In his first game back from the DL, Erisbel Arruebarrena hit a HR at AAA, as the Isotopes scored 16 runs on 21 hits.  Contrast that with the Dodgers 8 runs on 15 hits.  It was a great night for the Dodgers as they beat up on the Giants, but they squandered lots of opportunities to score.  For as many hits as they had, they should have scored 12 or 13 runs, and they haven’t hit a HR since the Civil War!

Everyone got into the act last night, except 0-5 Crawford and 0-5 Ellis.  All of the other starters had 2 to 4 hits.  It was good to see some of the injured players return to life, but even though they hit like crazy, they scored at a much lower rate.  That worries me.  I figured Perez would blow the shutout but it was Maholm.  Can’t we see a couple of other pitchers, like Elbert in place of Maholm and Garcia or Patterson in place of Perez.  I mean, how long has this been going on?

How long has this been going on?

Well, your friends with their fancy persuasion
Don’t admit that it’s part of a scheme
But I can’t help but have my suspicion
‘Cause I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem

And you said you was never intending
To break up our scene in this way
But there ain’t any use in pretending
It could happen to us any day

It’s been going on too long, Ned!  It’s time to cut bait!  The Dodger fans that can see the game are sick of it and the rest that can’t are sick of hearing about it!

Greinke was great, but is there any question as to who got the best pick when the Giants took Lincecum over Kershaw now?  Timmy is a good pitcher.  Clayton is THE pitcher, PERIOD!  Clayton pitches tonight.  Hey Giants, you think you had trouble hitting yesterday?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

By the way, I didn’t see anything to lead me to believe that Puig can’t play a good centerfield.  I kind of like him there, but I still think a shocking dog collar would be beneficial when he is barreling down on Dee Gordon.

One final question:  Do you simply keep a player because of what you owe him, or do you keep a player because he can help you win?  Crawford and Ethier have ZERO value.  I throw out junk that has no value and replace it with something new.  Just a novel idea, Ned!

Have you ever considered the fact that Kemp, Ethier AND Crawford could all be gone by next year?

Have you ever considered that LF would be Hanley Ramirez best position?

Can Hanley ever stay healthy?

Christmas in july


  1. Badger says:

    “Crawford and Ethier have no value”

    Once again I disagree. Crawford hit 2 pretty good last night and Ethier scored a run after drawing a BB. Runs have value. Their value has been reduced by mismanagement. Somebody should have been moved months ago. They are both used to playing every day. If they were, they would each have about a 1.5 WAR by now. This is on Jed.

    Have we ever considered Ramirez in left? Yes I have. Just about everything has been mentioned in here, but not every idea has been responded to. As you know he considers himself a SS and really doesn’t want to move. We’ve been moving people all over over the place, benching others and keeping ML ready players in the minors all in an effort to make accommodations for mismanagement. How about we design a team that doesn’t require all of that?

    That is what it looks like when they play as a team. Every time it happens I hope it’s the start of something good.

  2. Michael says:

    As much as we all loathe Maholm I think his job is safe for the immediate future with 2 SPs “best if used by dates” about to expire.

    Wow, Cole Hammels [who’d look good in blue] K’d 10 orange and blackers Thursday, Zach 10 last night and with Clayton going tonight we will be “Takin’ care of business” and working overtime.

  3. Badger says:

    Kemp and his agent are making public statements about wanting to play every day, if not here then somewhere else. I just read that he has started 49 of the last 51. To Matt and Dave Stewart – STFU.

    Some other suggestions that you may have missed, Guerrero to 3rd, Ramirez gets a 2 week break and Arrue plays for him, Ethier traded for Uehara, Badenhop or Lee, release Maholm pick up Peavy, Girdin changes position again, (wait, that was yours) bring up Lee, Haren takes over long relief after we get another starter, trade every top prospect for Price……. what am I forgetting?

    What will happen? Nothing big. Jed won’t move any outfielders and one or more of those china dolls will crack, we will find a marginal reliever somewhere and Joc Pederson will continue to tear up AAA, but will get bored or pissed and have some slumps as he tries to hit everything 500′.

    If all these guys start pulling on the same end of the rope we can get this done.

