When the Dodgers number one and two hitters get on base, good things happen.  Couple that with A-Gon going 3-3 and you have a recipe for success.  Then there’s Juan “FREAKIN'” Uribe who is a human vacuum cleaner at 3B and you can only try and contain him with the bat – you can’t stop him.  If he can hit .300 in the number seven spot, the Dodgers lineup should benefit greatly.  Josh Beckett will roll out there tonight in his wheelchair and we hope he can pitch six, although that is a stretch!  Who comes off the roster – Paco or Miguel, or does someone go to the DL with a case of ringworm?

Dodger News

  • I did a little research and the Dodgers pitchers have hit 27 batters while the Cardinal pitchers have drilled 39, several of whom have been Dodgers!  I really don’t think they did it on purpose, much like a drunk doesn’t intend to kill someone with his car, but just like you shouldn’t drink and drive, pitchers shouldn’t pitch inside at 100 MPH unless they have better control, and if they don’t and still hit people… well you have to fix the problem yourself!
  • I have an idea – If a pitcher hits a batter below the knees, it’s one base.  Between the knees and waist, it two bases.  Then,  between the waist and shoulders, it’s three bases, and above the shoulders is four bases.  That will slow some of these punks down.  While we are at it, bring the DH to the NL and put a time limit between pitches.  Mark Timmos for Commissioner of Baseball.  Get on the Bandwagon.
  • Corey Seager was 2-4 with a double in his second game at Chattanooga.  After 2 games he is now a .300 hitter.  Let’s see if he can keep it up.  If he can, he’s on the fast track… and I think he can!
  • Alex Guerrero is hitting like he means it!  He played 3B last night.
  • Where’s Joc?
  • Scott Elbert will likely be recalled soon and Jose Dominguez has been lights out lately!

Christmas in july

  1. Badger says:

    My guess is Paco goes down.

    Shoulders or above, 2 bases. If a player is forced to leave a game due to injury…. have to think about that one. Fine, suspension, something. What happened to Ramirez, from a staff unowned to hit people, should not go unpunished. Same guy in same game, auto ejection. I say again, it’s the middle of the order guys the Cardinals are going after. Pitching inside is part of the game. Breaking ribs in a playoff game, and going after the same guy multiple times us not.

    I could live with Mark as Commissioner. I would insist he hire me as his his council.

    We still haven’t put it together as a team. But I believe it’s coming. Kemp looked gleeful last night. Haven’t seen that in a while. Now if will just start barreling up those pitches over the plate.

    We have a few players that appear to be ready to help. Trade? I believe something is about to happen.

    I am off to Northern California for a few days. Won’t be posting much. Somebody needs to pick up the slack. We should have 50 posts a day easy, even more.

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    Enjoyed Bob’s stats at the end of last thread. Even reading them, it still doesn’t seem likely that those stats refer to the Dodger team that I watch every day. To me it seems that we consistently under perform & that this team has so much more to give. What it does though, is give me great hope that if our key players start performing like they can, then we can make a real run at the post season. It made me think – are we, as a group on this site, overtly critical? Are we expecting too much? Pretty much we are all posting fairly negative comments. Even Badger doesn’t seem as confident as he did a year ago! Then you look at the stats (as listed by Bob) and you realise that most teams would love to be in our position, with our record and roster. Why is it then, that we are so down on this team. Is Donnie a much better Skipper than we all think? Should we be lauding him for getting this team to where it’s at?
    One thing is for sure – if these guys perform then we must have a great chance of going all the way.

  3. Pete M says:

    LADT… It doesn’t get any better than this… Most every morning about 5, with my mug of coffee in hand, it gets me going the rest of the day…
    Liked yesterday’s Yankee trade… Not so much the Seattle trade (had to have gotten Badger mumbling)… I like Sweeney and I don’t want him rushed because he’ll be a valuable player whether it’s with us or damn good trade chip… Why would Seattle want to let Walker walk??? Sort of like me with Urias…
    Dee Gordon as catcher??? It’s posts like this that bring great joy to my day… 5’11” 170 and that’s stretching it… He would look like Tom Hanks in the closing scenes of ‘Big’ after a road trip with humidity…

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Well, I guess we have learned something about that great Cardinal pitching — they lack control.

    Or, to put it another way — they have great control, and throw at whom they want to with that control. That is something the manager will either plan or stand for. A way to try all the stops to win. Not on just ability of their players, but to damage the other side to be weaker — just take out a player or two from the other team.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I could probably live with that “Timmos” guy as commissioner. “Timmons” on the other hand is a whole other matter.

