The Dodgers will bring Joc Pederson up when they think he’s ready.”

That echos what many said about Puig last year after hitting .500 in Spring Training. He was ready. So is Pederson – he can’t learn any more there. He needs to see real curve balls, not PCL curve balls.  He can’t grow anything there but bad habits, like lengthening his swing which increases his strikeouts (Yikes, he has already done that).

If the Dodger brass REALLY knew what they were doing, they would get out of the PCL – after all, money is no object right?  Move to the International League where, you can have pitchers hone their skills, not lose their confidence.  Move from Albuquerque, where hitters become overconfident and develop bad habits, to the IL and see your farm system get much better, Stan Kasten.  I have the perfect place for you – Victory Field, in Indianapolis, which is right between Chattanooga and Midland, Michigan (Great Lakes).  Makes perfect sense.

Indianapolis led the minors in attendance and is one of the best facilities in the minors.  It’s also a Southwest direct flight away from LA and PHX.  So, don’t tell me the Dodgers know best, when they have a AAA team in Albaquacky!  Last night in Iowa, Yimi Garcia, Pedro Baez, Paco Rodriguez and Jose Dominguez combined to pitch 4 shutout innings!  Good things happen to Dodger pitchers when they don’t have to pitch is Albuquerque.  Get a clue guys!

Dodger News:

  • Josh Beckett sure has been a Godsend, but the pen still loves to put runners on – arsonists all (except Howell).
  • FedEx is tearing up AAA – he must be one of those AAAA players.  I still have hope for him as a backup.
  • Arruebarrena is hitting .350 at AAA – what does that mean?
  • Chris Reed – 7 IP/4 H/0 R, but he walked 4
  • Corey Seager hit his 13th HR last night  (52 RBI) and is hitting .349.  The kid has figured out High A Ball.  Move him up and let him struggle for a month.
  • Scott Elbert -1 IP/2 K’s/0 R – Maholm hears footsteps
  • Juan Uribe was 2-4 – he will be activated today or tomorrow.  Romak is the likely suspect to be sent down.
  • According to Steve Dilbeck of The LA Times, Clayton Kershaw’s No-No was the most dominant of all time… and he has proof!  EVER!  And he didn’t do it from a 20 inch mound!

Empire of the Sun:


  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Some have said that this Dodger ownership is about the NOW in winning. This is the season to go for the ring; not a building year.

    If so –so far they have not shown progress on filling the holes or the lacks of this roster.

    Still too many seasoned outfielders on the squad. And Pederson is blocked.

    Still too many scares with the pen and its usage. League still looks like he does not know where the ball is going and just heaves the ball toward the plate. Perez is not much better. Maholm is . . . is . . . no words to express.

    Catching is still the weakest link on the field. AJ and Drew would be fine if the rest of the starting 8 were solid.

    Ethier keeps hitting little ground balls to the infield; power seems to be gone. AGon is still trying to figure himself out at the plate. Puig has been a below average player in June. The Hanley problem is tough. We keep waiting for his bat to wake up.

    All in all — the guys still have a chance — but the only reason they are close is because the Giants have fallen on their faces of late or the Dodgers would still be 10 games back.

    Some of these holes need to be fix or the end is in sight. Wait till next year. The Friday night game IS more like this season that we would like to admit. Things need to tighten up and play baseball the way it should be played. With fun and perfection.

  2. Badger says:

    Personally the first move I would make is lose Maholm and bring up Paco. Yimi could probably get 3 outs too.

    No room for Joc yet. Patience grasshopper.

    The Midwest is not the place for a NL West AAA team. I know you are partial to it, but by quite a margin the majority of West games are played on (duh) the West Coast. Why they haven’t worked that out is mind boggling to me. To prepare a young player to pitch on the West Coast he should probably be practicing his trade somewhere in the neighborhood. Forcing him to pitch in front Reds fans, or whoever they root for in Indiana, is not the answer. We should also own the Visalia team. Fresno, Bakersfield, Inland Empire, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, Long Beach – Dodger fans own all that territory. Heck, there were as many Dodger fans in the stands last night as there were Padre fans. We own most of Central and Southern California. Our AAA team should be out here.