  4. Pete M says:

    Quas, I’m with you on A.J. on the prior post .… Now I’ll see if I can get some hearts pumping with this… How about Bartolo Colon on a 3 month rental??? He has amazed me the last couple years…Cant be too expensive??!!
    HanRam is back and now if he can stay healthy with AGon and Kemp putting it together… SWEET…
    With Puig in center, I would have a priest for last rights available at all times becuz no human could withstand the Puig-o-Matic with a full head of steam… Kidding aside, I only hope lineup consistency starts soon…

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Were you watching the same game I was? Just looked at the boxscore to confirm I wasn’t dreaming. Last night the Dodgers were 6 for 13 with RISP. I don’t remember every opportunity the Dodgers had to score last night, but I certainly don’t remember feeling frustrated at any point. And by the way, ALL hitters fail most of the time with RISP, because I don’t think there are any hitters who have careers in which they have hit over .500 with RISP. Have you forgotten that baseball is a game of failure, where a good hitter is one who gets hits 30% of the time.

    The Isotopes had 21 hits and drew 9 BB. Did you look at the ERA’s of those Reno pitchers? Fedex had 3 hits, including a HR. Jamie Romak had 4 hits. Clearly they are better than the guys we have. Bring them up, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s the box, if anyone cares.

    And Badger is right. Crawford did hit some balls hard. No doubt he is a problem because he can’t stay on the field with any regularity. But when he is healthy he generally does a pretty good job. Let him get some at bats before you jump all over him.

    Puig did a nice job in CF when the ball was finally hit to him. Ran down one ball that I’m not sure Either or SVS gets to. For now, that’s where we need him. Long term will depend on a lot of other variables.

    “Have you ever considered that LF would be Hanley Ramirez best position?” In a word, NO. But I’m considering it now, and all I can come up with is, what are you smoking?

    • Badger says:

      Been watching that Brooklyn. How can you trust anything there? Pederson with 4 BB. Maybe that’s why he is striking out so much – hey don’t give him anything to hit. And FedX is hitting so well because pitchers know he can’t hit a lick so they throw the ball down the middle.

      The guy I am most interested in there is Arrue. .356? If this guy can hit……. we need to make room for him.

  6. artieboy says:

    So those comments about Kemp looking good in right was really code for “we want CC in left”.
    So its either CC, Puig, Matty OR Matty, Ethier, Puig. It’s not a bad outfield but yeah not having an everyday CF isn’t good.

  7. Adam says:

    I would love to weigh in on last night’s game, but I haven’t been able to see one freaking televised game all year!!! (except for 3 on the evil four letter)

  8. Bobby says:

    Jake Peavy is 1-9 with a 4.8 ERA. Let them have him. Let’s beat him up today or tomorrow.

    I get the feeling RF will be Kemp’s and CF will be Puig this year. If Ned has half a brain he’ll try unloading Ethier/Crawford, and we can stick Joc in LF.

    Now that we got 1, we NEED today or tomorrow to win the series. Let’s see if the ace can get us 2 in a row.

  9. Badger says:

    I’m predicting Peavy’s numbers will improve.

    Ramirez has the physical tools to play outfield. The tool he is missing for that move is between his ears. He’s a shortstop dammit. Just ask him.

    Puig in center will work for now. But Ethier, some precious stones and a can of tuna for Uehara or Badenhop is still on my agenda. SVS and Crawford then do the two step. SVS also spells AGon and PHs. Since we are kinda stuck with Carl, Pederson is trade bait or not brought up until roster expansion. Looks like we prolly won’t get Price, Lee or Hamels so yeah, throw Colon out there. He might not stink the joint up like Haren. Get it? Colon….. not stink the joint up…..

    This team has a lot of moving parts. The way it has been cobbled together, fixing it, making it more fluid, is a challenge. That’s the bad news. The good news is, we have a lot of talent in this organization. If Donnie can hold it all together, I like our chances.

    That’s my view.

  10. the truth hurts says:

    Hanley is very “fragile”, him running around left field is not safe for anybody. His hamstring would rip apart at some point, I cringe when he is running around the bases.

