain a long term contract at $18 mil per year.
    Cubs will not have to pay Samardzija around $10-12 mil for 2015, (an estimated arbitration award)

    I would propose this arm chair GM idea and see how long the Cubs laugh!

    PS Before you criticize what is your creative idea?

  3. Gonzo says:

    Decent trade scenario, but why would the Dodgers hold on to pederson if they’re going to get back a starting CF? There would still be a logjam in the OF. I like the idea of Samardzjila as a #4 on our team or possible #2 if Greinke opts out and leaves, but he has to be resigned. Keeping the fantasy that that the trade with CHI would come to fruition, I’ll add my 2 cents as an arm chair GM too. I think the tigers would love to have Hanley, they need a shortstop. BADLY. How about Hanley to Detroit for Devon Travis and Corey Knebel? Crawford to one of the TX teams for some Icy Hot, and then I’d ship Travis, Knebel, Pederson and Anderson to TB for Longoria and catching prospect Nick Ciuffo. Uribe could be a super sub since he knows how to play all IF positions. Lineup could look like this:

    1. Gordon
    2. Puig
    3. Longoria
    4. Gonzalez
    5. Kemp
    6. Ellis
    7. Arruebarena
    8. Sweeny

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m sure the Cubs would laugh. Samardzija appears to be a pitcher in great demand, and by himself is likely to command a solid prospect haul. As for everyone else, I’m too unfamiliar with all of them to have any opinion. although Ryan Sweeney would not appear to be a solution to the Dodgers CF problem, given his career -0.8 dWAR.

    As for ideas, I don’t have any. I just have an idea of what the Dodgers need, and assume that Ned and company pretty much know what it will take to get it.

  5. Badger says:

    Interesting trade ideas. I have no idea if Chicago would be interested but I doubt it. Longoria’s contract has LA written all over it but not for another year or two.

    We are in first place outdrawing every team in baseball by a considerable distance. And we’ve done it with many of our best hitters having marginal years. They should get better. I still say patch the pen and that’s it. If we can do a trade like Ethier for Uehara (not him necessarily but somebody who does what he does) I do it. Triunfel is gone, Robinson and Maholm are next and as far as I am concerned we may be done. We are pretty good. I see no need for huge moves.

  6. BOB says:

    Sweeney is at best a 4th or 5th OF and a temporary platoon with Van Slyke until Pederson is called up. And Sweeney can be a late inning defensive sub, who may not get to every ball but does not make very many errors, when Kemp is not concentrating because he is having a another mode swing.

    Will Beckett return to the Dodgers in 2015? Are any of the AAAA Dodger prospects ever going to be ready to pitch in the MLB. Fife, Magill and the rest sure are imploding with the current player development department staff showing them how to play.

    A trade for both this year and the future should be considered by Neddy and hopefully others will try to come up with more ideas between now and 7/31. Ned was successful once when he jumped early and made a trade that surprised many and maybe he will do so again.

    Anyone laughing at my idea should first admit that they are laughing at the incompetence of the Dodger player development department who no longer can develop players worth being traded for an ACE or I might think that they just have a stick up their ass again.

  7. Watford Dodger says:

    What a great start. Their pitcher won’t get through 3 innings & they’ve got no Tulo in the lineup against Kersh. I can see us sweeping this lot.
    Hope everyone is having a good day.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Nice to see Gordon getting bunt base hits. It’s something I’ve been waiting for (hoping for?) for a long time. If he continues to do that successfully, and even refines it, no telling what he might hit.

    Good to see Puig square one up. Hopefully he’s got that swing back. It’s a long season, filled with peaks and valleys. Maybe he’s had his valley, and we’ll see some peaks ahead.

    Did Ethier’s trade value go up with that triple?

    I agree with Badger that the #1 priority is to patch the pen. If that’s all the Dodgers do they will be considerably improved. If the Dodgers can do stuff beyond that, all the better, but probably not critical.

    • Badger says:

      I simply am not looking past this year BOB. As you know I like this team. If everybody does what they are capable of doing this is a World Series capable team. A tweak here and there could help and I encourage moves to improve the squad, I’m just not expecting anything big with a first place club.

      You know how sometimes we score quickly then go to sleep? Sure would like to see Jurrjens chased early.

  9. Campy says:

    One of the Dodger names I haven’t seen mentioned much as trade bait is SVS. No telling what he might do if he played every day, and he won’t with the log jam we have in the outfield. Hits with power, +speed especially for a big man, +arm, can play 1st as well as OF. I would think that someone like Boston would be interested in him plus a prospect for Uehara or Bad(en)hop

    • Roger Dodger says:

      I would not trade the super sub SVS. He can play all 3 outfield spots and 1B. Injuries and starting now and then . . . Need that like tonight, he picks up the whole team. So I do not trade him.

      Just my take.

