I keep reading that there’s too much talent on this Dodger team to keep playing at the .500 pace they are.  The talent is there but the clubhouse is fractured and King Hanley and Primma Donna Kemp need to take the next flight out of town.  I see their body language, I hear the rumblings.  The beat writers won’t touch it because if they do they will get shut out and be forced to quit just like Tony Jackson when he ratted out some players after the Arizona swimming party.

You all need to realize that a lot of what goes on within the team is never reported but if you have an once of sense, you can see that Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez are cancerous to this team.  Matt thinks he’s a centerfielder and Hanley thinks he’s a SS who should have a new $150 million deal.   Ship ’em, Ned!   There’s a market – maybe the Dodgers can only get prospects, but they should just do it!   Ship ’em, Ned!  While you are at it, move Carl Crawford, too!   Ship ’em, Ned!   They can help a team or teams get to the Series, but they are done in LA.  Ship ’em, Ned!

I can’t speak for every Dodger fan, but I’d rather lose with this lineup than win with what we have:

  1. Gordon  2B
  2. Pederson  CF
  3. Puig  RF
  4. Gonzalez  1B
  5. Uribe  3B
  6. Ethier/Van Slyke  LF
  7. Ellis  C
  8. Arruebarrena

That team would play defense and would win more games. Let’s see if Joc is ready.  Crawford, Kemp and Ramirez would bring some nice picks.   Ship ’em, Ned!

You all know I have not had a good feeling about this team long before the season started.  Insanity is doing the same thing and thinking you will get different results.  It’s time to go down a different path.  Ship ’em, Ned!  It’s addition by subtraction.

Dodger Notes:

  • Corey Seager is ready to move to Chattanooga and is on the fast track to LA – we might see him in September for a minute.
  • RDLR pitched 7 scoreless in his callup to Boston last week.
  • We all knew Carlos Santana wasn’t a Catcher (at least I did), so they moved him to 3B this year.  He’s currently hitting .159.  Yikes!   What happened to him?
  • I like Darnell Sweeney a lot!
  • Pedro Baez is out-pitching Paco Rodriguez and Jose Dominguez at AAA…. I’m just sayin’
  • Zach Lee is 5-5 with a 4.71 ERA at AAA.  He has allowed 76 hits in 65 innings while striking out 48.   He has never looked like a top prospect to me, or is it just Albuquacky that is messing him up?
  • Draft day!  How can they screw it up?  Let me count the ways….


  1. Badger says:

    ‘mornin Patron.

    Not there yet but I can feel myself leaning. Management has too much riding on this investment to blow it up too soon. However:

    Hanley 1 for his last 13 ABs

    SVS 1 for his last 16 ABs

    Ethier 2 for his last 24 ABs

    Kemp 5 for his last 42 ABs

    AGon 8 for his last 49 ABs

    if these guys all have this going on in mid July I can see it happening. The idea of 4 starting outfielders, all of them All Stars, sharing time is fanciful thought but can’t work if one of them is Matt Kemp. Harley’s problem can’t be because the Dodgers won’t play him at SS as they ARE playing him there. His problem is mental and he’s currently playing himself off this team. There isn’t an organization out there that is going to sign him long term as a SS. He’s a hitter and has AL written all over him. He doesn’t hit and he ain’t worth spit. AGon? Just a slump. He’s pressing. If those around him would do what they are paid to do he would pick it up. And you nailed Kemp. He does not appear to be a team player.

    This team looks exactly like it did about this time last year when Puig showed up and lit a fuse. Joc Pederson doesn’t possess the same kind of energy but………..

    I’m hanging on for a while. Just like I did last year. July 31st is still a long way off.

  2. Idaho Al says:

    Mark, I am so glad you are back. I missed you. I agree totally with you. The Dodgers are not a team. If Handley and Kemp do not hit we are going no where. They do not care.

  3. jhallwally says:

    I totally agree!!! I just posted yesterday on my home blop, Outside the Dodgers, that I would trade Kemp and Crawford, and that I would not extend Hanley……. Maybe you saw that post and it inspired this one… LOL…..