    Can we try and win 4 in a row already? What a great time to accomplish that task for the first time this year.

    I think Peavy steps his game up to Badger, he is a west coast guy and Dodger killer. Not a bad move by the ants.

  11. Badger says:

    Peavy can still put it together for 6 innings. Especially in the NL West. And history suggests the flippin midgets have a way of making these moves work for them. With that said, I still believe we are better and deeper.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Let’s actually see what Peavy really has left, and try not to picture the pitcher that used to pitch against the Dodgers. Peavy left SD in 2009. Peavy is as much the Peavy of 2009 as Dan Haren is the Dan Haren of 2009.

  13. Mark TImmons says:

    Here’s what I am talking about.

    The Dodgers got 8 runs on 15 hits last night, which I think is highly inefficient. Let’s look at a few other teams:

    Philly – 9 runs 12 hits
    Cubs – 7 runs 11 hits
    Rays – 6 runs 8 hits
    Colo – 8 runs 10 hits

    The problem is the long ball. The Dodgers aren’t getting it.

  14. BOB says:

    The LAD minors league teams still generally suck. Therefore, The Dodgers need to continue to throw money after players during the next couple of off seasons. Ned should obtain 1 relief pitcher and 1 starting pitcher next week and keep all of the few good prospects especially including the top 3, who are the only real prospects.

    ERA 5.33, 15th out of 16 teams. Puke.
    BA .283, 4th out of 16 teams. Consider the location.

    ERA 4.41, 9th out of 10 teams. More Puke.
    BA .249, 8th out of 10 teams. Puke

    ERA 4.57, 5th out of 10 teams. Dry heave.
    BA .263. 8th out of 10 teams. More Puke

    ERA 3.78, 8th out of 16 teams, Give me a purple pill.
    BA .247, 12th out of 16 teams. More Puke.

    Rookie Ball
    ERA 6.03, 7th out of 8 teams. Hugging the toilet.
    BA .275, 5th out of 8 teams. Need some more purple pills.

    Come on Stan get a clue. Fire the development staff and replace them with teachers. My auto mechanic could do a better job developing these players. Actually he is a master auto restorer and athletic engineer!

    • Campy says:

      ERA 5.33, 15th out of 16 teams. Puke.
      BA .283, 4th out of 16 teams. Consider the location.

      Bob, if you argue that the location inflates the batting stats, then you must also argue that the location inflates the pitching stats too. That statement aside, I will agree with you that our minor league teams do not have a very good record. We do, however, have a few individuals sprinkled in here and there that look like promising talents and have the potential to do well in the majors. The stats seem to point out that there is not a lot of depth in our system

  15. Badger says:

    The Dodgers have 3 prospects in the top 50 and that doesn’t include Guerrero, Lee and Arrue. That is better than it’s been in a long time. I’ll take it.

    We haven’t seen a lot of home runs, that is true, but yesterday the team slugged .595. I’ll take that too.

  16. Quasimodo says:

    Mark, is any one else reporting to you glitches occurring here today? Myself, I’ve lost two post that I had put much effort taxing my feeble mind and now I’m too lazy to have another go at it. My wit is tender and slightly hungover.

  17. Badger says:

    I really don’t care where the minor league teams finish. I really do care about where the minor league players finish, and that would be at the Major League level. Keep the pipeline pumping out great talent and they can all finish under .500 as far as I am concerned.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Dodgers system is definitely not deep with lots of big league ready prospects. But it’s unfair to criticize the development staff, since, in fact, this system is in the early stages of its re-building. I believe that since taking over in 2012 the current ownership has tripled the Dodgers scouting staff, both domestically and internationally. But they’ve only been involved in two drafts prior to this year, and the players being signed internationally have been mostly teenagers, most of which are still probably down in the Dominican summer league. Of the older players signed internationally, Puig is with the Dodgers, Guerrero hasn’t played very much (although he’s hit a lot), and Arrrrrr shows lots of promise. Our #1 pick in 2012 looks like he might be pretty good (Seager), and one of the younger international signings that we do know about is considered one of the top prospects in the game (Urias).

