LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today placed right-handed pitcher Josh Beckett on the 15-day disabled list (retroactive to July 7) with a left hip impingement and recalled right-handed reliever Pedro Baez from Triple-A Albuquerque.

Baez was previously recalled for one game earlier this year, May 5 at Washington, and allowed two runs on two hits in 1.0 inning of relief in his Major League debut. The converted infielder opened the year at Double-A Chattanooga and went 2-1 with six saves and a 2.79 ERA (6 ER/19.1 IP) in 17 games to earn a May 25 promotion to Albuquerque. The 26-year-old last pitched on Saturday, allowing three runs on two hits in 1.0 inning vs. Las Vegas, and has posted a 4.50 ERA (8 ER/16.0 IP) in 17 appearances with the Isotopes.

Beckett tossed 5.0 scoreless innings and picked up the win on Sunday at Colorado, but was removed after just 82 pitches. Beckett opened the season of the DL with a right thumb contusion, but has made each of his 17 starts since then, going 6-5 with a 2.26 ERA.


  • I am shocked – Josh Beckett with 8 million innings is again injured?  Who knew?
  • Dodgers sign Roger Bernadina?  Yawn….
  • MLB Writer Zachary D. Rymer writes this about Clayton Kershaw (thanks Jim Anderson):

The thing about Clayton Kershaw’s greatness is that it’s both easy to talk about and actually pretty hard to exaggerate.

For example, we can say the Los Angeles Dodgers ace lefty is hands down MLB’s best pitcher. There’s plenty to back that up, including how Kershaw’s 2.19 ERA since 2011 is easily the best among pitchers with at least 100 starts.

For another example, we can say the no-hitter Kershaw pitched against the Colorado Rockies—who face him again Friday night—on June 18 is an all-time great performance. After all, it’s the only no-hit, no-walk game ever to feature 15 strikeouts.

Here’s another one: Though he’s still only 26 years old, Kershaw has a very real chance of becoming the greatest left-handed ace baseball has ever known.

Between the three statements I just threw out there, this is probably the one that comes off as being dangerously close to an exaggeration. Or maybe even a full-blown exaggeration.

But if anything, it’s the lesser exaggeration of the three. Of all the great southpaws baseball has ever known, none of them was as good at such a young age as Kershaw is now.

I rest my case!

  1. Bobby says:

    So I take it if another starter is needed, it’s Malholm?

    Wonder if Beckett hurt his hip with his horrendous slide the other day (clearly Puig has been teaching him sliding techniques!!)

  2. Watford Dodger says:

    Their season is over so looking to next year, they may want to rebuild. They have no pitching & we have lots in the minors. De la Rosa will leave under Free Agency & he is their best. Could we package together some arms and do a deal? Keep Seagar, maybe give up Joc?

  3. Watford Dodger says:

    I don’t think some if these guys are gonna make it. Lee, Reed, Magill & Fife. We don’t trust them to make a spot start so why not let them go? If we don’t resign Beckett would we want to see any of those guys next year? No. Let’s move them on as they are of no real use. Maybe the Rox would demand a bit more but as I see it we wouldn’t be giving up much real talent.

    • Badger says:

      I’m thinking it might be an off season move for the Rockies. If not the bidding could get ridonkulous at the deadline. What do you do with Ramirez? Move him to an AL team? How about a 3 way?

  4. idahoal says:

    I do not know what to think now. I just would not use Malholm. Bring up Patterson or Fife. I just believe Malholm and Perez must go. You cannot trust them in a tough situation. I still would not give away the top farm kids regardless.

  5. Quasimodo says:

    Howdy, Friends. Catching up on these last few posts it really stands out that ALL you guys have opinions that have much merit. I value your opinions even more than I value what comes from MLB itself. I watched Kershaw’s ‘no-hitter’ and it was totally fantastic, but it was his next appearance that sold me on his greatness. He looked different, he had more swag, he knows himself better. I can’t say when or if ever Kershaw surpasses Koufax’s rankings because that line gets too blurred by too many factors. Neither one has faced the others batters but some will reason that today’s batters are better as the field they get picked from is so much larger than it was in Koufax’s era. I do not agree with that thinking but I also know it’s not possible to prove otherwise. Even if these two greats were in the same era, they wouldn’t face each other because both will have never played for any team other than the Dodgers-and that’s the real beauty of it all. Cheers!