  4. Gonzo says:

    Yikes! Where to start? First off thanks Mark for opening the site again. I will join Badger and and give the team some more time before I push the panic button. Rotating Ethier, Crawford and Kemp was never a good idea to me regardless of the injury probabilities.

    I have never been a fan of Ethier, so personally I wouldn’t mind if he is traded, I thought he should have been traded after his breakout year. I never really saw him in the star-super star category.

    Crawford is here because the team wanted Gonzalez, but I’m sure a team like the Rangers/Astros would listen if the Dodgers pick up a significant portion of his contract.

    Now my take on Matty Kemp. I understand his frustration, if he hadn’t gotten hurt in ’12 he would more than likely still be the best player on the Dodgers and one of the top in the league. But what I have noticed from Matt is that he has a notion of entitlement. He went Hollywood after he started to take off and now that he has sputtered, he still feels as if he is owed the benefit of the doubt and did not like the taste of humble pie. He can’t move or hit like he used to, will he? Maybe. But life is about the choices you make when things don’t go your way, and Matty is not approaching this situation the right way. If a team were to bite on Matt, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I really hope for the teams sake he starts playing for the name on the front of the jersey.

  5. Idaho Al says:

    I said this spring that four starting outfielders would not work. They all have egos and they all think they should start. Every one needs to know what there job is, and they do not know. I really blame Colletti for most of this, but Mattingly is not helping the situation. I will hang in there a while longer, but July will be the end of this team, if this continues. In my opinion, the Dodgers looked the best when Arruebarrena was playing ss for three games.

    • Badger says:

      It’s worked for everybody but Kemp. Nobody else is sulking and just going through the motions like he is. He appears to have “trade me” in his gait. Ethier would be better served playing every day. As I have repeatedly pointed out, he could earn his contract in WAR points if he got 600+ at bats. All of our outfielders contacts are based on 150 games, none of them will have opportunity to earn their money. I accept that. But it appears the players don’t. If we were winning all would be copacetic.

  6. BOB says:

    Amen brother!

    Several weeks ago you made the same suggestion that Seager be promoted and I countered with the observation that he had several areas to improve on. He has significnatly improved in all of those areas in the last few weeks and now must be promoted by the All-Star break.

    Kemp and Ramirez have changed themselves into DHs. Just suck it up and trade them to the AL for prospects already.

    Sweeney started the year slow but has turned it back on after a very good spring training. I like him too.

    Paco is toast and Dominquez will always have a straight fastball. I like Yimi Garcia for the next call up.

    Zach Lee still has the body of a 17 year old boy. My “auto mechanic” is a better strength and fitness coach than anyone in the Dodgers organization.


    When the Dodger record falls to .500 Donnie should bench the under performers and start Arruebarrena, Figgins and Van Slyke for a week.

  7. Badger says:

    Some good historical pieces at Weisman’s site. Might as we’ll talk about what usta was. Addressing team funks is never much fun.

    I remember when Zimmer hurt his toe and Wills was brought up. I was living in Canoga Park at the time. Me and Jamey Meade and Stevie Castro were sitting around talking about the journeyman minor league SS they brought up to replace him. We all preferred Zimmer and weren’t too happy about an old (29) minor leaguer replacing him. Wills eventually changed our minds.

  8. Badger says:

    There are cost effective players out there. What we need to do is mix in some Josh Donaldsons and Paul Goldschmidts with our Kemps and Crawfords. This team could still win the West without Ethier/Crawford and Kemp. Move 2 out of those three, bring up Pederson and Guerrero at the deadline and we could actually be better. If Kemp ever clears his head from his sphincter keep him and move the other two. If playing everyday Ethier will earn his money. Crawford ‘s contract would be harder to move , but it could be done. I actually like him. If he could stay on the field he could be useful. But he and Ethier on the same team is superfluous. Move one of them. If Ramirez refuses to hit, lose him to an AL team and insert Arruebarrena. We win with good pitching and, hopefully, timely hitting.

