• Lance Lynn is a local boy from about 4 miles away from where I live and around here, we like him a lot, but if he has to be beat like a rented mule, I’m glad the Dodgers did it!
  • Some people have the misconception that Yasiel Puig is not as good a last year and they would be right – he’s BETTER!  You can see the STATS for yourself.  He is walking a lot more, striking out less, he already has more RBI’s than all of last year – in 100 fewer AB’s!  His OB% is higher, his OPS is 5 points lower, he has twice as many triples as last year and 2 fewer doubles in 100 less AB’s!  His HR rate is down slightly, but that can change in 2 days.  He is a worthy All-Star Starter!
  • What is it with all the leg injuries on this team?  There has to be a common thread.  Conte?
  • Don’t look now, but Dee Gordon is back near .300 – the Dude is for real.
  • Perez, Maholm and Ethier have just a little trade valve.  Not much.
  • Zach Greinke sure bounced back from his bad outing against the Royals.
  • It would be appropriate if Kershaw puts the Dodgers in first place by firing a no-hitter.  Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Is it Conte? I don’t know. Actually, before pointing fingers I’d like to know if this is just happening to the Dodgers, or if, like all the TJ’s we’ve been seeing, it’s something that is becoming common throughout MLB. I don’t have any evidence either way.

    “Perez, Maholm and Ethier have just a little trade valve. Not much.” I agree.

    I haven’t looked that closely at Puig’s stats, but by observation alone I see a more mature, disciplined player who occasionally takes a step back, but is for the most part getting better, and moving forward. And yes, the HR rate could change in a flash. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point he doesn’t catch fire again.

    Don’t need a no hitter from Kershaw. A win is all I require.

    As a long time supporter of Dee Gordon, I’ve believed he was real for a long time.

  2. Badger says:

    I too have been a long time Gordon supporter. But I am a bit surprised. First half has been great. Long way to go. Keep it up Dee.

    Perez has no trade value that I can see. Maholm has a little, all LH pitchers do. Ethier has some. It has fallen with his demotion to a platoon player.

    2 earned over 7 is all I ask from Kershaw. He does that we should win.

    Pitchers have a much better idea how to pitch Puig. There will be adjustments and re-adjustments made all year. I trust he will use his natural talent (enormous) and his smarts (above average) to stay ahead of those trying to smother him.

    We will have a very interesting summer.

  3. Badger says:

    As many of you know, I was an umpire years ago. In reading the above “new rule” I can tell you it’s not really any different than it was as far as the catcher being allowed to block the plate. As soon as the ball is released by the fielder throwing to home plate the catcher is “receiving” the ball. Smart catchers (and yesterday a pitcher) will intentionally allow the throw to take them into the baseline. Don’t know who wrote that rule but it will be addressed. You either have allow access or not. As the rule is being interpreted (yesterday on Gordon) you do not.

    The interpretation that bothers me is infielders being allowed to block bags with their legs. That was an absolute no no when I umped.

  4. Campy says:

    Last night did you see Gordon look at Greinke and smile when Greinke stopped at third when Gordon was thinking triple all the way? It was as though he was saying, “Hey, get out of my way.” Gordon actually hit two balls that would have been triples under usual circumstances (the other was a ground rule double). He has been a great player for us this year.

    Puig’s speed has kept his BA up for the last couple of weeks. I don’t remember anyone, outside of Wills, getting base hits on slow rollers to the infield as much as he has recently. He hasn’t been making good contact very often, but last night he hit a smoker to left for a single. It has been like a slump in golf when you just can’t hit the sweet spot but you still stay out of trouble.

  5. Badger says:

    Turner headed to the DL so we get…..

    Triunfel is my guess. Arru not utility enough

    “Turner has been extremely valuable for us,” said Greinke. “There’s not many guys that can play all the infield spots and still put up quality at-bats, and his at-bats are even above quality. So far this year, I put him in the top tier of utility guys in the game, and you just can’t replace that.”

    No kidding.

  6. bobbie17 says:

    Puig is starting to settle into being a major league player with a long tenure. He will get more consistent in everything he does on the field. It won’t be as much fun to watch, but it will help make this team into the winner we all hope for. Today is an important game. To win the series against a good team and win the final game of the series should give collective confidence going forward. It may also tie the team for first place. It’s nice to have the ace on the mound. But beware of this team’s underperformance in getaway games. The Cardinals love to steal that last game of a series. No let down today. Play all the regulars. No days off. Big game. I love Greinke’s quotes. He is a smart guy with an uncommon understanding of the game, front office, and just about every facet of the sport. Will probably make a good GM someday, but he is the type that will get out all together when his career is over.