  3. Bobby says:

    Malholm makes 1 mil a year. It should be a no brainer to waive and eat the rest of his contract. One of the young lefties needs be up soon.

    I personally don’t like Ethier in CF. Yes, he filled in nicely last year, but he’s barely average there. Kemp has woken up, and now is NOT the time to start platooning him with Crawford in LF. Crawford can’t play CF, and obviously he won’t be platooning with Puig in RF.

    Therefore, I think the first one that has to go is Crawford. Paying $21 mil to a backup is something only our government (yes, dems and repubs) would do. Send him off to a team that is desperate for an OF, eat half the contract, and get something in return. Anything.

    Good job the the guys to bounce back and win last night after blowing the Fri night game. Win today, and we did our job: we took 2 of 3 on the road

  4. Badger says:

    The plan is good right up to eating half the contract Bobby. Consider Crawford like you would a banker. Extremely overpaid and untouchable. It would take a genius salesman GM to pull off your plan. I don’t see one in our office. Do you?

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    The logic is — since we owe Crawford soooooooo much money — we keep him, play him, and every now and then on the DL. He gets cold and then hot and then lukewarm in his playing.

    The logic is based on dollars — not a solid roster. The only way out of this to to send him to some team with buckets of money and then get on with the season. Period.

  6. Bobby says:

    If we keep and play Crawford (or DL him, bench him, or have him pick up In n Out for the locker room), we have to pay $21 mil. Now, hypothetically, if anyone feels he’s worth $10 mil a year, then we send him plus $11 mil a year to Team X for anything.

    In the big picture, we still save $10 mil a year and have a better player who fits better, and fits long term, on our team. Even if someone feels he’s only worth $8 mil a year. We send 13mil a year. We still save 8mil. Plus we have a young, cost controlled guy taking his spot and likely ascending the next couple years.

    Eventually I do the same with Ethier.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Dodgers will bring up Pederson when they think he’s ready. And maybe, just maybe, bringing up Puig in June last year was a better idea than doing so out of spring training. Maybe he learned a few things down there that helped him get off to the good start. We’ll never know one way or the other. I know a Red Sox fan who was singing the praises of Jackie Bradley, who I recall had a very hot spring last year. Well, he opened the season in Boston, and didn’t hit. Spring training stats are meaningless.

    I don’t know if Joc Pederson can hit real curve balls. But the last place he should be learning to do that is in LA in the middle of pennant race. But if the Dodgers think he’s ready for that, it’s OK with me. And yes, I will tell you the Dodgers know best when it comes to the talent of their prospects. Certainly more than anyone who posts on this site. The Dodgers have done a lot in the last couple of years to improve their farm system. And maybe, just maybe, guys like Pederson and Seager, and others, are doing well because they’re getting good coaching.

    I’m not sure exactly how minor league affiliations work, and what sort of contracts are involved. So while I’m not happy about us being in ALBQ., I’ll hold judgment. Besides, it’s not like the Dodgers are the only West team in the PCL, where there are other cities much like ALBQ. Not sure Colorado Springs is any better, same for Las Vegas, and maybe Reno. However, it appears to me that there are a number of teams in PCL that are nowhere near the Pacific Ocean. I don’t know if the Dodgers have any plans to do anything, but maybe they should be thinking about changing their affiliation in that league.

    And Roger, if the Dodgers have made up ground recently because the midgets have fallen on their faces, why not also recognize that the midgets built up their big lead because they were playing over their heads, and the Dodgers were falling on their faces early on. It’s a long season, filled with ebbs and flows.

  8. BOB says:

    I would have DL’d Puig on June 7th and brought up Pederson for those 15 days. The opportunity to test Pederson is gone until the next injury.

