I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl!

Gonzo acts like he might be coming out of his slump.  Kemp deserves to play everyday in LF.  The starting pitching is stellar.

BUT, don’t forget that this he team is still very flawed.

Hanley Ramirez is no SS and Andre Ethier is no CF and Carl Crawford is a boat anchor.

With the quality of the starting pitching, I would not be afraid to install Erisbel Arruebarrena at SS and Joc Pederson in CF.  Defense and pitching wins.

A mere $80 million and Hanley along with Crawford and Ethier should bring a couple of prospects back or even a good catcher!  The added defense would really seal the deal.


  1. Gordon  2B
  2. Pederson  CF
  3. Puig  RF
  4. Gonzo  1B
  5. Kemp  LF
  6. Uribe  3B
  7. Ellis – C
  8. Arrrrr  SS


  1. Bobbie17 says:

    I missed this site when it was down. Thanks for bringing it back. Mattingly is doing now what he did last year with the bullpen. He has identified his 3 best relief pitchers and he is pitching them every time there is game stress. It worked last year. Hopefully a couple of others can prove themselves. Right now it is Beckett and those 3 that is giving some glimmer of hope. I can’t believe that AGon has been so bad for so long. He cements the middle of the lineup, and his bat can ignite the others. He is probably my biggest disappointment on the offensive side, mainly because he has been so good in the past and we all know how good he can be. Let’s keep the Giants losing for awhile. Send those bad vibes up here to the Bay Area.

  2. Badger says:

    Not a bad lineup provided Joc patches the newly discovered hole in his swing. His average is sinking fast. He’s dropped 70 points in a little over a month. At that rate he’ll be hitting .000 by late August.

    “Carl Crawford is a boat anchor “. Nonsense. You’re just pissed cuz he is going to be the cause of you losing another 500 push-up bet. He had a 1.7 WAR last year and was on his way to a 2 WAR when he got hurt. He’s a professional hitter and has value. He’s also an enormously overpaid part time player (I don’t care about that as the Dodgers can afford it) but it would certainly be more helpful if he could stay on the field for 140+ games.

    10 in row. Then a loss, then 10 more. I can feel a streak coming.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ll leave the Pederson decision to the Dodgers. They actually watch him day to day, and have the best sense of whether or not he’s big league ready. Slumps even happen in the PCL, so hopefully that alone explains his recent drop-off. Or maybe the pitchers have discovered something, and Joc hasn’t yet adjusted.

    I’ve got no problem with Arrrrrrr….. at short. And hopefully Gonzo is finding his way out of his slump, although I still saw him swinging at some bad pitches last night. But I noticed that when he was hitting earlier this year. What happened to the Adrian Gonzalez of 2009, 10 and 11, when he had OBP’s of .409, .393, and .410, respectively? Would love to see him return to that sort of patience, even with his base clogging speed, especially in this lineup.


    “Carl Crawford is a boat anchor.” Just put me in the Badger school of thought on that one.

    “10 in row. Then a loss, then 10 more.” Can’t really predict when those streaks will happen, but it would certainly be welcome. I remember, I believe it was 2006, when the Dodgers ran off 18 of 19.

    I’ll take a longer perspective, and hope for something like the Dodgers going 35-15 in their next 50, while the Giants split those same 50 at 25-25. As Badger would say, “easy peasy”.

  4. BOB says:

    Great game yesterday.

    Very good pitching
    No errors
    5-16 RISP
    Everyone hits except Kemp :(
    Lost of doubles

    Happy Happy when Ramirez hit a RBI single to RF instead of pulling every pitch.

    What is the Dodger record when they hit 3+ doubles in a game? Someone will figure it out.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Just opened my mail.

    There was a “Happy Father’s Day” card from DirecTV. I opened it up and there on the inside was: “Dear Football Fan . . . Sincerely Peyton 18 Manning . . . ”

    Signed in a black felt pen.

    Anyone else receive that???

    I am sure I am not the only one receiving one . . . so that value would be about 10 cents. But it is a nice treat to receive.

  6. Michael says:

    Yes Roger, I received that DirecTV mailer and threw it in the shredder like most everything else I receive[paperless bills here} so basically everything I receive is junk.