  7. troy sexton says:

    Can’t see a function where to send a private message. This is you-know-who.

    The black cop who was the arresting officer back in 2008 was on the news recently saying I pushed an elderly man at least 75 years of age so hard he went airborne. Yes, I had boozed it a bit, but I’d of sworn the guy might have been 40.

    First off, it seems impossible a man that aged being shoved airborne would come out of it without several broken bones.

    You were there. If you saw it, please tell me how old you think that guy was.

    That’s been troubling me. Thanks.

    • Mark TImmons says:


      I was a ways away but he didn’t look old at all. That said, you are a nice guy when you aren’t drunk. You need to own it… and maybe shouldn’t drink. I have a couple of friends who finally decided that when they were in their fifties. Don’t wait that long. Life is good. Non of my business, but it seems to me that most of your problems may involve alcohol. I do wish you the best because I know down deep you are a good guy who has just made some bad decisions at times. Fix it and move on. Godspeed!

  8. Michael says:

    How long are we going to play with a short bench? Hanley has been out for a week now, except for his 2 inning cameo last night. If he can’t play he’s hurt. All in favor of a 25 man roster, say Aye

  9. Mark TImmons says:


    LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today placed infielder Justin Turner on the 15-day disabled list with a left hamstring strain and recalled infielder Carlos Triunfel from Triple-A Albuquerque.

    Triunfel, who will be appearing in his third stint with the club, is batting .286 (2-for-7) in seven games on the season and clubbed his first career home run on June 17 vs. the Rockies. The 24-year-old played in one game for Albuquerque on Friday vs. Reno, going 0-for-2, after being optioned by the Dodgers on Thursday.

    Turner is batting .302 with three home runs and 21 RBI in 59 games this season.

    My comments: Justin Turner has to be one the TOP 4 MVP’s on this team, so far!

  10. idahoal says:

    I agree with every thing you say Mark. Turner has been awesome. Hope he comes back soon. Gordon belongs. I have always liked him. Perez and Crawford have no value. Either and Maholm has some value. I just hope Colletti does not get crazy at the trading deadline. The bull pen needs some fixing and Eithier and Crawford need to be moved, if possible.

  11. Badger says:

    Hopefully this gives Ethier some confidence. And yes, some additional value.

    Logan White being given “big time” consideration for SD job. So is Towers. Bet he would like out of Arizona.

  12. BOB says:

    Log In, Scroll Down, get logged out again, log back in.

    Perez seems to be throwing across is fat body too much. Maybe he should slide over toward the first base side of the rubber and then run 3 miles per day, resulting in a calf injury and a stint on the DL!

    Bouncy celebrations seem to cause injuries to old players like Hanley.

    Lots of fans in SD hate Towers. Attendance could drop another 2-3 thousand per game if he is rehired.

    Most of the good teams have a good CF except the Dodgers. Only poor teams will be willing to trade their CF and will want too much back from the Dodgers. So maybe Pederson will end up being the answer in a month.

    And ZERO Games back of the midgets, but still technically in second place % wise..

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Sorry to rain on the parade, but the Dodgers are NOT tied for first place. The Dodgers are at .560 and the midgets are at .561. And the Dodgers are one game out in the loss column.

    Of course Ethier hit that HR in the daytime on a warm day in Dodger Stadium. I seriously doubt if that one jack raised his value much. But if he were to hit a few more, maybe some stupid GM would be impressed. It will take more than a lone HR to raise Ethier’s value, especially since he exposed his defensive deficiencies when he didn’t catch Matt Carpenter’s double earlier in the game. Any good CF would have had that ball.

    • Badger says:

      There will be warm days, and warm nights, all over the National League for many weeks to come. Maybe it was a fluke. But maybe it’s the start something good.

      .001? Come on man! We’ve won more games than they have! Be happy!

  14. Campy says:

    Other interesting stats that no one seems interested in:
    –Since June 8 Giants are 5-15. Dodgers are 15-6. That’s making up 9 1/2-games in 21 days.

    –E5 in 9th inning ended a 9 game errorless string

    –Clayton Kershaw in the month of June: 6-0, 0.82 ERA (4 ER/ 44 IP), 61 strikeouts, four walks. Those are almost Cy Young numbers :)

    –33rd consecutive game where a Dodger starter walked two or fewer batters, the longest streak in the NL since at least 1914. Now if the BP could just find the plate more consistently.

  15. Badger says:

    Andre a Ethier is not a center fielder. I believe his best position would be LF. He’s just there out of necessity. I may be the only one but I still think he can hit.

