I am not surprised in the least by this:

Banned Dodger fan arrested at Reds stadium

That was the headline in Cincinnati.com by Kimball Perry.  I was pretty certain that Troy would be back and if he engaged in drinking, I knew he would get arrested again.  However, the media sensationalizes certain aspects, like this aspect:

“During a June 17, 2008 game, Sexton was accused of being involved in a fight that drew so much attention, the game was delayed.”

Here’s the deal.  I was there.  I saw the commotion.  I saw him taken out by about 8 cops and the game was never delayed.  Don’t make stuff up!

Troy has some issues –  Big issues and drinking is a big part of it.  When he is drinking, he becomes a different person.  When he’s sober, but just another guy…. well another guy who is obsessed with Joe Beimel.  There’s that…

The Dodgers played a part in this two, because the night he was escorted out of Great American Ballpark, a contract Dodger Media person was egging him on during a video interview before the game.  They interviewed us both together, but they spent a lot more time with him because he was drunk and saying lots of “off the wall stuff.”  I wasn’t nearly as interesting…

Dodger Notes:

  • J-Brox comes back and punishes me for whipping on him for so long.  Ouch!
  • J. Cueto is as good as they get when he is on and he was on tonight!
  • I’d like to know the details of why Miguel Olivo bit of Alex Guerrero’s ear.  There’s got to be a story there.  I want to know.
  • Chad Billingsley’s career with the Dodgers is likely over.  Sad!
  1. Badger says:

    Broxton has been a good pitcher for a long time. He has a winning record, a 1.2 WHIP, over 10K /9, an ERA around 3 and a career ERA+ of 136. I know you kept
    calling him soft in the head, or heartless or whatever it was you said, but he got Torre’d badly and recovered nicely.

    Troy is a troubled man. We have a lot of them in this country. And we are getting a lot more with passing of time and no direction in coming back together as a nation. I hope he gets the help he needs. I hope we all do.

    • Badger says:

      They would be even more criticized by some of their own fans and despised by the jealous, small minded haters.

      Why are so many players in their early 30’s suffering so many nagging injuries ? This is baseball, not bull fighting. Every year it’s the same story with this team.

  2. Pete M says:

    I’m thinking injuries relate to freeking obscene contracts being handed out nowadays…It’s maybe 2 weeks off with the family and it’s back to personal trainers and the gym… To a certain extent, I’d luv to see players come to ST to get into shape…
    We used to call Broxton Buffalo Butt and loved the kid… So true about Dusty Torre…
    Damn Bills, I’m gonna miss ya.. I had you a Cinderella story at the push in Aug/Sept…
    Any word on Guerrero getting a green light…
    Cueto was unhittable, not and excuse, just a fact…

    • Badger says:

      Strike zone was all over the place but it was bad for both teams. Cueto used it to his advantage better. Dodgers hitters did not adjust and Kemp was just a petulant juvenile getting tossed the way he did. The more I see of this guy the less I like him. But I don’t need to like him, I would be fine with him if he would just stfu, stop pouting and start doing what he is paid $130,000 a night to do. Same goes for all of them. Put the proper work in or as far as I’m concerned we will continue to pay your salary and ship you to Minnesota.



  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t remember the details, but I believe that Guerrero has a considerable window during which he can press charges. Doesn’t mean he will, but I believe the door is still open.

    I don’t believe if Billingsley’s career with the Dodgers is over, that it’s necessarily sad. If the Dodgers don’t pick up his option or sign him to another deal after paying the buyout, it doesn’t mean he can’t go on and be successful elsewhere. Maybe then it would be sad for the Dodgers, but not Bills.

    Broxton, plain and simple, was Torreized, and probably needed some time to get over that. I was tired last night, and quite frankly, didn’t watch Broxton all that closely. But I did notice that his fastball was in the low 90’s. I recall that he was having problems with his slider when he was last with the Dodgers. Again, I didn’t watch too closely, but maybe he’s regained the slider, and perhaps has better learned to pitch, and maybe even has some movement on what was always a very straight fastball. Assuming Jansen would have taken on the closer’s role, I’d still prefer to have Broxton in the 8th instead of the Beard.

    Also, I’ve never mentioned this before, but when I was watching Broxton pitch to Matt Stairs, I remember thinking that he should not throw him a fastball, since I knew that Stairs was one of the best pure fastball hitters I had ever seen (no matter how fast the fastball). And given Broxton’s straight fastball, it was formula for disaster. The rest is history.