    Or………… Kemp to the Mets. They got yutes that could help us out down the road.

    We got 5-6 weeks. Still plenty of time.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    I have a wish . . . just one right now.

    Catcher. This is a real sore on this team. Ellis or no Ellis . . . he was to start and then the DL time.

    In all the moves that Ned might make — go after a catcher who is not just a prospect. Settle that position now. Give players and money, but get that taken care of. I know it is not easy on the pitching staff during the season to work in a new catcher, but that is what this season has been anyway — with the catching position.

    Also, what is up with AGon? He is still a 1 for 4 per night guy, and not hitting in key spots like he used to. Maybe that is a change there as well.

    I agree with Badger, the season is not over.

    Key problem so far — the Dodgers are getting out pitched most nights. And then cannot come back to take a win. A .500 club so far this season.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I too would like to see Arruebarrena in the lineup everyday. From the little I’ve seen, his defense will more than make up for what we lose on offense. And, from what I’ve seen, I’m not sure he won’t be at least decent with the bat to begin with, and get better over time. He even has some pop in that bat. Besides, the way Hanley is playing, we’re not getting offense or defense at short right now.

    As for Kemp, I’m not sure attitude has anything to do with his performance. I’m guessing it’s a combination of diminished physical ability and the frustration that goes along with it. Maybe he just needs time to get it back, or maybe it’s never coming back. If it is a character issue with Kemp, it’s more him not being able to get his frustrations out of the way of his game. He needs to suck it up, and give his all everyday, no matter how he feels. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

    Maybe it’s attitude with Hanley, or maybe he too isn’t 100% physically. If he’s upset over not having a contract renewal, then he needs to begin playing for himself and his next contract.

    I don’t agree with everything Mark said above, but I wouldn’t mind that lineup. And if Kemp could manage to pull it together, he could easily be plugged into the spot reserved for Ethier/SVS, and SVS could begin to see more time filling in for Agon at 1B, especially given Agon’s lost ability to hit lefthanders. Seems to me that Agon is swinging at a lot of pitches out of the strike zone. And when they employ that shift against him, why isn’t he just hitting more balls to the left side. I recall that he used to have pretty good power going that way.

    And if the Dodgers can manage some good prospects, then I have no problem with “ship ’em”. Even losing some of those contracts will add flexibility to future moves.

    And before we begin to blame one or two guys, lets look at what Badger posted above.

    “Hanley 1 for his last 13 ABs

    SVS 1 for his last 16 ABs

    Ethier 2 for his last 24 ABs

    Kemp 5 for his last 42 ABs

    AGon 8 for his last 49 ABs”

    None of those guys is remotely that bad. Hard to believe that’s going to continue. But if it does, come July changes might be in order.

    I have no doubt that the Dodgers can turn it around and catch the midgets. But if they start to play better baseball, but still don’t manage to catch the midgets, then the Wildcard becomes a real possibility. It’s certainly a lot less than ideal, but it would at least get their foot in the door in the post-season, and anything is possible if that happens.

    Moving Seager up to AA I suspect is something that will happen in the not too distant future. Yimi Garcia sounds like a prime candidate to get called up, even if the Dodgers have to eat a contract (Paul Maholm, Chris Perez, or whoever). And getting an offensive catcher looks to be something the Dodgers should be looking into seriously, especially given that A.J. Ellis is now 33, and maybe fits best now as a backup.

    Regarding that deal that Badger suggested with Kemp going to the Mets. I doubt if the Mets would even consider that deal, unless of course, it included other players in a larger package.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, I agree with you about Kemp.

    Hind sight — the Dodgers might have been better to have had him work and and play in AAA or AA or even A ball for three weeks — coming back from all that medical stuff: shoulder and foot . . . is not easy.

    It was more like he would not go (for that long) and wanted to play ball. But he was not ready. It might even be better to send him out for rehab now to re-learn his skills. He really looks lost.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    I just cannot understand it.

    Here it is some 15 guys drafted in the DRAFT — and I have not been taken yet.