    Maholm will probably stay on the roster because he is the 6th/emergency starter and Ned seems to have no confidence in the kids like Fife, Magill, Lee, Reed, etc. Beside Maholm’s ERA as a reliever is 3.85

    The Dodgers still have the highest BA for DHs (Yes a very small sample size)! Why not try to spin one or more of the Crawford, Ethier, Hanley (all plus cash) group to one of the following teams as their new DH?
    Seattle .189
    Yanks .191
    Indians .209
    Astros .215

    Romak .059? Really? Bring up Badger!

    Perez has pitched only 6.2 innings during the last 30 days. Play him or DFA him. Bring up someone who can pitch at least 12 innings per month and save some arms for the post season.

    I am not yet convinced regarding the assertions that Albaquaky is a terrible place to pitch. Current splits Home and Away (- is lower at Home) :
    Arranged in order of number of starts this year:
    Lee -0.72
    Patterson -3.59
    Frias -2.34
    Magill -3.42
    Bennett +5.45
    Sosa +2.19

  9. Michael says:

    We can’t have $20 million of OFs sitting on the bench so until Ned can jettison a couple of these overpriced underachievers, Joc will have to bide his time.
    Seems to me Puigs disappearance coincides with him being moved to the 3 hole.
    We just happen to have the 3rd best record in the NL. Just sayin

    Go USA

  10. Badger says:

    Bobby, I think your plan sounds reasonable. What about the next 3 years and the over $60 million Crawford is owed after this year? You want to pay somebody $56 million to take him off our hand? Somebody might do that. Do the same thing with Ethier. We shed salary by paying our players to play somewhere else.

    The AAA team doesn’t have to be on the ocean Brooklyn. Just bring it down from a mile high and move it to California.

    Puig needs a few days off.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    The Dodgers have to print it on their forehead — “We need to score more runs, because our pitchers need the support.”

    Just have this feeling that the 2 runs will not be enough for today.

    • Badger says:

      It wasn’t pretty but they got it done. Padres pitching is actually pretty good, 8th in MLB right behind LA and SF. Our starters are 3rd in MLB. Our pen is actually way down the list. San Diego is the opposite. KC’s pitching is middle of the pack. Maybe we will look better there.

      Still undefeated this summer.

  12. BOB says:

    Unblock Me! I have to log in twice in order to post.

    2 runs against one of absolute worst starting pitcher in MLB? Not good. At least it is a win.
    The Royals are slumping at just the right time. The have scored only 10 runs in their last 5 games and are 1-4. Hopefully they will not pitch any LHP against the Dodgers during this next aeries.
    The Dodgers have the 3rd best record in the NL!
    Bring on the AL and their the DH were the Dodgers will reign supreme.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Dodgers current affiliation deal with the Isotopes extends through this season.

    They returned to Albuquerque in 2009, and extended their stay there for two years in 2012. Since 2012 was the first year of the current ownership, maybe changing affiliations wasn’t at the top of their list of things to do. Or maybe there weren’t any attractive alternatives at the time. Perhaps they’ll extend the current deal beyond 2014, but it would appear that the opportunity exists to change affiliations after this year. Maybe Mark can buy the team in Indianapolis and work out a deal with the Dodgers. Just sayin’.

    The movement was still there on Kenley’s cutter. Hopefully he’s re-discovered it, and it will remain effective for the rest of this year.

    Badger I think Bobby is suggesting the Dodgers pay the receiving team $11 million PER YEAR, which over 3 years works out to $33 million, while they save $10 million per year, or $30 million. In short, the Dodgers eat about half of Crawford’s contract. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Joc Pederson 0 for 4 today in Iowa. Arruebarrena 2 for 4 and hitting .364 (in 44 AB’s).

      • Badger says:

        “Sounds reasonable to me.”

        Doesn’t to me.

        I understood the proposition, just mistyped the numbers. Bobby said 13 million a year. 3.5 years at 13 is 45.5. You are willing to pay somebody that much to be rid of a +WAR player. No, I don’t get that. But, if that’s what the Dodgers decide to do so be it. He will probably go someplace else, get healthy and put up 3 WAR. We have done it before. As soon as Jayson Werth got out of LA he got healthy and we all know what he was able to do.