    • Badger says:

      Yeah it is. If he can hit .250 he is a valuable addition.

      Orel and Nomar were talking tonight about other teams calling Jed about SVS. They said whoever called would likely be turned down.

      The team is looking good. Of course it is the Rockies we’re playing.

  10. idahoal says:

    I do agree with you Badger, not much Ned’s needs to do except with the bull pen. I think most of that can be up graded from within. However we have five good outfielders and I believe one will be traded in July. The most logical one would be Crawford, but I do not see any value. So it may be Eithier or SVS.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I would trade SVS, but only if it brings back something really good. And though SVS might do well if he played everyday, there is also the possibility that regular play might expose weaknesses. For me there are very few untouchable players. It simply depends on what you get in return.

    Idaho, my sentiments exactly. And he even got a hit.

    Not only will the Dodgers extend their lead, but they are also no longer behind in the loss column.

    Jeff Samardzija will not be a Dodger. Was traded to Oakland tonight, along with Jason Hammel. Bunch of players involved in the deal. Haven’t looked at the deal closely, but sounds as if the Cubs got back several prospects. Maybe the trading season now gets started in earnest, maybe not.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Just saw this on MLB after the Cub trade: They got a new SS / / /

    “The Cubs may consider dealing Major League shortstop Starlin Castro, who is an All-Star candidate after hitting .290 with 11 home runs and 50 RBIs.”

    Now that is interesting.

  13. Quasimodo says:

    9 to zip! Pretty damn good run support and proper respect towards a pitcher that doesn’t give a single run in what will be over a month at his next appearance. I had said that Gordon would make All Stars within 5 years. But I also have to admit that at last seasons end I wasn’t so full of faith that he restored for me. Ned did most of his work way-way back and we ain’t seen nothin yet. I’m a tad tipsy but I’m thinking Mark’s bolstering that Kershaw will wear the ‘all-time’ king of kings crown might very well come true. I can’t even call him a kid anymore. And he just keeps getting better! I thought those pitches weren’t supposed to be able to dig into thin air at a mile high. Cheers all!

  14. Pete M says:

    I think since the start of the season, with this blog in control, everyone would be gone except the our #1 thru #3 starters…
    Now it’s Darnell Sweeney to the rescue… I can throw stuff against the board too, how about Scott Schebler, he’s not chopped liver…
    SVS on the block??? Aint gonna happen… Maybe the offseason if he start somewhere…
    Like Badger, I like this team to take us all the way with some tweaking in the pen…
    Did you see the play at 3rd. by the Flying Burrito Brother??? Between Sandoval and Uribe I don’t remember seeing +plus size 3B move like that…

  15. Badger says:

    Samardzija may still be a Dodger. The A’s will likely flip him this winter.

    Oakland is going for it. Having lived in Northern California for some time, I am an A’s fan. Would love to see their organizational model actually work for once.

    If I would have had my way Pete, Guerrero would still have his ear because nobody in the LA dugout would have bitten it off. But then Gordon, as the super sub, wouldn’t have as many stolen bases. Also, Ethier would be a starter. If not here then somewhere else.

    I don’t trade Hanley. Maybe by October all his parts will be repaired. His is a bat I want in the middle of my lineup in the playoffs.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Badger, I understand your point about Hanley. And I too would like his bat in the middle of our lineup come playoff time. But I would deal him, BUT ONLY if the price is right. What’s that price? I don’t know for sure, so I’d have to see it before I made a judgment on any such deal.

    Samardzija may well be a Dodger come the off-season, but so may any number of other pitchers. And as good as he’s been, he’s certainly no ace, and will be 30 in January. Not old, but not a youngster either. Worth considering, but like I said, there are others. And he will be eligible for free agency in 2016 unless he’s locked up before that.

    Gonzo, I was thinking the same thing. The price for Price just went up. I believe two of the players the Cubs got were former #1 picks of the A’s. Can’t think of both their names, but one is Addison Russell, a prospect ranked higher than any of our top prospects entering this season. So I think if anyone thinks the Dodgers can get Price without including BOTH Pederson and Seager, and one or two others, think again.

    Badger, maybe if Guerrero had been with the Dodgers all season, Olivo would have bitten his ear off during his brief stay in LA. No, I’m not serious.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Regarding the Mark’s comments about Bob Engle and Carlos Triunfel. Triunfel didn’t cost anything, and was probably brought in as organizational depth. And in that role he served a purpose, especially allowing Arrrrrr more time to adjust to professional baseball at ALBQ. So as far as I’m concerned, bringing Triunfel aboard wasn’t a bad idea, and probably a good one. I think the Dodgers now believe that Arrrrr won’t be harmed by serving a part time role in LA for the time being. He’s a great defensive replacement for Hanley, and appears very capable of filling-in in a starting role on occasion. And when the Dodgers play in AL parks, which they’ll do soon in Detroit, and later on in Anaheim, Hanley can get some “time off” DH’ing. And in preparation for next season, Arrrrr is likely to get more playing time in winter ball after this season.

