LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today reinstated infielder Justin Turner from the 15-day disabled list (left hamstring strain) and optioned infielder Carlos Triunfel to Triple-A Albuquerque.

Turner, who returns after landing on the disabled list on June 29 from a left hamstring strain, is batting .302 with three homers, 10 doubles and 21 RBI in 59 games for Los Angeles. The Southern California native has come up big in clutch situations this season, posting a .385 (15-for-39) clip with runners in scoring position. Turner appeared in two rehab games at Single-A Rancho Cucamonga on Sunday and Monday and went a combined 1-for-5 with a run and two walks for the Quakes.

Triunfel has appeared in 11 games in four stints with the Dodgers.

Christmas in july

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Back to Rose — so then change the sign in the Clubhouse to read:

    “No Gambling allowed in Baseball, but if you do gamble, just gamble on your team to win, because if the fans love you enough, they can vote in back into baseball.”

    Gee, that will go a long way to keep the gamblers out of the game.

  2. Badger says:

    Here’s a better idea – since Rose was not a player when he bet on games, how about MLB, and it’s hypocritical leadership, just get out of the way and let the HOF voters decide if Rose belongs in Cooperstown.

    • Campy says:

      Rose was a manager when he bet on games. That’s even worse because his ability to manipulate games was even greater than any single player’s, If you break the law there are consequences to pay. If the consequences are clearly spelled out, they should be inforced. Rose knew what he was risking and he decided to take that risk, and lost.

  3. Bobby says:

    Pete Rose the player is a hall of famer. It really isn’t a debate.

    Matt Kemp earlier, and now Andre Ethier choke during a big spot. Im getting quite tired of both of them

  4. Badger says:

    Crap. Sticks are cold.

    Roger I know you meant to say no players or managers gambling on baseball. Obviously there is huge money bet every day on baseball games. Fortunately now, unlike about a hundred years ago when players weren’t paid squat, most everybody in the game is paid well enough not to be tempted by gamblers. I guess there are Rose haters for life, and there are those willing to forgive and move on.

    I think this guy says it best:


    Even people who kill other people often don’t get life sentences.

    Laws are amended all the time. When lawmakers see a problem they often move to fix it. This needs to be fixed.

  5. grumpy3b says:

    Something I’ve been wanting to post for a few topics now…for the Dodgers there really is no “trade deadline” most likely every Dodger save a couple will clear waivers because of salaries and equally likely other than blockbuster caliber players with lower salaries, so will the players the Dodgers are likely to have a reasonable shot at getting in return. Of course there are other players who won’t clear waivers so anything remains possible; I just do not see a pressing need to make a huge splash for any reason at all, plus, and here is the biggie, no reason to make a trade if the team is not on TV for the vast majority of fans….no increase in viewership because of the trade so no increase in merchandise sales if people can’t identify with them…right about now the Dodgers are also likely losing fans because Vinny is NOT doing the whole game on the radio…people became fans because of VINNY and his ability to make you feel like you are there with your best pal at the game. I know I refuse to listen because Steiner SUCKS and it’s mostly because one moment you can hear him, then you can’t understand a word then he’s doing his best Screeching Hillary impression which grates like nails on a chalkboard…

    And despite Mark’s Man-Crush on him, no way I see the Dodgers bringing Stanton in this season. He just is not “the guy” despite his power. But he is really interesting, if he could cut down the K’s even if it means just putting the ball in play for outs and a bit less power. Even though the kid is still maturing, rarely do players change their K patterns, it almost always gets worse over time. Mark just needs to send Stanton some roses, whisper his of his love that dare not speak it’s name in his ear and get the deed over with already. :p

    Something else, the best LA Dodger teams are built for Dodger Stadium. That means pitching, speed and contact hitting with gap+ power. Moving Gordon would be as bad as letting Sax leave the fold because they screwed up the negotiation process. Really the Dodgers never recovered from Sax leaving. They have been in search of a true lead-off guy ever since. Sure there have been a few short timers but nobody that had the ability to lead the league in SB’s for a decade like Gordon as well as, amazingly enough, play at the All-Star level all around. Dodgers have had teams with tremendous power since the ’88 team and those teams won exactly DICK, in fact most were rarely in contention and even they were hard “to believe” as having a true chance because they simply did not play the game well. Today we are back to real baseball again. A time when a good power hitter playing for the Dodgers will hit 25-35 HR’s/season but can have 35+ doubles and still grab 100 RBI’s if he only K’s 90-110x/season. We, as fans need to accept this is how Dodger teams playing in Dodger stadium need to be built…pitching, speed and gap power…players need to adapt to this as well.

      • Badger says:

        There is a bit tied up in pitching as well.

        I don’t know if grumpy is right with his take on the tv thing. The Dodgers lead in attendance, and there is mlbtv. I see all the games, and Vin does the home games there. It’s Steiner, Orel and Nomar on the road. They’re ok, not great, and Vin, bless his heart, is making more mistakes every year. It’s time to start thinking of a replacement. I recommend Daron Sutton, Don’s kid. He’s good.

        Don’t you think people are expecting moves to be made? I do. The bats are cold now, but I believe most anticipate them heating up. It does appear they can be stopped by good pitching, and that’s what you see every game in the playoffs, but that’s also what we have. If Kershaw or Greinke are pitching last night we might win 2-1.

        Good point about waiver wire deals. Something is always there, but you don’t always get it. You can bet SF will prevent a purchase if they can. Best bet is to get what you need early. I figure they will try.

  6. Pete M says:

    Joc. P. – Be patient young man, be patient…
    Reopen the Shoeless Joe Jackson find him innocent and we can go from there… Joe and Pete are a lot alike I’d say!!! Do they both sign autographs with an X???
    Brooklyn… I am a firm proponent of medical marijuana… I have seen it’s incredible results in my own family for stemming nausea after chemo treatments…
    Like Dr. Gupta, I wasn’t thrilled with weed… Thank God or I would own a Crispy Cream… I think with the 162 game schedule + ST + if you’re lucky something s/b available. So many players play almost yearly with little nagging injuries as they call them… I’m sure there is a solution

    • Badger says:

      Kemp and Ramirez played every day until they were 26, Crawford until he was 27. Andre would have played nearly every day until 30 if he wasn’t on this team. What, if anything, does that suggest?

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