    In looking at the Dodgers injuries, I wonder if it has anything to do with the medical staff. Kemp’s injuries certainly had nothing to do with his training, Ellis’ recent ankle injury was a freak accident when he stepped on Butera’s mask, Hanley had injuries in Miami before he ever put on a Dodgers uniform, and the same can be said for Crawford. Other than Uribe’s hamstring, am I missing anyone whose injury can remotely be tied to bad training methods. And the Tommy John’s we’ve had have become an epidemic in baseball in general.

    Still, I would prefer a preference to acquiring players under 30, or at least players without adverse past medical histories. Gonzo seems to have maintained his health, despite being over 30.

    I questioned the medical staff in the past, but quite frankly, I’m not sure anymore.

  4. BOB says:

    A combination of unnatural and unhealthy food and supplements, weight machines and exercise programs that simultaneously strengthen muscle and damage tendons; and playing only one sport after junior high, resulting in the non-development of collateral and supportive muscles and tendons; can be blamed for most of the current injuries. Add a educated moron like Conte and you have a Dodger curse. Like I have said before my “auto mechanic” knows more about sports training and rehabilitation than Conte.

  5. Badger says:

    High and tight, low and away. That has been a successful strategy since Abner was a minnow.

    I don’t believe Bills is done either. Those surgeries have a very high success rate. It isn’t worth picking up that option though. If somebody else wants to pay him 8 figures then adios. He could be a 75 inning a year guy at this stage.

    I’m not sure anymore either Brooklyn. I can understand diminishing skills post 32, but so many injuries to players under that age doesn’t make sense to me. And I will tie these injuries to training. Kemp – train yourself not to crash into walls, learn how to slide properly, and for the love of all things baseball HUSTLE ON EVERY PLAY! Crawford – I think you overtrain. Loosen up dude. And tape those weak ass ankles. AJ – train yourself not to trip over equipment. Uribe – those hammys look pretty tight. Touch your toes now and then. And they are pulling around about 20 extra pounds. You’re not 30 anymore. Diet and proper exercise.

    How’s that

    Hey Mark, didn’t we have a 5,000 push-up bet on the outcome in Iraq? Should have bet deeds to properties, that’s how sure I was of this 11 years ago.

    They said initially Guerrero would be out up to 5 weeks. That was May 25. Might as well give him til post All Star. That should be plenty long enough. Especially if he starts working out soon.

  6. Bobby says:

    It’s funny how most fans bring up the Matt Stairs at bat vs. Broxton in 2008 as the one they despise/hate/fear/cringe at

    My least fave moment was the Jimmy Rollins triple in 2009 game 4. That was our game and our year. Oh well

    Let’s just win this today behind Greinke and take 3-4 in the series.

    • Badger says:

      My least favorite outing was in late June 2010 when that buttwad Torre let him throw 48 pitches after having used him 3 of the 4 previous days. 99 pitches throwing 4 out of 5 days for a guy who usta throw 99 mph. Torre should have been fired in the spot. Idiot.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    I think I have seen enough of the Dodger roster. It is not a winning group. No stats necessary.

    This is not a negative post. No anger. Just reality — these guys cannot be the competition. Out pitched almost every day now. Like today. The Pen has real holes.

    League is not just a major leaguer any more. He just stands there an wailes the ball to the plate, or somewhere near the plate. He has forgot how to “pitch.”

    Ned has assembled a non-winning roster.

    The players are professionals and could turn it around, but then there is Donnie, and he just cannot pull it together.

  8. Watford Dodger says:

    Yet another hard watch.
    Can’t disagree with much of your take Roger although it seems to me that these guys can’t be as bad they are showing can they? They just don’t seem to have any urgency in their play. It’s like “oh well there’s always tomorrow”. So many players are underperforming it seems impossible that they can continue in that vein. I don’t blame you for losing the faith, but I just think that it must turn.
    And Badger – WTF was Donnie doing there with Romak?
    Gonzo needs a couple of days off.
    Hard to keep positive but D’backs to come next.

  9. Badger says:

    Romak’s avg begins with a zero.

    Dbacks are playing better. They aren’t the pushover they were earlier. And you know how they love to beat the Dodgers.

    I still believe talent eventually surfaces. This team will play better. When is the obvious question. Obviously not today. That game was so boring I’m thinking about watching some golf just for the excitement.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I couldn’t understand why Mattingly let Fedex, and Rojas hit before SVS, not with Hanley and Figgins on the bench. Rojas may be hitting .300 with his few at bats, but we all know he can’t hit. Figgins could have replaced Turner at 3B, and the latter could have shifted over to short. And Butera could have replaced Fedex. In that situation, knowing that Chapman was lurking for the 9th, Mattingly had to recognize how important scoring there was. Maybe Hanley couldn’t hit, or maybe he could. Or doesn’t Mattingly know that scoring is not a given when the Dodgers get a runner to 3B with no outs?