    Seager appears to be a legitimate top prospect. But even some of those guys struggle when they get to the big leagues too early. Maybe Seager is one of those rare prodigies that will be ready at age 21 after just some Double-A. I think Pujols jumped to the big leagues from A-ball at the age of 21. And he played 3B back then. Maybe Seager is our Pujols to be. If the Dodgers determine he’s ready, then he can open at 3B for the Dodgers next year. But for now, I don’t see him playing a significant role in LA until 2016. Would love for him to prove me wrong, but past history tells me that he shouldn’t be rushed. First off, however, let’s see what he does for the remainder of this season.

    My guess would be Paco also. When the time comes, Miguel probably gets replaced by Guerrero, or Arrrrrrr.

    Still don’t think we’ll see Joc until after the trade deadline, assuming of course that he’s not traded. My guess is that for now he and the other Dodger outfielders are part of trade discussions, and that the Dodgers won’t do anything until that issue is resolved.

    If Dominguez has gotten command of his offspeed stuff, he could be filthy. Hope that’s the case. But for now, I think moves up from the minors could be on hold, because any number of those guys could be the subject of trade talks.

  6. idahoal says:

    I love your post Mark. Uribe does look good. If we can get one more year from him, that will be great. The Dodgers did look good last night.

    There are three Seager brothers in professional baseball. I believe the Dodgers may have the best of the three.

    The Dodgers can solve the bull pen from with in. We have Paco, Dominguez, and Elbert. Get rid of Perez. I would like to get rid of Maholm, but right now, if we do not make a trade, we may need him. Again, Seager, Arias, and Arruebarrera are untouchable. I would trade Pederson and Guerrero for the right starting pitcher.

  7. Watford Dodger says:

    What a great move for Headley but what a poor return for SD considering what he was worth at the end if 2012. I wanted him here – but got that wrong as his and Uribe ‘s numbers have gone in different directions.
    Roger you are right – watching this team from night to night puts you through lots if different emotions.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    That damn Wright — hitting our center fielder McCutchen . . . that was pony league.

    Oh, wait, we did not make that trade for McCutchen like Mark suggested a couple of weeks ago. Remember, he was going to trade half the Dodger org. to get McCutchen.

    OK — drill the guy.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Gordon’s bunting has improved, but he is by all means not a great bunter. Still needs to refine that part of his game. That I believe will come with time.

  10. Michael says:

    Like I’ve been sayin, nothing like a little bean balling to ignite the fire. Have to say I’m quite pleased with how we seem to be ” jellin” lately.

    Sure got my blood flowing

  11. Campy says:

    Can’t believe Donnie leaving Perez in to walk the bases loaded and then walk in a run in a one run game in the bottom of 8th. Now a hit and the game is out of reach. Stupid decision or, in this case, non decision. Perez has control problems why leave him in?

  12. Bobby says:

    Why did Paco need to be sent down for Beckett??

    Perez only makes a mil this year. Why not just dump him outright. Ned and Donnie clearly being paid by the Giants (or, we’re paying them, but they’re acting on behalf of the giants)

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Paco hasn’t been effective since September of last year. And since he still has options, he can be sent out without losing him. The Dodgers may still have hope for him, or they can probably dangle him as part of a trade package. As for Perez, his days as a Dodger are probably numbered. Trade deadline just 9 days away. Things are likely to change between now and then.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Well, that was fun . . .

    It is said, Donnie is frustrated in that He cannot play for the players . . .

    Well, Dodger fans are frustrated in that we cannot manage for Donnie . . .

    You know, some Dodger fans spend as much time EACH DAY as does the manager, and coaches, and players on a team — thinking, planning, etc. about a team.

    We read web sites, we check for the game roster early in the day, we relook at yesterday’s box score and video clips, we read the game notes, watch MLB TV with their Quick Pitch, Intentional Talk, MLB Tonight — and ESPN, etc. Recently I read a biography on Roberto Clemente and now I am reading Mike Piazza’s biography . . . See, we fans have a lot of time put in on out teams. We check scores of other teams, read the daily newspaper sports section, subscribe to The Sporting News or Baseball America or other magazines . . . collect stuff, have baseball rooms, go to games . . .

    And we have the very last or even no say as to what a team does, what a manager does, what a GM does, what ownership does . . .

    It is not fair.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Corey Seager got 3 hits, including his second double tonight. Hitting .400 (6 for 15). Half his hits are for extra bases (2 doubles, 1 triple). Nice start.

    Joc Pederson was 0 for 3 tonight with 2 strikeouts. His K’s are a concern. But also gets on base a lot.

    Avg. = .327
    OBP = .452
    OPS = 1.034
    AB = 306
    K = 105
    BB = 69

  16. BOB says:

    The West Coast is the best. Most wins in MLB are the A’s. Angels, and then the Dodgers. Another 1988? Dodgers v. Angels?
    Maybe the Dodges should forget about trading players and just get a new medical staff.

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