    • Badger says:

      And some would argue expansion has diluted the hitting pool.

      When the career is over, we can have the discussion. For now, Koufax, Drysdale, Fernando, Orel and Sutton.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Maybe somebody already said this (I’m writing this post before reading everyone’s comments). You “rest your case”? Maybe you just need a rest. And the writer above is almost surely basing his comment on what he perceives will be a very long career. And as you may remember (assuming you got that rest), I commented that Kershaw was likely to have a greater career than Koufax because of longevity, but will never be the equal of Koufax when the latter was in his prime. And who cares about age. Yes, Koufax didn’t start pitching well until 1961, when he was 25, and really didn’t break out until the following year at the age of 26. OK, that’s enough for now.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If we don’t trust Lee, Reed, Magill, and Fife, what makes anyone think other teams do. No doubt these guys can be used in a deal, but none of them would be the centerpiece. First off, a deal for Tulo is very unlikely between division rivals, and the players mentioned above would only be fillers in a deal that included our very best prospects. Ask yourself what you would want to get in return for Puig, or Kershaw, or Greinke, or Matt Kemp when he was healthy. That’s what the Rockies want for Tulo. The cost would likely be prohibitive. And who knows how much his numbers would regress when he doesn’t play half his games in Coors? Besides, we may not have Tulo at short, but we do have some solid alternatives. Pitching is what we need, especially when we get to the post-season. I’d rather save our best package for Price.

  8. BOB says:

    False advertising by MLB TV again today. Screw all attorneys unless they can win an anti-trust law suit to let us watch Dodger TV. Radio working fine today!
    I knew that today would be a good game as soon as I heard that Kemp hit a single up the middle resulting in an RBI. In other good news Pam Anderson just filed for divorce.

  9. BOB says:

    50 pitches. 3 outs. Ugly. Will Ryu last 3 innings tonight? Warm up Maholm.

    Rockies pitchers? The only ones that I would consider are the Hawkins and Kahnle.

    Additional all time Dodger pitchers to consider? Don Newcombe and Dazzy Vance

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Dodger fans probably thought the 5 to 1 was good for the day. Ryu must be just putting the ball down the middle.

    Ned, you got speed dial on that phone . . .

  11. Michael says:

    With Beckett down, Ryu reeling and Haren flat out sucking SP goes to the top of the list. Price would be nice but we need more than one. MLBTR reporting than Cole Hamels can’t block a trade to LA, I’m sure he would love it.

      • BOB says:

        Yes that is why Neddy signed Old Man Wright. Maybe Maholm should throw 60 pitches tonight. Maybe the pitching staff is falling apart and the Dodgers need 2 long relievers. Patterson probably getting a plane ticket handed to him. I would like to see Bennett get called up if he is healthy. Or Zach Lee should get the call and then DFAd If he gives up more than 10 runs. There is no way that he is as strong as the day that he got drafted. He looks like a 16 year old boy.

        • Badger says:

          Have you seen Patterson’s numbers lately? He has been getting thumped for the last month. We don’t have much help there.

          Is it really coming to this? Kershaw, Greinke and 3 days of stinky? The break can’t come soon enough.

          I’m probably being saved but I can’t see the game on mlb tv. It’s buffering so badly it isn’t worth watching. And that’s on my iPad.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    So fans . . . sitting pretty after the top of the 1st inning tonight with 5 big runs against those Detroit Tigers.

    But now in only the bottom of the 4th inning — the Dodgers have 4 hits and the Tigers have 14 hits . . . and the 4th inning is not even over.

    Ned has some work to do . . .

  13. BOB says:

    Perez? Really? Let him go 3 innings tonight. Where the flip is Maholm? The Dodgers have an Idiot for a manager. And the Dodgers have an idiot for a GM if Maholm is going to replace Beckett in the rotation.

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    For the past year + , we and outside folks have been calling the new Dodgers (ownership) — the Yankees of the West.

    Well, watching this season for 80 plus games — I re-thought that quote above. The truth is — it is the Yankees under George S. that the quote is referring to. The Yankees winning all those World Series and bringing stars to do it.

    The Dodgers have spend the money, even more than the Yankees, but have not completed the roster to BE the Yankees of the West.

    So I am re-thinking this concept. So far, it has been, grabbing players and throwing them out there with a rookie manager.