    It takes time to develop young talent, and quite a while to develop a deep pipeline to the big leagues. The current ownership has only been at this for two years, certainly not enough time to re-build a farm system from top to bottom. Could be five years before we see a system teeming with talent. In the meantime, I’m pretty satisfied with a system that has Pederson, Seager, Urias, Arruebarrena, and Guerrero. And I wouldn’t count out prospects like Lee, Anderson, and others. And aren’t the Dodgers being mentioned as one of the teams that has the talent to make a run at David Price?

  19. Badger says:

    Thanks W.

    From Rumors earlier:

    “The Red Sox and Mariners have inquired about Matt Kemp, but the Dodgers are unlikely to trade him, and trade talks did not go far. Kemp has hit well in the past week, with a .320/.414/.440 line in 29 plate appearances since the All-Star break.
    In fact, as Rosenthal notes (via Twitter), the Dodgers are not close to a deal of any kind.”

    Yep. That’s how I see it too. Either closed mouth or content to ride this mule to the finish line. Maybe the club figures Pederson just ain’t ready to play in front of 50,000. Notta to worry. At least one of those outfielders will be on the DL sometime between now and the checkered flag.

    Paco and Dominguez? Haren, Maholm, Patterson, Lee, Fife and…… is Magill still in this organization?

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I expect some kind of move(s) from the Dodgers. At the same time, I’m pretty sure that they are extremely reluctant to move any of their top prospects, and that moving Ethier and/or Crawford will be extremely difficult. And even if they can be moved, the haul that they would bring is probably very limited. As for Kemp, I don’t want to put too much stock in one game, but he did look more like the old Kemp last night, with a hit to center, and two to right center, including a long triple that would have been out of most ballparks. If he is capable of doing that on a consistent basis, and the Dodgers think he is, then they might just hold onto him unless they can get a really good package in return.

    And maybe the Dodgers think what I’m thinking, and that is that Kemp only needs another offseason to work himself into top playing condition. Like I said in the previous thread, Kemp the last couple of years has spent his winters rehabbing from surgeries, which is quite different than just working out hard to get into top playing shape.

    I think someone suggested that the Dodgers could bring up Pederson and go with an outfield of Pederson (LF), Puig (CF), and Kemp (RF). That outfield creates some questions, but on the surface for now, it works for me.

  21. BOB says:

    Regardless of who the Dodgers draft very few of them ever evolve and improve in this minor league system. Much more often than not they are significant underperformers. Signing 25 year old foreign players means nothing when people are talking about PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. 25 year old foreign players have already been developed. Has Zach Lee improved this year? Are any teams asking for him in a trade? Would you puke if you had to give him $5 million? There is NO depth in the Dodgers minor league system AT ANY LEVEL INCLUDING THE LEVELS COMPLETELY STOCKED WITH GUGGENHEIM SELECTED PLAYERS. Some people want to blame everything on Frank McJerk just like they are still blaming everything on George Idiot. Give it a break. 2 years is enough time for responsibility to have shifted. The only things that have changed is that foreign players were signed because the Dodgers have money and now the Dodgers have overpaid some new draftees and then had to select players way above slot so that they could underpay that slot value and not have to pay excise taxes, thus failing to create real depth. Other than the TOP 3 prospects which uninjured minor league players are actually progressing every year? Management low balled a bunch of signing bonuses this year because too many players were signing. In other words management believes that they are signing enough players to fill every roster spot. Why does someone always write as if they have a stick up their butt.

  22. Badger says:

    Grab stick. Remove. Easy squeezy BOB.

    Good point about player development. We’ve developed a few. Weren’t great at drafting for a few years there, but I believe better of late. There are 8-10 players right now that are ML players. I don’t care how they got there.

    I say again, I don’t trade Kemp. I trade Ethier. I still believe he deserves to start somewhere.

  23. Badger says:

    Rookie ump with a horrible inning. Rung up both Crawford and Uribe on balls. I also think Gonzalez was safe at the plate but Donnie didn’t challenge.

    Los Abrigados is a ice place dave. You should enjoy it. Doing some hikes? Better get them done early or you might suffer. I live in West Sedona just below Sugarloaf and Coffee Pot. I’ll shoot off an email shortly.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    How do you know that? The players signed in the July-June international period are practically all teenagers, most of whom are playing in the Dominican Summer League. Some of those players will take several years to develop, and as of now their names aren’t prominent in any prospect lists.

