In the last 6 years, I have watched Andre Ethier mature, both as a player and as a person.  He has went from a moody, sulking enigma to a mature, solid enigma who still can’t hit lefties… still!

I love Hanley Ramirez, but I just don’t want him to be our shortstop.  I think he’s brittle and needs to be in the AL where he can DH.

I have no problem (personally) with Carl Crawford, but he’s a relic, injury-prone, overpaid, aging outfielder.

Zach Lee may or may not be anything more than a number 5!

Paul Maholm and Chris Perez are nice guys but they have to go.

Count ’em.  There are six trade-able players – some more than others, but they could be dealt.

Maybe I would even throw in Joc Pederson in the right deal, but here is what I want:  A Center-fielder like Andrew McCutchen!  I would trade any and all of the above players and Chris Reed and  Chris Anderson and Pedro Baez for him.  Shoot, Darnell Sweeney’s stock is rising like crazy.

Yes, he’s an All-Star – Just figure it out, Ned.  If I had the money, I could make it happen – GUARANTEED!

I’m not saying that the Dodgers could trade nine players for him, or a player like him, but if you were creative you could obtain the pieces, especially if you were to eat some money.

I’m just sayin’…


  1. Bill_Russell says:

    If you want a CFer why throw him in on a trade? I am telling you Joc is for real. Andrew McCutchen is not available as far as I know. Just get rid of one or two outfielders (Ethier and Crawford), trade Hanley for some good relief pitchers and Dump Paul Maholm and Chris Perez. Ned will have to eat some money but hell, he should be used to it my now. While Ned is at it, throw himself in on a deal to Arizona or San Diego. Bring on the Indians. Are they still allowed to use their Indian logo? GO BLUE

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    The only way a team trades a player like Andrew McCutchen — is if another team gives up say: Greinke, Joc Pederson, and a strong “A” player. Pederson for their CF, Grienke for the rotation that would greatly help them, and a real solid “A” player that helps their minor leagues.

    Other than that — they will not take 16 over the hill players for the MVP.

  3. Badger says:

    Pittsburgh wouldn’t dare do that. But as we get closer to the deadline who knows what might be available. The way I look at it, we are doing just fine. We will miss Turner if he can’t make it back, but it appears to me like this team is playing with some confidence.

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t know but KCs Cain or Dyson, who both played against us in CF, seems within the realm of possibility. They’re sniffing close and might need a playoff experienced player[ Crawford/Ethier ] to mentor the Royals back to past glories {big bucks their way} but the sooner the leadership own up to mistakes and right the ship, the better.

    • Campy says:

      Andrew isn’t going anywhere. Just about anyone else available would have some question marks, especially on offense. Why not give Joc a try? I know hitting in LA is not the same as hitting in Alb. but let’s find out if he can handle the pitching and the pressure. Just seems that they are reluctant to try any of our real “prospects”. Perhaps management feels they are absolutely not ready or they are afraid of taking the risk. I agree that trading Crawford, Eithier and a couple of relief pitchers does nothing to detract from the team. Now is the time Ned. Do it, after all, we know much better than you do. :)

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