        I like Crawford. He’s still 32 and does take care of himself. Freak injuries have hurt him. LA took on that ridiculous contract so I figure they should make the most of it. But they have the money to do whatever they want. If they want to keep Ethier, and pay somebody to take Crawford, who am I to question the move. I’ve told you what I would do.

        • Badger says:

          And to the point, yeah, somebody would probably take that deal, so, who? Remember there are 2 teams on his no trade list and he’s made it clear he won’t play for the Yankees. Bet the midgets would take that deal.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Thanks Bobby, but you expressed it just fine. Which is why I understood it.

    Badger, I like Crawford when he’s healthy, and I wish I could be confident that he’ll stay that way. If the Dodgers think Pederson is ready, then now is as good a time as any for the Dodgers to add some youth, and better defense in the outfield than we currently have. And as much money as the Dodgers have, I wouldn’t mind if they saved some, and used it to acquire another piece or two, be it now or down the road. And don’t think the Dodgers aren’t thinking about the luxury tax. This year the Dodgers will reach the luxury tax threshold for the second year in a row, which I believe increases their luxury tax from from 17% to 30% of any amount spent over $189 million. So they’re likely to save some of the money they eat in the form of a lower luxury tax. And since they’re likely to have to pay another luxury tax after 2015, they save even more, since the tax rises to 50% if a team goes over it three years in a row.

    Of course whatever happens will likely be determined on whether or not the Dodgers believe that Pederson is ready to contribute in a meaningful way.

    As for Ethier, I’d trade him too if the opportunity presented itself. If Ethier was a 3.0 – 3.8 WAR player, I just don’t think he’s that player anymore. You obviously have a lot more confidence in him than I do. Guess we just disagree.

    Probably doesn’t matter what we discuss here, because the Dodgers will probably do something completely different.

    • Badger says:

      I don’t believe the Dodgers give a rat’s ass about luxury taxes. They care about winning. They care about putting a team on the field people want to see. And they have done that in spades. They could have a $250 million payroll and handle it easily. They are making money.

      As you know I would have moved Ethier already. His value is dropping. I don’t know what his problem is. Maybe it’s ego. He needs to know he is one of THE guys. Somebody else said it, the time to bring up Pederson was when Crawford went down. Had we been able to do that we would know by now if he could hit ML pitching. I’m pretty sure his value would at least match what Andre has offered. But, circumstances are what they are. I still believe the domino that needs to fall first is Ethier. I think his time here is just – over.

      Kemp has been swinging and missing a lot. Wonder why? FedX is not a ML hitter. He’s proved that. Arru hitting .350 at Albu means very little to me. Uribe back soon. He won’t hit as well as Turner has, but he will be welcomed back. AGon will find it. Puig needs to DH the next 3 days. He also needs to learn how to slide. Ramirez often looks distracted, but his stick is heating up.

      We’re dysfunctional, but I still believe in this team.

  15. Gonzo says:

    Kemp seems to be snapping from it so it’s gotta be ethier or crawford. Both Texas teams look like good trade partners. Iwould hope the dodgers consider Tucson as a AAA home its a great sports town and enough of the fan base from AZ and MEX will attend games. So how about a Lee, Anderson, Reed and Ethier + cash for Jeff Samardzija and a PTBNL? This dude slides in to the 4th spot and bumps Haren. With our Anemic offense, we need to have studs on the bump.

  16. Jim McClanahan says:

    As a Colts season ticket holder, I love Mark’s idea and would help him buy the team and locate them at Victory Field but I don’t see it happening. For those in California, why don’t the Dodgers just swap out Rancho and Albuquerque? It’s definitely time to move Ethier or Crawford or both and get Joc up to the big club. I’ve seen too many hits that a true CF would have caught. If Andre was more than a singles hitter, I might feel differently, but he’s lost all of his power. A platoon of Joc/Van Slyke in the six hole would work out just fine.

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