    First place, yes, but the depth to this team is not there. Still too many holes and lacks.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Sorry Mark, but it’s not indisputable that Kershaw is a better at 26 than Koufax. Koufax was 26 in 1962, when in July he had over 200 strikeouts. The only argument you have for that year is that Koufax came up with Reynaud’s Phenomenon (a circulatory condition) and missed the final two months of the season. The only reason his ERA was as high as 2.54 was because he returned at the end of the season, and due to the long layoff, pitched ineffectively in 4 games (I believe he lost them all) and ended the season 14-7. Had he not been out, he undoubtedly would have won the Cy Young that year, and the Dodgers no doubt would have won the pennant. So in my humble opinion, Koufax was indisputably a better pitcher at 26 than Kershaw is at 26. And as you know, a fully healthy Koufax followed 1962 with a 25-5 1963, which included 306 strikeouts in 311 innings. In his wildest dreams Kershaw never gets near 311 innings. And as Badger pointed out in an earlier post, there were less teams then, which translates into less diluted lineups.

    • Badger says:

      It won’t make a difference Brooklyn.

      20 hits and 14 runs. The only clean inning was accomplished by Baez.

      We have been talking about the pen all year – horrible in the beginning, better, but with some obvious issues. Is it this bad? Ryu has coughed up hair balls before. Is it just an outlier performance or is it an overture? We already know he prefers the extra day. I’m betting Haren would too. And who goes in Beckett’s slot? And who in our bullpen can actually be counted on to give the team some clean innings? I don’t want to sound fearful, but I have to admit I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t think that Ryu suddenly became an unreliable pitcher tonight. Even the best have bad days. And I can’t help but think that the home plate umpire was a large part of his problem. No doubt that Ryu was getting squeezed and was being forced away from the corners and over the plate. The Dodgers still need to acquire pitching, but I don’t think it’s panic time. And I’m still encouraged by Matt Kemp’s hitting. Seems as if he’s becoming more reliable with runners on base, satisfied to just get a hit. And, I am confident that the power will come.

    I don’t know if Baez is ready yet, but it was encouraging to see him hitting 97 and 98. Also seems to have the makings of a good slider. Whether he becomes a factor long term (assuming he isn’t traded) will likely be determined by his command. He’s still new to pitching, so there is hope.

  17. Pete M says:

    Thank God Brooklyn, out of the doom and gloom a voice of reason… Ryu has exceeded expectations since arriving in L.A…
    C.C. ended his rehab 2-2 and should be ready soon… Anyone for a Kemp try in CF now???
    Kershaw vs. Koufax… Give up on trying to sway Mark… I’ve always said 2 great pitchers – 2 different eras…
    Tulo is coming now!!?? Price also!??!
    Scouts and all non essential coaches shall suit up for our minor lg. teams…
    Alb. lineup to include Bundy in the 3 hole, Yeager catching and Big Mac at 1B (whats that blood stain on your pants butt???) Somebody get Jody Reed on the horn…

  18. Badger says:

    I don’t know what, if anything, Ryu getting blowed up means. He’s been out pitched, and lost, 3 in a row. In 17 starts he has had 4 bad games. In those 17 starts he’s thrown 100 pitches only 8 times. In 30 starts last year he threw 100 24 times. Again I don’t know what all that means but knowing he prefers 5 days rest it is a concern. I wish we could give it to him as his record is much better when it has happened.

    Kemp appears to be streaky. Once again we start hot and cool off. Today we see their ace. I do hope we do better. Anybody know our record in games with teams over .500?

  19. idahoal says:

    Badger and the rest of you guys who have MLB TV. Do you have Apple TV? It is a $100.00 device that hooks to your TV. They have MLB TV on this device. You need a computer, internet, wi fi, TV, and Apple TV. I use extra innings on Direct T V. I bought Apple T V this wek for my wife, to watch Netflix. Then I saw MLB TV on it. I am going to try it for a month just to see how it works. It is half the price of extra innings. Maybe you will still be blocked in the LA area. Just a thought as I listen to you guys in the LA area complain (righty so) what Comcast is doing to you.

    • Badger says:

      I bought mlbtv early and had a lot of trouble with my computer/wifi hook up, but other than a few innings last night, I’ve had little trouble viewing on my iPad.

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