    I’m interested Campy. But I’m not really surprised. I’ve been saying for weeks now we will win this thing with pitching, and that the middle of the order will get better. We are a summer team. Warmer weather will be good for us. So far it’s been a pretty good summer – don’t you think?

    Obviously we have a soft tissue issue – as in we have too many injuries. How to clean that up? Rest. Everyone will need days off. Which requires depth. Looks like we might actually have it.

    • Campy says:

      Agree. We have one outstanding right fielder, about four acceptable/above average left fielders and no center fielder. Matt seems to be doing a good job in left right now (that throw to nail the runner at home shows he still has a good arm) and he is hitting enough to be acceptable at the plate too, so I would play him as the regular even when Crawford comes back. Our problem is that Matt is the only one of the four that seems to have any trade value right now, and I would like to keep him.

      Three weeks ago people would have laughed at you if you would have said that we would be tied with the Giants at this point in the season. Here we are, not quite, but kind of 2013 part 2. We do seem to like the warmer weather, not Minnesota in May or was it June. I think we are .500 at home now (21-21) after a terrible start. Maybe we are starting to like home cooking. I really expect Agon to start hitting again, Matt to be more consistant, Hanley I just don’t know what to expect. He isn’t acting like someone who wants to have a great season before a new contract. In fact, I think he is losing value and we may just cut him loose if we don’t trade him soon. I keep saying it, but we need to give Arrr a shot instead of bringing up Triunfel. Let’s see how Arrr responds to major league pitching instead of the Albq. hitter’s paradise.

      What is interestng to me is to see that the Giants are looking like we did the first couple of months of the season and now we are playing like they were for the first months. They are blowing games late, their BP is falling apart. I read that Romo has been taken out of the closer roll…. it just sounds like what we said the first couple of months.

      Our SP is just lights out. They are making too many pitches but it seems that in this day getting 7 innings out of a starter is just about what you expect, anything more is a bonus. How would you like to be a Card and face the four starters that they had to face? Not good for the batting average. I don’t know how many hits they had in those games, but it couldn’t have been many. In the end SP is the key and the next most important piece of a championship team is defense up the middle and we need help there. The BP seems to be doing better and we have 3-4 guys that are pitching real well and about 3 that are just dead weight.

      I, too, can’t figure out all the leg problems. They must be trying to come up with some answer for that, at least they should be. Maybe we need to put all our guys in tights to protect those muscles.

      • Badger says:

        With both Turner and Figgins down, and Hanley maybe going to DL, we need somebody who plays multiple infield positions. That would be Triunfel. I’m with you though. I think I would use Rojas as the utility and put Arru at short every day for 15 days. Doesn’t look like that’s what they are choosing to do.

  16. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I am happy Badger. I’m not obsessing over that .0001. Just pointing out the facts.

    We have a right fielder (Puig) and a left fielder (Kemp). Seems to me that the only place for Ethier is CF, where he doesn’t belong. And while I am less sanguine than you about his ability to hit, I will admit that there could be something left in the tank. So maybe he could help another team, especially an AL team where he’d get the opportunity to DH on occasion. Either the Dodgers should go out and get a CF, or bring up Pederson when he’s healthy, and see what he can do.

    And then, of course, there’s Crawford. I’m too tired now to touch that one.

  17. Badger says:

    There are teams that need outfield help. Boston comes to mind. Not sure what they’re thinking right now, but if they make a move up in the standings who knows. Orioles. Rangers but they may fold. Mets, same thing. Mariners maybe. Others by July 31. There will be a market, especially if he puts together some hits.

    • Roger Dodger says:

      And — there will be injuries to some outfielders across the majors. And teams that are now set — will all of a sudden need an experienced outfielder, fast. Timing here.

  18. Pete M says:

    In just a little time more than it takes a hamster to gestate, were tied for 1st!!! Hot damn… With no bullpen, no defense and no situational hitting, it’s something right out of Medjugorje…
    All joking aside, the boyz are heating up and our starting staff is arguably the best in beisbol… Thank God we didn’t dump everyone over the last couple months…
    Kersh vs. King Felix to open AS game… Sweet…

    • Badger says:

      I dint know what you meant Pete so I looked it up. The Capital One Cup! Congratulations! I had no idea.

      Top 10 finishes in soccer, lacrosse and fencing. The big 3. Add a World Series victory with that and you would be one happy leprechaun.

  19. Bobby says:

    Not sure if you kids saw this during the game yesterday, but here is a video which shows just how much fun we’re having right now!

    The article explains it all, but there is a video link where you can press play and see the guys pull a joke on SVS.

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