    Here are my stats:

    5′ 10″
    73 years old

    Still no takers.

  13. Badger says:

    Wait for the later rounds Roger.

    Interesting comments by Mattingly. “we’re not very good”. “Talk to them “. Sounds somewhat defeatist. Come on Donnie – put your helmet on and get in the game! You’ve got the most talent in NL West. Make it rain!!

  14. Badger says:

    Remember when I asked the question – who will have the better year, Bumgarner or Kershaw? Nobody responded. But I asked for good reason. I thought it absolutely possible Bumgarner could indeed have the better year. So far it’s not that close. Two halves of the year though. Still time for Kershaw.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    I have seen enough.

    Donnie is a great manager for a team that goes 42 – 50 for a stretch. Boy can he fill out that lineup card.

    But for a team that is .500 — he is not a good manager. With the talent he has, a good manager will find ways to have or make them play to win.

    This present squad is getting out pitched and out hit, game after game.

    Dee has kind of lost his edge. Puig is an All-Star and plays to win. The others are hardly hacking it.

  16. Badger says:

    RHP Grant Holmes, Conway HS (S. Carolina)

    The 6-foot-2 right-hander teams a low-to-mid 90s fastball with a power curve that sits in the low-80s and is considered by many scouts to already be big-league ready. He also throws a solid changeup. Some scouts have questioned how much more upside he has — with fastball command being a possible pratfall — but he still figures to be at number two starter, even if he can’t develop into an ace down the line.

    No surprise. He was mocked in this range. Another pitcher. Can’t have too many of those.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Roger, you’re my first pick. But I guess Grant Holmes will have to do. Sounds pretty good. Excellent curve, and mid 90’s fastball. But, of course, I take scouting reports on high school draftees with a grain of salt. First off he has to sign, and secondly, he has to perform. And of course, as a 17 or 18 year old out of high school, we’re not likely to see him for a few years, at least. But hopefully he adds to the pipeline of talent in the system, which ultimately leads to more flexibility to do other things.

    Baseball America had him rated #16 in their top 200 prospects, so getting him at #22 at least sounds good. In short they describe him as a “strong righthander [who] has potential for three plus pitches with an out-pitch curveball”.

    I don’t think what Mattingly said sounds defeatist. Sounds to me as if he’s being honest, and challenging his players by throwing down the gauntlet with the hope that that they will pick it up.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, Donnie is being honest — he is just in, over his head with this team when it is out of focus. He (the manager) is the one to move teams to focus better. Heck, they all know how to hit, field, run, etc. They just are underperforming. A manager and his staff is to turn that around.

    Let us hope it start tomorrow.

  19. Badger says:


    That is a high school body? Damn. He looks 25.

    Managers need to motivate when it’s necessary. “Ask them”? That sounds like he is conceding authority – or something. Never heard a manager talk like that. I wonder if Hanley (no extensnsion) and Kemp ( demoted and benched) are driving the Dodgers clubhouse conversations.

    5-6 weeks. Plenty of time.

  20. BOB says:

    For once I will support Donnie in his attitude. The players have underperformed for most of the season. I bet that Donnie is just expressing the attitude of Every Dodger coach. Are the players so insecure that they can not handle a little questioning, adversity, or unknown? Donnie’s real point, though his grammar is always so poor that one can seldom figure out what he means, was that he is focusing on the team and not the individuals while the reporters are focusing on the individual players. In my opinion Donnie is right this time.

    Draft – Another pitcher #1. Now can they hire a real player development staff so this guy does not turn into another flop or a 6th inning reliever? A slow OF drafted # 2? Hope that he can still pitch after 3 years, just in case he can’t run faster than Lambo. He runs a 4.85 60 yard dash and catchers must run 7.0 to be considered not slow! More work to be done by the Dodger player non-development staff.

    Maybe they will draft a quality catcher on Friday.