    “Some people want to blame everything on Frank McJerk just like they are still blaming everything on George Idiot. Give it a break. 2 years is enough time for responsibility to have shifted.”

    You had better believe I blame everything on McJerk. In 2011, his last year as owner, the big market Dodgers ranked #30 out of 30 teams in the amount of money they spent on international talent. And two years is not enough. Anybody that knows anything about player development knows it takes about 5 years to build a farm system, especially one that had been decimated by McJerk. Baseball America ranked the Dodgers farm system at #14 before this season. That’s compared to # 19 in 2013 and # 23 in 2012.

    And yes, foreign players were signed because the Dodgers have money. Actually, let’s be specific, “Cuban” players were signed because the Dodgers have money. And of course, their terrible scouting and player development people were accused of spending too much on Puig. How has that turned out? And in case you don’t know, the Dodgers scouted and signed Urias on the same scouting trip to Mexico in which they went to see Puig. And the vast majority of the foreign players the Dodgers have been signing are those teenagers I talked about that they’ve taken in the July-June international signing period, where, in fact, the Dodgers have less money than lots of teams, since they are limited by the slots allocated to them. Last year they got about $400,000 additional slot money in trades, something I’m still hopeful they can do this year.

    By no means is the Dodgers system brimming with talent, but it’s beginning to get better, which is why we now have prospects like Seager, Urias and Pederson (the only one of three drafted in the McCourt era, at #11 in 2010).

      • Bobby says:

        Sandy’s stats are Wilt Chamberlain-like. It’s too absurd to even fathom, unless you were around to witness Sandy.

        For the record, I was born in 1971, and started following the Dodgers in 83, so naturally I never saw Sandy pitch

        Huge swing game tomorrow. Who leaves SF in 1st place??

  25. Mark TImmons says:

    Add a foot back to the mound and it won’t be as different.

    Honeycutt believes a higher mound is easier on a pitchers arm too.

    He’s lobbying to have the mound raised.

    Won’t happen. In fact, they might lower it instead!

    • Badger says:

      It’s only 5″ different. Maybe it should be lowered again. Raising it would make it harder on hitters, therefor easier on pitchers. You want less offense? It might make it easier on arms because they wouldn’t have to try to throw it so hard. How about 12″ and hitters can cork their bats?

      • Badger says:

        (Mounds went from 15″ to their current 10″ – the suggestion was to add 2″ back to mound height, but allow for bats to be lightened. It should also be noted that science has proven a corked bat adds zero total net effect on a batted ball. It is nothing more than placebo advantage)

        • Quasimodo says:

          Very interesting, Badger. I’ve always wondered how an illegal corked bat was supposed to help. But at any rate there would have to be a difference of some nature, though I’m not able to guess which direction.

          • Badger says:

            I first learned about the mound advantage when I read Ted Williams’ book on hitting. He talks about keeping the bat in the plane of the ball, which requires a distinct uppercut. That was antithetical to everything I was being taught (swing level) The steeper the angle the more difficult it is to make contact within the strike zone ((directly over the plate). Makes perfect sense when you think about it. Picture trying to hit a ball dropped from a high building. A 95 mph fastball, coming in at an angle, only in the strike zone a fraction of a second, it’s difficult enough.

            I’m not sure if anything needs to be done frankly, but ‘cept maybe an electronic strike zone. And it’s been proven emphatically that allowing players to use PEDs adds offense. If that’s what people want, then drugs are the way to do it. Personally I prefer playing the game the way it was designed – bunts, hit and runs etc, call balks (there are multiple balks every game) define the strike zone and call it, cut down on Ks by protecting the plate with 2 strikes (instead holding the bat at the knob and swinging wildly). I saw Goldschmidt choking up about an inch with 2 strikes last night. He did indeed increase his odds for making contact by shortening his swing. I found that remarkable. It shouldn’t be. You have 2 opportunities to hit it over the fence. You don’t do it? – shorten up and put the ball in play. I could go on.

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