    That ball that got by Rojas in the first inning wasn’t an easy play, but I have a feeling that Arruebarrena gobbles that ball up.

    • Badger says:

      Your point is well made Brooklyn. All that was needed from FedX was a fly ball. Unless hit to third or first, even the double play scores a run. Still, I found myself cringing when we send up such weak hitters in such crucial situations. But the fact is with so many starters in sick bay, this is who we are right now.

      Having said that, sending up Romak in the 9th just says “we give up” to me. If Ramirez can’t even swing a bat in a situation that critical, why is he in uniform? Put his ass on the DL and bring up Aru.

  11. Eric says:

    I have a question for some of you guys who are more savvy than I am. Not one of the teams in the Dodger Farm System is playing .500 ball. All of the minor league teams ERA is in the lower half of their perspective leagues. What gives? Are those who are responsible for the draft not drafting quality pitchers? I hear so much about how astute White (I think that’s his name) is on assessing pitching talent but it seems like the Farms System is full of mediocre players. Can anyone clarify this disparity? After throwing so much money at everything in the Dodger Franchise it seems to still be a mess.

    • Badger says:

      Excellent questions Eric. I won’t pretend to be the expert on this topic, but since I have asked the same questions I’ll give you the answer I came up with:

      Team records in the minor leagues are less important than the actual number of Major League prospects contained therein.

      Systems are ranked not by record but by depth of talent. The Dodgers are middle of the pack:


      It would appear our model is to sign free agent talent, both here and abroad, trade minor leaguers for useful Major League players, win now and draft low in the first round. It’s always been my contention we could be better at evaluating talent, but remember for several years money was pulled from our scouting infrastructure. We all know what happens when financial support is yanked from organizational framework. Evidence of facility failure is everywhere you look in this country.

      The important thing, I believe, is the new owners are rebuilding the entire system. We are on more secure financial footing now and things should start looking up.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Eric, I am not an expert on the minor league system, but have a few thoughts to offer.

    Teams wins and loses are not a real indicator of success in the minors. Opposite is College baseball where teams play as a whole and together and for the season.

    Minor leagues are avenues to the majors. Example: a player might be in “A” upper division, having a good season and be moved from that team to a “AA” team, then later the same season, an injury to a player in “AAA” causes the player to be moved up from AA to AAA. So this budding star was having a great season back in “A” ball, and his team love it — he has moved on twice or more.

    Meanwhile, that “A” team had a player moved up to them from lower “A” ball, but he is not a good and needs more work and is hitting .222. Sooooo the “A” team now has a hole in that position.

    But then, the Dodgers sign some foreign player or sign a June Draft player and in August send this new player to the “A” team and he does great. But but August, maybe half of the “A” team has been cut or moved up or down — and not even the manager can count of who is there in August.

    Then, CBills comes back, needs a re-gab assignment for 3 or 4 games and goes to that “A” team and the media shows up . . .

    As for the Dodgers draft — because they finish so high most seasons, the Dodgers draft not until the 22nd or 25th or even 28th pick. Then have maybe only 2 or 3 more picks to 100. Not much coming in and not the top picks.

    There is now the foreign signing, like the orient and Cuba . . . we see some of them as Dodger stars now.

    But it is all a crap shoot. Heck, some guy in”A” might go out for some special work today and it 10:15 this morning — figure out how to throw a curve ball, or hit a curve ball — that they could not yesterday — and move up the chain next week.

    That is why some guys stay in college, to get the more team effort — al the way to the College World Series — that we see beginning now.

  13. Bobbie17 says:

    I agree with Eric about the farm system. Wins and losses are important, especially when you play against your rivals in the minors. These guys all come up together, and when one group consistently beats the other, it will likely happen at the highest level, too. Logan White has done nothing in his tenure. I don’t care that he is esteemed by his peers. The proof is in the record up and down the chain. Player development still stinks, and player drafting might be the worst part of it. The coaches in the minor leagues stink and probably work cheap. Part of the L.A. culture. Nice way to retire. Now that we have bought success(?) it is time to do it the right way and develop our own. We still don’t know how good Pederson will be. If history is a judge, he will probably be a .250 singles hitter in the big leagues. At least he is young and might have some energy that the others have lost or never had. Energy. What a concept!

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