    How long ago was everyone talking about how immature Puig was and whether he could get it together? He is the only consistent player on the Dodgers and appears to be making very good adjustments at the plate and playing the old Dodger Way. Why can’t any of the overpaid Dodger players follow his lead , suck it up, and make some changes, like SHORTENING YOUR SWING ALL YOU DUMMIES.

    Time to begin the once a month DFAs and trades.
    June – DFA Perez and bring up Yimi Garcia
    July – Trade Hanley No Hands to the AL for prospects and start Arr..
    Deadline – Trade Mat No Legs to the AL for prospects and bring up Pederson

  21. Watford Dodger says:

    Alex Verdugo in 2nd round. Some confusion if he is an OF or Pitcher as he has ability at both. Dodgers announced him as both. Would be great if he could do both – a pitcher batting 3/4/5. Has that ever happened?
    Obviously he won’t do both but interesting we took an OF with our 2nd pick. Would have liked to have seen a catcher.
    Got to agree with Brooklyn’s take on Kemp. I don’t see an attitude problem & have not heard an whispers suggesting so. I think he is struggling to come to terms with his new condition both sides of the ball. He has been an elite player but it must be difficult to reconcile yourself when you no longer are. It may be that a change of scenery, to a DH role, may help. To me it looks like he is trying too hard, straining to be the player he was, trying to make an impact. He doesn’t look relaxed at the plate, and is making poor decisions.
    This group of players is suffering from a collective lack of confidence. It will turn. These are good players. It is often how you finish not how you start that is key. If we get hot late, through August & Sept and even sneak in through the Wild Card route, then what has gone before will be of no consequence. We have the starting pitching to be a real force in the post season. I don’t agree with Roger in that our starting pitching has been good – it is the Pen that has been terrible. There is a lot of experience in there, so hopefully they can rebound & pitch as they can.
    Agon & Hanley will come good. I’m with Badger in that Ethier will be fine if he plays enough. Let Matty regroup at AAA for a while and only bring him up if he starts hitting. Maybe bring Joc up for the second half of the season and see if he can do what Puig did for us last year by igniting this team?
    If I was Donnie I would try and get a more settled starting line up – so if that means losing Kemp for a bit then do be it. When we did well last year it was when we bedded down a regular line up.
    Don’t give up yet I’ve a feeling that when this team gets hot it will be very hot.

  22. Watford Dodger says:

    .500 without playing well. Let’s see what happens when we do.
    Also – absolutely agree with Bob’s comments about Puig. I was wrong about him. He’s better than Stanton.

  23. Badger says:

    “Before the game, Mattingly implied some of his players were more concerned about themselves than they were about the team.

    Asked about how Carl Crawford’s anticipated return from the disabled list could affect Matt Kemp’s playing time, Mattingly replied, “I’m not thinking about any of that right now. Honestly, so tired of talking about individual guys instead of talking about us as a club and how we are going to win games. There’s so much focus on individual guys that we’ve gotten away from, ‘What’s the team doing? How are we going to win games?’ ” LA Times

    Something is amiss. It could just be this enormously talented team is playing .500 ball. And they will continue to do so if the middle of the order continues to hit below .250. For the record, I don’t believe they will. But it is possible. If so, moves will be made. I’ve been saying this is a summer team. It’s not summer yet. I give them til the deadline. If this group is still playing in slow motion then, wtf, try something else. As for the pitching, our system has been drafting pitchers for a long time. Some of them have to be ready. Let them show us why they were drafted.

    An outfielder that runs 4.85? Is that true BOB? Damn. That’s like nose tackle speed. Hope he gets good jumps and runs good routes. Or that he can pitch.

  24. Badger says:

    Talk on Verdugo:

    “Baseball America has noted that scouts relayed that he’s displayed bad body language, effort, and immature behavior this past season, ”

    “A risk to take him as an outfielder, but Logan White has shown in the past that he doesn’t care much about the consensus in terms of what position a player should stick at.”