  7. Boat Anchor says:

    From Bill Shaikin:

    Chad Billinsgley’s rehab has been halted. He’ll see doctor after his bullpen did not go well.

    Mattingly said #Dodgers hope to have diagnosis/prognosis on Billingsley by Friday. He reported inability to “max it out” in bullpen Tue.

  8. Badger says:

    From the MSTI article above (yes, it is still MSTI to me)

    “The NL West is most likely not in reach” Mike Petriello

    I have great deal of respect for Mike and his writing but that statement is fallaciously misguided. He needs to be reminded that this time last year the Dodgers were in last place 7.5 games out and won the division by 11 games. The National League West is most certainly within reach. If we are 7.5 out with a week to go I will concede the point. But to say a division title is most likely out of reach on June 11? Come on man….

  9. Badger says:

    NONE of those runs should have scored. Frazier was struck out and home plate ump blew the call. He’s missed a bunch already. Steiner said this guy has more overturned reviews than anybody. I believe it. He sucks.

  10. Badger says:

    Cueto’s move to first, by definition, is clearly a balk. Read up on it blue. Just because he does it often doesn’t mean you should let him get away with it.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    It is not that 7.5 games out is that far —

    It is that the Dodgers are not and have not been playing good baseball consistently.

    This roster wins and loses about the same amount since April 1.

    Holes on this team. Injuries mounting up. Even the guy on the white horse, CBills, fell off and needs more help to get back up.

    And as I said months ago. Our starters are fine . . . but they can all be out-pitched, time after time, if they are not careful. And that has been the straw that has broken down this season, up to now.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    I really love this Dodger line-up right now.

    My local middle-school would like to play them in a softball game. And would probably win.

    Oh, just wait till the 9th inning — then make the comeback –wait, who is their closer!

  13. BOB says:

    Broxtom 91-92? Guess he has learned how to pitch finally with some movement on the ball.

    Hanley = another double play trying to pull an outside pitch. That is the Dodger motto for 2014.

    Puig should be resting becaue he is laying like he is hurt. At least when he is hurt he can turn himself into a singles hitter, unlike Kemp and Ramirez.

  14. Badger says:

    We won’t know how good this team is until we stop running out half the starting lineup made up of backups. Maybe this team is so fragile, or just so out of shape, we won’t see 4 months of healthy starters. But how can you predict that? Most baseball people make predictions based on historical precedent. We have a 200+ million dollar payroll because there is an enormous amount of baseball talent on this team. Our starting lineup has a WAR protection for 2014 of around 25 (even more on some sites) with another half dozen on the bench. We have the players here to get it done. Will they? Stand by.

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    I base what I have said about this team upon the fact that they are old and brittle.







    Need I say more?

    J-Brox looked like Cy Young against the Dodgers!

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Could it be that Billingsley wasn’t quite ready to come back, and the Dodgers, as they are wont to do, rushed him back early. Who knows, maybe we’ve seen the last of Billingsley in a Dodgers uniform. No matter what he does this year, I am doubtful that the Dodgers will pick up his $14 million option for 2015, and just buy him out for $3 million. If that happens, only chance he returns is if he doesn’t sign with another team, and works out a deal with the Dodgers, for a lot less than the $14 million. And if he’s a free agent, there’s practically no chance that the Dodgers will make him a qualifying offer, so there won’t be any compensation draft picks.

    Badger, the 10 game winning streak starts tomorrow.

    In addition to Chris Perez who’s been shaky, I also wonder about Paul Maholm. I would think that both are DFA candidates.

  17. Badger says:

    Chapman made the last 2 Dodgers cry. Gonzalez and Van Slyke looked like the wished they were somewhere else. Only Puig looked ready to challenge him.

    All in all a sucky game. One of the worst nights I’ve seen a home plate ump have. How did he ever get there? File it and move on.

    Mark you said the same things last year and the Dodgers won the division by 11 and frankly should have gone to World Series. Only a deliberate fastball to the ribs of our best hitter and an un characteristic ace meltdown prevented it. These are the same guys and none of them are over 34. Maybe Uribe is, but the point is none of them are over the hill. I have no idea why they get injured the way they do but somebody should investigate it. And if everybody they sign is going to break around age 30 then don’t sign anymore long term contracts to anyone over the age of 30.

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