    And point about Hanley DH’ing brings me back to Badger’s point about wanting to keep Hanley’s bat for the playoffs. If the Dodgers should advance to the World Series, Hanley could DH, and allow the Dodgers to start Arrrrr at short to support the pitching staff with his defense. And I don’t think Arrrrr’s bat is an automatic out.

    • Badger says:

      Arru has a loopy looking swing so my guess would be he will see a lot of fastballs on his hands and sliders away. If he adjusts, I see no reason he can’t hit .250. You can bet the pitching staff will be lobbying for him. Especially once relievers are in the game. His time on the field will likely be dictated by how many 7th inning leads we have. Arru and Gordon could develop into the best defensive middle infield in the game. Might be right now. We can address centerfield at a later date.

      Triunfel can disappear as far as I am concerned.

      I’m thinking this might be a good time to rest Ramirez. Maybe DH him in Detroit, but we should be able to beat Colorado without him. Give him a pinch hit assignment late maybe. That guy is beat up.

      I say again – pitching. We have it and everybody in baseball is talking about it.

  18. bobbie17 says:

    We “need” only a better 5th starter and 1 reliable bullpen guy. On offense, I expect Kemp and Gonzo to have better second halves. For this reason, I don’t think we need more offense. On SVS, remember he passed waivers a year ago. No one wanted him then. Maybe someone does now. Personally, I think if he played everyday, he would be .275, 25, 80. I’m not sure if any other team rep feels the same. He could be a solid big league player at a number of positions. Nice guy to have, but he should have the opportunity to play more. He might have some trade value. Maybe more than Ethier/Crawford. He has worked hard to get where he is, with comparisons to his father and all. He probably deserves different scenery. I would hate to see him go, but now is probably the time for it.

    • Badger says:

      Good points b17. Ethier carries a huge contract, but can earn it in WAR points in the right situation. SVS can be a $$ bargain for the right team. Frankly I think that team is us, but if we can get a good return, something that makes us better NOW, then I’m for it.

      • grumpy3b says:

        Badger….dunna scare people like that, using “frank” in any text about the Dodgers. 😉

        I would not trade SVS because he can play 1st decently; I keep waiting for Gonzales to start losing body parts, then again he might be the sort of player who ages well physically. I just worry about his back. SVS can give 70-80% day-by-day of Gonzales and that could be good enough with this lineup.

        I don;t think SVS can bring any of what this team needs right now which is another reason not to move him. But you have to listen on any player as ya never know when some GM is going to go bat-crap and offer a farm for some man-crush he has on a player.

  19. BOB says:

    Oakland made a great trade if you consider how they are both going for it in 2014 and saving their young arms for the future. The A’s have two young arms that will absolutely run out of innings before the playoffs, therefore they needed two additional starters. Hammel is a semi-low priced rental who will probably not be resigned, and Smaradzjia will last with them at least until the trading deadline in 2015. One of the young A’s pitchers should be able to pitch a full season in 2015 and the other one could start the season in the bullpen and take over if or when Smaradzjia is traded in 2015 for prospects. Brilliant move however the A’s now have no top prospects and none with a rating above 50. Addison Russell was too much straight up for Smaradzjia so Pederson and one additional player like Baez should have been enough for Smaradzjia but the Dodgers need Pederson in the future more than they need Smaradzjia. Russell is now the Cubs #3 prospect and McKinney is their #9 prospect yet he only ranks as a 50 which is lower than Zach Lee who was a 55 at the beginning of the season, and Strailey who is just not that good and is not a Top 20 prospect.

    A good trade for the A’s current year run and the next 2-3 years and only a bold GM would be thinking about such a trade this early in July! What will the Angels and the Mariners attempt now to stay up with the A’s? See the A’s in the 2014 World Series?

    After the All-Star break the Dodgers will receive additional players from the DL which, if healthy, will satisfy almost as much as a trade. Saying hello to Turner and Crawford and goodbye to Robinson and even Rojas will be a good day. Saying hello to Elbert, if he can raise his velocity, and goodbye to Maholm will be another good day. The Dodgers do need to make one of Ned’s patented trades for a reliever again this year, hopefully with Stan handling the negotiations.

    The midgets will also receive several players from the DL list later this month so the dog fight should begin again real soon. They can only get better especially since they were chokers during June going 14th in BA and 27th in Runs. GO Padres, then Go A’s, and then Go D-Backs, all for just a few days!

    • Badger says:

      Good take.

      Hello to Elbert would be a pleasant surprise but how can we expect anything.

      Does this do it for the A’s? History says no. The young roster seems to run out of gas on them every time.

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