    Oh goodie

  25. Michael says:

    I really liked how Holmes reacted with praise on how honored he was to be a Dodger.The film I seen over @Dodger Digest really did remind me of Bills.
    Sounds like Verdugo is all in and signed, perhaps he just needed a challenge.
    Not the first time Donnie has said something that a lot of people don’t want to hear but it’s the truth.
    I too can’t wait to see Arruebarrena take over at SS. Very impressed with the little we’ve seen of him so far.
    With our anemic offense, pitching and defense become all the more important.

  26. Gonzo says:

    Badger, I’ve heard his name before, but nothing in depth. He played against my buddy’s nephew, but again not much info on him. I haven’t coached for a while.

  27. BOB says:

    Logan proud to draft a guy slower than Van Slyke to play CF? Another Joke. Hopefully the guys reported 60 speed is wrong.

    Arruba sent to AAA. Too early for Crawford and Ellis to return.
    Is Uribe ready to return? Time for Pederson????? A guy can hope.

    Slumping Rockies to send a rookie to the mound against the Dodgers tonight. That probably means another shutout coming tonight.

  28. Badger says:

    We have no way of knowing if these guys will be productive Major Leaguers. Since they are High schoolers I’m going to over 70 by the time they make it. Seems a long time ago we drafted some cant miss high school kid named Lee. I think I’m more interested in our international signings.

    And on the road we go. Every day I wait for the bats to bust out. We have Mattingly and McGwire, two guys who know a lot about hitting. If our gazillionaires will listen, those two guys should be able to help.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Agree Badger. No way to know how these young kids are going to do over the long haul. I’ll be over 70 too. And I also take with a grain of salt everything I read about them. Only time and performance will reveal what we’ve got.

    International signing period begins on or about July 2nd. I’m wondering if the Dodgers are planning any deals that get them additional international slot money in return. To me that can be as valuable (maybe more so) than getting prospects.

    FYI – Alex Verdugo was rated at #52 in Baseball America’s top 200 prospects list. So I imagine getting him at #62 wasn’t so bad. BA had him as a pitcher, and noted that he “had an unven spring but athletic with fastball up to 94 to go with a plus slider.”

    • Badger says:

      I read somewhere he prefers hitting and the Dodgers agreed to give him a shot in the field. I don’t know though, a lh pitcher throwing 92 with a plus slider – sound familiar? The kid just turned 18 a month ago. Not much speed so he sounds like Loney to me. That would be ok if he is a hard worker.

      The only transaction I’ve seen is Arruebarrena BOB. Don’t know what up with Pederson. Didn’t want to see Erisbel go, but, it’s better he plays everyday.

    • Badger says:

      Yogi was 5’7″. Smokey Burgess was 5’8″. They had like 22 All Star appearances between them. Maybe this guy will be as good as them. Maybe better. He could get 23 All Star appearances.

  30. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Catcher may be a big need, but not necessarily something you base draft picks on. First of all, the need is immediate, so the draft is not likely to address it for now. As for developing a catcher for the future, maybe the Dodgers will address that need in their international signings, or maybe they’ll convert a current minor leaguer or draft pick/international signing to catcher. Remember Russell Martin.

    I really don’t think now is the proper time to come to conclusions about the draft. If we get anything out of this draft it probably won’t be realized for at least a couple of years. Let’s first see what we got after these guys sign, and begin to play.

    As for Verdugo, I’d just let that play out. If he doesn’t hit he might just agree to transition back to pitching. Again, it’s just too early to make any judgments.

    And finally, let’s not forget that the Dodgers had the 22nd pick. And then, because of the two competitive balance rounds and the supplemental round, they pick even lower in rounds subsequent to the first round. That’s why their 2nd pick was #62, and NOT #52, and so on and so forth.

    Hopefully, the Dodgers can also pick up some talent come the opening of the new international signing period beginning July 2nd. And even there they are limited to their relatively low allotment of international slot money, unless they can trade for more.

    • Badger says:

      High school players are probably 5 years out. I won’t expect much. I won’t hold my breath that’s for sure. The international market is very different.

      We can maybe move a couple of young pitchers for an upcoming free agent catcher when we need to.

      Forgot to mention – my sweet wife bought me an iPad mini on which to watch the games. She felt sorry for me staring at my iPhone every night.

      A 91 year old dude is attempting to run across the United States. I wouldn’t want to make that drive.

  31. Bobby says:

    Rockies pitcher making his mlb vs us tonight.

    I expect 7ip, 2 runs, and 8k

    As you can tell, I have very little faith in this team right now. (yet hoping they start proving me wrong)

  32. Michael says:

    I really like Drew Butera but the guy is gonna need a breather before AJ gets back. It might be time to trade for at least a suitable back-up because Fedex has obviously been banished to never-neverland.
    Really happy for you Badger, hope your viewing experience is better. Didn’t realize you still had issues with your TV streaming.

    • Badger says:

      Gave it up on my cheap ass computer Michael. No problem on phone and now iPad.

      Kemp still sucking. Butler was willing to walk Puig but Yassie having nothing to do with that, swinging at 2 out of the strike zone. Thought he had risen above that.

      FedX just can’t hit. Butera at .220 ain’t much better. It would be nice to get .275 out of that position, or at least a league average OPS.

  33. BOB says:

    Why not draft a catcher since almost none of the US other players seem to be developed into major league position players or starting pitchers in the last 5 years?

    Dodgers passed on a catcher at 98 and a catcher was taken at 99, passed at 129 and one was taken at 131, and passed at 159 and one was taken at 160, all 3 being college juniors. Other teams, Tigers took two of three catchers that the Dodgers passed on, are drafting catchers so your argument is wrong again. Just you unsuccessfully trying to prove me wrong again aren’t you Sean Hannity wannabe with wrong theories and semi-polite words!

  34. Badger says:

    Dodgers don’t know catchers anymore. They are only there to stop the pitch from going to the backstop.

    So Puig shows proper discipline in his next at bat taking ball four but ump called it a strike. Note to 13 year umpire Chris Ianetta – if the catcher moves his glove 6″ back toward home plate it probably ain’t a strike. You should know this by now. Moron.

  35. Bball says:

    I have a curious question. The dodgers picked Holmes knowing he is committed to a college. My question is y would they waste a pick on someone already committed. Maybe there is a reason just don’t get it. Can someone explain

  36. Badger says:

    I’m the moron. The ump getting fooled tonight is Dan Iossogna.

    Ball, they know ahead of time what it will take to sign a guy. Usually anyway. Not always. Probably did with this guy.

    • Badger says:

      It’s 6.85 and it’s Vernon Wells speed. Very average for a Major League player. Home to first is 4.37 – for a left hander that is below average. (4.2)

  37. Pgunn says:

    I’m agreeing with Buster Olney; this team is built so haphazardly that the pieces do not fit. I don’t know which is worse, Ned unable to compose a sufficient roster or Donnie unable to sufficiently manage a roster. The players do not help at all. Uninspired efforts.

    They should not be this far behind the Giants, not with that pitching.

    • Badger says:

      Looking at the Dodgers last night there were 2 backups in the starting lineup. The game before it was 3. Add to that Kemp and Ramirez are not playing near expectations and AGon is in an extended slump. If Uribe and AJ were in the lineup, and Kemp and Ramirez were doing what they are paid to do, I think the pieces fit quite nicely.

      This team, on paper, has everything it needs to win. We need the first team in there playing like they are supposed to play.

  38. Pete M says:

    Never thought I’d say it, but I’m really happy with Holmes pick. He should work with Wilson on his hair though… No SLIDER – Maybe no TOMMY JOHN!? B-Ball, Holmes wont pass up his slot $$ I’m sure…Love the way kids are working college tuition into contract…
    Still hanging with the club…July is a long way off..

  39. Badger says:

    The Dodgers drafted 2 pitchers who have already had TJ surgery. I would encourage the organization to teach mastery of the two seamer so what happened to 97 mph thrower Withrow doesn’t happen to these new young arms. You can throw 94-96? Terrific. But change speeds, throw 92 with late sinking movement, pitch to spots, pitch to contact, miss the sweet spot and save your arm. That’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it.

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